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changing life #6


To change society, there must be changes in people.
We grant: that law, as chosen by all the people and enforced upon leaders: and not military force/ can govern this world.
We grant: that limited capitalism can create a fair and disciplined world, by not allowing for any individual to gain UNREASONABLE and UNFAIR power over the rest.
We grant: without true change, there is no future for any life on earth. LIFE, NOT MONEY; COMES FIRST!
We grant: without this earth, its chains of life, and our dependency on nature, and its ability to bring order to life/ that we are all dead.
We grant: that over population by humanity is certain death, because this is a FINITE world, and we all need to eat, drink, breathe, etc.
WE GRANT: without exception, that ANY experimentation which can bring complete catastrophe to life or planet or resources/ SHALL NOT be done. When “you cannot be wrong/ without bringing catastrophe to us all”: THEN IF you choose to continue, we will kill you as a terrorist intent upon our destruction.

Given that limited list, not nearly complete: we begin with the construction of what change does mean.
1. STOP all monetary destruction/ as is counterfeiting by leaders in government, and face your reality. So that truth can keep both you and this nation alive. Take away the fool/ liar/ thief/ traitor/ coward/ terrorist/ fantasies/ delusions/ and people playing god with our lives: TO BRING BACK TRUTH AND REALITY! Stop these leaders to hell, from dispossessing every citizen: to make us “like Palestine”.
2. ACCEPT the demand: that we the people SHALL in fact and by our own decisions, establish the redistribution of money, property, and all securities BY UNDERSTANDING. Only what is fair to life and nation and world, shall be done. With true safe-guards to insure NEVER again. NO MORE people believing they are the “government”/ they are not. The constitution is the government, and we shall enforce that truth on our employees/ identifying we are indeed: OWNERS OF OUR DEMOCRACY AS WE THE PEOPLE OURSELVES! No more “judges can't be touched”/ we will judge them, and remove as a society, whosoever we please.
3. This human world stops moving, until and unless true population controls are established/ being as fair, AND realistic; as it is possible to be. Syria, etc shall be invaded by the world armies as necessary: STRICTLY, to establish a secure place for refugees in their own homeland. You will push out, those who have not “felt the true grasp of war”/ and give their property to those who did lose everything, even though they were innocent.
5. PROTECT YOUR FOOD SUPPLIES; no mutilation or experimentation by the genetic decisions of men or women.
6. PROTECT YOUR OCEANS: THE LOSSES are so damn heavy that this begins with using shredded dead human bodies to feed the ocean life. Finding uses for plastic so it can be picked up, and not simply dumped elsewhere. STOPPING everything that can be stopped, to put life itself must come first.
7. PROTECT YOUR LIVESTOCK, AND YOUR LIVES; no more antibiotic feeds anywhere in the world, for anything. No more mass usage of antibiotics or hormones etc: GO BACK to what is sustainable. Do it now.
8. PROTECT YOUR OXYGEN, so we can all breathe. Understand the decisions you make with fire, DO have a price!

12. RESPECT GOD; Or your reprieve from the reality of your own choices, shall simply disappear/ and fate WILL consume you.
Given those directives, TO “START”, CARING FOR LIFE!

We then face the elemental task of sharing the work, the resources, the opportunities/ and must stop playing games; so that equality can erase, all the damage you have let your leaders do. The damage humanity itself has done, which is very extensive. The reality of that claim MUST BE EXAMINED/ PROVEN TRUE/ AND PROVIDED WITH ALL THAT IS REQUIRED, to resurrect our future. So that no one doubts the reality of this message: change for life/ or die, as a planet!

This requires new and distinct decisions to be made.
1. When we all live together, we must all work together, sharing the load, and its reward. YOU MUST CARE.
2. Everyone is required to participate, and do their part for life and earth. YOU MUST SHARE.
3. Want is dead, only truth provides a future.
4. With food, water, reasonable shelter, and fair distribution of resources/ we can and will rebuild. Choosing carefully.
5. EVERYTHING YOU HAVE, is a lie based upon counterfeit money, the fantasies of a university that has robbed you, traded democracy for their control, established terrorism with the intent to bring nature into chaos, and damaged the entire earth by risking what we CANNOT allow to be lost. Therefore the true press MUST come forward, to reveal reality and support liberty.
6. Hate will be separated out of our lives/ into its own environment; to find its own fate.
7. Government is: the preservation of our choices, as a democracy declared by constitutional law.
8. Education is: the opportunity to grow, as knowledge grants the message/ with truth, we begin to think for ourselves. With understanding, we shape our world. With wisdom, and its acceptance; this earth shall survive.
9. LIFE FIRST MEANS: money falls to merely a measurement controlled by society itself.
10. HAPPINESS is: a true and honest appreciation for miracles/ the gifts which surround us, are in us, & the earth which gives us peace.
11. Discipline is: knowing that my contribution shall achieve its purpose, because the order required by society, and world: will come before selfishness.
12. The choices we must make/ the risks we must take: to remove the greatest threats from our lives and our world: CANNOT BE AVOIDED. Therefore we SHALL all embrace the reality of cradling our world, fighting to protect it, and demanding without relief: such things as weapons of mass destruction/ weapons to ignite atomic fire/ mutilation of nature/ substantial environmental destruction/ and more WILL be done. BY THE MOST PEACEFUL METHODS REALISTICALLY POSSIBLE!
Even if the price is: our world could die instead! Because if we don't do this, OUR WORLD SHALL DIE, and soon.
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