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As we begin to question, due to the zika virus: IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF ARMAGEDDON? WHICH IS NATURE IN CHAOS!
The reality of what university people have been doing for over fifty years now: which is deliberately trying to create chaos in nature, by mutilating DNA. And then transferring anything that survives into nature itself, for the deliberate purpose of creating a form of existence that does not conform to the standards of life, as known today. Or more simply: The religious priests of evolution, ARE DETERMINED to change biological life; so they can say “our gods were right”. Evolution is a child’s fantasy, it bears no proof and no truth, and now stands as the measure by which “Satan walks this earth”. Because you chose to ignore the value of life, and crucify it with your toys. Not even fools, are that delusional: “it takes a religious zealot”.


Throughout the world, the extreme failure and tragedy of mutilating/ manipulating/ altering/ destroying/ attempting to control/ and in all other ways putting the imprint of man on nature itself: could NOT be more insane. Nature is DNA, along with the base resources, life, and energies required to build and sustain a living existence from nothing more than “dirt”. Even though you know that is true, the fantasies and delusions of humanity itself; believe they can play god, and not only fix a few diseases, but alter and create life in some other delusion, by their destruction of DNA, which is nature.  Altering what nature is.  This is so insane, it is beyond comprehension/ lacks all sense of wisdom/ and refuses understanding or knowledge as the base foundation of truth, upon which we do all survive. Religion calls it “satan” on earth. Not a game, every living thing is vulnerable to the mutilation of nature itself. Every living thing is under attack, through the destruction of nature. Every potential living thing is being crucified: because some man or woman has injected the foundation of building a living existence of life:   “with garbage, and intentional ruin”.   DO YOU want someone to throw garbage into your car engine/ or infest your house with “horrors”?   Those are the simplified facts, of “university knows”  , OR more simply:  the diploma is building the means in every conceivable manner: to destroy, and exterminate us all”.

Not complex, or hard to understand:   simply,  when you gamble with all life/ the planet/ the environment/ the oceans/ literally everything fully knowing that what you do, can and will have consequences that are NOT “fixable”. Even life ending, with no room for doubt. Then you do become “god of destruction”; because nothing in you has room for life. Or,  you are“dead inside”.

We will touch on natures reality, for a few sentences: in that DNA is NOT the cause of disease and destruction. Rather it is the builder of life, that lives within the boundaries of discipline/ exists under the influence of order/ constructs with care using balance as its guide (two arms, legs, etc) and so on. These instructions replicate themselves honestly, and without intervention: unless chemicals or other deliberate factors cause trouble. DNA does not mutilate itself/ therefore every form of mutilation in DNA, is caused by an outside influence. Which means all the delusions of medicine:  to claim changing DNA,  “is to be god”.   Are merely delusions, to cover their insipid excuses to play god;  the worthless, playing to destroy life.  Blaming evolution is god (chaos built everything)/ so we can do anything we want.  Even though chaos builds NOTHING!

The cause of diseases, participate from a WIDE variety of factors: each of which is a chemical imposition on the structural reality of nature itself. When new chemicals are introduced, particularly in the building process:  trouble can erupt/ either in the beginning or at any time thereafter.  In america, chemical contamination of everything,  is practically endless:   with poisons everywhere/ medicines taken beyond belief/ excuses of all kinds manipulating the DNA of nature,  and your life:  or, is trying too. The foundation of every disease, and every consequence of those diseases: is YOU. The critical framework of DNA building: is governed by the electrical contribution of timing, at even one billionth of a second intervals/ rhythms as well. The critical supply line of creating the actual materials used to establish a living form/ dumping the waste/ forming the transition from “dirt to life”/ ETC. Are all a development of critical order, and applied disciplines. Each of which, “the university damned” are trying to destroy. The critical element of building life, requires a harmonious environment: which means every creation inside the body of life MUST get along, and find its place at the appropriate moment, attaching itself as required. Every muscle, every muscle group, every nerve, every skeleton-al reality of joint and structure, of movement, function, attachment, lubrication, growth, thought,  the building of blood, vessels, heart, and organs and everything else: is a critical balance of intensities so far beyond human intelligence, we will never understand. To fail the realization of these facts, is to destroy life; as your universities and others are deliberately doing against everything life is. The university, intentionally and willingly use nature as their toy;  “no respect allowed”. The universities ALL, demonstrate an absolute disregard for the sanctity of life. The universities fail to RESPECT any and every living form of life, or reality:  they learn nothing. The universities promise hope and salvation, “cause they are so damn smart”/  BUT they  take nature apart, and then try to put it back together in their own image. Their image is death warmed over, awaiting crucifixion in eternity: for destroying this world called life!

What they don’t tell you among the vast array of delusions, horrors, and critical errors that are going on.  To literally bring the biblical prophecy of Armageddon (NATURE IN CHAOS) here. Ending our reality of life;   by destroying body and other living creations, WITH biological horror.  AS HAS BEEN:   their purpose over the last fifty years,  summed up as:   “lets destroy all the genetic disciplines/ order/ balance/ and more, that nature presents us with in DNA”. So then we can learn how to put it back together the way we want nature to be: “Our endless toys”. An insanity so grim, and delusional: they believe themselves to be gods.

Going to put insects and men together/ fish and women/ birds and animals; etc. Intentionally crossing every species boundary and purpose or environment  of life, with failure and fool. Their excuse is: evolution is our god/ our religion, cause that, “is what we want”. No order/ no discipline/ no balance/ no right or wrong or reality or intelligence: NO ANYTHING OF LIFE. Just a very simple “chaos built us from nothing/ with nothing/ by destruction of nothing/ without tools or a mind or a thought, or a utility, or absolutely anything but a “mud puddle of delusion”. We just picked whatever we wanted our bodies to be, “from the supermarket shelf”:  FOR FREE.  But alas, according to evolution; not a brain to be used/ which means no decision could be made:  simply lies! Nothing is less scientific (built from truth)/ than the delusions of a university  or its evolution; because damn little of anything called value to life, exists therein. No greater fools, have ever existed: proven true by the endless threats now proceeding against all life/ the lies/ the theft/ the failure at every level. Or more simply “these children:   didn’t know a damn thing”/ yet they took control, & built a hell-hole for all the world to fall into. Prove none of these threats are true? There are VERY many more! Every single one,   IS a problem either created or increased by “university knows”. Are they not YOUR leaders/ along with men?

The only gods you get to be: are satan/ or devil, if you prefer. Once past the point of no return, coming very soon: there is no going back. All dead/ an entire world lost. While media and all forms of communication do its best to keep you lost in the delusions of a fantasy that is not real.   REFUSING TO TELL YOU:   We are threatened in countless ways.  NOW,  Only truth and reality can find a way back, to a future we will survive. We CANNOT and we will NOT survive what is being done today. How is truth, going to be defeated? The answer is CHANGE OR DIE.

What you want, is absolutely worthless, nothing more than a fantasy. What is real, true, and foundations in support of nature itself: keep us alive/ or cause us to be exterminated. Your university gods, are exterminating you. Toys and trinkets are not life. Medicine will soon dissolve, “because without antibiotics” everything changes immediately! Crossing species boundaries: ARE THE KNOWN CAUSE, of every pandemic known to man. University, military’s, business and industry, people, etc: do that everyday. GEE, what could happen next? You tell me! Go ahead, examine the future: and predict what mutilating nature on purpose, will do, add one grain of truth. And the only prediction available is “Armageddon”. You did this to yourselves/ “because you worshiped university fools, failures, and fantasies”. BY: Letting the image of science disguise reality. By letting fools, counterfeit your money! By letting media propagate: “The university expertise” cannot be questioned/ as in reality has no place here:    BY letting the nation and the world be damned.    BY Hiding,  the truth!

Humanity says: “just touch nature a little, and make ME better”! Reality, wisdom, and nature all agree: the failure of one tiny change, is a potential disease and horrendous death, to an entire world of life. Which means, “YOU just ain’t worth the risk”! Every child, every living thing is more important than “ just you”/ or me! Remember that, or nothing will keep us alive.




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