changing self 3


To interpret behavior and define why isolation harms you! Behavior is: the things we do, which depict the processes and form the distinctions, which then become our participation with this humanity. Habits are: the things we do, which depict the processes and form the distinctions: which then become our participation with body, or mind. Some habits form around other bodies or minds/ most form around our own. When these behaviors bring an unwanted response from the rest: isolation occurs. When habits bring an unwanted response into our own bodies or mind: people attempt to isolate their own body away, as if it were “something or someone else’s”. These participate little in hate/ but they can descend into anger, which then leads to hate.
As to environmental factors, which contribute to the overall effect on every human, and all life: these are merely background colors, which refine the illustration of human decision, “in a different hue”. They do not influence behavior/ behavior influences environment. Because as people WE CHOSE, to attack our world, and everything else; or not/ as ourselves. Environmental factors are the costs of living as we do.

When discussing behaviors, the very first and most significant thing assigned to “the herd” is: one small step “out of line”/ and this one shall be ostracized and excluded, as not one of us! “Danger/ danger”.
The second part of behavior is: there shall be a hierarchy, because someone must lead/ this is the essence of behavior as a herd. Without leaders, all must decide for themselves/ which brings chaos, and all become an easy prey.
The third part of behavior is: when danger is lurking/ get to the middle of the herd (let someone else be brave), so the predators can’t get you; even though all you get “is the picture of an ass”: cowards survive.
The fourth part of behavior is: close to the leaders, and you get “the clean food, water, and places to stand”/ while at the back end of the herd, all that is left is shit/ piss/ and creatures who DO expect, “to attack you”.
The fifth part of behavior is: “I WANT MORE”/ which then translates into someone else is going to pay with theirs. Instead of war (to death)/ its called competition: “by hook, or crook”, I will win.
The sixth part of behavior is: to lead is to attain respect. To attain respect and its rewards, I must win/ you must lose.
The seventh part of behavior is: to survive, I must accept “how this story ends, for me”.

We now look at habits: places where the herd cannot go/ ultimately “these are MINE”!

1. Separated from the herd, I am forced to contend with myself/ as the only distraction that matters.
2. Separated from the herd, I am forced to accept myself, as a winner/ or deny my body or its mind; as a loser.
3. Separated from the herd, I am forced to concede “courage or cowardice”/ its not a game.
4. Separated from the herd, I am forced to protect myself, to make choices for me, and to be whatever reality and its direction will allow.
5. Separated from the herd, I have the right to choose what I will do with my sex!
6. Separated from the herd, are the nightmares of what a predator can do.
7. Separated from the herd, are the possibilities of love, even eternity shared.

So we begin by looking at the individual developments associated with habits: depicting each category by its number, and determining the outcome, with realistic evidence.
#1 Is living with yourself as an identity, that cannot be hidden by others: you are in full view. Few mind this desirable, because the herd knows a prize when it sees one/ and they all want to use or abuse that prize for their own purposes. Which means, they are willing to take from you, whatever they can. Without returning anything, other than a momentary cheer. That loss requires change, to protect yourself, from the herd (don’t see me anymore)! There are a variety of ways, including fat, poverty, dirty, or any other thing the herd does not like. Or, on the other side of that line are the people not granted status as a prize, and the herd then measures them as worthless; and the person then often become despondent (I need, “a drug”), depressed (I must become rich), violent (I will may you pay), or isolated (nobody wants me, except religion). Because I have value too, I fight; or die, because I refuse to care!
#2 The game of life is created by the herd and its leaders as made possible by its followers. Reality does not matter in this game as it is only “between us”. Thereby, the individual is either winner or loser! In contrast to playing the game, which measures/ then judges/ then controls an individual life: is the reality of NOT playing their game. Which means as an individual, the only person allowed to judge me, is me! The only person allowed to measure what I did or did not do within my heart, mind, or soul; is me. All the rest, are excluded: I am my own “friend or enemy”; as developments in decision, will cause behaviors to prove.
#3 The foundation of pain or pleasure, in association with our bodies/ determines the level of courage or cowardice at its first level of existence. The fundamentals of fear, in association with our mind/ determines the level of courage or cowardice at its second level of existence. The critical realities of death, in respect for our time or its disappearance as freedoms lost/ construct an ending, which either terrifies (hell is coming)/ tranquilizes (dirt, to dirt) / assumes belief (I AM OWED) / or accepts “there is a GOD”. Religions arise out of here.
#4 I am alone, there is nothing in this world “but me”; because no one cares about me. Therefore I must care about myself/ or I must make someone else care about me. Consequently I assess the tools available to me, and proceed within the boundaries and limits I have accepted: TO MAKE someone care. These habits are “shopping for a mate, or someone to use & abuse”. Because you cannot “make, someone care”/ either they choose of their own accord to care or share with you; or they don’t. Many will simply lie, cheat, steal, betray, etc: to get what they want, and then “discard, the trophy”. Because these quickly decide “you just aren’t worth the price”.
#5 Sex, the relationship we share “with our chemical bodies”. Sex, “the act” for male, is functionally “working for chemicals”. While sex for women is “critically measuring: what you are worth to me/ and how or why I am valued by you”. Love does not exist in sex/ love exists in the heart (cherished), and ascends (worshiped) only with soul. So habitually, as is consistent with a herd: sex is a discovery of life, only by accident, or true desire beyond chemicals. Some refuse reality, demanding: I WON’T be made to do, what you, OR society OR life, expects of me/ I hate you, or I am ANGRY with you, or I am SAD (thinking of suicide). Some are simply addicted to sex, and don’t understand “love”.
#6 Critical to fear, and the examples of what will go wrong, TO ME, if a predator attacks. FEAR looks at, or imagines the images, and says: I CAN’T let this happen to me. Isolating all other life, and thrusting it to the side: to become ALONE. Nothing but you, inside! That decision, draws all potential interests away from life, and hides them in the closet of your fears.
#7 Discipline states: where there is overriding fears/ love cannot come. Consequently, when love is not allowed, then neither is friendship or the discovery of order that allows friendship to begin. Where love is allowed, order ascends from friendship into creation itself, where soul reflects the possibilities of a relationship with “GOD” in you. Asking “will love, answer me”?

Habits beget behaviors, because “what is mine, and what I do/ ultimately affect the herd” unless there is total separation from the herd. The herd does not welcome change. The herd believes it is “the best it can be”/ we ARE survivors, and don’t need you! A herd is: “leaders and their followers”/ because these will not “think for themselves”. While an individual identity separated from the herd must think for oneself/ the foundation for that is in isolation. NOT influenced by the others, rather dependent upon the decisions which are built, from an independent truth

SO, we look to behaviors as the functional relationship of those who are only within the herd/ want to be/ or have been cast out, because they didn’t follow the rules.
“Danger/ danger” means, someone is trying to change us. Consequently, as a group: there is ridicule (you are less than we)/ spite (we can attack you too)/ judgment (you are not welcome here)/ and mob (we will not change, for anything) not even a life.
Chaos means to the group: “our leaders have been attacked”/ we are in trouble, and must defend them for our own sake/ regardless of the cost; or find another. That means: “act or react”/ don’t think! So the demand is: hide from truth, because reality will make us a prey.
Cowardice is the way to survive! Consequently surrender anything but self. Discard them all.
Life is, get all you can get; by “sticking like glue” to those who lead, regardless of the rest.
Wealth is: YOU are my slave, I am no longer “yours”.
Reality is: “without a game/ there is no winner”, and I WANT to win. And prove you are less, than me!
Truth suggests: the ending of our lives, is the ending of our own story. When all is said and done, there was only me, truly important to me. So as a behavior, I need only remember and respect what I want. You, are then irrelevant, apart from what you can do for me, “today”.