beyond duty 6

Being free of duty: knowledge is the essential of change/ understanding the relationship born to share/ while wisdom itself stands as guard over our own future; even now, this world.

IF, I were a mother; I would teach you to examine the fabric of life and environment as if they were “same”. We cannot live without the truth, of what lets us survive. Therefore it is simple and plain, a reality determining whether we all, live or die.
The consequence of man is: “GO FIND MORE”! It is not a request, it is a command that extends beyond family, to all the things which make life better. That reality destroys much! Because the desire for more, does not end with “enough”.
We are woven together both life and environment, as if we were one. Every living thing, makes this earth alive. The fact our environment in all its ways, makes this possible: gives us all, the ability to survive. By depending upon each other. It is a consequence of men: that the majority sees nothing of life, or environment: but “more for me”. Women do share this demand, but not in the same ways.
So I say to you “as a child of life”; we cannot survive unless we change this world, together! The question of more, then arises as the single most difficult challenge humanity presents to itself. The vast majority can be described as: Each wants a trophy. Each wants a freedom, and assumes wealth makes that possible. Each wants to own respect, as if they were the only one deserving.
The critical question then presents: HOW can each one have more, understanding they won’t surrender it/ as men have so plainly proven. When the world is finite, the damage done is extreme, and the reality of population explosion threatens us all with extinction.
The only answer that exists is: developed on three distinct principles.
1. With limited capitalism, each can receive their own fair share/ based upon their own efforts, and decisions in control over that fact of “how much can anyone take for themselves/ or how little, is the least to be paid”; BY VOTE. This divides what is available, and can be extended as needed to insure realistic justice extends to us all. No more extreme wealth or possessions! The very rich are gone.
2. With women in charge of society, by the creation of laws that will then govern “how we live our lives, for peace, harmony, and happiness”. Change will occur; simply because women are different/ and different means change. It cannot be worse, than standing at the extreme edge of extermination from and of the planet itself. That much is certain.
3. Controlling the currency supply (tie it to the population count), and the possibilities of debt (only by public vote: within the allotted rules established in constitutional law), MEANS: we the people are in charge of our own governments! That means, we need no employees to decide for us. We NEED only investigators to prove and establish, the laws we did create. All taxation is lumped together; so everyone knows the truth. All taxation is removed from federal government/ and proven by contract bidding, and public affirmation: a responsibility of local government. All military actions, are governed by the foundations WE, THE PEOPLE shall lay down as their job. All international realities of conflict and control over leaders, WILL BE DONE, BY WORLD LAW; women shall write. Men have had thousands of years to do so/ and failed.

Within these principles of society, are the foundations required for peace, harmony, and happiness: how you achieve a working reality determines what the future, from this day forward, will be!


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