born to be happy

“BE HAPPY, its important”/ are words to live by: but they are not words to die by! Which means when survival is challenged as it is today/ all must stop to protect this world and its future; because nothing else will matter, when life itself, goes extinct.
Given that parameter of influence over our time on earth, it is easy not to be happy! However hope is the fountain of youth, so to speak: wherein we hope for everything that can make life happy, which is ultimately “being surrounded by love, respect, truth, friendship, and values that make time special”. The essence of caring, shares the expression of miracles. The essence of miracles grants the participation of mercy. The values of love, respect the honesty declared by boundaries that must not be broken, in order to retain trust. With truth we survive, even ourselves on the inside. Those who struggle, do struggle with or because of lies/ remove them from your life, and happiness will appear. Those who have not “enough love inside”/ must venture out, being aware: “Give your life, and your love to GOD first “! Then participate as best you can, remembering each one has the possibility “to be a friend”; so long as you both so choose.

BORN to be HAPPY! What a lovely concept.

However to be happy, requires three separate things to be joined together as one. They are honor/ trust/ and freedom. Without all three, the best you can be is contented. As a compliment to happiness, we can also add love, through respect, and accepted responsibilities.

Discipline states, that honor is the basis of a life accepted, within the terms of your gift. Or more simply, the gift of life, with its purpose of happiness; is gained only when you choose the duties assigned as your own. While the gift is free/ the realities of living are not: we must participate, and find the intensity of relationships. An honorable relationship, carefully woven into the fabric of life; always separates want from truth. While you may want, whatever it is you want. Without the discipline to know, “only truth can attain something of value”. You will fail, and your relationship will fail as well; to the degree lies erupt while struggling to “beg, borrow, or steal” whatever it is you want. While everyone will tell me: I GOT what I wanted/ and didn’t have to pay nothing bad. You are reminded: that a want which is governed by a truth, simply requires the discipline necessary to achieve that want. Whereas a want that is NOT defined by truth, always becomes a lie; and lies do have a cost. Someone will pay, usually both.
So then we look at want within relationships, and especially between men and women. To find that want (give this to me/ it SHOULD be mine), is the primary degrading value, to all relationships. Or in the case of marriage, the most damaging of all human interactions, other than abuse, misuse, and sexual issues: is failing to understand, the consequences of money. Money is: MY work, and MY LIFE; even my decisions. Sacrificed to achieve a level of freedom and security, that will keep me alive; and provide the safety we all need as a family. Without that unhappiness and depressions will erupt. A life governed entirely by the demand for money, becomes lost within the framework: “I can’t stop/ everything will go wrong”. Thereby an aggressive man, in terms of work; is a man who fears what can happen, if he does not. Rather than succeeds in life, because he did do the best he could do/ and no one does better than that, even if you lose. A man who surrenders himself to perfection: is someone who has had something very significant to him, GO WRONG. Therefore every attempt from that moment on, is an effort to insure; no more tragic mistakes are made. One who does nothing, has given up the right of his existence to pursue; “I can make you my slave too/ same as me”. Or more simply you work/ I don’t, yet I live too: who then is smarter? These are the three main categories, with many variations.
Women understand, if left at home to raise children or simply be available; that it can be lonely/ it can be less than wonderful, to live a life that is only for a child. Or to live a life, or with a husband too tired: for anything else. Women understand, if you put everything into raising your children, thereby establishing this is enough for me. She then spends money lavishly if possible on the children/ because they make her life better; even to the point of becoming “everything for me”. The consequence is often, that the man who makes this possible; has needs too/ but fails to receive significant respect. That makes a relationship fail, or separate to “different corners”. Then when the woman has raised the children and they go off to live their lives; a need arises, which many times goes unmet. Because you didn’t remember me enough, when I needed you either. A woman who goes to work, and grows weary from it: expects true participation from a partner. Children must be raised, it is a duty. Too many children leave no room for anything else; it is a reality. Never having children means, “this part of life and living will be left out/ even forever on earth.” It is not a small thing for either sex.
So the question is, in terms of honoring a relationship: called marriage in particular, the value of a friendship MUST be maintained. To respect that, the realities of what friends honestly do, share, and expect from each other must be accepted.
Trust is both the dignity and integrity of a life enveloped by truth. Without truth, there can be no trust. Without trust, there is no method of any kind; to bind you together as one, or even as friends. Therefore respect demands: “please, never lie to me”. Thereby we can and will grow together, as life leads us both into each others heart, mind, and soul. None can go within these places without trust. If you do/ if you allow it: that is then a thief inside the house, and the price will be high. Trust is essential, but it cannot survive without truth. Caring erupts from truth.
Living is a journey/ whereas love, becomes a destiny. The difference is freedom. Or the quest to participate not only within life itself, but defined by an identity worth knowing: as, or within oneself. More simply, you cannot “become you”/ unless you do find the freedoms to search within yourself, your heart, and your soul. To do this freedom means: I have taken time for me, to be what I deem true; by my own values, purposes, and desires. That form of self can be hard to attain/ particularly if selfishness, greed, or any other temptation has found a door into you. It is up to you, to define yourself, and create an opening that works for your life in time. The freedom of heart; is to believe, that I can participate exactly as I desire my life to be. That is in reality met with exceptional degradation and ridicule; because “the herd” has expectations, and they want to control. Where humanity has failed/ to let animal behaviors come in: you get a herd/ or a pack of predators. When humanity has risen above “nobody, gets out of line”. Then we will seek, to the best of our ability: the means to understand, everything we honestly desire with life. That can be, a hard journey/ riddled with all the choices a life can make. The price here is learn, before you are consumed. To accomplish that, it is absolutely necessary to understand, where the boundaries are. Freedoms in heart to a lesser extent for life/ but a greater degree for love: seeks the discovery of “a treasury we can share”. Or more distinctly, the purpose of our lives is shaped by the distinctions we give, “to what has value, in me/ for me/ and for life itself”. Love becomes a door/ same as hate. It is the singular place “opposites meet”/ one on each side, across from you. The question is: what will YOU choose? Because a decision is required, whenever that choice exists.
Hate is functionally discarding life; as worthless to me. Which then becomes, I will find a use for you; I will find your payment, to remain alive, anywhere near me. All manner of tragedy awaits that decision.

LOVE lives within the law/ but reaches beyond truth, to achieve the essence of life itself, which is a gift shared; simply because I do care. Honestly, because I chose to care, about you. It is my decision/ just as it is yours to respond in kind. Love, is an equal gift/ because you can only receive “what you are able to give”.
The freedom to enter within soul, and find spirit; is at its center, the balancing of life with truth, through the essence of knowledge. Knowledge without understanding offers nothing/ until you learn. Therefore a spiritual quest, is the discovery of understanding, within the knowledge you have already acquired. Consequently, the more freedom you have achieved within you/ the greater the journey you may receive appears. Each path within your own understanding is a door/ that leads to wisdom. But the cost of spiritual truth is: if you do not understand/ then you cannot escape the consequences of what you chose. Until you do.
Eternity itself, resides behind this compilation of spiritual doors you did choose. Without substantive truth, and identity; you will never enter here.



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