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WAR, for this state, nation, and world: MEANS, “with a whisper in the wind”/ the foundation for change exists, by the hand of those who accept & spread this demand: LIFE MUST COME FIRST.

Nothing less will keep this earth alive.

So we begin with the critical reality of our time: people choose to inflict their will on our planet/ as “university knows”. We are a population count, which will soon become 8 billion times, what every single person wants, takes, needs, or simply destroys. We understand the tragedy of that comes with an agricultural (used directly by farming, for food) land mass of roughly 7 billion acres. We acknowledge; every ocean and all its life on this planet are under sage. Wisdom tells us, not only are the base food chains, for all of life collapsing on land/ but within the ocean as well. We recognize, America in particular has gained agricultural expansion: by using finite sources of fertilizer/ mutilating plants/ extreme poisoning of the planet itself/ sterilizing and risking all forms of food, by ending diversity (we like, just this one). We identify, that nearly all livestock farming is now entirely dependent upon antibiotics: soon gone, and with their demise an incalculable amount of tears will come.

We add in: a university arrogance so extreme, they are willing to risk every single life, every single future life, and even the solar system itself, by intending/ experimenting/ and will finally ignite atomic fire, here on earth: “just like the sun”! Their claim of safety is: not enough gravity here on earth to hold the flame onto the surface/ so it will just “escape into space”; and put itself out. Not what the sun proves! Their claim to knowledge is: all the fire on the sun comes from combining hydrogen into helium/ yet only a tiny amount of helium exists. And if it were true, and the sun was creating enormous amount of helium: which does not burn/ then why is the sun just the atomic version; of the same fire we see here? Not one statement, other than a solar flare on the sun extends for about 12 times the distance our moon is to this earth/ can be proven. They are each, so deceitful/ so extremely concentrated in “what can only be called evil”: that the subtext of university knows refers to “a satanic cult” on earth. Simply trying to destroy us all. Simply controlling the courts, leadership, media, and all forms of intelligence or knowledge, WITH THE PEOPLE SHALL NOT BE INFORMED. No consent allowed/ democracy itself destroyed! That same occult mutilating nature in its every conception with DNA manipulation/ and their proven, stated, evolutionary purpose: which is to bring CHAOS into life throughout this planet. Their chosen “god”. Etc/ etc/ etc!

We then acknowledge, the university claim: NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! Clearing establishing humanity IS changing the climate, proven real; particularly due to air-conditioning and vehicle usage. Destroying the ozone (radiation poisoning is next). Intentionally dumping trillions of tons of toxic waste: EVERYWHERE. Threatening all water supplies on earth. While humanity itself consumes more than the oxygen produced by this planet with their fire/ engines/ and more; while destroying every process that creates oxygen: proven true.

We then go university expertize, we can do anything we want! Analyzing aquatic farming: the introduction of new or growing parasites/ disease production from nitrogen, etc/ pollution of the incubating areas required for the ocean life; and a garbage dump entirely caused by people the size of America, three feet deep. Overfishing, attacks on the ocean currents, genetic alteration of marine fish: changing nature in the sea as well as land. The destruction of insects (a base food source for massive amounts of life), and their pollination for our planet; directly or indirectly. The extinction of species, across our world. The consumption of forest/ the tragedy of resource depletion, which means soon no job or life for us all: just war.

We then go to the triumph of university, the god of military life, and the stated savior, by the majority of every nation: weapons of mass destruction. Recognizing every single threat of horror/ terror/ and hell as predicted by the bible is in fact coming true. That is not a religious statement, rather it is the evidence of our world.

These are simply some of the major threats: which all should recognize as true. Although there is tiny indications from media of these troubles. Their primary claim to fame is: A reality of denial by the propaganda cauldrons or gurgling puss that is media manipulation, and misinformation. Or more simply: owned by a tiny few, their purpose is, as is the purpose of all leadership: to insure “NOBODY touches my money/ and I GET ALL, of yours”. While the courts have been regurgitating corruption most vile.

THE ATTACK, of university knows; has been especially treasonous against America! Where the foundation of everything that has been “our success” as a nation: has been intentionally altered, for the specific purpose of making life itself dependent upon a “university expert”. To achieve that, three things were established: weapons of true mass destruction are real now. Religion as was the backbone of America is dismantled by evolution. The money supply is destroyed, so that counterfeiting & university fantasies, can control.

To aid in the further rebellion and betrayal of America itself: every election is bought with counterfeiting. Every public media is controlled by a tiny few. Leadership knows nothing, it may only bow down to “university knows”. The courtroom: leads only to the traitorous uprising by the judiciary, against democracy itself (no constitution here). Policing and military are caught in a web: trapped by words, disguised as laws/ to destroy freedom, liberty, and even life itself. Becoming thugs in many possible scenarios/ even if the intent, was to obey a law: that law is obviously corrupt in and of itself/ thereby criminal in conception. Education (only the university knows) is the single greatest army against our planet/ the single greatest army consuming both nation and states, by its diploma: WE DESERVE MORE. Never taking credit for their catastrophe after castrophe, an anarchy intentionally created, as a foundation laid, to consume us all. Because they believe: “we the university diploma/ are gods”. Indeed they are, its called “satan”/ which means “destroyer of worlds, by sheer arrogance, lack of caring, and a will to play god with life, truth, and reality governed by lies!


The only proper and dutiful response in America, or this state of IL begins with the refusal of taxation. OR, more correctly I/ we do not refuse taxation/ I, or we REFUSE THE COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF LIFE, PLANET, DEMOCRACY, NATURE, and the arrogance so extreme: even igniting this planet on fire/ by refusing the democratic authority that is “INFORMED CONSENT”! MUST be stopped.

Since the advent of satan, and its occult; as is “university knows”! Has arrived, and taken control over every aspect of life, communication, state, and nation and world. Their only acknowledgement of humanity itself is: THE PEOPLE SHALL BE OUR SLAVES! They buy you with counterfeit numbers, and claim a value that simply no longer exists. America is bankrupt, as is the state of IL; and countless other elements of human society that keep us from war, starvation, and horror. Causing the majority to assume, “LET THE LIARS, CHEATS, TRIATORS, TERRORISTS, AND THIEVES LEAD”/ because its better than the reality THEY HAVE given us: that will occur, if they don't.

So then humanity, and especially the United States of America as a majority truth: FACE THE SIMPLE REALITY, either we accept OUR NEED TO RETURN this state, nation, and world TO LIFE MUST COME FIRST/ or we all die, as traitors to ourselves and this entire world! Not a game, the evidence does prove all these things! EVEN YOU, can understand that.

Even so, the primary elevation of America as the distinct source of “satan himself on earth”, as is consistent with “university is god (they CANNOT be questioned”/ IS THE REALITY OF DEMOCRACY ITSELF. Not yet completely disassembled: which gives us all “first amendment, redress of grievances”. OR more distinctly, this is the legal right to assert authority as owners of this nation, BY WE THE PEOPLE!

THAT FOUNDATION OF LAW, is our right to investigate for what is true, to examine our reality, for where people CANNOT be allowed to create WRONG, and to determine for ourselves as WE THE PEOPLE: what we will allow to come next. We are the money/ our resources, are the future of life/ we cannot survive, when truth says no/ we can create world law, and remove weapons of mass destruction/ we can redistribute the money, and declare “limited capitalism” shall rule. We can refrain from violence, and let the law decide our future. We can and we must WRITE OUR OWN LAWS, so that each one knows the law/ thereby each one can enforce the law, through avenues created by us, for justice, freedom, rights, and liberty to fight for ourselves, and to fight for our world as true patriots to life itself, with absolute respect for this planet, and all it means to our own existence, as well as EVERY child. IF, you do that/ then the university occult shall disappear/ and America becomes the primary source of “life/ rather than death” FOR THIS PLANET.

It is a choice, and your time to make a difference is extremely limited, as you have truly, as a clear vast majority; failed every other test put before you. The path forward is TRIAL! The foundation of that trial is: LIFE MUST COME FIRST/ because we as a world, can no longer be wrong. Nature is being destroyed. The planet itself is being threatened. Lies consume every nation, and a population explosion, WILL EXTERMINATE every single source of food on this earth: leaving only cannibalism and hell! Along with mutilations beyond description as nature does fall into chaos, due to the satanic reality of those who believe they can be “gods”. Your money is worthless, proven true. Even though it buys today: in an instant, that can and will die, making everything you slaved and sacrificed for: “dead”.

You think you are better off as you are: BUT REALITY SAYS, “extermination and extinction hunt you/ and will win”! Without true and literal LEGAL change.

None are asked, to simply believe!

All are required to “THINK FOR YOURSELF”, and accept the task: to investigate for truth/ examine reality for proven evidence/ identify what the future does bring/ and isolate what it means, TO BE WRONG. In every situation that lurks as TRAGEDY! Then more, if you can find your brain. Therefrom demanding DEMOCRACY (as we the people, decide this nation shall be), will again rule life, in America and its states. AND we the people, as one nation: shall now control our own impact and influence on this world. Let the law of life decide/ NOT “men” or women.
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