beyond duty 7

Being free of duty: knowledge is the essential of change/ understanding the relationship born to share/ while wisdom itself stands as guard over our own future; even now, this world.

IF, I were a mother; I would answer the question, WHERE is “GOD” In our lives today? As best I can.

The foundation being: “If GOD loves us/ then why are we in so much trouble”?
The correct answer is: love grants freedom to those who insist/ but demands, “you must” accept then the responsibility for what you did do. Freedom is not free. Consequently, we are & we did as humanity on earth/ what we chose to do, and must take responsibility for those actions or reactions as the case may be. Added to that, is an almost complete lack of RESPECT: culminating in a very toxic relationship with “university knows”/ among others. The end result is: we are responsible, for ourselves.
But even that does not mean we are abandoned entirely/ because if that happens, life will not last long. Everything is prepared to exterminate this world: because that, “is what men chose”. If “GOD” were to save us from ourselves/ it would just be, necessary to do so again and again; because without true change, men and their university leaders DO, choose the very same things, again and again and again.

So the question of love, is one directed entirely to ourselves/ WHERE is your love! It is a “two-way street”. The reality of our lives, a very simple: WHY don’t you care?

Some will say, “that should not apply to me, I care”! If that is true, then eternity will be fair: is that not so? So the question is: because we now know, beyond any question of doubt, that our entire planet and all its life are threatened with extinction/ WHAT will you do? These are human threats, therefore they require human solutions; with no second chances. Within the reality of one single second too late, and our world is lost: WHAT THEN, WILL YOU DO? Do you not care! It is a choice, no excuses will be accepted. YOU CAN do something! No matter who you are, unless a small child, or with “terrible health issues”. Your chance to repay life itself, with your choice to protect and defend this world, and all its children; is right now. Not a game. Not ANY excuses. Your duty is clear, certain, and true. Mine, has ended: I am not your savior/ I did do my job. The message of change, is true.

As too the “hidden hand of GOD” And what HE does or does not do, that we are aware of in this human life, or for our individual lives, or any other life or environment: no one can truly say. Because anything said without “the human claim of evidence/ even if its clear”; will just get humanity in more trouble. As is so clear with evolution: nothing but a fantasy, yet humanity spread it, or allowed it to be spread worldwide. To your shame.

I can make you aware of my own testimony in such matters; as I am personally, the evidence of that. But what you believe is entirely up to you/ as it is no more than my own witness; and history proves you can and did easily discard me for decades/ regardless of the evidence proven true by reality. Its your choice, not mine.

Nonetheless, I will begin as a slightly, sickly child bronchitis! Nearly died, at about 4 years old. Awoke with a nurse leaning over; “I put a plastic knife down her blouse, when she wasn’t looking; and did my best to play asleep”. Out of the hospital quickly after that. I know not how it applies, but since near death; it seems important somehow.
The next experience was at Christian church confirmation; 13 years I think. Its called taking communion “did not expect much”/ I was wrong, that was a strong spiritual awakening; I was surprised, and honestly felt certain (I was one of four who received it). Don’t know why.
The next “visit” occurred at my wedding; didn’t expect much there either. But I was suddenly struck with “standing before GOD” and making a decision. The only thing I heard or saw after that, was do you take this woman: I said yes. Still divorced two years later; “it’s a long, complicated story”. Nonetheless, still a promise made: be careful what you choose.
The next reality of time is: an experience searching for Creation, was met with an image in “the open sky”; not a true image, and I knew it. But this was a clue, so I continued the conversation. To my great surprise, when I was prepared to simply walk away from it. The image asked: something about two false teeth (knocked out in grade school). I did not have an answer, for if this was or was not defiling “Gods temple as in a body of life”. The correct answer is: no, this living body is my gift; and I am entitled to use it as I desired. But thinking “better not take any chances”/ I knocked them out. Bad plans & bad consequences; go with bad decisions. Oh well. Nonetheless, keys were found in that experience that became absolutely important to enter the spiritual world later. The spiritual world is not “GOD”/ it is law, the enforcement of truth. Therefrom, it is critically important: to understand, “the question”, and know its honest answer inside.

There is a large assortment of elements assigned to or from the spiritual world. But the only one that translates down to this earth is: I did enter the spiritual domain of woman/ and have not been able to escape it. I don’t know how: “you have to be a woman, to know that”. Its complicated.
Nonetheless, that decision has been an unending reality of learn what it means “to be a woman”. Apparently what male in me decided as a teenager: “I am not woman; I don’t need to know/ anything but man” was wrong. Anyway, that continues unchanged until a few weeks ago: when some type of explosion occurred in my head (physical/ real). I lost my defenses, “what is female” now controls; you can’t imagine. It is “so different”. No idea how it ends. That pretty much sums it up, to this day! I cannot truly say, “how much or little GOD changed my life or directed it in some fashion” beyond these things.
I can say; a time or two, work was changed/ which means regardless how much I tried, “this was not going to go better”. Even though I knew how inside, something was to be changed through this: a new path would be taken. It is an odd reality, not really my decision: but this work is the end result.
It can also be said: the summation of my own education is simply BUT WHY? The end result a “short trip”; in someone else’s shoes; to understand how these results come to be. Its complicated; but reality knows; an education much more like “being thrown out of the frying pan into the fire” than simply reading a book. Not, “for the frail at heart”.
I hope it serves you to some degree, with regard to your own life.


Just a footnote: the female breasts SO DETERMINED to grow here/ are viewed by me similar too. “Flags”/ like men who climb a mountain or go to the poles; they plant proof “we/ I was here”. I can’t stop them/ they do, whatever they want to do.  A ten year + battle:      lost!


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