The rights and realities of the purposes listed here on these sites: is clearly a demand LIFE ON THIS PLANET, MUST COME FIRST!   The evidence of threat, truly is overwhelming, and without mercy;  once the point of no return passes us by.  At that point, not a single decision anyone makes, will matter


Therefore any amount/ ALL MONEY, that you choose to contribute to this effort. SHALL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE.


THE FIRST effort is to communicate the reality of threats! The second is to contribute the means to organize “as best we can”/  such as is a march of humanity:  to prove, we have rights.  To bring justice to life; such as is consistent or begins with realistic billing from medical facilities.  To save this world for every child, “as best we can”.  To conceive of and contribute to “better, than today”.  And goes on from there, to influence change for the sake of every life, and every future living being on this planet.  By creating the possibilities of real change.

If you contribute any excess money beyond that, at some point; a committee of your own choosing will decide what to do with it.
If you contribute: then you are free to organize properly, and identify whatever it is, the amount of money collected here shall be used for.  Determine how the entire amount of this money shall be spent, if you create an honest organization:  that works for these purposes.. It is not my desire to collect it/ IT IS OUR NEED! Simple and plain.  It is not my desire to determine where or how “this money” is to be spent;   until others can be found, it is a duty.



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