searching power

Searching POWER, the result of want, combined with pride.

Critical developments in all human life and society, throughout history is: what we can and cannot do about power, pride, and want. The most adequate realization achieved throughout that time is: with law, we can rule ourselves. But as always, even if you achieve an idea, and implement it for life and society, “the worms (buried from eyesight, they burrow, and find a way; until they hit rock): WILL still invade to corrupt, conspire, collude, and control; by secretive means”. Power thereby comes to mean: the search for cracks/ crevasses/ holes/ and other secret passages to worm through “the law” and get to the other side, where none can stop the devouring of life. Worms eat the dead: can’t act or react, because there is no law to control this inside a dead body.

We then look at pride: I AM winner/ and access that by its reality to change it into: “winner ONLY when we, the people involved allow it to be so, whether by games or other is irrelevant”. Therefrom whether winner by money, or “pretty, or whatever it is/ the reality of the expression is a grant, from those who surround you. Because winner, REQUIRES other people to participate/ or you, are just you. Nothing more or less.

Want is again the foundation of every lie. Consequently wherever there is a lie/ there is a hidden want that controls both the liar, and his or her purpose in trying to deceive, flatter, control, manipulate, tempt, enslave, or other. So the question of want, as it regards the expression of power is: “I want this so bad/ everything else in life or of life, has no real meaning to me”. The experience of want in power is: measured as worthless/ unless you can give me what I want. OR, I can use or abuse you, to get what I want: therefrom the games of men and women do erupt.

Every worm, is the consummate reality of accepting all dishonest and dishonorable power you can find.

Which is not, the limited true value in HONEST AND HONORABLE power. A reality conceived and accepted to provide and enforce the law of justice and truth, for life.

Instead a worm lives for the darkness, “its home”/ because you can’t see me here. Stopped only by a rock, of sufficient size, or water (power applied to existence) to ease the journey: to enforce “not here”.

Therefrom the essential question of power in society becomes: HOW do we remove the “cracks/ crevasse/ holes/ etc” through which worms find a way into our lives, and damage existence itself? Or more simply, HOW do we build rocks/ or remove the possibility of interfering here, because there is no “lubrication” for you to use to evade us. More simply: if you will travel here/ then you must come into the light.

Rocks are walls, built from the environmental containment of energy. Energy constructs freedom/ but environment constructs order: therefrom when combined what was freedom elevates itself as a structure, with distinctive rights. This is change, from the development of a direction/ to the substance of a wall. How well, and from what the wall is built, determines its resistance.

So then we come to the realization that all power is a gift of the people who surround “their ruler”. That power is then transient, because people can change their mind. That means rulers rise and fall, dependent upon the will of the people who help them use or abuse power, pride, and want. So the question is: WHY are there people who allow others to be their rulers? The answer is an expectation of more for me, than I can get by myself. OR, the expectation of less for me/ IF, I refuse to go along. Selfishness is then a prime motivator; as is fear.

Critical to participation as a group, is movement of the mass. Without order a mass of individuals fail to participate in ways that do not conflict with each other. Therefrom leaders arise to proclaim, “we all go this way”/ and the people say, “this is better/ than running over, or into ourselves”. Mass means, “a combination of forms”/ compiled into a medium of resistance. The development of that environmental reference as is a mass, resides in order/ the refinement of that order determines the resistance. We then ask, what is resistance; and why does it help or hinder life?

Resistance is: “the message” each individual environment extends, as its order by discipline; to create a passage/ a purpose/ a possibility/ or potential harm. Message means: truth lives here.

So then we elevate resistance, to the consequence of its truth, and find by environmental realities: “those who learn/ instead of want” are far better off; because an uninformed choice, can easily go bad where resistance is bound to the order and disciplines which have created it. Understanding is required to change reality by its own truth. Rather than destroy, wisdom always builds/ unless there is no other way.

Therefrom we deduce: the power structures of men, are not to be destroyed/ because men just rebuild the same structures they wanted before. Because selfishness wants power, and pride must have a game, with people to say “hurray”/ or it becomes irrelevant. Instead of destruction, the environmental reality of human society has learned that law does matter. Law is “a rock”; that exists within the order of words, and the disciplines assigned by all those who are willing to rule their own environment, which includes nation and world by our agreement: THIS shall or shall not be done!

We deduce: that the power of movement in human assumed society is governed by money. Therefrom the removal of that money disrupts the powerful, and leaves open a gap, to be filled by those who can. When society moves within itself, there are only two choices: my freedom resists your freedom/ OR together we can build for the betterment of all our lives. Discipline decides, by its ability to construct order!

Discipline is: the foundations (anchors) and relationships we adhere too, in our own efforts to understand and assign a destiny to our future.

Order is: the value we assign to life, the respect we are willing to initiate, the love we are willing to share, and the life, etc that honesty proves we do care about.

Given true discipline and honor (I do fight for more than simply myself), over society by its people/ the values of order erect the environment of our society, and govern its ways as peace and harmony.

So the question is: IF WE can change our lives, our future, our society, and our world; by changing our relationship to the law/ THEN why do we not? The answer is again in selfishness: “I WANT more”. Greed, “I WILL take yours too”. Lust “I WILL use and abuse your body as I want too”. Power “nobody refuses me”. Pride “I AM, like a god compared to you”. Fear “nobody wants me to be happy”. Etc!