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biblical questions

Of the many expressions used by men and women to avoid responsibility for their actions or lack of: the most prevalent is, “its Gods' will”/ nothing can happen unless HE allows it!
When applied to our reality, that statement does fall short of truth. NOT because it isn't so/ but because of our own contributions to the reality we choose. We are responsible, for the choices we make/ how is that not true? We are capable of taking actions/ designing reactions/ or just plain failing the necessary wisdom NOT to do some of the things we do: HOW is that “GOD's fault”? We are allowed to choose our own destiny/ or fall beneath whatever fate will allow: because that is what time grants to us. The freedom to be whoever you can be/ by your own reality, and the consequences of your own decisions. No doubt a design by men, more so than “our GOD” who would teach us better/ if any would listen.
The critical reality of our day is: that those who have taken over “the position of god/ in humanity today”/ as is the university. Have become so arrogant, and so delusional: that they believe they can play god, without consequences. Life has consequences. Reality has consequences. Lies have consequences/ etc. As does what we all choose to do, or allow to be done: as one single nation or world of human beings living in time. Your decision as a functional world, has been to allow the universities to do absolutely anything/ believing from them, all “great things shall arise”. They took control over your money/ your government/ your courts/ your media/ your policing/ your religions/ your everything: and did build the life we live today. Both good and bad!
The critical question of this day is NOT: to whom do you belong “as believers”/ you belong to the university knows religion, the clear reality of this day. They decide, and you obey. They teach, and you mimic them completely. They steal, and you let them; because it is too harsh now, to go back. They destroy the sanctity of every life, every nation: with fantasy and failures/ and yet you worship them as god.
Nonetheless, you are allowed to believe anything you wish/ just like every terrorist, or religious zealot, or agnostic, or atheist, or whatever it is you choose to believe. You are allowed to surrender yourselves to love, or to hate: it is your choice. Is that not so? You are allowed to crash and die/ commit suicide/ steal/ lie/ cheat/ burn/ rape: and every other reality of failure that is consistent with humanity on this earth from the beginning of human time. Is that not so? Indeed it is. Therefore when you hide behind the cause: “GOD would never allow this world to die”/ cause you know better, you believe. The question becomes instead: CAN WE THE PEOPLE, ALLOW this world to die/ because of what we do, or allow to be done? The answer, by the evidence is: yes we can. The only question that then resists that statement is: WILL GOD allow us as a majority, to destroy HIS WORLD? Understanding the fact, that we destroy ourselves, or each other at a whim; as well? Is not suicide possible? Is not heinous or horrific acts allowed, against life? Rather, it is truly far more simple: humanity has always believed, “we can play god too”/ why hell, we practically are “god” ourselves! Is that not so? Your decision rules your life, or if “Unlucky”/ someone else's decisions rule your life: because they took the power away from you/ for themselves. These are simple facts.

The LIFE OF JESUS does illuminate, “what GOD decrees, as important”. It is not a human body/ it is “heart and soul”. Or more simply, the decisions created within truth, that define and identify the elements of who we chose to build within ourselves. Separate from the rest/ as our own contribution to life itself: as conceived within our own identity. GOD is important, respect is important, truth is important, life is important, accepting discipline is important, order is important, balance so as to participate equally & not to damage is important, happiness is important, love is essential, and pride is a horror to be removed. Are all fundamentals of what JESUS taught. None of which can be found in a university education: that is strictly “memorize this”/ and don't question it. At every turn the cumulation of what is done, particularly in American society is: whatever the university wants/ shall be done. Simple and plain. Ending in we are bankrupt as a people, without the slightest exception. You are attacking all of nature by mutilating it/ by crucifying all forms of life, with genetic incubation of species combinations, creating pandemic's/ you are destroying every foundation of survival we depend upon/ you have created weapons of mass destruction, for only one purpose/ you are allowing every fantasy to be explored: with the single purpose of playing god. You believe evolution: CHAOS built life, one piece at a time/ without tools, or even a mind. TO YOUR SHAME. How can you survive, with just a heart/ do you not need blood/ vessels/ lungs/ skin/ muscles/ and everything else? You absolutely do. Which means: THOUGHT came first/ to design and create what would work. Order came second, to assemble what would be necessary, PRIOR to our existence: so we could then survive. And so on.

Biblically, insofar as the ending to this earth is concerned: that begins with Genesis 8: 20-22 “....never again will I, curse the ground.....”. Or, the GOD of life, will NOT destroy us/ therefore if we are to be destroyed for what is being done: as was Noah's day. Then we will do it ourselves. The book of Daniel 12: 11-13 “...the daily sacrifice is RESPECT to GOD”. “.....the abomination that causes desolation is set up.... means: a horror so distinct, it cannot be misinterpreted: as is attempting to bring the same fire here to this earth, as is on the sun”........”there will be 1290 days.” Repeated in Matthew 24: 15.
That intent starts here: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7403916n&tag=mg;mostpopvideo 1
How appropriate: that the expected completion date of these exawatt lasers, is the very same as 1290 past the first experiment at lawrence livermore laboratories: to bring “sun fire” here. September 2015
Verse 12 identifies “.....reaches the end of 1335 days, or 45 days more: the approximate time it will take to eject the entire atmosphere of this planet into space. A ten million degree fire/ has an immense updraft! It will suck in everything, for miles!
Matthew 24: 37-39 “is today”. The evidence of a machine built by men, with energy levels so extreme, it is undoubted: this can ignite the same fire as is on the sun, here on this planet. Thereby bringing to an end this earth, by fire. Because that, is what humanity chose to let occur. We DO have the option NOT TO LET THAT OCCUR/ stopping this and all extreme experimentation. But that not only requires your participation/ it demands your commitment. Not only to stopping “the end of time”/ by our own hand. But removing all the threats university has made, clearly must be done as well. Not a game/ not free: your choice is required. Your work, and your decision to live for life/ rather than want: is essential. Or we fail. Because we are now too many people on earth for any other way: than the simple words, “truth itself must lead”. Should you decide to do that, the book of Revelation promises “another thousand years”/ with honest, and true change.
Prove me wrong. FAITH, is the decision and acceptance, “that lets truth decide”. GOD DID CREATE THIS WORLD. JESUS DID, come to teach us a different way. We, are NOT condemned, until we choose that for ourselves.
With the evidence of machines and decisions that gamble with all life on earth: even to the point of igniting this entire planet on fire/ just like the sun, “which burns your skin in summer from 91 million miles away”. How is that not evidence of extreme delusion by man. The failure of which: “Oh no, the fire you created DID NOT extinguish itself”/ IS the end of life on earth. And for what? Another damn university delusion! To your shame.
  1. http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7403916n&am p;tag=mg;mostpopvideo
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