Governing by law

Governing by law

Critical truth elevates society by proclaiming laws now lead us all. As in they are the key, to peace/ harmony/ happiness/ and fundamental fair play as is proof of justice for us all. Therefrom it is plain, true, and simple: that the law should be “the government”.   AS democracy intended. Not employees hired to make the decisions of society/ but laws created by society, as the people of our humanity make their own decisions; and then live by their own truths.

In the past, it was absolutely necessary that employees be found and elected to govern under the law: because communication, for better was impossible. Today, the one single reality that has improved by university participation is communication/ IF ONLY they had NOT then abused that power, and propagated lies, betrayal, treason, terrorism, fantasy, failures, horror, and a coming hell because of what “university knows under control of men” did do.
Nonetheless, our future as a planet dies, unless we regain control over communication/ and use it, to reestablish ONLY THE LAW rules in this nation called America. That fundamental and functioning law is the constitution/ and its foundation documents, which are the bill of rights and the declaration of independence. If we return to these {AFTER STOPPING EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION}/ then we at least have a chance for life to remain on earth.
What is fundamental about the constitution and its foundation documents: is the simplicity of the statements therein. There is NO NEED for some damn traitor, to intercede for us; and explain what those words mean! Those words, united a nation, and built a democracy. Those words establish the United States of America, as independent of rulers/ because we made the law ourselves. But as always traitors and fools “smell power, & worship pride/ and will always seek selfishness instead of life for us all. Thereby corrupting governments as intellectuals always do, “one tiny piece at a time”!
To avoid the intellectual and his or her methods: the means are irrevocable laws, that are very simple and plain/ so as NOT to be misinterpreted, by any leader; without prison “for you”. To control hatred and its consequences: it is necessary to separate them from the rest/ requiring “build your own/ you can’t come back here”. To control GREED, the downfall of civilization after civilization forever: limited capitalism MUST be established and maintained. That means a return to public only vote periodically; or the intellectual will deceive you again.
Limited capitalism is: WE THE PEOPLE shall choose the limits of income per individual/ per year: both high and low, by vote. Or more simply; everyone is not equal in business or work, and that will always be so. However, there is a limit to how much better anyone is than another: and we the people shall then by democracy prove what is FAIR TO ALL! Fair to all is roughly 4 times more for the very best/ an honest living, realistic wage for the least. Voted upon every 8 years or so, to prove what needs to change at this time; either high or low or both. Capitalism means: go do whatever you do honestly, and earn as best you can. Even if you make your income for the year in a day: that is allowed. But once you attain your income for that year; you will NOT be allowed to earn any more/ you are shut off. The only exception is: to educate the competition (which we will decide)/ or to employ more than the numbers of full time employees, that we the people set, will decide as fair trade. If you are at the low end/ then you will work the entire forty hour week; or whatever is considered to be “normal for all”. If you fail to work effectively, or refuse it entirely: there is no welfare or other opportunity than work. Work will then be guaranteed/ but money, healthcare, etc; will NOT be guaranteed. Only the work, at a realistic living scale of wage. If you become sick/ there will be a set aside insurance, built into your wages, that gives you time to recover. No “golden parachutes”/ no hidden fees, charges, or any subterfuge regarding income whatsoever: what you gain from work and every other source of kind of income, will be declared realistically. NO FUTURE INCOME, for work done today. No pension/ no benefits/ no healthcare/ NOTHING; but your own yearly income established for “this year”. That is what you earned or received; all done. If you intentionally, thereby substantially lie: we will retrieve from you three times as much as you stole.
Retirement is the same for all: NOBODY gets more! Which means there is no pension plan, no anything provided by anyone else, but you! NO exceptions/ NO unions in government/ NO unions in society unless you make below the average wage for a citizen in your base area: only then can you form a union. But bear in mind, if the money is not there; you will simply lose your job, instead of gain more. Social security is a percentage of national income/ whatever that may be: divided [the same] / directly through a group meeting, to determine how much these retirees will devote to healthcare and so on by their own vote. To each and every individual deserving, without interference. No more fantasies/ no more “let the children pay”/ no more counterfeiting or debts. This is the money you get; END OF THE STORY/ spend it as you, the retirees of your area, wish. But there is no more, regardless of your tears/ that’s how it is, simple/ plain: and I know you understand its true, and fair. Like it or not is irrelevant!
NO “wall street”! The den of thieves shall be removed. NO more corruption on the board of trade; it will be cleaned. NO MORE COUNTERFEITING by government employees claiming their inflation doesn’t exist/ the lies have been proven: intentional deceit will stop. Debts that cannot be paid/ are not debts: they too, are merely lies, for the purpose of cheating, and abuse. To control these things: CURRENCY MUST undergo change. That fact brings us to the numbers for currency in circulation or claimed as assets as a nation, MUST align correctly with the citizen count. So many numbers per citizen equals “the same for all”. Capitalism will divide that up into some have more/ others have less: but everyone knows where they honestly stand in relation to everyone else. Let the numbers be true.
Let no government employee make a debt for citizens ever again. To accomplish that: there must be a separate currency for international trade. A currency NOT dependent upon citizen numbers; but cold hard facts of life. Gold is one of those potential currencies/ counterfeiting SHALL be stopped. Those who allowed it; imprisoned for felony theft, against society itself!
Banking is an institution that can help or dramatically interfere and fail society. It works both ways; which means ONLY THE LAW controls banking. We the people will decide for ourselves, what that law is going to be: with simple, plain, and easily understood rules, that will be followed. Or punishment will result. Back to the fifties or sixties rules is a good place to start. One of the lessons required is: when the rich tell you, “without a loan/ you fail”. Reality says: if we control and limit property ownership by vote; to “fair business opportunities, for all to be involved”. No more conglomerations, no more monopolies, or control over vast resources, or the right to destroy environment as that costs the future! With truth: The reality of a buying a home for instance, returns to what will the market allow? Because a loan simply makes the price go up. It is nonetheless true however, that such things as buying property; takes years of work, to accumulate the cash. Consequently a place for banks does remain. Under fair and adequate rules. There is no cause for a loan in college education; it’s a business, under governmental controls. Which means, if you teach and provide substantive learning; that then, as proof of substance, will translate into a job. Then you share the wealth created by that job; as is consistent with being fair. The professor/ college gets nothing, if a job using his or her information; is not found within ten years.
The complete failure of financial democracy in this USA: was imposed by “university knows” in nearly countless ways. But history shows clearly, that the true financial problems for this nation began with their atomic bomb. The “leaders” then spent all our money, for death/ they spent the children’s money, for annihilation/ they spent the future of live on earth to keep university fantasy happy: and these built weapons of mass destruction (to destroy us all) instead of creating world law, and therefrom peace. That must change immediately, or world war 3 erupts; because humanity is ready/ overcrowding will prove it. End of life on earth, none survive.
The near complete social fabric of this nation has unraveled: because the cult of “university knows”; controls all communication, and leads society itself to believe “we cannot compete”! They even suggested that evolution is real: a bigger lie, has rarely been told/ and those lies all exist today as well. The only evolution (life began by chaos)/ is the evolution universities are creating: by mutilating genetic DNA, nature is being ravaged and raped. Bringing chaos intentionally into our lives! That is terrorism of a worse order, than anything else/ except bringing atomic fire here, which cannot be extinguished; and they know that too! Reality has now proven: NONE in all of history; are more corrupt, more deceitful/ OR a bigger failure, than leadership by a university diploma. That ends: we decide by building our own laws, and enforcing them on society itself; to again RULE OURSELVES.
Not more than one hundred laws! Not more than “one written page on paper” is enough; with few exceptions, not over two! The more you have/ the less control you get; because the intellectual searches for tiny fractures to explode, corrupt, rape, or destroy. Thereby EVERYONE needs to understand for themselves; so we can all protect life and society by law. Judges shall not evict the constitution ever again: if they do, prison waits: as not less than a ten year sentence.
Justice is the acknowledgment of fair play/ equal treatment under law. Therefore justice is to be an open courtroom for every trial; because the nation is protected only when we know what is being done in our own courtroom of laws. NOT judicial opinion. That said: the protection of law and rights are fundamentally given in this democracy TO THE JURY. Which means, the jury is not intended to pass judgment. Rather they are intended to oversee the judge, understand the values and virtues of law by democracy, and underscore the reality of what happens in court: to prove or disprove justice, equal treatment, and fair play happened here! Jury means: “Judge, over judge. LAW over all”/ and it is enlarged to accept, where the law is insufficient, that too will be addressed and presented to the public for change by the vote of us all.
Healthcare is again: NOT beyond the limits of what we are willing to do as a society, by our acceptance of a debt. In other words: NO more saying “let the children pay, and counterfeiting payment; or creating debts which can’t be paid”. If society itself, will not decide to pay/ then the service is not rendered. None must die of “little things”/ all must die of “big things”. You WILL discuss this, and establish what is to be “your own truth”. What you cannot do, is continue as you are. It is failure!

Every choice made today, in healthcare;  because of your extensive destruction: is either for someone technically alive today, in which case someone in the future has no chance at life. Or someone from the future will live, because this one did die. Your choices are limited in that reality; because you refused responsibility for your changes. The earth is not unlimited!  The game of fools, is over.  Reality must decide!

Jobs are the institutional validity of a society. Did you, or did you not do, what the future and life needed you to do! No society survives, unless it includes all of its own members; and adapts as necessary to changing environmental realities. Jobs are diminishing/ resources are destroyed: because the universities lead. Their only desire is to play games with life/ and that means, the power and pride to remove you as a worker; to limit communication to the powerful; to destroy the competition, requiring you to beg; to corrupt the courts, so you have no say; to control politics and remove the law, so they can rule; to destroy your securities, so that you will war/ and they can laugh. Did the universities NOT do “a good job”? Indeed they did, congratulations to them; on tearing apart this society. Mission nearly accomplished; you achieved your goal, “nobody is important but you”. While society itself says: I HAVE A GUN/ FIRE/ BOMBS, and anger enough, to make you die! Gee, “ain’t you both, so DAMN smart”!
So lets look at reality and prove what smart is! Smart is to make decisions, and establish practices, which allow the greatest good, for the greatest amount of the people possible: which then brings happiness, hope, courage to fight for law, and as humanity itself ascends from its freedom found into the beginnings of joy; then happiness & love. The foundations for life become structurally supported by truth. Peace erupts/ harmony exists, for all. “University knows” as it has demonstrated and proven in every single substantial act; is absolutely against anything to do with LIFE MUST COME FIRST! As is the substance of what was written first in this paragraph. They cannot rule. They cannot be allowed to use “foreign languages”/ for example math beyond common knowledge. They cannot be allowed in any form, to make decisions for themselves: they are EVICTED from leadership/ wholly and without further impact. They may present knowledge/ but no more fantasies, no more extreme experimentation of any kind. No more theories without substance/ etc/ etc/ etc……………….etc!
We return to jobs; we all need a job/ nobody is exempt. Overpopulation states: if you can’t do a job/ then the future needs your place. Highly unfortunate, but true/ because that is what your universities chose for this future.
Since we all need a job, with no exceptions other than young; or as reality & true substance allows. A job is both mandatory and to be provided by society, at a living wage. Since there is no real capitalism in America today/ because there is no real money or securities; stripped clean by counterfeiting. You should have no problem accepting change; America is completely bankrupt/ and that includes us all. What we do about that is go to court as a nation; and make your decision as WE THE PEOPLE, declare this is now, going to be true! Nonetheless, if a job is available/ it must be taken or you can go ahead and starve; “its up to you”! Don’t want too, then we move you “to a lesser place” to build your own society from the beginning. “Happy days” for you/ right.
A job is: something you do for someone else, in exchange for something of similar value that they will then do for you. A job is not the means to trample, or destroy, or consume the life or lives of others. Neither is it a right to become completely selfish and control everything you can. A job is both an individual answer & societies answer; to the singular expression, “how will we, or I, survive”? EVERYTHING DEPENDS UPON THE RESOURCES AVAILABLE! These are the foundation difference, between “rich or poor”. So protecting the resources, rebuilding the resources, using only what is truly needed, recycling and so on: IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A FUTURE FOR THE CHILDREN/ or their extinction, war, horrors, & death. Its important what we do NOW.
The reality of a job is simply: HOW do we divide the work? Because the real problem is: too many people want MORE, than their fair share. Again the answer is limited capitalism; because we need the motivators/ but we need FAIR TO ALL, even more. Those who do more, deserve more. But we all need something fair/ and that means we will limit those who find a way to take MORE, as in too damn much! To stop them from revolting against us; as is the historical reality. The foundation principle in this is: TAKE AWAY the extreme weapons/ and force: “we will make you pay for violence against us”. USE WORLD LAW, and WORLD POLICING established from all nations working together: to prove compliance against or for all nations. Take a look at the middle east, and all the meaningless destruction: the tragedy to every life! HOW is reducing the weapons of men to “the old ways of a sword or arrow, etc”, NOT a better solution? At least we retain our homes.Take away every weapon of mass destruction.

The world is not filled with enemies! The world is filled with people who want MORE; in a growing list of places where there is no more to get. Places where those who have, DO NOT want less/ and refuse to share or care! That fact, has consequences; or it means real foundation change must occur. Want must die, replaced with truth, respect, and reality.

The critical question for society itself is: will you accept as individuals, that reality no longer allows “anyone to be excessively, rich/ or poor”! Game over. Because we are now so many people on earth/ facing such destructive tragic realities as have been going on under “university knows”; that our freedoms have been limited. We must now choose for environment/ protect nature/ rebuild everything/ accept friendship or war/ and fundamentally change ourselves. If you will not do all of that/ then this is a worthless exercise in futility; because no possibility exists, for life on earth to survive. You have damaged too much, nature itself will collapse. Food, water, oxygen, and everything else is in jeopardy. War is imminent, and failure of respect for life itself, will produce HORRORS on earth. In testimony of these facts, are the realities we face today as proven by the evidence of their existence. The consequences of being wrong is extinction in many threats and without mercy. Humanity as a whole, has proven to be horrendous, to life on earth. To your shame.
You must change to correct that, NOW/ not later. Failure of your ability to think, will end all second chances; as we are down to “minutes/ rather than days or years”. Before the time to make these changes runs out for our world. Thinking means: NOT WHAT YOU WANT/ but what life, truth, reality, and nature will allow by the evidence we cannot avoid.
Last call coming soon, if not today. This ain’t no game/ and you can’t fix it, by doing the things you have been doing. THAT is what brought us here! To a reality of “university; having made decisions that fail life in all areas”/ has become our enemy. Literally satan, by the reality of destruction that is visible to actual, “thinking individuals”. Use your mind/ prove the evidence is wrong; or accept and demand change must come now! No second chances, we must fight for LIFE COMES FIRST; from this day forward. Money first, must be evicted; simple and plain.

Without population control you get nothing! The end will come soon; because life feeds on life (nature and environment are dying)/ life needs water/ work requires resources; and nothing you do is life comes first. Which does prove with evidence everything is going to collapse at once, and war is your only answer. That will destroy the last little bit/ hell erupts. The catastrophes of genetic mutilation will take over. Every gun will blaze, trusting no one; means a carnage beyond imagination across this globe. Every biological weapon released. Every atomic bomb detonated. Every potential chemical tragedy realized.
Going to have controlled war instead? Well “kill a billion people”/ and you still have 6 and a half billion people left; and they are still going to reproduce without restraint, currently at over 2 million more mouths to feed every single week. Or in a different light: population growth is over one hundred million more humans demanding “their fair share”/ every single year. Think about it, if you can! Because nobody doesn’t understand that reality; its what your leaders, and your lives chose! “Well nobody, except for the universities, and their big brains”!

This fact exists as: Freedom without boundaries.  Or more clearly, “the intellectuals war on society; let fantasy rule/ it will be great”.  The end result of that is of course: we all die, because this earth has limits.

In American politics today: the choices are, “more of the same/ rule them with a club [like kings]/ or let fantasies rule” as always. None can help you, each will fail.

Evidence indicates: that evolution will now come true/ as we see the very first signs of descent from the order, magnificence, and realities of miracles made by GOD ! Are turned into the “chaos of university knows”, demanding evolution is their god/ becomes fact. Their claim is upside down/ evolution is descent into horrors, not life. Their claim is “monkeys, are your parents”: a reality now hovering over our heads, as catastrophe’s ahead; with zika.
Weather no longer “friendly”; is just another sign of chaos coming.

Game over; make your life or death for our planet decision. Time has run out. Whether you believe it or not!


Life reminds me: that to leave this without a more deliberate understanding of HOW BEST to change the consequences we face, because of choices made. Is wrong.

Therefore I remind you again, that change means different. Different means, “let women try to lead”/ simply because they are different! THIS IS, “the best men did do”/ and we stand at the edge of our own extinction!
Women CANNOT lead as men do, by picking a leader. Women MUST come together as a group, determined to find the ways of law, and life, which will bring justice to all. Then we vote. Each nation to itself, as in “our way”/ every nation for world law together as one: the only way.
My only offer to you is: I can and will help you learn, what does or does not have value. Or, what it means to be wrong in these choices. Let the law lead, which you make/ discarding the rest. Let truth decide, sharing that decision with the evidence & by our realities of life. Let respect prove justice will prevail. How is that wrong? Or too little.
In contrast, YOUR PART IS: to participate as if these were your last days on earth, and change is now or never.   Just as I have done!  Consequently there are no real excuses: simply do the best you can, with what you do have. Communicate the need for change. Communicate the reality of being wrong. Force media acceptance that this is, “what the public needs to hear”. Do the best you can.