The disciplines needed for religion are simple ones: Do you accept, your life needs a solution which you cannot find on your own? Do you understand, the severity of death; requires an answer from your heart? Do you inherit your decision, or create it on your own; as freedom allows and requires for us all? These are some of the questions true religion expects from your participation. NOT simple memorization of “a book”/ but real life interpretations of what being alive means inside of you. Therefrom governing your own needs, with the wisdom of a truth defined in you; as life, formed within a miracle of existence. “My story/ your story/ our stories combined as one world.”
Religion is again: “We want what we want/ there is nothing else, because we are “the chosen ones”; therefrom judging, disrespecting, and discarding all others. You place your souls, on a foundation of want/ a reality that does NOT bode well for your future.
Truth is a destiny chosen by life, because it is NOT want. It is reality proven by the evidence instead. Therefore truth alone acts as our decision, to participate with GOD In and of the respect for life itself, that this ENTIRE CREATION deserves. You are not “god”(entitled to judge: only the law does that) / the failure to remember that, is the primary cause religion has not served humanity “well”.
What is true, leads life! What is thought, disciplines life. What is wisdom, elevates life. What is law, orders our way. What are, the realities of male and female marriage (in all its forms): balances humanity. What is PROVEN true as an identity inside of you; solves the question called “YOU”. What is love, entitles life to share/ because you then chose to care; even if the world says no: GOD does not!

It is apparently necessary, to discuss the “wide eyed elements of religion” at least a little.

The concept of “heaven and hell/ even purgatory”; the failure that is called “devil or satan”/ and the endless fantasies of religion; that assume, “whatever you want, is what you get”. OR, you get nothing at all in death. Are all subject to what truth actually allows.

With clarity, we begin with “heaven”. NOT an endless gift of delusions, that have no basis or reality in truth. Rather, the assertion contained within the purity of love, that brings to life its happiness. Or more simply heaven, the place of “GOD”. REQUIRES you to respect all the laws which govern life, liberty, and reality: including GOD HIMSELF. In return for your acceptance of the law, and your decision that love is enough, because happiness in the honesty of a direction, that gives us “all”, eternal hope. Is your choice.
Blessings create the development of freedom, conceived by truth, but controlled by spiritual existence. To become what is your journey past the boundaries of time. Time reflects the distance we have chosen to come, we have worked to achieve, and we have given our own heart to accept, regardless of the cost; that could be paid. Eternity understands the disciplines, balance, and order of thought, can and do conceive of a structure upon which we will create our “own world, of existence”. By doing the work, and living within the direction that your soul desires and achieves. Soul means a relationship with GOD ! Spirit means, entering within the elements which become the foundation of our own truth. Essence means: the purpose revealed/ your strength and courage will be bound to this destiny. It is your choice/ but there are no second chances. If you fail love, if you fail or become foolish with life, or its boundaries and law: you will find yourself failing to remain within the blessings you first achieved. If you fail RESPECT for GOD/ you will be abandoned, from “His world”.
These are “some little things”/ governed by the elemental creation of thought; but achieved only by the directional disciplines needed to travel beyond time itself. Or more distinctly: time exists as an action or a reaction to energy/ otherwise there is no motion. Without motion, there is no freedom. Consequently, energy is coupled to the release of freedom. Freedom is coupled to the directional stability of an individual truth. Anything less, will bring chaos. Therefore the direction of “your own heart: what is truly important to you”/ controls the destiny you are allowed to create. What is discipline in you/ controls the path you will take. What is order, identifies creation itself: thereby unless you achieve it with your soul, you cannot create your own world/ and must then live only within a very limited freedom, as reality allows through thought. Thought becomes the house, while energy establishes the boundary: individual existence proves a structure that will or will not survive the essence of your desire/ the new purpose of “your world”.

As to purgatory; it simply means “without direction”.

As to hell: it literally means, you are now required to create your own world without GOD. While it is the absolute arrogance of men and women who believe this is going to be “great”/ so they enter within that path away from GOD . The reality is: NOTHING GOD CREATED, will be allowed to you. Only you, & your decision to achieve, the destruction of everything called life, freedom, or value. Fears will then instantly overtake you/ when reality proves it true. Being trapped within the prison that is your choices, will become your hell. Because there is no relief or mercy/ this is what you chose.

Devil asserts: to hell, will be added the reality “of passing by” the elements: of those who hate you/ those who blame you/ those who cursed you/ and those you chose to cheat, use, rape, and abuse; etc. That framework of what you bring from the reality of this world, are the only things keeping you from dissolving into nothing. Which you will do anyway.

Satan is a destiny reserved for all those who used murder, torture, hate, and crimes including all violence. There are levels, the worst of which are: YOU TOOK away from GOD, someone who would have been “his child/ by love”. As to this reality, the direction which exists as the opposite of love/ as is violence. Establishes that away from GOD, SHALL mean, INTO everything violence and hate will mean. Like a voracious predator, these images constructed by your own acceptance: to be consumed in this time. This reality of turning on those who surround you, “with venom”/ shall now be yours to endure: again, and again, and again, even forever: if you have chosen that truth, by your deeds. It is what you chose/ it is the destiny you created for yourself.

ALL Religion uses “heaven and hell/ devil, satan, ( regardless of what your religion calls it) etc” as the means to tempt you into certain behaviors. Like “training an animal”: do what we want, and you get a treat. Its just a different form. Desired, because if we don’t all march together/ then we will separate and disperse, ending what is desirable as well. More critically: religion is the keeper of all human knowledge since the beginning of human history. Not necessarily its truths; but more correctly, the stories of human behavior that are worth remembering for the future. Including some spiritual realities that are born in truth, and even some truths that are born in this our reality. So the question of religion is: having both the essence of “good and bad”, how do we choose, what is “right”? The answer is: only truth itself can decide. Nothing less will do. So the critical path of becoming “a child of GOD”/ IS NOT determined by religion, but is defined by what truths, you are willing to accept. Everything else is a behavior determined by what you believe. Belief identifies want! Simple as that, nonetheless if you want love, if you want more than “want”/ then belief is a beginning, that works for every child. But you may not stay a child forever/ therefore the search for truth, is your own personal journey. Because the result of what you achieve as truth and love, within your individual life, is the foundation of your eternity as well.

There are many who believe or want to believe: that life ends in the grave/ just like your body and mind does. After all, isn’t this your identity? Isn’t this, everything life exhibits as the evidence we are alive?
So the question is then: WHAT IS LIFE? Because that fact is also fundamental to death.

It is necessary, to reference my own development in this regard. Or more simply: being ALIVE, comes to mean, that I journey toward the eloquence of my own participation in love: “especially with GOD”. OUR CREATOR OF LIFE. To belong instead of, “too time”, within the miracle of creation itself.
To achieve that path, truth must be found/ thereby trust can be accepted: the essence of thought itself, shall then be found as well. Without trust we die, in a spiritual world. Without a disciplined desire established by truth itself, within the laws of order, balance, and structural existence; that path turns, and can become “very different” than expected.
Only to underscore that fact: my own path within spiritual truth, changed because your failure, the disease of your want, the damage created by your pride, extreme arrogance/ cowardice; and all the rest. Left me with no place to turn, in this fight for life on earth: other than war, or women. The test of fear, proved even that was not enough for you to change/ your greed was too strong. War then had no meaning, other than anger. Therefore the spirit of women was searched for and found; but to my surprise, I could not understand them/ and ended in a strange essence resembling; “trapped”. Man in me, was too angry to turn away; it would have been “war”. Nonetheless, the possibility of women in charge of human society, and even me; rose up/ and became at least “some hope” for this world. Because they are different, and they do deserve their time to try; nothing more or less.

So the question of life is: WHAT CAN OR DID YOU, make of your gift? It is not more complex, because life itself is very intricate to your own individuality/ therefore it does not search extensively beyond itself: until “you must”. Death becomes the end of individuality as time demands. Life therefrom, becomes the individuality of what your own thoughts will demand. The search beyond time: is to find freedom. That reality constructs: “Only thought shall be left”. Thought is a participant in energy itself/ which means, even though changed, it cannot be critically disabled: until or unless; dispersed so widely, that it no longer exists. Thereby individuality is the essence of eternity: because you must “retain the boundaries” of self.



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