STEPS, ascending from the garbage, trash, fantasies, and purposes leading to HELL on earth.

Without “walking through the shit, spread nearly everywhere by university knows”/ we will examine the possibilities that lead back to respect, truth, reality, and purposes that give life at least the possibility of survival.
We begin simply with education, currently the dredging of society, to find the new priests of university/ while discarding all the rest. Which includes the slaves, which will attend college for their purposes of becoming a robotic failure to life. NO, you can’t think for yourselves/ you must do exactly as we say.
Transferring that into a reality for the purposes of life, living, happiness, law of life (not man), society, and all disciplines necessary for survival. We search for the relationships that exist in order, balance, structure, dignity, and especially RESPECT. None of which can be found in your schools today. The beginning is: to understand not only the need for change in curriculum/ but an equal need, completely remodeling the assertion of teaching. From being stupid/ to actually getting something done. Primary to this goal, are the physical developments of a classroom. Initiating change is: no more hour long classrooms/ then change. That is a ridiculous waste of time. Instead, each class dedicated to learning a specific subject, is given one day at a time/ to teach that specific set of students, throughout the day. By employing not only the teacher, but students throughout the classroom, as additional help to teach the others. The next day brings the next class, and a different subject matter for these students. The reason you don’t do this is primarily: the teachers will fail their subjects, and the students will know. Removing power from the teacher. That means; instead of a diploma proving you memorized exactly what you were told to do and say; new teachers, which have an understanding of their subjects by the knowledge of actual physical, I was employed in this field, jobs are required. So you actually know something of value to teach. To assimilate this into the current reality: outside help is required. As in get help from the working classes, so the curriculum and the cause can be as accurate as possible. This of course actually prepares students for competing for those jobs; and there will be complaint. As the primary job of schooling by university design is: to keep the students useless for work/ so they can continue down the road of delusion, and enter college where they are imprisoned by debt for the next twenty or thirty years. “Be, a good slave now”/ or you will never escape! Secondary to physical and real efforts to teach, is the absolute need “to build your body now/ SO YOU can use it for the rest of your life”. That requires physical exercise, and that must be formed around what students are willing to learn; including dance, music, sports, and every form of get healthy and stay healthy/ or learn to work together.
Substance for the vast majority is: HOW do I sustain myself/ WHY should I care, about anything but me/ WHERE does survival exist from/ WHAT can and must I do, to help sustain this world/ WHO, can I be for life/ and WHEN must I surrender what I want, for the greater good. For the future I desire to build, not only for me, but even a child I bring into this world. Given that description, the very first requirement for each designation is RESPECT FOR LIFE, PLANET, LAW, and the participation in identifying what is true democracy; by the terms conceived from capitalism.
True democracy is: WE DECIDE, not by a simple damn vote. But by the knowledge our vote, on the law, resources, and other developments that will decide our lives, rights, freedoms, responsibilities, and respect for each other: WILL then become our future as a society. Consequently a vote for someone to vote for me, is archaic/ and should never be done. Consequently listening to people, or advertisements which lead me into their delusions, opinions, or even the truth: IS NOT fundamentally wise. What must be done is to gather the evidence of what can be an improvement for life/ and especially, WHAT HAPPENS if or when this all goes wrong. Having appraised the population regarding all the facts which will follow a distinct decision, by including every functioning point of view: the possibility one vote, your vote, on this cause and consequence. Now becomes our/your democracy at work.
To facilitate that: three absolutely necessary fundamentals (democracy now destroyed) must be resolved, and rebuilt first. NO MORE COUNTERFEITING, the university delusion can fantasize, and deceive no more. NO MORE RULES/ NO MORE JUDGES controlling constitutional law, in order to remove it from society. NO MORE PROPAGANDA; let the free press rise again. Which functionally means, to actually be informed WITH VALUE AND RESPECT as a nation about all things which impact our lives, and aid or destroy our government; which is the constitution of this nation or state. Employees SHALL NOT rule us anymore.
Provided with the removal of these three things, we have at least the beginning: to return to a society governed by constitutional law.

Capitalism is: the control of resources, by letting supply and demand construct the price. Or more simply, the harder it is to gather the product/ the more it costs, because the less available it is: the sooner we run out of that resource. Given a human being standing on every single acre of claimed agricultural ground on this planet: YOU BETTER CARE, because when there ain’t no more. You will do without, or die! Bear that in mind, as you proceed to your extinction/ or a purpose filled with choices you don’t want to make. Because selfishness and greed, won’t keep you or yours alive!
Limited capitalism is: we decide as a society, HOW MUCH we the people will allow any individual or group; to attain as money/ thereby power or pride over the rest of us. That is done by voting to describe the maximum amount of money that is attainable by anyone within a given year/ and the minimum amount as well: for a society chosen work week, as is “so many hours”. That vote extends to the control over property and resources of any description. We have the legal right/ we have the freedom to describe the decision we made as a society within the constitution; as is our law, and our government, by the authority of our ownership. We decide, “it’s the law, under constitutional guidelines”. Nobody else. We tell the judges what our interpretation is/ and they are hired to enforce that decision called WE, THE PEOPLE! Or they can be charged with treason. There is no immunity for a judge “outside good behavior”. There is NO acceptance of the claim under constitutional law, that a judge can remain “forever” employed by us. WE ARE the owners here, and we will decide who gets to be judge/ who gets to remain a judge/ and when, or by what conditions (which includes age) that they will be removed from our employment.

We now move to the critical truth: WE SHARE THIS WORLD, with everyone else. And IF we don’t get along, and do what we all must do, to keep our world alive/ WE ALL fail together, as if each one destroyed themselves. That means, a primary issue for this day is immigration; or more distinctly “population control”/ because the male version of population control which is war, or move somewhere else; is functionally dead. Because “kill a billion people/ and there are STILL 6 BILLION more to go”. And because every supporting environment that can be used for humanity has already been settled, and even more has been destroyed: ENDING the possibility of life, by destroying nature itself. So we must deal with our reality/ and to prove: NOBODY gets to play, with the realities of immigration by assuming “human emotions, purposes, or even desires control”. This discussion is using the description: about cats/ so you cannot inject “but I am human”.
The lesson is this: less than two years ago, I had two young cats. People unknown, then threw out 3 more adult cats or they wandered in. One died, leaving me with two male and two female cats over winter. Spring came, each female had five kittens: therefore now 14 cats on the property. Winter is approaching; even though the one female adult resisted as best she could; one male tries to fuck everything in sight/ and she became pregnant. There are now more kittens somewhere on the place. While I don’t know how many females cats are now living here; I do know, come next spring: either something will be done/ or there will be a flood of cats here.
So the question is: WHAT CAN I DO? Since this discussion is about cats, I am free to consider all manner of resolution to this problem. But first, come the considerations of why is this a problem? Answer: each needs food and water/ its not a choice, its reality at work. Reality also states, there is no possibility “wildlife” surrounding this property can feed them. Which even under the best of circumstances; doesn’t allow for the coming flood of cats next year. Nonetheless: with poison everywhere, insects of all kinds are nearly extinct here. With their food base gone/ few birds remain. Few “wildlife of any kind; IF ANY” remain here. Because the agricultural community is obsessed with controlling everything, and praising themselves with “I, am like a god”/ not even the grass in the roadside; or the ponds that created new life for lakes and streams, in support of all wildlife are left alone. Absolutely nothing “belongs to nature, or its purpose” including the seed they use. Including “just one teaspoon, per acre” of the active ingredient stops germination of targeted plants; and then seeps beneath the surface to accumulate into chaos. Changing the chemistry in life, to produce cancer, and other biological mutilations. Like asbestos, “real tragedies” can take years to develop.
Nonetheless, since these cats cannot feed themselves, “because there is no realistic work for them to do”. I must pay to feed them, or they will starve. I must endure the shit/ because that too, is required by nature. So the question returns: IS THIS ONLY MY WORLD/ or do these creatures enjoy an ultimate right, to live here; because they were born here? The question continues: IF, I were to introduce “critters that they could feed upon”/ THEN, they could and would take care of themselves. But that means in this day, surrounded by men who complain “I, WANT MORE”. IF I bring in “self sustaining food for the cats”/ reality states, I must now feed and tolerate, their food. And the same applies to creatures that are eaten as is true for the cats: do they not have a claim to being here, a right to not only possess life itself/ but this property as well? They are life, and life DOES come with rights/ the world is NOT, “mine alone”. However, my work/ as well as the future determined by my choices: is mine! Which means I am not obligated by reality to produce “their food”/ or be responsible for “their lives”. Which brings us back, “to whose property is it”? The world did not give me any property for being born; rather men divide the world, and call it their own/ specifically earned by work; or taken by every form of violence, deceit, and failure there is. This farm was earned! Even so, it is men who give themselves “a piece of this earth to call their own”. It is that national existence conceived of as society; that determines what must or must not be done; for the other creatures of life. OR, it is your/ my personal decision, to participate in the survival of these cats, or let them starve.
Now in this society called USA; there is an army of very righteous people who are willing to assault and batter any person that lets another creature die of starvation. So that means; if I don’t use my own work and resources to maintain their lives: then the others who cannot believe in reality, will threaten: PUT HIM IN PRISON. BECAUSE after all, they are correct in everything they do. Isn’t that so? Well lets review: nature says, if there are too many to survive the restraints imposed by environment/ THEN the weakest ones must die. Not because, it is desired; as for me, “I don’t desire them to die; they are life, and they are young besides”. But reality has no cause or concern for want: it merely removes the possibilities of life/ because if it does not, then the environment itself will fail. A common problem of male domination throughout the centuries: stayed too long/ all the resources are gone/ CAN’T live here anymore. No place, no room, no resources to share: WE MUST, war! Which of course becomes easier, as you take over what the dead did earn for themselves. Which becomes easier, when you describe the others as “worthless/ deserving to die/ or a threat; even though it is you, that attacked them first”. Which then becomes: THIS IS GOOD FOR US/ “lets take it all” and with better weapons genocide follows.
Back to cats. Without interference, it is my own personal decision to participate in the lives or death of these cats: because they want and need my assistance, or they die/ OR, they must find another home. Feel free, to come get a few; they aren’t very tame! They are here initially to keep the mice from running between my feet, as has happened when no cats are here.
Which returns us, to the initiating problem: even if I choose to keep these particular cats alive/ there is a greater flood of cats coming soon, and even far more after that. This reality is how nature sustains itself/ the consequence someone must die follows, as an inevitable reality that can only be avoided in this day by sterilization. So how much does it cost: to sterilize the entire group of females? Because they alone have kittens! Answer: more than I am willing to spend. Alternate: If, I were able to sterilize them myself/ that would open the door “to a likely” more could stay. But I am not knowledgeable in that area; and I do consider the money more important than the cats, particularly considering the increase in food costs, already endured. One of the considerations to sterilization continues as: PREVIOUSLY in years past, I had 5 adult male cats, and one female cat on the property. They all wanted sex with her/ she was determined to maintain her own autonomy: but they were too much. Result she gave up/ and became their toy. Resulting in kittens. After 3 weeks, she killed them all herself. Which does establish: there are real problems to be dealt with if the male and female populations of any species, are too unbalanced. A note of interest: male vasectomies remove the chemicals that make sex pleasurable. Which removes the physical desire/ even if “the human desire” remains. Ending sex for a female mate; as well. NOT an answer/ find another. It isn’t abortion/ although within the first forty days; that can be tolerated (by careful and true understanding), just because it is necessary.
We return to cats. The reality is, I don’t wish to spend the money for sterilizing, or food, beyond a set amount. My main population control over the past which was coyotes killing a cat once in a while; has been run down and removed from the area. So the question is: should I poison them/ shoot them/ trap them and release/ give them to an animal shelter, which will probably kill them (let someone else do it): OR WHAT? Because something has to be done, or there will be many more. Which usually results in a disease/ which then kills a massive overpopulation, by a different method.
Finding them a new home? Is difficult, because they are not tame/ which means they cannot simply be picked up and given to someone else. They will have to be trapped, and if someone comes over to get one: either the cats will live in a cage/ or whosoever comes has to take whatever can be trapped in the near future. That’s how it is/ and I don’t intend, wasting my time on training cats to be pets. Not my job. So, I need a particular person, in a specialized location: that needs a working cat. Even though these are mostly young cats, and have only started to hunt; “not good at it yet”.
The end result of it all, at this moment is: I continue to leave the resolution of this “kitty crisis”/ to a later day, as I am busy with other concerns. Pregnancy is not an issue of importance (the cold will kill them)/ until spring. But its harder to get rid of them in winter/ and the animal shelters DON’T like to be given pregnant animals. Time will tell; if they remain here into spring/ many are going to leave; one way or the other. Because OVER-POPULATION is a very serious matter; for every life involved.


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