“site comments have been attacked with porn or perversion/ consequently, some may get through, with a comment.  others, with an honest response will be rejected:  simply because I do not know, and will make mistakes.  Because I am NOT going to deal with this in more than a minimal manner”.   James F. Osterbur.  replying to  comments have been discarded.

Once again, it is fundamental and clear, that a tsunami can be detected easily with simple sump pump switches. Placed close to the coastal areas and wired to sound and lights/ when the tide goes out farther than expected, these switches will turn on the warnings.
It is clear simple and true: that geological shifts occur with a predictable rise in temperature. By placing a tripod laser at the level associated with movement: that temperature rise will tilt the laser making even the most infinitesimal temperature shift noticeable.  more correctly this is done by placing a mirror “down low; mercury a likely component of the tripod legs, as it is stable and unaffected by corrosion”/ with a laser at stable temperature above;  using focus lens if necessary.


The most logical and humane method of helping immigrants, in a country facing catastrophes is:    for the international community to temporarily claim a portion of the offending country, as its own.  Therefrom, all immigrants in need of a “safer place”/ shall go there.  All possible help:  SHALL go there.  The consequence then being:   THE ABILITY,  to stay where you are/ until the mess that has been made of your country is resolved.  To end the fighting, and retain MUCH MORE control over the area:   to separate men from women, throughout the nation involved.  IS TO ENCOURAGE the men, to resolve their problems/ and LISTEN TO WHAT THE WOMEN WANT.  Because nothing is more influential to men/ than are women:   particularly, when they are beyond reach.   When they are “not here, among us anymore”/ the men will want solutions too!  To create sufficient influence on men, for real change:   it is necessary to take control over a city of sufficient size/ using international armies to keep it safe:  DON’T come here.   STRICTLY as a refuge for women and children.  NO female outside the lines/ because they WILL be treated very harshly.  No females close to the border undefended, regardless of national boundaries:  because too many men at war/  “don’t care”.  Let their men fight/ or find peace.


It is fundamental and true:  that what makes a volcano dangerous, is the gas pressures that explode/ Not the lava that comes forth.  Take away the gas pressure from underneath the yellowstone volcano/ and it becomes like the Hawaiian volcano.

One of the identifying markers of Autism; is said to be a child who sits and focuses on an object for an inordinate amount of time. That is a technique used by people of any age to “Hypnotize themselves”. People self-hypnotize, to escape mental issues, fears, and so forth. So the question is: if a child needs to self hypnotize, why? The primary reality is likely to be, it is an expression formed from, “lonely”/ although it can be a wide ranging form of many real consequences. Different people have different needs.

The question of security, is governed by law. The problem with law is the university diplomas believe they can be god; and do anything they want regardless of law. Particularly at the top; these can often be found: Participating as “crime bosses” instead of authorized honest people working in the best interest of us all. There is no such thing as government, other than the constitution. There is no such thing as “the FBI” other than the people who work therein. So the question is: WHO IS trustworthy? The answer very, very, few; not even in business; because once you have marketable knowledge: BRIBES/ will come. People will sell!
So the question is: Where does justice find an answer?
The answer is: the very core essence of every society is, “without law, there is only anarchy, rape, and tragedy”. Consequently we must identify with law to survive; even if corruption is prevalent. So then the reality turns to understanding HOW: DO we insure the policing, judiciary, and other government employees obey the law? The answer to that is fundamentally: to demand they adhere to their oath of office made, by using penalties to force the realization, “we won’t play games in these matters”.
As to realities of an economic value: thieves can be prosecuted, money can be returned; reputations can be protected, and so on/ traitors can be “very sorry, before its all done”.
In more concrete analysis of security versus privacy: the fundamental most repulsive is the retention of information that is not “noteworthy in terms of security issues”. Therefore the correct path is, go ahead and collect data/ but destroy that data after one year goes by: OR, YOU MUST as an employee guarding life. Select the specific data, or individuals that are functionally or critically important, and keep only that.
The intellectual will raise, “we don’t know who will be a terrorist”/ so we have to keep it all. The reality however is clear: if you don’t know/ then you won’t know, “until they actually become a terrorist. Consequently all data is worthless, until you do. It is consistent with reality, in areas proven by need such as high density locations: to keep data for not over one year/ to identify people who are trusted, therefore no surveillance. We are not “all potential terrorists”. In fact, the biggest terrorists of all: begin with the US government financed “university extreme experimentation/ that threatens to destroy our entire world, and all life on it”. Its called “satan on earth”. Where is your surveillance of them/ your protection of US ALL? The employees of government fail, continuously; and need to be held to account by their oath of office. Simple and plain.
Unlock the phone (agree on the rules), provide access to encryption; by removing it from the internet/ only on dedicated lines. Use a different arrangement within your computers: dividing the pathway for any operational software that “does things we don’t want/ unless authorized”. By using a secondary “outside” processor/ memory combination (these commands go here first) for all such commands.
Use a different command structure in memory storage to fight those who illegally encrypt files. Memory which cannot be erased. Therefrom if a “bug” gets onto the drive, it stays isolated on that drive; and can be found simply/ removed/ and then everything else returned to normal with little effort. EVERY form of money is traceable/ because it must be verified or assumed; “not counterfeit”. Therefore bit coins can be traced, particularly in large amounts; where those who collect shall in fact identify WHERE the income stems from; or lose it, as the first challenge. Following a money trail does NOT require judiciary oversight or warrant/ until you challenge the individual: then you must verify why. Shutting down an illegal trade is paramount to public safety: therefrom if bit coins cannot trace themselves, “judiciously”/ they will be removed from use. Questions about technical probabilities should be awarded a prize to those who solve the problem. Questions about tracing bit coins and other methods of securing the public weal; should be awarded a prize to those who solve the problem; and so on. A simple software command: that requires me the owner to authorize any and all encryption personally/ rather than systematically; is appropriate. A simple override (here first) written into the software, that does not allow encryption on this computer is obvious. And so on.


It is a reality of life that manufacturers want business; some build in “planned obsolescence”. Which means at a predictable time “a part relatively important” will fail before the rest. So as to produce another sale: you need one now! One of those planned obsolescent machines is found to be: a gas water heater. The ring which supports it off the floor, simply rusts away, causing the machine to tilt. This is DANGEROUS, because when tilted water pipes can break/ gas lines can break/ and if the water heater is raised off the floor with bricks for instance: the entire water heater can fall over. In which case, the gas line will almost certainly break, particularly if its steel all the way in. An open gas line, will quickly inundate the house, & explode upon an ignition source found.
It is also of some value to know: in older gas systems that have a pilot light which will not remain lit. The problem is “miscellaneous garbage” in the gas clogging the pilot filter. Either take apart the pilot light orifice and clean it/ or just replace the entire pilot assembly.


It is simple and true, regarding all realities of “drug wars and addiction”/ that it is the addict, who knows where the supply lives, or can be found.  It is simple and sure:   take the money out of drugs/ and the drug dealers will go away.  To achieve that:   it is only necessary, to offer a drug addict “all the drugs they want” under supervision (only in this place).  IF they provide the drug dealer/ then the police will raid and find those drugs:  giving them to the addict FOR FREE.  Or in other words, since it is illegal to possess certain things:  then it is OK to collect them/ to construct consequences for the offending parties.  Access to a large drug supply, WILL cause a few more addicts to overdose:  NO extreme healthcare for you.  HOWEVER, the price in people, crime, violence, destruction,  and other consequences because of an addict/  FAR OUTWEIGH, a few more deaths.   They chose/ most of the rest did not.  IF an addict can get their drugs for free/ then the money is gone.  “let the opium den” return, in this way:  confined to one area, of sufficient size, to make it work/  by police, unless you are clean enough, to get out.   Society will benefit.

it is fundamental, that in all ransom situations:  what is to be traded, is what is valuable to those who kidnap/ such as “your food, weapons, or whatever it is the hostage takers do not wish to lose”.  Tell them, what you CAN hit, and will hit, should these people die, or be critically harmed.  That they will say/ these hostages are not worth that price.  Or more simply offer what they don’t want!  In a further distinction of reality:   when women are reconstructed to be warriors instead of neutral, and without serious threat.  All women will then also  begin to be considered the enemy, and will be shot, tortured, etc:   much more easily.  That too, is a choice.

It is a function of protecting trees and potentially other life:  to use the following invention.   It works well on borers:   by using steam to force borer chemical into the tree, following the borer trail.   It should also work on disease/ by pushing chemical into the infected areas.  Therefore this “invention” will be of assistance/ particularly where orchards are involved.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZuQLVqqy9s&feature=youtu.be


It is simple and plain:  that a heat sensor placed in the wheel well of a large vehicle will identify and create a warning:   when a fire is about to erupt/ letting consequent actions to be taken.  Or providing additional relief, by operating a fire extinguisher.

It is simple and plain, to install a common motorized robotic control onto the fuel injector throttle linkage of a diesel train, to take control over the speed of that engine in specific locations/ cheaply and without a significant wait time. By simply attaching it wirelessly, to a transmitter/ that applies a signal with the robotic control utilizes through the assigned area. By adding a functional awareness button or such, the operator must push: that recognition identifies he or she is consciously operating the train.
IT IS, substantive and true: that discrimination starts with differences. There are differences between male and female/ versus any other combination: that is simple and plain/ which non argue against. Where there are differences/ there should be different names: as in NOT marriage/ because marriage means something between a man and woman. A legal union (different name) should not be deprived of those who want it, just because different means NOT “the same”. That too, is reality! Where reality exists, the question is: CAN we live together with these differences, and why or why not? The answer is: so long as our behaviors are similar/ there is absolutely no reason we cannot get along. However, when those behaviors identify what is clearly repulsive to the rest: they those groups should be separated. Because neither will be happy until they are. Consequently, there is no argument or need for separation, so long as the behaviors are not significant/ NOT FORCED on the rest. Just don’t watch. When that is impossible for obvious reasons: I HAVE just as much right, to an evening with those who are like me, as you do. Therefore GO find those who are like you/ and do whatever it is you do “there”! Because I need not entertain or change my own behaviors, “just because you want to be different/ or say you have no choice”. More simply “GO BUILD YOUR OWN”/ if you cannot accept social concepts that do make everyone “equal enough”.


The protection of jewelry and other like high value small items:  the simple solution is to put the material behind high strength glass, and use a revolving chain (not required) to displace the individual items.  These are individual anchored to the floor,  vaults. Select, and the item falls into a slot/ like a vending machine.   This makes the collection of valuables “take a long time”.  With regard to particularly valued materials:  a lock out key pad/ which requires the attendant to phone for the combination (passwords for call police):   ends the vast majority of problems.   Singe Display items can be fake;  just to show individual characteristics.  making it possible to consider the item, without jeopardizing the real cost.  Items taken out, are put back into a slot, which are then “out of sale position” until the next reloading/ behind steel doors/ in a vault;  waiting until after hours or whenever the owner desires.  Computer displays remain available to identify the works:  appointments are made.


With regard to airline cockpits, and locked doors: the clear opportunity is/ to electronically take over the plane and fly it remotely. That can be done, if it flies below a defined altitude, or in an erratic pattern. Verified by a computer code, which links the plane from outside the door: until an all clear signal is established. It can be, that two code stations (requiring two people) could be used to further insulate the possibility of tampering, or violent intervention:  to keep the door closed/ or open it. The “black boxes” should also be involved as a direct link on the plane/ reporting independently on what is, or is not happening on that plane. It can also be: that one or two manual levers “so to speak” must be held down at all times/ for the plane to be taken over by remote flying. Once communications have given the command for that to be done. Therefrom those in the plane do have some control over that vehicle as well. The people involved do have rights.


Regarding the description of “tampering” on at least one posting of the previous sites:  may or may not be true.  The hosting service [never suspect];  provides some realistic proof that it did not come through them.  I on the other hand, did request through my email (which is published):  username and passwords more than once; they were very weak.  Stating them through cell phone use at least once.  Giving rise to the probability: this is where the trouble arose.  Or, once in a great while, “something unusual happens”/  causing a less than perfect memory.  “It could have been me, failing something”. I don’t know.  However it is true, whenever something unusual happens, I do change directions:  as in this case, of all preparations are done.  It is time for confrontation.

It should be recognized:  that the old man, “playing cop” who was running after a suspect.  Was without doubt:  out of breathe, and not in full capacity of himself/ “just wanting to stop the victim”.  It was however manslaughter, because that is not an excuse/ just a reality.  Because he chose to carry a gun. Because he wanted to play cop. The evidence is non-violent/ therefore an accident due to the fact he chose to carry lethal bullets. A reality that would not exist had there been “rubber bullets used in the first three chambers of the gun instead. It is not clear: it seems the suspect was under control by the arresting officer/ which would mean a taser WAS NOT needed. That fact would establish “bad training”/ or more correctly under stress, people do whatever it is “their plan” was prior to that moment. Which simply means: he intended to/ or was trained to use a taser in this situation. The suspect has accountability, apparently selling weapons: which does make the situation dangerous for all/ and he ran. The critical reality is: NO ONE can measure a life, UNLESS true hate exists. Therefore the proper penalty is mute in many ways. Locked in Prison is for violent offenders, and no one else beyond a few days. This is not that/ consequently a financial penalty is due. From the man who played cop/ and the city who allowed the policing department , to use excessive / unnecessary force. Since the value of this reality exceeds the probable financial truth of the players involved: THERE SHOULD BE INSURANCE. Deliberately covering the police actions of a city, and the individual officer. A mandatory insurance paid by both parties: which then pays for wronged actions. The most probable, critical cause this suspect ran is: “I just wanted to make some money”. Then caught, PEOPLE run because; “the penalty is just TOO DAMN HIGH”. Another reality of unfair play; as it is necessary, all financial penalties should be associated with the income or property holdings of the individual. Or more simply: if a poor man gets a ticket for a traffic violation/ and a rich man gets the same ticket for a traffic violation: their penalties, when it’s the same price is GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE. The poor man loses his house, food, medicine, etc/ the rich man doesn’t care, because he loses nothing.
In contrast: the Boston bomber, who needs no trial/ because the evidence is insurmountable. Deserves not only to die/ but should be publicly tortured. A taser strike at high charge, comes to mind for every life damaged (every two hours): prior to death. So that he and all who are like him: come to understand, because you didn’t care/ because you chose to injure and kill.  They were terrorists, with a cause/ using hate, to say we don’t care about you/ you are “our enemy”.  consequently:  We don’t care/ and we return that reality to you, warning all others it can be worse for you too.  The consequence to a terrorist:  is a limited “eye for an eye”.
In consideration of the job: all who choose not to understand, that the police are just like you and me/ should know, the reality of that job is this. A policeman is hired: to walk up to strangers fully not knowing what is or is not going to happen to him or her. That makes them suspicious, aggressive at times, wary, and without much tolerance particularly, after the years go by. It only takes once, to be dead. If you believe they should be perfect/ THEN WHY aren’t you? In contrast to that, are the police who are afraid and try to overtake you, before they even approach or ask a question: fear is a horrible trait in a police officer/ because it rules with panic. Consequently those who are simply NOT “brave enough” should be relegated off the street, or removed. LIFE IS NOT about rules/ LIFE IS ABOUT LIFE, and reality: that is one of the lessons missing in a police academy . Rules, are only about rulers/ and how to manipulate and control. Laws govern society by agreement: THIS IS NECESSARY, for us all. Do you understand the difference? Learn it. Every high crime area should be patrolled by people from within the area: chosen from among those people/ with access to help from outside, at a moments notice. The critical reality is, policing ourselves is a fundamental reality of life and living: we deserve that opportunity/ as it is OUR duty, to both life and city. Or more simply “help us, help ourselves”. The police themselves need to learn: it is not wise to believe the poor should be targeted. Rather, it is the failure of society itself, that causes strife as is being “too poor”. Help them, help themselves: and things will go better. That is not charity/ but a job, an opportunity, a hope, and so on.                                                                                 It is,             our position; as the adults of this society, to recognize the critical failures that exist/ and repair them as reality allows. Subsequent to that understanding, are the following definable moments in reality. The person who went into a theater dressed in armor, on a killing spree: OBVIOUSLY, wanted to “be noticed/ and have his name written into history”. There is no other cause, for his decision/ particularly in recognition of the fact: that he surrendered easily. HE WANTED, to be on the news/ talked about/ and identified for what he did do; and he wanted to be around for the show. Therefore he needed MASS murder/ to get your attention completely. Believing “Insanity” would make it possible, “to get away with mass murder”. Even the orange hair, is an image establishing his mind on fire.
Judgment over that hate: stands in recognition, that what you wanted, from our tears/ you shall not have, beyond what could not be stopped. Insanity is: I feel trapped in my own life/ I cannot find an escape, because there is “no exit” for me/ I am deluded and restrained by the facts that I face, therefore I have surrendered: to find my life within my dreams, fantasies, and nightmares. He holds no claim to any of these things/ even though it is likely he experienced them all. The difference between insanity and hate is: hate chooses, to make life itself “the enemy”. Consequently, a focus enlarged means: we all become the enemy. He has been noticed, identified accurately, and found with hate: that is all the judgment needed. To remove his name from history: the only reference to be used from this point forward is “soiled hate # the first fool”. His clear punishment for the damage done: SHOULD be, “give him a large meal of easily digested food, with laxative.” Then hang him upside down naked, where he will shit on himself, and hang until dead. Since he wanted fire, to be recognized with his head: he should be able to “live” days/ make it so. A pit of worms, and a fire close enough to slowly roast him; should go underneath. The purpose being: let all who believe they can escape their hate, LEARN “this will never again be considered a game”.  The consequence to a MASS MURDERER, whose clear desire is to “make the people cry”:  is a unlimited “eye for an eye”. Simple and plain; camera’s can display reality.

   Each should also remember: it is the police you expect to rush into these situations/ and understand, exactly what that means, if it were your life in that uniform.  IF no one came to help, ever.  

It is noted: that in the case of the child, with his toy pistol: that could not be determined “unreal”/ in a fast glance. The child is most culpable: because unless that gun was dropped instantly, it does not matter whose hand holds it. A bullet from a child, kills just as easily as a bullet from an adult. There would be no questions asked: if the same situation was between an adult and a police officer. In reality: the police driving up to the exact spot, from around the bend (didn’t see him, until surprise): cannot be blamed. Unless he did immediately put the toy gun down. In contrast: the toy makers who make “like real, weapons”/ are culpable. Media is culpable, as their constant feed of television includes a continual diet of “the gun is the answer/ the hero has a gun”. With a 911 call, that describes an individual waving a gun around: at this time in our history. Accidents WILL happen: it’s the price of a gun. Simple and plain. Wrong is deadly, therefrom a choice must be made.

As to the man whose back was broken: a very serious event, that must be quantified for evidence. The reality most likely is: that a man running is considered a prey, and tackled. Therefrom handled aggressively: because wrong where true threats exist, as is the area to be considered ( IF, as reported). The sad fact is: a takedown on a concrete pavement/ or curbing, can break your back, without trying to do so. There is evidence, simply running and sliding on a water slide, can break your back. Aggressive treatment then worsens the problem: because THE police DID NOT listen, when screaming in pain. A reality that comes from being the predator. When people feel at risk/ when people feel they are walking among the enemy: bad decisions will be made. The critical reality of this situation (apart from an accurate investigation to determine what did or did not happen) is a re-definement of the area. Taking those who do not live there outside the area: and letting the people within the area, police themselves. There are only 4 distinct characteristics required for a police person: you must be healthy enough/ you must be HONESTLY brave enough/ you must choose for justice, rather than rules/ & you must not play favorites. Within that reality, policing for the area can be found. Those individuals who destroy, are certain they are owed (outsiders are an equal problem, if not more)/ so they assume, they have a right. They do not. Limited capitalism is your answer: learn what that means.  PEOPLE RUN, BECAUSE THE PRICE, “IS just too damn high”/ and with few exceptions for felons, the police need to keep that in mind.  CHANGING THAT, if a foundation of “growing peace”.

The two men who were trying to attack “islam comedians” recently/ are described as “true believers”. That fact identifies them as extremists, OR, more simply: believers they would protect and serve their god/ by proving no one gets to disrespect their religion and its god. A common thread throughout all believers, in every religion. In contrast to “their truth”/ which is a desire to play god. If you believe god exists: then you know, HE CAN do anything HE desires. The reality becomes: they are trying to be god/ by saying and proving what men cannot do. Or more simply the comedians, are judged unworthy of life: that is playing god. Truth however says: A TRUE GOD, NEEDS NO PROTECTION OR DEFENSE, from men or women. The ONLY thing GOD cannot do: “is make you love, respect, desire, and so on; HIM”. THESE ARE choices we must make for ourselves.
With the blink of an eye, so to speak/ cannot GOD, take away any life? Given this fact, there are absolutely no actions of men/ that intervene for GOD. Which does prove the want of these two believers, became their downfall. A reality conceived by want itself, as this is the foundation of every lie. “If you don’t want it/ or if you do want it: then you lie to get it. But if want is not involved, then only truth and reality decide. They failed themselves/ even if their heart was seemingly in the right place/ their spirit was not. We are NOT judge of anything other than hate/ but by law. That hate is only judged, when it fails so dramatically, that no other choice is given to those it tries to consume: you/ we cannot be “god”. We need not “defend GOD”/ HE KNOWS, and can obviously defend HIMSELF. How is that not true?

it is simple, to stop people from going around a school bus:  an arm with spikes, lowered across the pavement/ that takes out there tires, is cause enough to make all vehicles stop.  a rubber “topping” over the spikes to protect the people (needs the weight of a car to engage), and a beveled edge to keep it from being a toe catcher will make this work.  flashing lights in the strip would also keep people away.

It is important in all earthquake area’s: that a building should be able to move on its foundation, without collapse. Thereby absorbing some of the shock and movement within a framework that contains the structure from extreme movements. That if functionally served: by creating a containment area within which the foundation can shift. A perimeter wall, with a rubber barrier, between the structure and the retaining wall: suited to the size of the building, will aid in that reality. Large buildings, will find it necessary to use canisters which will explode to release sand or another agent, if the pressures become too high. Various sizes and densities, will adjust for pressures encountered. Where hurricane or tornado is prevalent: internal cable anchoring is advised.
It is a facet of everything alive, that freedom is important. It is not freedom, unless you can honestly make up your own mind. The consequence of that is: even the things which are NOT functionally “normal”, are found to be an expression of freedom/ which means life is not to be judged. It is your own for a reason/ that reason is: we do have a right to choose for ourselves. So long as none are intentionally harmed, beyond a realistic respect for freedom itself.
With regard to “gay marriage”/ the reality is: within the realms of freedom, by individual choice. Therefore it is not to be judged here in time/ as to eternity, that is simply not our choice either. It is functionally then, “a pointless debate”/ even if it is NOT “natural”: eternity is not our decision to make. IT IS our decision to make as functional people joined in society/ that the term marriage is identified with the legal bonding between a man and a woman: no more, no less. Whether polygamy is to be respected; is really more dependent upon the numbers of unwed people/ than societies decision. Gay bonding, is a legal matter/ and if they accept the same terms of legal intervention; such as divorce and settlements: then they can be bound together for the sake of securities. Just like men and women are legally bound, in marriage. The difference between “natural/ and gay” needs no explanation: therefore it can NEVER be the same. That means it needs its own name. Which means those who claim to be gay: shall NOT abuse the sanctity of marriage or claim its dignity or respect. They must create their own, by the things they do/ and so do prove to the world.
Homosexuality is a reality of “not being enough inside/ therefore I need or want: MORE of me”. The lack of balance, is not a platform suited to raising a child. But given the reality of so many “situations which are NOT suited to raising a child: with realistic behavior, it can be “the best this child, is going to get”. Consequently all other things aside, the possibility is real.
Whereas, all marriage between male and female is formed because it is possible to say, “I AM enough inside, of me/ but I do truly desire the balance of the opposite sex”. Opposite for a reason/ balanced as a reality.


In alternate news: a couple of updates, from the other sites;  are realistic/ just to be clear.



To: Champaign county court

case 2015 TR 002540   Ticket 170951


James F. Osterbur


dated 3/17/15


with regard to your assumption, that you are free to charge any service charge you wish. I due suggest to you that a processing fee in addition of $1.25 cents for personal check/ is a form of prejudice 82 SE 777, 780.  You have no basis for demanding more money to process one form of  legal tender/ than another.  Your threat: of “complications” with regard to an illegal assumption of rights/ not consistent with the law.  Which is any proven form of legal tender shall be accepted.  The evidence you present is: you received payment equal to “cash/ money order/ certified check”; and each is no harder to process than a personal check. 74 NE 2d   563, 567


consequently: if you do not prove the law/ I refuse to pay.  If there are ANY consequences to me, because you did not prove or accept this law presented: I WILL sue you!



cc: Dawn Walden vp

letter 2/27/ 15
received yesterday

James F. Osterbur

As indicated already: I have brought up/ nor do I have a complaint regarding the medical treatment received. It was as good or better than expected/ and did meet my immediate needs. The only complaint was a lack of time to explain what I needed to your emergency room staff. Although I understand, that it is necessary “to run away quickly”/ because you do not know what kind of disease might be present. The reality is, that you need to install a communication device of some kind. So that you can then talk to the patient, and assess his or her needs from a distance: so that all necessary work on both sides can be done/ with as little risk as possible.
That said: I DO have a complaint about the billing/ as indicated. 13 cents a second, for every second I was in your facility is NOT consistent with the treatment received. I simply laid in the hospital for three days not eating or drinking, until the chemistry allowed surgery, “a two hour operation”/ out the next day or a little longer. $45,000.00 IS NOT proportional to treatment received. Consequently we do “have a problem”.
That however is mediated by the simply truth as indicated by letter. That “university and leaders” in america have determined to create the same fire here as is on the sun. A reality soon to use machines which are expected to create 1 x 10 to the 54th power. An energy burst equivalent to 3 million/ one trillion volt lightning strikes, all at the same time, and same place; just as soon as they can. That fact, will lead to our earth being ignited on fire/ just like the sun. Contrary to theory: the sun burns nuclear bonds/ similar to the reality of molecular bonds being burned as our fire here on earth. This entire planet is fuel. Which will mean we all burn. As to additional evidence, or the date of September 2015/ that itself comes not only as the expected construction completion of the extreme light infrastructure. But also from a biblical prediction in the bible: 1290 days past the beginning at NIF/ the most insane event possible is here. Which is GAMBLING with every life on this planet: we all live or die, dependent upon the fire they create, simply extinguishing itself/ as they predict. It will not/ therefore we all die, so says the evidence. My sites provide more detail.
Due to that fact alone: it is NOT “worth my time” to fight for legal respect, with regard to billing. Because these are the last few months for all life on this planet/ every single one. They can destroy us all, with their experiment: that is a fact which cannot be denied. Because of the energy being used. Therefore I simply say goodbye to you/ as there is no purpose in fighting for a society that refuses to fight even for this world. Just too brain dead, apparently.

Pleasant fantasies, to you/ although I do suggest you “live” while you can. 6 months is not long.

carle done



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