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life is

LIFE IS, the passion to create “more than self”. Which means we must enhance the experience through “becoming ALIVE”. Life is, a treasury in time/ that lacks value without the expressions of love, truth, discipline, bravery, courage, hope, respect, duty, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, sex, romance, desire, balance, purpose, passion, and more; as these are the steps we achieve in our journey to become, “more than self”.

Life is, the relationship we create with three completely separate entities: the existence of respect, “I understand I did NOT create myself”/ the reality of truths and trust, which I accept or deny/ and the consequences of time, as they interact with my expression or experiences defined by freedom, “in me and you”.

LOVE is, the seed of respect; which then grows or dies dependent upon our acceptance of truth and trust, which must create friendship first. When successful, love then blooms for those who can, as the foundation of our rise into Creation itself!
LOVE is, the development of strength and courage/ because it is an overwhelming need, to share and care about life and its relationships with time or beyond. It is a right, to belong; wherever truth & love exists/ by the question: where do you fail?
LOVE is, a dimension that separates itself from lesser things and people, by creating the boundaries which do demand: only love is allowed, from this point on. There are “steps”! If you cannot abide in those disciplines/ and achieve that order, and balance within yourself: then you shall NOT go farther, into life itself.
LOVE is, not blind or deaf/ but it is forgiving, whenever reality allows repentance is real. Mercy is “another chance”/ even if you don't truly deserve it: because love cares, if truth allows!
LOVE is, the description of a passion, “I have found my journey/ and it leads to you”. The destiny created by desire: because love knows “my heart, and soul lives here”. Desire is then, the essence of our own individual truth.
LOVE is, the intensity conceived by discarding all other truth, to focus on you: thereby we achieve the essence of “one”. That sexual reality, cannot be experienced or expressed: until your trust in each other consents to the truth, “we are, the passage between our lives”. Not physically in moments: but spiritually in destinies created by love, and shared as truth within us released to be “free, with you”. Without truth, you cannot journey into spirit. Without the essence of love created by trust; you cannot become as one. Without the treasury and value of a relationship that means “everything alive” completes our world/ conceives of ourselves, through expressions we experience: you lack the elemental foundation, called miracle! Where there are miracles, there will be foundations in truth. Where love grows, these will rise to encounter creation itself.
LOVE is: elementally constructed, wheresoever participation conceives of friendship and identifies an individual life. We love as the translation of “everything we give honor too”. Therefrom when asked, what is honor? The answer replies, “a duty conceived and accepted, to construct peace, harmony, and justice in life”/ beyond simple disciplines and courtesy. It is to fight, for the sanctity and respect owed, to others. Therefrom, it is consistent with reality to suggest, in a world that lives by truth: the love we receive is in direct proportion, to these decisions proven in you. In this world of lies, which multiply heartbreak after heartbreak: because friendship was not true/ that is not the case; as none are considered to be “true”. Therefrom: sex is used and abused, as are a variety of other excuses, to believe “I win”.

The foundations of happiness, are controlled by the essence of your own decision: to do the best you can, for life! When you do so, there is an underlying current of hope. When you prove you have done so/ then life itself, “knows you”; and it is a true friendship that will not be taken away. To participate means: within my life, I have created the opportunities for someone to share existence with me/ and I with them “its called friendship”. To participate without friendship, as in this day, for so many people, means: I will fight for life itself, even if it is alone/ because there is no other purpose more pure, than the essence of being ALIVE. Should not everyone who can, know this experience? It is my “paying back”/ the life, and time given to me. Happiness then is: to provide entrance, or a “door” beyond selfishness/ so that those who come inside with truth, can find the experience they need to accept GOD! GOD is, “A love beyond all known expressions”.
A REALITY, proven by the miracles which cannot be denied/ wherever truth exists!
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