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The constant tragedy of human delusion and failure is: “I will just go get MORE”! Essentially nothing else is more destructive to the securities of “a decent society”/ than is this assumption.

When there is plenty, man believes “more than I will ever need/ therefore I can waste this, without concern”. But for every week that goes by: another 2 million + more human mouths to feed enter this world. That is failure. The assertion there is more of anything but human disasters coming; is a delusion that borders on complete insanity/ and does construct cannibalism soon.

While no man or woman or child is “perfect”/ nor should they try to do anything more than “their own best”: the disciplines associated with a “decent society” are constructed within the needs most consistent with peace, harmony, respect, happiness, courage, freedoms, and love. To achieve these ends. A relationship with respect, is required: as identified and created through law/ are elevated by love/ and conceived by thought. Each of these are fundamental assets, which cannot be underestimated as, or in value to life.
A decent society is: the conglomeration of people who have chosen by their law, their freedoms, their rights, and their actions or reactions/ that RESPECT for each other, is paramount; or fundamental to peace. That means their laws must be FAIR. The enforcement of that law, must be JUSTIFIED. The freedoms expressed and expected MUST be within the functional concept of not only independence, but harmony. The right to experience “my own decision”/ with regard to my own existence, where is truly or distinctly affects no one else substantially: BELONGS only to me. While the foundation of all harmony in society, begins with: the relationships governed by respect, which are enabled by the balance established when “man and woman” are in love.
No one is perfect/ that includes policing/ courts/ government employees/ the public/ and everybody else: it is that simple. Not going to change, but we can improve ourselves, thereby changing society and the future by what we choose to do with our lives, our society, and our world.
The human essence of “MORE” is: I am secured/ NONE, can make me fall, “I have, or I believe I can easily get; possessions”. Therefrom possessions establish gluttony, and construct selfishness; as they lead the human mind, to the conclusion “I AM, all that truly matters, to me”.
So the question is: WHY, should I not believe “I AM” all that matters? WHO is more important than I? WHERE, would I be, if not first in my own life? WHAT, can be more important than my life? WHEN, do I get to be first, if not now? And HOW else could I even consider the realities of living, to be other than myself comes first?
We enter the door called why, with the clarity of an example that begins “on a deserted (I)sland”. Stranded all alone without life to surround you/ with no other future to conceive of or consider. The question is: what value is your life now? The answer will quickly become: very little/ which gives moment to the development of thought, as the essence of a journey beyond self. The critical element being, “that I must exist”.
Here construction requires, that “another life CAN intervene” in a journey beyond the loneliness, that is me. Bringing the quest for discovery, into its greatest trial: what is, the very essence of life itself? The answer relies on CREATION, as the evidence of miracles; which are clearly and without the slightest doubt of any kind. Beyond chance/ beyond anything living on this earth/ beyond our ability to understand: therefore certainly, and without any possibility of being wrong. The evidence “GOD” Did exist here/ or does still exist. JESUS presents us with the evidence of love, and the demand “GOD” still exists, and loves us; if we just respect, and choose to love HIM back. I accept that as true. Therefore the journey beyond self; is to “GOD”.
Established by fact then is the certainty of distance between the values, realities, love, dignity, respect, courage, thought, strength, mercy, family, and literally everything else life can begin as. OR, the realities of our existence today; in denial of respect/ the fantasies of things not real/ trading sex instead of love/ discarding lives merely for trinkets/ displaying lust/ destroying lives for fear/ discarding evidence for stupidity/ relying on failure to survive/ discarding people and all life for inanimate toys; and just plain believing in a cult called “university knows: what shit is”. To your shame.
So then what is more important, “than just me”? The answer being TRUTH ITSELF, is more important than you; because truth keeps life alive, and without life: you are nothing. Therefore truth comes first/ because the laws which govern existence depend upon the securities of what can be stable; thereby accepted as, the values which enable us to achieve “heart”. Truth is the essential value of heart. Heart is the fundamental effort, which gives rise to love. That effort is a decision, to participate beyond self, and elevate your life; as if it were greater than “just you”.
That does not mean, “everything else has more value than you”. It means: LIFE requires and respects the value of participation beyond self/ including your own. We then ask of life: WHAT ARE YOU?

Life answers: by surrounding us, with truth. Then having accomplished “law, within your heart”/ the development of trust begins, as the journey into thought itself takes shape. Thought being the critical element which gives rise “to soul”.
We now ask of soul (being ALIVE): WHO ARE YOU? Destiny arises first, within the elements of time, triumph, and tragedies; as the participation conceived as the fabric of an environmental influence, interwoven together with our chosen decision/ and the realities we face, as are caused by human influences over time, and life itself. Destiny is: the description of our own soul (the living place inside)/ by what we accept as value. OR more simply, “what and who do you value most as life transformed itself, into joy”?
We first ask, what is JOY? The answer being, today and in this moment: I know, that being alive, is more than I ever thought, happiness could be! That testimony of value, understands the grace and dignity of life itself; as we/ I learn the difference between time, and love. Therefore we now journey into love, and express the beginning of heart.
We must first identify “love”! Love is a passage between souls. Therefore love is, a distinction that honors, cares, and shares the experience of life itself, as the happiness we create in each other. To do that, RESPECT comes first. Therefrom we learn, that respect is fundamental to love, and love cannot exist without that respect. Love cannot elevate itself/ it must have a companion. Therefore, we do learn to participate, as best we can! Love which honors soul, “can find GOD”! It is beyond a spiritual thing.
Thought lives beyond truth (a spiritual thing)/ as the message erupting from our lives, or entering our lives: that gives hope, to the essence of space as a reality we call universe (all encompassing). The barrier of truth, allows none to enter beyond that wall/ unless, they first learn truth and accept its disciplines, balance, and order. If you achieve that, the door exists.
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