Living, the expression and experience of “our/my time”.

Critical truths elevate trust into behavioral consequences; which then become our lives, each and every one. So then the fundamental values we accept as true; are the elements and functional desires which gain or give purpose to life itself. The foundation of value is: “This benefits me or us”. The critical function of trust is: “I can complete this action or reaction, because I believe in the securities of what I believe”. The essential truth is: that I must live, to survive/ I must survive, to love/ I must love, to ascend beyond myself, and conceive of being ALIVE in the joy of existence as a moment cherished in freedom.
Within these definitions life begins to emerge as an identity. Identity means: my decisions can be predicted/ because this is what I value, this is what I choose, this then is the evidence of who I am!
Within Identity, the foundations of a spiritual element arise/ by the definitions proven true. The development of trust, examines reality to find the structural integrity of a passion, that then gives to life its purpose. Therefrom living strains to realize its desire, and assert its function through the elevation of faith.
Faith is entirely unlike belief/ as the two are distinctly different. Faith means: I no longer believe/ I have searched for myself, and found evidence I do truly trust as an elemental foundation of my own existence/ our human or world existence; that I cannot dispute: THIS IS TRUE! Belief means, I do not have faith, the elemental truth accepted as proven beyond any shadow of a doubt. Rather belief means: I want to accept the values I want, the hope I want, the life I want; if only I could. Therefore, I have indeed “created a backdoor” in my heart to escape the possibility I was wrong. Belief enters a secondary phase as well: when what I want is so strong in me/ so desired in me; I no longer care about evidence; I WANT IT, so having little else of desire in life/ I accept that want as true, regardless of the evidence or reality suggested. Therefrom belief is simply want, in its various levels of expression.
We then design our living, according to the principles which give “life” to our freedoms. Every freedom is not “living”/ many are dying instead. Consequently, we do pick and choose what freedom means to each one; as a path to our destiny or fate, as the case may be. Fate is the reality of what you chose. Destiny is the decision beyond want, of what your true heart desires from life as is consistent with love. It takes love, to desire life! Nothing less will do. Hate intervenes to declare, I can want revenge/ jealousy/ violence/ abuse/ and so on. That is not living, it is existing to do harm.
We ask of freedom: where is love? That decision mirrors our heart: the place we realize life is worth living. Freedom does not know love/ freedom knows a choice can or will be made. Therefore love is about the choices of our soul. Soul means: I have inherited the value of love, and have found in that moment, the essence of life and the purpose of destiny. The elevation of hope, and its most sincere relationship with respect, that duty will allow.
Some ask of hate instead: where is my prize? Why am I not “more”? The answer returns as, “NOT fair”/ I should have more. Therefrom expectation turns to the violence of getting more, whether by words, actions, or reactions intent upon making someone else suffer or dissolve: to gain their life. By stealing it!
Love can be stolen! Love can be lost, because respect did die (even if it could be resurrected) . Love is never a battlefield/ rather it is a “whisper in the dark”; to lighten and create “our day”. Love is the discipline achieved, to understand the value in being free: is to realize I can share, and care for another living truth. Without truth, love cannot survive. Without the blessing of responsibility to each other, the development of balance, and therefrom trust cannot be realized. Love is a destiny created for two souls, who wish to join as one soul united in the faith: we will be lovers forever! Therefrom we ask of love, to join hearts in the spirit of truth: because it is only from that journey, life becomes alive in each.
“Lover” explains: that trust allows us to share the body of each other, as if it were “my own”. Each with the same rights, each with the same decision to make: will you respect me, as truly equal? Will you share destiny, through the expressions of hope we both understand to be true? Anything less, limits “lover”/ and fails the freedom to know what a living trust can be. Love defined by trust, equals life “lived with angels”. As an angel means: truth established!
Survival requires some level of happiness to exist. That happiness comes from love inside of you. If that love is stolen/ then the world itself as an experience in you; can fall from grace (we belong to GOD). If you fall, then your love has failed. Always give only to GOD HIMSELF the purest love you have. Thereby you will never fail/ even if love is at its lowest ebb & flow possible. LOVE is never a game/ remember that always. Rather love is the very foundation of life itself. Because without love, there is no cause to continue on. Which then becomes suicide/ hate is a form of suicide. When life asks: “This one, needs love shared”! It is a blessing to do so/ if, you can honestly pay the price, & survive the cost. If not/ then you die a little, even if they live a little: not a game, its real! NEVER sacrifice, it is a bad thing to do, and will have consequences. NEVER believe “GOD” doesn’t need you/ this one does! Because the net effect of that is to remove yourself from GOD / and you WILL then find yourself in need. NEVER believe “this will earn you points in forever”/ as that is not true, and will cause you to descend; because you then believe GOD can be bought. Etc.
On the other hand, if you refuse a life that truly needs attention: it is necessary to remember “JESUS saved us all/ its not your job”. Even if it is “your opportunity to give something back”. Alas, the world is filled with liars/ and the reality of someone with true need is: time required, as much as you can/ or more. Not a game/ their need can be excessive, and present no way out. Even so, to let someone die inside or as a body; when you know, “I could have helped/ I could have done something”. Is wrong! Not every life can be helped, even if in true need. Its not your responsibility, unless it is. You may interfere with “someone better”for that person, or a lesson, or development in faith, or a long list of realities you have no right to change. It is your responsibility, when your soul says: “this one needs your help”. Not your sacrifice/ your help means: what you are honestly, and truly willing to give without sacrificing. As love shared, because you cared. That can, or cannot include body as well; but this is often a quagmire, and helps only if “GOD is in it”!
Hate is the assertion: I will be more/ by removing the competition; or proving them “Less, by whatever means/ or dead”. Life is then a game; as hate makes everything. Because a game then has a purpose of winning/ a revenge from losing/ or a violence that demands “look at me/ remember me, too”. This is not life, it is the compromise called content: “I am not defeated”. Gluttony, lust, gossip, or sloth add in: I do what I want to do! And “you can’t make me”.
Living, is then an elemental rise or fall, within the parameters of what life in time is for you. Regardless of realities called a body or mind; the essence of freedom is, “the choices you will make, for life in you”. Therefrom we see life as a different parameter in existence. Not the fundamental of body or mind/ but the existence of a secondary element which is separate from your own decisions. Those are a product of mind and body shared, with you.
We resolve that definition by adding: the freedom to decide for mind and body is the presence of an identity that asserts force over time. The life within that freedom exists as an energy which makes the force of time by your decision possible. It is that energy, that conceives of life. But it is your decision that identifies, this is your choice in existence; the structural development of your own destiny/ aligned with the proof, that freedom does provide. Through the ownership of both mind and body, as your own reality proven true. We now have within us: three distinct parts. Identity resolving decision/ spirit identifying truth/ “life energy” granting the freedoms that miracles provide. These are combined in, and as, the essence of humanity, through body and mind.
So the question is: if eternity really does exist/ then if these three things make up a life; and need moments in time to prove desire! What happens when you die? And WHY?

VALUE asserts, “life is not essentially, worth living without love/ life completely alone forever, has little value”. Therefrom life beyond time, being equal, or the essence of life itself: desires love. This is a dependable truth/ as is evidenced by miracles far beyond our critical need. Therefrom because purity enhances love/ while anything less detracts from love: the value of purity in love is a desire that must be found, before the very core of love itself can be shared. Otherwise, damage to love and life itself, might be done! Therefore we know, time has its purpose: to find love which can then be purified to enhance eternity, by our souls. Now you know why!
We then turn to identity: the choices you make, as the basis for elementary trust, the beginning of life beyond time. All eternity itself survives by truth, and trust in the laws which keep existence itself, ALIVE! Therefrom we know, that identity is at its core; the necessary element of law accepted with respect. A reality of survival and nothing less.
SPIRIT identifies truth/ therefore it becomes a truth by that identity established in you. When life is inserted beyond time, the fundamental foundation upon which we step is TRUTH. Where truth lives in you, an eternity can survive here; because you cared. If you did not care/ you have no value to life. Where truth cannot survive in you/ a second death comes quickly. Unless you have taken from GOD one of HIS children (those who love). If that is your truth/ there WILL BE PUNISHMENT beyond your imagination; as is consistent with the reality of what you did, or did not do.
Your Spiritual truth, lives in “life energy” from inside of you/ when you die. That life energy is the basis of life on earth and in eternity; it is an energy that can be shared. True Energy is an environmental reality. Life energy is not kinetic or passive energy; it is a relationship with the building block that becomes energy in these forms. More developmentally: the essence of form, before it can begin. Your spiritual truth will be, the identity realized within that energy. Because time removes humanity, to become your only truth. The essence of what you desire most. You must survive, the battleground of truth itself, to enter. Battleground means: EVERYTHING not true, SHALL BE removed!
So the question is: how do I know?
The answer is: I have followed “the footsteps of JESUS” to learn his truth/ as best I can. That fundamentally became a life, “with a WIDE variety of experiences at the extreme edge” of existence. Much more than that, would be hard to describe.  Other than, biblical “JESUS” is the most eloquent example of love, thought, and respect for life itself, that exists in time. None are better, throughout any part of time or history! None even come close. The search for “same love, thought, respect, courage, and so on”; begins there/ as best we can.

When I finally realized man has no clue how to save this world; he can’t do it; history is true. That fact caused me to return to the spiritual world, to encounter spiritual woman: absolutely in need of something to help this world survive! Roughly 10 and a half years ago; life changed. Her spiritual truth shares my “life energy”; how eternity will turn out is completely beyond me at this time. Her presence is purely “female”/ and nothing else. But the demand “man is going to change” really is truly; a different journey for me. Complicated; you can’t imagine, “wow; like a thousand times”. Like nothing I have ever known before. Simple and plain.


In functional simplicity, over the last few weeks; what is male in me feels like “he, is just being taken for a ride; no controls”. In the elemental relationship between male and female, the plain truth is: I don’t understand, what could be next. The whole thing is a tremendous surprise. What I do know, “Male is” essentially done with this work. But I don’t really understand what that means either: in terms of spiritual consequences, or for that matter physical realities. It’s well beyond my knowledge base/ and male has basically lost control (its complicated). What is important, in my life, has been done: I have delivered the message, “evidence convicts you of tragedy coming/ which DOES mean: humanity itself must CHANGE or die; because truth will not be denied much longer.” Life on earth, is Not a game, anymore.
What has become “female in me” to accomplish that truth; deserves respect, and has my honest and true, “thank you”! Because our world threatened with extermination; has no price, beneath eternal life, that should not be paid. Not even for a world, would I trade, or spend that. These facts have established change in me. Which became your message: “change yourselves by understanding, & accepting truth; or die”. You do have your chance, as a world. If you act, if you accept life for this world comes first, and if you accept the necessary respect to attain mercy. As we have pasted the point when simple humanity can just say stop to itself. You failed that. Which means “everything else, is up to you: and GOD ”. I did in fact, complete my work; for life on earth! Not exactly free, male itself has paid greatly. Life itself, however seems free, in an entirely different way; “its complicated”. Don’t know how it ends, or continues on: but the price is “ok”. Well worth participating in “save this world”. Men will laugh, ridicule, and jeer; as they always do, with any conception beyond their realm of acceptance. I accept instead, that this is fundamentally: not unlike a soldier going to war, and losing “parts and pieces” of his body; just the price to be paid/ IF, you believe THIS MUST BE DONE. If you can prove the threats to life and world are not true, then you are free to laugh, etc. If you cannot prove every threat isn’t real: then the war is, for life or death of our entire world. How is that not “your duty to fight”; just like mine.
“Female added, is Not so bad”, its just not even close: to strictly male anymore/ different, honestly its “strange”. The common link, for decades; between everyone else and me is: “you believe, I spent my life for nothing”. I have faith, even if this work amounts to nothing in the end; I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE, to surrender the entire planet and all this life: “without a fight”. War, just brings war/ therefore “the fight”, can’t be that! Anything else, MUST be balanced/ quite honestly, that is, or has proven to be: “Balancing man; is a woman’s work”. Men can’t do it on their own/ we end in war. Because there comes a point, when we just can’t wait for change, or hope for action; anymore. Women know, physical strength as in forced; is not going to be their answer: LAW is! A distinct difference. That’s my story, believe it or not.
No clue, why me?

Whatever comes next, is whatever comes next! I did my job, as a man. As best I could/ you (the vast majority, beyond counting) didn’t even try to help; “Not a penny’s worth”. AN ENTIRE WORLD OF LIFE THREATENED WITH REAL, FOREVER, EXTINCTION; AND STILL, “not enough for you to care, work, or even communicate: threats”! To damn busy with greed, pride, power/ or fears; to your own shame.
LIFE IS life, therefore I do wish you well. Hate is not life, it is a surrender to death/ therefore these desires (I give my life, here) will never be “friends”. See the difference? Opposite desires do not attract, they simply exist; separated, along boundary lines?
TRUTH IS TRUTH; without it, all die.
LIES, are lies; “this world is full of such things”. The worst, courtesy of “university knows”! Consequently you must now, honestly choose for LIFE; or it ends!
Still can’t believe, “our entire world is threatened”? Well, I can’t make you do anything: I can only point to the reality of your most clear example; which even you CANNOT deny.
The machines, the people, and the intent to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun are established by the evidence; not a guess/ not a game; our reality.
Take a look at that sun, recognizing “it burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer”! It clearly burns atomic bonds, making this entire earth fuel. Even you, can understand what BEING WRONG, about a fire that DID NOT extinguish itself, as their theory goes. Will in fact of death: mean to you.
Answer the question/ there are no second chances; and reality says, on any given day, that fire can now be ignited forever (no ten million degree fire extinguishers exist). Consuming this entire planet; even destroying this entire solar system by adding another sun.
A fact of our time, only fools try to deny. Who then are you?

Believe whatever you wish! Just understand this:   where the consequences of being wrong are extreme/ there will be NO second chances!
Regardless of how many “great things” they promise you will be the benefit of their work with atomic fire/ or genetic mutilation/ or even resources, etc. The one overriding fact is: the universities/ scientists cannot do a single experiment that works, without gambling with EVERY SINGLE LIFE ON EARTH, including every future life that would have been born. Creating a fire that will not extinguish itself, as fire never does unless it runs out of fuel, or a greater power is exerted: is forever/ take another look at the sun! Creating a biological mutilation that destroys order, balance, discipline, structure, or any other fact required for life: is the end of life and living as we know it today. A tragedy that cannot be ended by humanity. It can only be started by humanity. When your geneticists promise you “chaos in biology, as they do, in worship of evolution; their god”. You should in fact believe them: they are, bringing chaos into our world, on purpose, and without any discipline. A world terrorist attacking this entire earth, rather than just a few people somewhere. They attack us all, for terror/ just because of their own religion. In reality, that functionally describes the biblical word called “SATAN”. Believe it or not.

This is my testimony, to you.