state of affairs

Of the many trials humanity must face, what you will choose to do with discipline is one such trial. Some discard it/ some worship it as their god/ most try to stay out of trouble, therefore they use as little as possible to get by.

Given that state of affairs, the quest for government and religion are elusive, and disruptive realities for the entire human race.

We begin with government, the critical demand: SOMEBODY has to control these OTHER people! Blended with the constant realities of I WANT MORE, and I WON’T pay my share. The question of discipline turns to law. Thereby law is the extension of human endeavors to control the other people. Or hell no, “I am practically perfect/ its those other damn fools who need a club put to their head”. Given that state of affairs, laws written by the few are always determined to prove “I CAN do whatever I want/ but YOU cannot.” People call that corruption, collusion, and conspiracy if it is limited to minimal damages. It turns into betrayal, anarchy, rebellion, treason, and terrorism when the intent or the consequences of these efforts become excessive, tragic, or even “hell”.

DISCIPLINE means, I WILL, or WE WILL do what reality and truth demand we must: for life, nation, family, or purposes that include, or are beyond ourselves. That means you must first identify and create the boundary lines and limits which become the foundations of a desire we can struggle to keep or attain. DESIRE means; within my heart (the place scared to me, which proves I wish to survive), I search for what is right. Right then comes to mean: the critical true laws, which govern existence through happiness.

Therefrom we understand to achieve “government (the opportunities of shared living with value)”: there must be an understanding of happiness, the disciplines associated with hope, and the values of a desire for law to prove what justice, fair play, equality, and duty really mean for life. We begin with happiness, because without the desire to survive, there is only depression. Depressions are: the failure to achieve hope/ the assertion “I am trapped”/ the decisions that have clearly failed/ and the assumption: all is lost. Consequently the ability to achieve happiness is governed inside of you by your acceptance of hope. Hope establishes the relationships which then become our existence as family, friend, lover, and life itself. What you allow or create inside yourself as hope, then determines your future: because these are the directions and the environments within which your life will now survive. Remember family and forgive through disciplines which include “you have failed too”. Remember friend, through disciplines which include “you could have done better as well”. Remember lover as the essence of your purpose, the reality of your desire; just as much as theirs. Because lovers, all make these decisions together, even if you follow/ etc. Remember life because it is everything/ without it, you have nothing; so protect your inheritance of time, and honor it with the clear understanding: miracles surround us all.

In terms of government, the foundation of human behaviors and needs are simply this: without freedom, I cannot truly be happy/ therefore we work to achieve that very thing; for each one. By the foundations of law and justice, respect through equal treatment for all. In terms of government, the foundation of life is simply this: without food and other necessities, there can be no survival/ ending all hope is catastrophic, and brings war. In terms of government, the decision of one CANNOT be construed as the decision of all. In terms of democracy, the decision of the majority CANNOT be construed as the decision of an individual. Therefrom what is law becomes the voice of everyone: because nothing is more invasive or important or critical to the essence of civilization itself, than “our law”.

These three fundamentals: to be happy/ to survive and have hope/ to govern ourselves by our own decisions; are the basis and foundation of society. The interrelated qualities and values we select and enforce in that endeavor become our portion of the world, as a nation/ or a world in peace. So the critical question is then: knowing the boundaries and limits which bring peace to life/ WHAT is the operational harmony of existence within society itself as a practical guide to living?

We turn here to religion, as it has sought throughout time to understand and underscore the disciplines which give life all three. Even though they have largely failed in many ways: they have tried.

The question of religion is answered as follows: “we believe” with or without proof of evidence/ because we want too! Given that state of affairs, it is only necessary to acknowledge what any group prefers to believe, to understand its stated purpose and formulate its desire as a group. All religious groups want to control everything/ because each believes it is perfect; or at least as perfect as people can be. In america, the largest and most influential religion is currently “university knows”. As a religion: They are granted a “better state” of knowledge, by claiming a few noteworthy achievements/ and then proclaiming we know everything else, by fabricating lies, fantasies, hiding failures, and forming delusions. But alas like all religions, their group believes “we must lead/ because we are: more perfect, than the rest”. They have attacked, rebelled against, destroyed democracy, counterfeited and stole, lied endlessly, and configured hell on earth through their stated “evolutionary purpose”: to let chaos decide what life can be. Like all religions, they cannot govern themselves: particularly not “university knows”/ because their armies believe “we CAN play, or even be: god”. Like all religions, they cannot!

Nonetheless what we search for here, is an opportunity to gather the necessary knowledge: that gives discipline to the search for harmony in society. The answer is: understanding knowledge is an environment/ but life is a participation. An environment exists/ a life expresses and experiences change, decision, purpose, and desire: each is confronted with the essence called value. Therefore value is constructed as the individual acceptance, or order; which then guides us all, to harmony in life or society. What we accept as true (whether right or wrong), becomes a foundation or anchor for the future we present as our time. Therefore what we believe DOES in fact affect our relationship with both life and time. Time constructs the measurement of our environment/ while life defines our interaction with that environment, other living existence, and ourselves. What then is critical, struggles to ascertain and accept: WHERE the boundaries and limits you have applied to your life, actually are! Most see not, “beyond their eyelashes”. Most feel not, beyond the impact of skin or internal chemicals. Consequently the brain is dead, or metered out in small measures: because something “believed” has interfered with your progression/ our reality as society; into destiny. Destiny is a choice made, a participation in our own future/ rather than fate, which is no choices are left to be made: endure it.

Critical beliefs are: “I want what I want/ I CAN, or cannot/ GIVE me more/ YOU are worthless/ YOU, are RIGHT; therefrom they are WRONG/ SEX, is just about chemicals/ and I WILL do anything I want.” Each of these assembles a denial of truth, by avoiding the elemental investigation and thereby work that must accompany, a diligent desire for order.

Critical truths are: knowledge comes only from truth/ truth in time, comes only from reality/ spiritual essence is an environmental relationship subjected to the world outside of time called thought/ understanding elevates life, by constructing a journey capable of order, discipline, and hope/ wisdom chooses a journey confined by order, discipline, hope, and love.

The difference between a belief and a truth is the reality that decides harmony. That difference is: belief constructs a fantasy, which nearly always ends in failure. While truth limits the expression of life, the purpose of a decision, and the desire of every heart: to the definitions which design harmony itself. That elemental acceptance, or declaration of boundaries gives those who live together the opportunity to be free within the relationships that offer life, with grace, through dignity and mercy. As respect allows and provides.

So the question of harmony in society, just like peace in society: is determined by the values of those who live together. Value means: I have accepted, the path that brings love, truth, faith, happiness, and survival; is best!

Hatred offers instead: that lies will shorten the time, limit the work, and get you want you want/ regardless of the rest. Let them suffer or die: WHO CARES!

Consequently we know, as humanity on earth: OUR SITUATION/ our lives in society/ and everything about our time on earth is governed by who cares, and who does not. Is determined by who shares, and who does not! So there is law that intervenes, to make those who don’t care, and those who won’t share: “less of a problem”. Unfortunately hatred intervenes in these efforts to corrupt, conspire, and collude “to get more for me”/ to HELL with you.

We must then establish WHY do so many people become selfish, instead of caring/ loving/ sharing individuals who prove that value has its own reward. Who endure the reality, when too many refuse values; then all suffer accordingly.

The answer is: “DON’T teach me nothing/ just tell me how to be RICH”/ QUICK, damn you!

Reality then teaches: the constant of human struggles is a relationship with the words, “I want everything/ I am going to die; SO GIVE IT TO ME NOW, or I will just take whatever I can steal.

To achieve peace, happiness, and thereby harmony on earth/ or in this day survival rather than extinction: that fact, must be dealt with!

The human condition is: let me say, “I walked this earth, and I tasted it all”. The human reality is: only the wealthy, are not tied to their work as slaves/ consequently, I want to be rich.

There are three conditions that must be met, to achieve any degree of change.

  1. JUSTICE (our demand, as we the people) must come forth as a reality instead of wealth decides for us all.
  2. LAW must be written by all/ thereby we chose this for ourselves, and we can enforce what we know to be true.
  3. WORK must be shared, or we fight to extinction/ because there are too many people on earth today, for any other method or way to make a difference.

Justice forms around an open courtroom, where NOTHING is hidden/ other than what is clearly personal and need not be known. That means every trial is broadcast/ every trial and every verdict is known. Every judge, and every lawyer is subject to public rule: FAIL constitutional law, as in we chose this for ourselves/ and you will be removed from office, and imprisoned if “its treason, or criminal”.

Law constructs itself, in the words MOST UNDERSTOOD and CHOSEN, by all the people: as their respect for life, reality, nature, environment, world, and nation. As in THIS, is what I expect and demand for myself, and mine! Established by vote in accordance with a percentage not less than 75% saying yes. That law is not “seasoned (cannot be changed again)” until it achieves not less than 95%.

Work establishes and proves: YOU have a duty to provide for yourself, and participate in what we need as a group. NOT a choice, work is a duty that you will accept. Therefrom the reality exists as: HOW, do we all share the work, particularly in a day when machines of all types are competing with us, and resources are ending? The answer is: MONEY no longer rules this world!

CHANGE MEANS: NOTHING is sacred, unless this deserves true respect, as is the case of obvious MIRACLES, proving “GOD” not man or chaos did this.

Therefrom the essence of men ruling this world, has always been: “let the money decide”. Is now dead!

We replace that with: the essence of our continued existence on this planet is, WE MUST CARE, letting life decide what is important first/ AND WE MUST SHARE, the reality of truth decides, instead of want. OR, the numbers of human participants on this earth: WILL CONSUME EVERYTHING, (along with a “thousand” other major threats)/ leaving no possible options left, but to face extinction.

LIFE FIRST DEMANDS: that we all have equal rights to survive, where and when nature rules that reality. Nature is correct/ while “little things” can be intervened with! Resources decide how long the future can exist for all living things/ therefore it is not a toy. Respect for reality will share existence, by remembering other lives not yet born have needs too. The list is long; web sites I provide grant a beginning to the most obvious realities.

WANT IS AN ENEMY: which means the value of an identity is greater than the value of a body. The body dies, an identity can be made to conceive of eternity. The difference is: beyond time, only truth/ thought/ love/ MERCY/ and respect form the foundation of change.