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A question, and then a decision. Unlike the university disease, that a question is never meant to be answered truthfully/ otherwise, we are soon out of a job. Life demands truth, (not stories, wants, pride, selfishness, nor all the rest) OR, it collapses into chaos. Because it can.
Therefrom work is both a necessity of experiences to identify and measure reality versus the question called why/ it is also, the critical dimension of what can or will be shared for the benefit of all, rather than just self.
Question means: between the extremes, there is a place called balance where life expresses peace, happiness, and the values of harmony. Therefore we begin our journey in the experience of freedoms/ and end it as death, without freedom anymore. These are the edges of existence: what has true balance, searches beyond the limits of existence to question Creation itself.
Creation means: there are no answers in humanity for this! Creation means: this cannot be touched, because the sanctuary of disciplines used to create the essence and reality of miracles (beyond human conception)/ shall NOT be destroyed, for something so trivial as human answers. The university answers all its questions, BY DESTROYING whatever they touch.
Our journey through life is a question, dedicated to the composition of thought. Composition means: I have gathered, within the limits of human knowledge, a passage that leads into understanding. The journey is through that passage until the door can be found. Truth is a door, that completes a journey beyond the limits of human knowledge. Therefore it can be taken or opened only through thought. Thought therefrom exists, as your participation in Creation itself. Not as a question. Not as an answer. But as the true beginning of soul.
Soul elevates respect, by constructing the stairs beyond self. Therefrom the disciplines necessary to achieve respect, are aligned and accepted as “a knock on the door”/ which opens into thought.
Thought orders life, which means it is NOT entirely free. Instead, the laws which govern existence control that reality by its own set of truths. You must stay within the truths applied by law/ or you will be very sorry.
Therefrom we begin with law, the essence of survival, by the elements which will NOT be denied.
In our human existence: WE NEED water, food, oxygen, freedom, happiness, work (our contribution), resources (GOD'S contribution), body & mind, justice to limit and control wars; and the disciplines to know and accept what is fair for all.
Humanity today, under the leadership of a university diploma: have abandoned every form of law that exists to let this Creation survive. Their plan is destruction, & chaos; their intent is, “worship us as god”. Their future is HELL (we have nothing left, the chains of life have collapsed; we cannot survive), ARMAGEDDON (nature is in chaos, we are lost, life is mutilated forever), THE APOCALYPSE (get out your gun/ trust no one). Or, to burn this entire world & you, alive/ by igniting sun fire here.

Consequently, we SHALL make a decision as humanity on earth. Not as individuals, which means there is nothing you can do that will make a difference to what the university has already done. Which means: TOGETHER AS A WORLD, we live or die from our decision to obey the laws of life, and protect the reality of our existence: BY CHOOSING, to fight for our world. To stop the insanity of university, and control the direction of our lives and our planet, by understanding: NOBODY gets to destroy. We must live by law.
The decision for humanity is: “without DIFFERENT” than this/ we cannot survive. That limits the direction and influence of where are we going from here: “to let women decide”. Because they are different/ and because men WILL quickly return us all to these ways, because it is the best they did do, after thousands of years to prove, what they will choose. Women CANNOT “follow the leader/ as do men”. Women MUST gather together as one decision, putting forth the various plans and participation they believe will make a better world for everyone. Which all of humanity shall then vote upon/ until an agreement can be reached.
The foundation of a new society is: VERY LIMITED power or pride/ including government. Which means you must choose “limited capitalism”. By definition: we all choose our way, we all do the best we can, we all work together to insure NOBODY gets “too damn much/ or too little”. The critical path of survival, requires that everyone works; nobody is left out. That demands, want is irrelevant. That demands, an education is your right/ not their business. That defines our participation with each other as, the decision to accept friendship is more valuable than trophies.
You are on the edge of extinction, whether you believe it or not is absolutely worthless/ the evidence is clear. That does mean: ALL THE TRAGEDY, all the everything that does not accept LIFE MUST COME FIRST, for this planet; even before you. Will end by your decision, as humanity on earth; to rebuild as best you can. To grow up/ to clean up/ to establish RESPECT for everything/ and to STOP killing the children: OR ETERNITY will remember you as “devil”.
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