you do need to know

Critical to existence, are the realities which both give us existence, & keep us alive. Existence is, a dimensional grasp of time; which means we can govern our experiences, and express our choices. Truth alone however keeps us alive. That truth is governed by the laws, which describe thought as the instrument we accept to identify, define, and describe our lives. Thought has within itself, many different dimensions, which can be accessed; if you pay the price. The question is: WHY, would you do that? Is life itself, not enough? OR, is the potential called eternity, “better”? Baby steps below.

Elements of a spiritual dimension in humanity.
You do need to know!

Behavioral developments identify a critical link between what some people can and will do, as opposed to what would be done if that individual was strictly isolated unto him or herself. Isolation refers too: a mental/ physical environment, that knows only what is pain or pleasure/ fear or power.
The critical question is then: to experience what is beyond the most basic physical existence/ MUST we also experience some type of development that is not associated with body? If so, then what is that association, where does it come from, and why is it here, in some/ but not in others?
Critical isolation either opens a door inside as heart or soul/ OR, it closes off the world, so that none can touch you. Therefore critical isolation is the first key, in what will become the elemental world of an individual human being. It does so, because loneliness (an environment) arises in isolation, therefrom a decision must be made, to expand this definition of self, or let loneliness collapse around you. Individuals then begin to identify themselves, as the various paths that expand from discipline to construct the variety of possibilities, that is life. Or, they fall into the dissolution of mediums that separate our existence from its boundaries, and fall into an expression of want. Want is an abyss; thereby it is a search into self, that knows only “you: as a base element comprised only of want, as a physical existence itself”. Within selfishness as is the essence of want: life has no other meaning. Here the base element of human existence believes, “now I know, what life is: (a road to pride, “I win or lose”)/ and ends all efforts to understand more”. Arrogance arises, revenge “bubbles through”, jealousy erupts, hatred grows; etc. There is little of value.
In contrast to that base element of humanity, we begin with mediums, boundaries, and doors. Every life beyond self, arises within the distinctions which order will allow. To balance these distinctions, boundaries exist, to establish restraints, so that excessive behaviors do not de-construct your life. Doors are the structural definitions which allow order to identify truth by a disciplined desire; which then can be used to carefully expand existence into a spiritual world.
We then search within the values of variety, as each of these forms the basis or expression of what is called a medium (a measured individual expression, with purpose). Individual means, “I chose”. Expression means: I formed my direction through individual definition of self. Purpose identifies: I have then started my own journey; by the desires I have accepted. How far that journey can travel, is determined by the limits of your own desire. Desire is: the rise of fall, of values established in me.
Each form of value, holds within it a variety of what makes that value possible, by transforming the essence of its value, into a spiritual truth. Spiritual means: either assembling, or participating in the elevation of truth by constructing the value of life itself. Without truth we cannot survive/ but without value, we need not survive, because life has a limited purpose or desire. Therefore value is an essential for life, beyond self. Value is an essential for survival; even if want is all you have attained. Because without desire, there is no purpose to live. Even selfishness, needs to value itself.
So the question becomes: WHAT are the boundaries which enclose our humanity, thereby possessing our freedoms to expand beyond the limits of our most basic desire: simply to survive? Boundary means: the place we do understand, things/ rules/ laws/ etc; can change for us, beyond here. It is not the same! So the question expands to become WHY, would that be so? Critical to each of these definitions is: our connection to the elements of a strictly human life, end at the boundary; that changes our basic understanding of life as a body of existence. Into something more! Beyond that boundary we do step through the door, into laws which govern existence as life/ rather than time as a body. The difference is: time “acts and reacts” within a clear and specific order. While life itself is governed by the subsets of value upon which we ascend into the clarity of truth that is not defined by an action or reaction. Therefore every boundary (value): the disciplines of our time created by order on earth as body, stop here. Through the door, life is controlled by the laws, which cannot be defeated or changed unless by truth. Possession of a life, is determined by its truth. Therefore unless you are able to achieve the purity required to sustain the law into which you have arrived; you become controlled by that law: within its own specific set of guidelines and boundaries. Far different, than anything on earth.
Therefrom whosoever “seeks a door”/ beyond simply self, even as a highly defined value worth seeking: sustains the possibility, that you will become trapped by this decision. If that dimension is where you desire to live/ then you have reached into eternity, and touched the first moments of destiny. Assuming you are allowed to return. But if not; your life has not been altered, by the laws which govern the environment you chose. There is no “knocking on the door, to ask a question or see inside”. Make your decision, and proceed; or return to self/ until death makes that impossible. Death is a door, removing you from time.

We turn to the differences, from one human being to the next: are they born to be different/ as is the testimony of what they have become? WHY, are some so elementally “basic”/ there is NOTHING of value, but me. Even asserting; I hate you, because you did not worship me as god, over you. I am MORE.
While others, have ascended far beyond simply self, to assert this entire world “is alive, vitally important as an individual value, and shares existence with me; as is the functional beginning of love”? Why, is everyone between these extremes, a decision they chose for themselves?
The question of “preassembled birth” arises only as a description of the human mind. Reality understands the process of birth as a distinction arising from the chemical development of biological engineering: as did construct nature itself. That chemistry is influenced within the womb or before, to become whatever it is that nature does provide us, each one with. To assert, “The CREATOR OF NATURE” intervenes in some few; is not ours to understand or even question. We are instead given the random realities of birth, to describe everyone has an equal chance. Even though NOT equal parents or opportunities. Although nature gives the basic right to parents for assembling; “a creature that looks like me”/ which then increases the probability of survival of the infant. Because someone like me, is fundamentally programmed to be: “of more value” to me/ than someone not like me. Even if that is not true, the period most vulnerable to apathy and indifference is as an infant; so design presents “a little part of me”, to the parent. You don’t kill yourself, to survive!
That however does not explain the functional differences between individual, human behavioral extremes. These are foundation choices, but they erupt because of individual desires. A functional behavior is one that identifies (changes can be made) with the needs of survival and desire, as in participating with others. A foundation behavior is one that understands: THIS IS, who I wish to become/ therefore directional. This is a decision which precludes change, because I made my decision.
Consequently those who make their true decision very early; are those who become the extreme descriptions of humanity. While those who never truly make a decision, fall beneath the medium encounter of life: which is a reality of living based upon the desire for something more than simply self. There is no eternity of life, in “simply self”. There is however an eternity of punishment, for stealing or successfully destroying a life, that would have been eternal, if not for you.
Nonetheless, the question is why do some choose one direction/ while others choose the entirely opposite direction; even though they seem to assemble from, or because of, the “very same elements of life in, or as nature”? The answer returns to possession; “basic nature is MINE/ all mine”. While beyond self, returns possession of existence, and its creation of an individual of life, as the decision to participate with GOD (CREATOR) ! Do you see the difference?
We identify each of these opposite creations, as an individual choice. Therefrom what is valued, is highly different. The freedom to be experienced as “mine, all mine”/ lives within the boundaries of its own prison walls: “you can’t get me here”. Because realities exist, which will exaggerate, contract, and irritate the demand to be selfish. You didn’t give me, what I wanted/ as is constant when living among those who all demand: give me what I want! Even so, it remains an individual choice: to express your own desire.
Whereas the freedom to be expressed, as an equal participant in life, with all other life; is an expansion of existence, established to understand the potential of life, is not limited. But rather is extended by the presence of love. So then the question returns to: WHY do some desire love/ while others desire only self?
Love is, a participation beyond self, where the foundation of value chosen, is ultimately the creation of life, the living of life itself: “IS THE VALUE, OF GOD”!
Self denies that has value, because it removes the possession of experience into a realm far beyond what is simple time. They chant “I want/ what I want”.
While love and life define existence as the treasury of everything that reflects the value of love, truth, and laws which give us the opportunity to do more than survive.

Biblical testimony; which is a diary of men across the measurement of time/ give us distinct clues about what men thought, yearned for, did do, and did need through time itself. The value of a bible is: the definitions of life and living that it creates for our own studies. For our own descriptions, of what can or cannot be done: because this is, how the masses of men do work, choose, and influence each other. Women are little described in the bible or other religious work; because that too, is what men have always done. Biblical testimony establishes time as a relationship to men, through one individual group or family of men. Within that historical development; love is rarely expressed until we get to JESUS. The bible stops shortly after JESUS; and the impact on our world through HIS life, has been an increase in the expressions of love, ever since. The fight, by men to avoid love or destroy love has been continual as well. As is evidence of the reality: the freedom to choose love, and live by its example: which is JESUS.
Or choose self, and fight to sustain its “so called glory/ I WIN/ you LOSE”; which brings us hate.
Does represent the basic reality of behavior in all people. As it is true throughout humanity: there are really only two distinct choices in our lives. Either to love/ or to hate; because everything else is merely survival. What you choose determines your own destiny (I chose, through love): or fate (I fell in/ this is the cost of what I did, or did not do).
Death ends the discussion/ leaving you, where you chose to be.

There are elements of death, in human behaviors.
That functional reality is: a development not associated with self/ but consists of an invasion, by a spiritual existence crushed in death. More simply: those who are “too angry ; (translates as “I am/ I am/ I am”, this that or the other thing)” to leave with their soul/ for whatever cause. Are then abandoned by soul, to remain as ghosts on earth. They have no true power.
These are not those filled with hate; they are delivered away from life. These are those who could have entered eternity as life/ but failed the journey that makes it possible to do so. When the energy of your life leaves you: IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to “get inside that energy of life” and return to its source. Or you WILL be left behind, to dissipate into nothing. It is a very limited experience, that does not achieve even the power of a shadow.
Even so, in the first few days of death; a ghost can attempt to enter anyone within ten feet or so of the corpse. If they fail/ they are gone forever. It is a one time expression, and does not consist of purity in truth; therefore each can resist. If however you are spiritually open; as is constructed by loneliness: this outer fabric of dissolving mass can weigh on you. Interfering with your own life. To destroy it from you: requires cleaning your own heart and soul/ so as to leave it no room to continue interfering in your own decisions.

Loneliness, when described as, “I am unhappy”/ gives the opportunity “for ghosting” to interfere.
Consequently the passion for life, that is happiness must be found. Happiness at its base level beginning, is a freedom; therefore whosoever makes me feel free/ can interfere, because I don’t know how. While sadness is a slavery; “I am trapped”/ please someone help. When this is true, for you; “A ghost” can experience/ even express, your life.

The cure is again: let love examine your heart and soul, to express and change what needs to be changed. Let miracles complete the purpose of your soul: to find creation itself. Through desire, the essence of being alive because of value: truth will free you. The reality of existence measured; leads to want. The reality of miracles valued; leads us to life! The question of happiness itself, reflects the truth in you: asking, DON’T judge. SIMPLY, let life be enough. Every living thing on earth, is an elemental foundation called; “Your family”. The birth of our existence is “Nature (the touch of GOD ) lives in each one”. When GOD is alive in you; happiness will come.

To attain soul, you must choose to go beyond time/ so that, you can enter the laws which govern all life. Without courage, truth, respect, and trust in GOD; It will not turn out well. The elemental path is through JESUS, believe it or not.

In case you are wondering;  “both male and female in me, are satisfied we did enough”/  SOUL however says otherwise.

Reality says: that JESUS attained thought in HIS existence here on earth/ nothing less than thought would have been able to do the things which HE did do. So says the evidence of change in humanity, from HIS day forward.
Therefrom the question exists: IF we do follow his example carefully and with open desire, respect, and a purpose that is similar to his own/ CAN we then encounter thought as well?
The answer relies upon truth, recognizing truth is not thought/ but substantively a measurement of knowledge, through laws governing existence instead. Understanding states: even though you have attained knowledge, the clarity of law by its truth, and its own degrees of action/ are a dimension above that knowledge; requiring the separation from existence, into thought itself. Existence is, the primary participant in time. Thought consists within the energy which makes time possible.
To construct an understanding of energy, by its dimensional planes; it is first necessary to conceive of why. The elemental balancing of how, comes next. Beyond that is life.
The question of, & for a human being is: can you be loved?

Life bids me to continue; therefore the first element of energy is not “what this is/ but what this can be”.  The difference is time.