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At its essence, an energy released that allows another life to bind itself to you/ and if it does return by the value of one life leading to another life sharing existence; then it is your opportunity to bind yourself to that person or life. There is room, for more than one “love”/ its up to you.

More clearly the essence of life itself, is an energy at its core; confined by “the grace of GOD”/ which then gives you the opportunity of soul. Or shared existence, when completed as the biological embrace of time.

Among the critical questions are: why does energy exist/ how is it confined, or shared/ what is its relationship with life/ when does energy transform itself into love/ and what are the restrictions that identify soul?

The only discussion presented in this document; defines the beginning of love, as our presentation of an opportunity. Or, more simply, the presentation of energy reflects the possibilities of power/ without the force applied through time. Energy emits power/ life does not. Life emits the possibilities of time/ love illuminates the discovery of “shared existence”. To share means: I have found value in you, thereby changing my own life, because you are worth the cost. Love means: to be alive inside, requires the passion of caring. To care assembles, the elegance and grace of my own choice to show “the world” my soul. Soul means, to accept the passions of trust, that begin my journey beyond this life.

Therefrom we begin love, with the question, “what does it mean, to feel alive/ be alive/ or accept life with respect for its own possibilities”?

Living suggests: isolation/ friendship/ or enemy. The concept of each understands the choices we make/ the choices we are allowed to share/ and the choices others make for us are all VERY developmental; towards the life we will live. The consequence of justice, fair play, and equality therefrom understate the values we find in our humanity, and as our society.

Love elevates life by sharing the disciplines that make life better. Love identifies friendship, by understanding the creation of freedom means we are not the same/ but that still allows for equal. Love confronts an enemy, only when it is necessary for life. Love is: the embodiment of a value that lives within our accepted destiny; as the creation of who we are in the building blocks which make life ALIVE!

Therefore we ask the question: what does it mean, “to feel alive”? We expand that question with: why do people choose to discard life, for death? Explaining the dimensional prison of isolation, with the words: “I could not find love/ but I refuse death, as an enemy”.

The critical elevation of life; beyond time, is the removal of want, pride, and self. Want constructs cause to believe in lies/ therefrom removing truth “little by little”. Pride constructs the demand to be superior/ thereby believing I am judge, I am more, you are worthless; etc. Self alters the concept of living amongst the miracles/ with elements of, “nothing is more important, than me”. IF, YOU can remove these three things/ THEN you can envelope the opportunity, to conceive of yourself as more than simply a body or mind; and become at its essence, “the feelings” which identify living as the truth greater than time.

Time is a relationship with cause and effect/ separated from chaos, which then brings us the opportunities to make mistakes and choose a journey which accepts the values we created within ourselves.

Love is, a relationship with feelings, that identify and create the moments of truth, that give us individually the grace to believe or accept: “this life, being shared with me, is greater than I can be myself”. Therefrom, I feel “ALIVE (more than I can be alone)” because of you. Within this moment, destinies are stirred; allowing the creation of an identity that searches for truth, in the boundaries that you have assigned with love. To be alive constructs this search as a journey, where participation includes definitions which allow creation to elevate you; as within, the possibilities governed by soul. That demands respect for life itself, and the true existence of miracles which gave that right, that reality of being alive, to the search for “GOD”. Our Creator, wherefrom the essence of life, by its recognition of freedom, the reality of disciplines, order, balance, structure, movement, the potential called love, and more all concede: that thought lives, as the foundation within this evidence of life. Therefrom thought conceives of a path, that lives in love, and searches beyond these miracles for evidence of eternity. That life in love which guides the possibilities of this search is JESUS . Believe it or not.

So we return to miracles, in the eloquence of thought, and construct destiny as the decisions which build our love. But before we begin, the endless human complaint is: if this is a creation of love/ WHY should there be hate? Should not GOD end it all? The answer is: humanity demands freedom to choose for itself, and is led by want/ pride/ and selfishness into all the catastrophes known by human decision without regard to life itself. It is not freedom, to be allowed: make your own decision then, if you will not listen or obey life. If that decision is followed by judgment. Freedom allows Reality to construct itself, rather than judgment demanding only the law shall rule. If the law did rule by “critical construction”/ you would not be free, to do, and destroy; all the things humans do. So love exists as the value of Creation identified. And hate exists as the reality of human beings, in their search for selfishness. Until the end. Hate is worthless, therefore life is found to be worthless as well. Stop hate, and most of your problems will disappear, IF YOU LET TRUTH DECIDE.

Nonetheless, this is about love, the complete opposite of hate; which is entirely “human”.

The question of love, becomes WHY must I risk “a part of me, that is truly valued”; to find a friend, lover, or accept the price of family? Or, why is not simply “my existence”; enough? The consummate answer is: until you have established trust/ you have not established true love. Trust requires the opportunity, to make a different choice, “other than me”. That then leads to the levels of trust, which can or cannot become “through the essence of who we are in the eloquence of caring; our change occurs, as shared living becomes life alive, in you”. As sexual companions trust, where opposites sexes live, to complete the journey into heart and soul. That becomes, trust emblazoned with truth.

The answer that is love forms discipline. The answer that is love achieves order through respect. The answer that is love balances as best we can, the intricate realities of existence, with survival, and the foundations required both for life, and happiness; as best we can. We create together, a life of love/ which does mean, you cannot be absent when needed. Time is for the creation of honest, honorable, values that lead to love. Therefore honest is a pathway. Honorable is the means, by which we find an opportunity to be shared. While values become the trusted existence, defining our individual truths. For all the world to see.

Friends exist, as the value of your own choices accepted by me. Lovers exist, as the value of our choices held within the respect given for truth, as the substance of our need; or the reality of our future. Respect creates the beginning of love, friendship, and lover. Without it in clear truth for all to see: none of these things exist. Without respect: Instead of love, you are being manipulated or tempted. Instead of friendship, you are being set up for theft, ridicule, or the realities of enemy. Instead of lover, all you get is lust “I will use your body, however I wish”. Or more simply: lust means, nothing but your body actually has value, or means anything to me; “you, are next to worthless/ therefore I won't care”.

Love is a value inside of you/ that you must risk, to gain the experience of “being ALIVE”. NOT simply sexually, but in all ways. Therefore be adventurous, but NOT STUPID.

Love is a value inside of you/ that can be taken away by someone else. Because you did give them “something of yourself”/ by your own choice. That means even if it is not fair, they can take that away from you. It will leave you with “emptiness inside”. Therefore it is wise NEVER, to give away the very most precious realities of love that keep you alive. Unless time does prove, this person lives with me/ shares with me, because they care/ honors and respects me, as if I were their own existence: or more simply: “when we, is truly changed to one life shared as equals”. Only then, giving to GOD first, can the true elemental values of life itself be shared. If allowed by GOD. Believe it or not.

You should always know, and be aware of: the human body is yours, in its entirety, to do with as you please. Its yours/ and you will leave it behind in death; therefore it is only “dirt to dirt”. Or more distinctly, you must never be deceived that a body or mind, is more important than you. Here the common rage is: “our bodies and mind IS LIFE”. Which is the statement, no eternity can exist. Every miracle proves you wrong. Every element of true life in happiness, is built upon love/ which does prove you wrong. Love is a participation beyond the limits of time. Because it is not built upon an action or a reaction/ but the acceptance, “life beyond self” is better. That decision, is a reality governed by your own respect for truth. Truth cannot be changed, LIFE IS TRUTH, identified as reality formed through energy confined. The biological framework of our incubation in time, simply proceeds to the inevitable release; of an identity our own truth has formed. It is said by yourselves, your god of university: that energy explained is not lost, but merely held in place, or transformed into something else when used. We are “using the energy of our lives”/ to change into something else. What that will be, is by your own decision.



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