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the final summary

Time is a deliberate environment, it is not chaos/ it is not absolute freedom/ and it is not a playground without consequences. Which does mean: it is an educational experience/ throughout your life.

The summary of my work is very simple: we are facing extinction, it does not take a “great mind” to deduce that. Merely respect for the evidence that exists. To which “all people” say: not in my lifetime/ so I need not do anything!

That of course is a lie, as we (humanity) are the problem/ which means we are the solution; or the cause of our own extermination from this planet. Assassinating the children, is NOT an option: unless you literally believe no consequences will exist for you. That fact reverberates in religious terms, as an improbability.

So more than any other warning: the causes and consequences of religion, depict a definition that should cause each living human being “an alarm”. University cults, and their cancer have removed religion by saying “we are smarter/ than they”. But like all cults; just because they do get “one thing right, or make one thing seem better; just for you”. Reality states the world is far more complex, than humanity believes is true.

Of the endless lies that are university driven: the most outrageous comes in two packages. The claim that university can ignite the same fire here on earth as is on the sun (a reality of experimentation for that purpose that occurs everyday). And the completely foolish & blind assertion: that life is from evolution! Even a dead man, must surely know better; as such an assumption is literally less intelligent than a pig's ass. Igniting a fire, that is known to consume planetary mass/ without any possibility of extinguishing it, once that ignition occurs: is beyond insane. The primary theory has already been proven wrong. But they don't want to lose their job, power, or pride; so it continues until we all burn alive. You will not worship them then; isn't that so!

As to evolution: a billion pieces of evidence and more exist/ to prove them wrong, it barely takes a mind at all. Of the most obvious realities, humanity must deal with/ therefore it cannot be faked: is the reality of old age, and how it does affect the body. So then ask yourself: if evolution is the extremely slow rise of complexity/ then how did life, WITH FAR LESS, than the most decrepit & diseased elderly person. Remain living? What don't you need to survive and be happy? What don't you need for your body to sustain itself. Or more simply: the body does not function without a liver/ it dies. the body does not function without a heart/ it dies. the body does not function without a kidney/ it dies. the body does not function without lungs, or blood, or food, or skin: etc/ etc/ etc. So then how did it design itself, without even a brain, or a hand, or a stomach: all at once/ so that the machinery did work. Evolution is a lie, even the brain dead should recognize. So why not university? Because they want to kill “GOD” and take HIS place/ claiming their fantasies are enough. Are these not fantasies:

“both evolution and yes we can control atomic fire”?

They are far worse than fantasies: they are failures of the human brain, an arrogance so diseased it seeks to destroy life. With evolution, they mutilate life, claiming “nothing to worry about”. As always, with life: the universities, could not be more wrong! The mutilate your food supplies; soon to give you only poison to eat. The university will ignite atomic fire, unless stopped/ unless GOD refuses to let humanity destroy HIS planet. Rather than believing “we can't die”/ biblical prophecy includes all life dies in fire: how is this not the same? GOD is not your slave.

So then the question is: why do you believe what you believe, about university? The answer comes in two parts: the atomic bomb (weapons of mass destruction) scares you into submission. The demand to be healed of what ails you with medicine, makes them appear to be “gods”/ when people fear for their lives. Alas, being healed has been toxic to life on earth/ as the multiplication of human beings are now at a crisis level. No real room left for more/ no food/ no water/ no resources/ no reality that does not conceive of HELL. Consequently only REAL decisions are left/ or death. It is not a game.

With world law & its enforcement, we can remove the weapons of mass destruction. Or die from them, if humanity refuses truth. Not a game, a risk that must be taken/ a reality that cannot be refused.

Over-population is a tragedy that must be dealt with on an individual basis. Women are the key, and that makes them entirely in charge of what can or cannot be done. Men will pay, with money and respect; because you have no other option. If men try to take control over population, by treading on women: this world dies instead. Simple and plain, women will decide/ but they are warned: unlike the chaos caused by university driven “make men have a vasectomy”. That has proven to be a terrible decision in many ways: sex stops for the man (no chemicals = no fun)/ and therefore it stops for the women as well. There will be fundamental and true decisions made, or the world itself dies; as the last “bits and pieces” of everything are destroyed. Leaving only cannibalism, if you don't burn as a planet/ or die from your weapons of mass destruction. These are each: “A gift”, from your university gods/ and there are many more.

You want what you want, and nothing else is important to you; simple as that! Apart from whosoever helps you get what you want: is a trophy to be polished. No where on this planet, is that more evident than America; the place where fantasies rule/ counterfeiting pays/ and humanity now loses hope. Those who have been born here decades ago: want life to return as it was, thirty to sixty years back, “the trump champaign”. That place/ that life no longer exists; take a look around. “The hillary champaign” wants to push forward, building on the 9 trillion dollars of inflation; pumped into the world economy per year; since obama took office. None face reality; but all say, “DON'T tear down the lies/ we can't survive it”. So tragedy simply increases, and the possibility of survival for this entire planet ends. Because the vast majority, are cowards! You are consuming, your children/ as if they were “food”. To your eternal shame. And all say, NOT ME; yet “not one” wants truth/ or accepts the price of returning to reality and life is to STOP THESE LIES. So “yes, you too”!

Destiny is the accumulation of every decision that you make/ the reality of your true desires. Fate is the consequence of every lie, or refusal to accept only truth can decide. Tragedy is the reality of being faced with decisions or consequences; that you did not create. HELL is the truth: we no longer have an option, to survive. HADES is an elemental chaos, initiated from your own mind/ its terrors, and its fears come “to life”.

So then critical to the decisions that you must make for life; is the essence of life itself, and what is or is not true as described in: “GOD CREATED THIS WORLD”!

We begin with the human body, and understand: without doubt or exception something SO EXTREMELY MORE COMPLEX, than anything men can make. SO ABSOLUTELY intricate and perfect in more ways than one. SOMETHING which creates itself, sustains itself, and lives within a world that makes everything being human is, possible! Absolutely cannot be an accident; rather it is true proven intelligence far beyond anything on this earth. Thereby “GOD” has been here.

As to the question: ARE we created and then abandoned? The answer is best served with a reminder of the life JESUS demonstrated; which did then change this world of human life, over time. By introducing love, respect, discipline, eternity, courage, humility, thought identified, and “GOD” as the possibility of being more, to each one as an individual/ than anyone could ever expect or ask for. Not abandoned; simply given the freedom, humanity demands. Freedom is freedom/ which means, “just because you break a rule”/ does not mean, some kind of zap out of “heaven” should then consume you. That is not freedom; and life is either one way, or the other.

So the question then becomes, is eternity something that is true, “for you”/ or not? Or as people would say: WHAT, do I get?

The answer to that is not as simple as you.

The answer to that, resides in thought as the elemental description of your own identity expressed and experienced by the foundation environment of your body, and its life on earth. Summarized an identity is your own true desire unleashed. Having established that, eternity does have a place “for you”. What you then get, is determined by your true desires, as proven by your own decisions.

As to what is the reality of an eternity: the answer begins with energy. Not the kind found here physically/ but the kind which gives you life itself; as the creation of your own experience of freedom. Freedom is not a body, or a body would not die. Freedom is the essence of your individuality, the cause and consequence which leads you to use your body as you desire. Therefore desire functionally forms the relationship you share, with life. Life is not an individual expression, or you would not die. Rather life is a shared experience with your Creator, as soul/ until you discard that grace, and choose less. Freedom allows you this decision; even though it does have consequences. That is the price, and the reality of being human.

More, will do you no good; therefore it is abandoned. Simple as that.

Biblical prophecies have been interpreted in this work; although they can be enlarged and improved/ it is enough to understand, “better than expected”. The prophecy of Daniel 12; is again proven to be the examination by law of humanity: asking the question, did humans go to far, for life and the processes of earth to survive? The answer is yes. This prophecy then continues in the second death, so described as is the question of mercy; by GOD on us/ as we can survive in no other way. Since destroying the foundations which keep life on this earth alive on its own. That question has a limit of days, for people to prove they are worth “mercy”; to deny arrogance, and accept the price which is respect. To date, the answer is no: people worship their arrogance and disrespect/ not life, or GOD . You will change or die; you are warned, the evidence is clear, foundations built from truth are identified/ but still you lie, and worship delusions from your “university gods (these will save us. Even though they are the primary cause of what threatens to exterminate you)”. To your shame.

Truth decides, what can or cannot survive: it is that plain. I cannot save you/ no one can except “GOD” ; Creator of this whole earth and all its life!

Even so, unchanged: as truth demands it exists: YOU, particularly by the efforts of your university gods/ CAN destroy this earth; and will. Whether that is a descent into hell (we are trapped, nothing will survive this)/ mutilations (its too late, life is descending into chaos, and cannot return to happiness)/ resource devastation: NOTHING is as it was. OR, simply igniting an atomic fire on this earth/ which truly cannot be extinguished. Even your university gods agree on this: which means their gamble “a ten million degree fire that burns atomic bonds” will just extinguish itself. Is all you have to depend upon: between extreme horror or life. Such a reality can only be described as “satan, on earth”! And since the vast majority absolutely refuse to do anything regarding that truth: how does that not make you “devils and henchmen”, to the same.   WITH AN ENTIRE WORLD OF LIFE, AND ALL ITS FUTURE LIFE AT STAKE: this  is what you chose; whether you ran away to hide or not. IT IS  still a choice, “to let satan (arrogance so extreme, it betrays and belittles; even insanity) play, with life”. Bigger fools, have never existed.

Oh wait, “I Know”; you have bills to pay/ trophies to want/ and no possible way, anything bad is going to happen in YOUR lifetime. Let the children be damned! Ain't that so.



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