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memorial day

It is true, a small incident; again makes me realize, that every life on this planet is in peril. The consequence of that underscores and explains the fact: NO ONE is allowed an excuse for not participating in life or death for this planet/ until it is clearly “too late”. Therefore some effort, will again take place in terms of this site; so as to establish, “free speech is not a gift of society/ it is a duty, established when the powers that be, clearly go too far”.

The realities of our endangerment, the entire future of our planet in peril, and more: has been identified clearly in the sites I do provide. That is not necessary to continue.

Instead the elements of society that must be addressed in addition to that fact are: criminals/ terrorists/ traitors/ liars/ thieves/ failures/ fools/ tragedies/ corruption/ rebellion/ anarchy/ conspiracy/ destruction/ fantasy/ and all the other stupidities, idiocies, delusions, and outright worship of everything “without value to life itself” as is consistent with university diplomas and its companion, male competition. Which are so dramatically, and devilishly instilled in American leadership. Must be dealt with.

The damn list, is very long! Worms for brains, invades our lives.

So then, the critical question must be: NOT a detailed listing of all that is bad, by individuals. But a clear understanding of what is “a road to extinction”/ and why does this exist?

The most fundamental realities are again expressed in the simple words: wherever there is want (as that functionally means, you can't have it yet)/ there are lies, as people do desperately attempt to get what they are not owed, and then try to hide with lies, the fact they chose badly, or worse. Wherever there is pride, the game of men exist: you are winner/ OR loser! A reality that does not support peace on earth. Wherever there is power, the demand is clear: “you want a slave”! That fact destroys harmony, and illicits criminal behaviors/ which then beget crime. Wherever there is arrogance: the purpose is, to proclaim “I am god”/ the universities are filled with arrogance, as is every form of leadership created by a diploma. We would not be so threatened, without it. Consequently, the foundation of change is: to examine thoroughly what is acceptable, for life, planet, and humanity/ and what is not acceptable, with regards to the consequences of, “a diploma”.

Separated from the cause and consequences of so much grief, as has precipitated from the universities are the realities of human competition, and in particular male competition: as they have throughout history, say of themselves “its a man's world”.

Men compete to gather and control all resources/ or destroy them, without regard for any consequence whatsoever. That is because, the demand to control a resource or any other aspect of need or desire in life; thereby intentionally enslaves the others, by making them respond to you. Pay the price, or you get nothing: is man versus man.

So the question of our lives, the rebuilding of our societies, FOR LIFE: depends upon what can we do, to remove control, without opening the door to excess destruction. Power, pride, and money all exist because without them, the reality of men unchecked, is to consume everything, completely without discipline/ which then causes extinction, desolation, or war.

Unfortunately, controlling bastard behaviors requires work. Forced Work, illicits power (you will)/ pride (I win)/ greed (leave me alone, I want out)/ and lust (something has to be worth living). So governments are formed; wherein money becomes a prize; courts are corrupted, because an opinion becomes like a law; and failure erupts like a sewer overflowing.

Here we begin the search for what is better?

  1. DISCIPLINE is the existence of a value inside, that accepts life has a duty, a boundary, and a purpose beyond simple selfishness. Rarely found in university heirarchy, political arenas, courts, or any portion of human leadership. But even more rarely found in public participation: the difference is, those who can take advantage/ those who can't, believe they would not, but fail to prove that. So the critical question here is WHY is there no real discipline among people?

    ANSWER: they want, what they want. Which means because its a want, lies flourish and truth dies.

  2. TRUTH means: reality has established an order in life, energy, and mass/ or the lack of it. That reality can be assessed by its order, to form a complex boundary wherein understanding exists.

    REALITY means: life accepts this is true, by the exhibit of its evidence.

These are then the functional keys to human survival as society. They determine the levels of “up, or down” that become “your civilization”. Discipline expands value into dignity, thereby justice. Truth elevates life into thought, and its confrontation of value versus self. Reality explains the difference between what is “right, or wrong”.

  1. RESPECT means: I accept the limits of what I can or did do/ and understand the difference between what is a gift to me, and what I could not, and/ or, did not do.

    HUMAN means: the passage between “animal versus human” has been made clear by the elevation of thought. More distinctly, thought encompasses the possibility, to be human means more than simply self. We must expand our participation from time, into eternal thought.

  2. LOVE means: the value of your existence, is truly equal to mine/ as your participation in my life, makes me able to conceive of an eternal life.

    JUSTICE constructs the existence of fair play by conceiving “what would love do”/ OR, what does hate require for life, peace, truth, and even the planet itself. Everything inbetween, determines life in “this society” itself.

  3. DECISION means: I have accepted the direction of my life, within the environmental constraints and realities of my time: shall be, as I have chosen. Decision thereby means as a society, the reality of fears/ the consequence of courage/ the participation of truth/ and the values most desired by us all: will be revealed.
  4. THOUGHT: never measures, and that means it does not exist within the developments of time. Instead the essence of life itself identifies a relationship with our Creator. Inside that environment, the spiritual realities which govern this creation are born in the presence of thought. Which then become the participation of self, as life beyond this moment.

These are the keys which identify and create a happy society, capable of peace and harmony; or its demise, because liars ruled. They are “the four winds of human life”.

7. WORK represents our participation with each other. Work identifies your willingness to provide, steal, or assume superiority. Work establishes religion; as the disciplines you believe are important. Work becomes the road to our future, both independently and as a world. Therefrom work is the people participation, required: to build, what you and your children can or cannot inherit from time. Turning that into a competition, because men are bored with simply being equal: brings war.

The elevation of laws, which govern instead of men or women: represent a constitutional breakthrough. Because it takes the reality of society away from men, and gives it “to the law”. Therefrom the law rules, when a constitution is enforced.

That, is the key to a civilized world!



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