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As discussed, the internal workings of human construction, include either an identity (we can see you) as is supported by anchors. OR, it includes layers as independent walls, which form both an expression of fear/ which then commonly turns into an expression of “guarded risk”. Those who fail either form: of “being human”, fall into multiple personalities, insanities, depression. OR with the failure of anchors; religious expression at all levels of intensity according to the fears expressed.

We quantify these with: fears that cannot be controlled, become hatred/ aided by violence (fear me instead); or suicide, “I cannot live this life/ therefore I will not survive”. In contrast, religious expression that is aided and abetted by love, truth, and trust/ as is provided through family and friendship, commonly do create anchors through these, and can thereby confront “limited” fears reasonably well. Their expectation is for happiness, “justified or not”.

We now consider the decisions that include want/ pride/ selfishness/ greed/ lust/ power/ manipulation/ and temptation.

Every decision is a directional participation with want or desire! This part is want, and it exists as “laminating the walls of fear together, in your mind”/ by injecting pride. Want is: “I AM going to die/ and I WANT, everything I can get”. Pride is: “I AM, MORE than the rest/ because I am better (worth more) than they are”. These two things combined form the basis of a lie: which is, “I should get/ everything I desire”/ regardless of reality or its truth, I deserve more. So now we have created as a human being the three elements which make delusion possible: “I want/ I am/ and I deserve”. With that delusion selfishness arises as: “I AM OWED”/ THEREBY I have a right to collect on every debt people or life or body failed to give me. “its mine/ by birth”! Then comes greed, the singular example of how most crime originates: “I WANT YOURS TOO”/ what is mine, is not enough for me. So I will steal it, consume it so you can't, lie, cheat, tempt or whatever it takes to make you have less! Lust is an alternate agenda: I WANT to USE OR ABUSE YOUR body/ however I please,,,,,for free! More simply, sex belongs to me/ not you. So we come to power, a reality illustrated in both greed and lust: each represent a property trespass, although the human body is the greater crime/ unless survival itself is at stake. To achieve these things, the reality of manipulation and temptation exist. Manipulation is: I have control over your resources/ your needs/ or your wants, and will make you choose, by enlisting what you DO NOT want to lose. Whereas temptation is: I will explain to you, if you just believe in me; “your life is going to get a reward”/ unfortunately, a crime against you.

In contrast to these things is the expression of desire, and its fundamental experience which is purpose. Desire occurs in those who find a value that is more significant that want. The path inside that desire illuminates what life could be, within this environment; and the experience identified by truth, aids in the presentation of respect, which then becomes trust: the beginning of love itself. Purpose illustrates a passion, by the development of a treasury. Treasury means: the place to store what has value. Thereby when desire produces a value such as love, there is a moment taken out of time and living, which becomes the home “of this feeling”. Feeling means: I have increased the substance of my life, by adding love. Love is: the expansion of existence and environment, to include what is beyond myself, as a trusted and true friend. I need not fear/ this one aids and abets me, just as I do so for them.

We begin again with want, and its creation. Laminating walls refers to the development of a hidden place, whereby “nobody enters/ because your fear will not release, your grip (the glue)”. Thereby making every fear, as if it were just one; and that limits the experience to whatever I focus upon: making you the potential enemy/ thereby I have a right, to treat you however I wish. Pride says: YOU CANNOT be trusted/ therefore I have a right to accuse, test, and judge. But it also leaves a shadow, and all directions unguarded “except yours”. The shadow is a response “to the peephole” you created to see through your fears. The failure to open it farther, so as to see reality; is your own fault. The failure to recognize: you are not protected, when living in fear/ because this is INSIDE of you, is a reality with tragic consequences. Both to heart and mind. The shadow then refers to consequences in both friendship and a lack of happiness that come from knowing the only reason you must live as you do/ is you.

Desire is an entirely different occurrence than want, although most consider them to be the same. Want is a belief (I want what I want)/ while desire represents the truth, identified as your participation in life. Life is not a want, it is a decision to survive, and then search for the passion required to be happy. Passion lives as an environmental relationship, created within the distinct truth that is love revealed. Passion lives, by establishing a value worthy enough, to become a discipline within our lives. Discipline is the essence of order, through the revelation: the steps we ascend, live through respect. Translated: the depth of a human being is directly tied to the identity known as your truth. Depth assists with intensity, and intensity discovers love. Love is not a simple thing. Love is: the dimensional expansion of an environment that lifts two or more into soul; as if “home”. Love is the enlargement of time itself, to include what cannot be measured: only accepted as true/ trusted as friend. These are different assignments: truth lives in the law, while trust lives through the mercy we extend as a passion to be friends, family, or love itself honored with life shared intimately. Unfortunately people lie/ want/ lust/ deceive/ etc: giving pause to all forms of friendship. Causing all forms of tears. The difference between a home and a dimension is: “we belong here”. That means, in spiritual terms: love built your house/ your invitation to inherit life.

Some ask: WHY would I ever want to live “eternally”/ this once is more than enough. Love never asks that question, “we know why”!
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