There is little in life, more destitute of dimension: than those who “cannot see” even though they have working eyes/ cannot hear, even though they have working ears/ cannot feel, etc; even though their whole body is telling them what reality is. Reality is, the miracle of our existence, the extreme and intensive beauty of our planet, the clear determination of life to survive, and all that every living thing means “to the experience or expressions of it all”.

Dimension is: the expansion beyond self! Or, in more simple terms; the ability to think. Yes, at the very edge of extinction for this planet and all its life/ I do understand, some of the information given to you; is far more than I desire it to be. But you are a disgrace to me; consequently, all efforts to re-ignite your brain; to more than living in a cult called “university knows”/ must be done.
Of all things called human, it is probably the most difficult; to stop religious delusions. Those who believe “the university knows/ or any other witch doctor delusion most religion is known for”; DO NOT accept evidence/ DO NOT question their leaders/ DO NOT review reality, to understand direction or purpose other than what they are told to believe. When confronted with facts/ they simply retreat inside themselves and declare, “I believe”. Which simply means: facts don’t matter. The university of course says, as all religion does; that they deal only with facts. However reality proves that is entirely untrue; as with all people to protect their power and pride, they simply make up any and every story possible to enforce control and manipulation of the masses. So they can play god themselves. With a few trinkets, or the belief; “they save our lives”/ the people fall down in worship; because after all, “we want to have fun/ we want “a pill” to take all disasters away. How is that not true?
But if we review the reality of our situation in this moment of time: terrible things emerge. The biggest army of thieves, the world has ever known; is in american government; counterfeiting beyond comprehension (how could it go on this long). Answer: PLEASE don’t make us pay for what was done! Biggest group of extortionists: medical means, without a cause, and without a legal right: criminals invade, and government employees fall down & applaud. The list is so long, it is truly pathetic.
Nonetheless the elemental expression of this purpose is to underscore the fact that our planet, all life, is a miracle; that humanity is now destroying in its entirety. As a direct illumination of that fact, are the following statistics: at the equator, our planet is about 24,887 miles long or a little more. That means the equatorial distance is a minimum of 131,406,739 feet. If we give to each human being on the planet at 7.2 billion people, a distance standing of 3 feet apart/ or a 3′ x 3′ =9 sq feet to stand in. In a straight line (standing on water too) we encircle the earth at its equator 164.3 times. Or we take up, just as humanity standing; an area of earth that is 64.8 billion square feet. And are growing at over 2 million more mouths to feed each and every week.
The complete disgrace that is media; not only elevates “university knows” as “god”; they bring us toys! They bring us medicine/ which when reviewed, returns as: DIDN’T the university create all this poison/ all this mutilation of life; which of course translates as the direct cause for why cancers exist? Indeed they did. So your worship of them/ and their ability to bankrupt you; is directly related to their toxic distribution of sickness and death. “It’s a trap”; they make you sick/ and then sell you a cure, that does who knows what else, to life and future. And you, call them god.
Of all the endless destruction; the extreme disgrace and disrespect for life, and planet/ the demand to end existence itself. Nothing is more demonstrative of that than trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun. A fire scientists declare: has plumes of fire (explosive events), which extend 12 times farther than the earth is from the moon. Bringing that here, by declaring: “the fire will just put itself out, because there is not enough gravity here to sustain it”. Wrong of course, means the earth then becomes a sun; because the fire burns atomic elements. Everything is fuel.
Regardless, nothing is more callus/ disrespectful of life/ or a bigger disgrace to humanity itself: than letting “university knows” literally try to bring chaos into all life on earth. By mutilating genetic structures; which we know, are the essence of nature itself. Nature is a body of life/ genetics build that body of life. Mutilating DNA is mutilating nature forever.
But then we have the endless attack on everything we need to survive; driven, and directed by “university knows”. Trillions of gallons of toxins dumped into the earth. Trillions of tons of toxins dumped onto the earth. Trillions of tons of toxins forced into the atmosphere. Trillions of tons of toxins dumped into the oceans. Trillions of toxins “just inches” away from polluting all the drinking water we depend upon/ and cannot ever recover once the gate is opened. Then there are “the superbugs”. Changing, the very nature of what we must endure to survive here on earth; as in the elements of disease. Stopping immunity, by forcing diversity out of “germs”/ with antibiotic abuse. Sickness no more; death at the door. Particularly in livestock; because its easier.
The list is so long………..it isn’t worth writing.

So the question is: can we survive this? Of course not/ reality proves we are already extinct: except for one last direct, determined decision among all of humanity to say, “NO MORE OF THIS”. Whether we can actually survive beyond this decision is still debatable, but at least we have a chance.
How pathetic it is to write that eulogy; given the beauty of life and planet. Given the grace, abilities, expressions, and all things of life we inherited: LOST, in its entirely, because the damned don’t, and never will care.
Eternity exists, believe it or not; because life is neither simple, nor understood by men or women. The critical and true fact of a complexity so far beyond us; only the word miracle applies; is absolute. That fact, leaves us with the certainty: we ARE, more than humanity appears to be. As is life itself.

The extreme delusion of men, is a dead brain: declaring evolution “university knows” betrayed life. Stating among other things, that extreme complexity is the result of chaos. Chaos means: “Reducing complexity to its most simple form”/ which is the very opposite of life. Evolution states: “we built ourselves one piece at a time”/ while EVEN YOU know, that you NEED every part and piece of your body, to survive and be happy (desiring life). You CANNOT survive, without all the parts required! Such as a heart, muscles to move that heart, lungs and a stomach to feed that heart, brain impulses to operate and control the heart, blood to work with the body itself; liver, kidneys, etc. Even knowing this is absolutely true; a religious cult, as is university knows leads life itself into HELL, and worse. Because the order, disciplines, balance, structures, mental constructions, and every other form of : THIS IS A PROVEN MIRACLE, PRODUCED BY THOUGHT. Is being thrown in the trash, by the cult of “university knows”. While media, owned and controlled by a tiny few: prove what bastard’s, liars, whore’s, failures, fools, and devils they can be. They hide the cult. They produce lies and delusions of “university knows”. They refuse reality, and they worship money, power, pride, and control over you; as you worship them. And wait to be told, “what you think”. To your eternal shame.

You can do something/ doesn’t matter who you are! If I was offering you “one hundred dollars off, something you wanted/ like a black Friday special”. As is the evidence of our day; a multitude would trample each other to get it. Those who do not enter into that have counterfeit money, and therefore pride: because they stole the money, and left slaves to fight among themselves.
Nonetheless, reality gives you no excuse: this is not about a damn one hundred dollar bill of excuses, why you don’t have to pay/ because you can counterfeit.
This is about life or death for our entire world. Nothing is more important. Nothing is a greater cause. Nothing is an excuse, for not being involved. Because the evidence is very clear! Prove the evidence is wrong/ or stand up for life.
Anything less, is an absolute desertion of duty. To life itself.
I tell you plain and simple: either stop the mutilation of nature/ or take a last look, at the human body/ nature itself. Because soon, it will be no more than “chaos”. As is the biblical prediction of Armageddon. Because that, is what your “university diploma’s” are deliberately doing. Trying, to be god themselves. Or just don’t worry, because igniting “sun fire” here, will destroy the entire solar system; including you. After all, “YOU let them”! Isn’t that so?


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