Passions, purpose, desire, and loneliness; are all elements of the behaviors exhibited between male and female adults.

Examination of these details, presents us with an explosive mix/ that either ascends from personal selfishness into the expressions of value and love for other people. Or descends from participation established within respect/ to the places where hate, revenge, violence, sadness, suicide, and insanities occur.
Passion is the exhibition of an inner expression, that is experienced when the foundations which control the fabric of our decisions, is allowed to be freed. A passion is: the critical step between living a life “about just me”/ and accepting the duties which align with this is important to us all, or at least more than just me. Passion verifies “more than one life, exists” for me. Passion is a necessity, in romance, love, and family. It comes without a price, to any other but me. It is the evidence of: duty will be achieved.
Purpose is the demand, that I must achieve my goal/ regardless of the price I cause to another, or the way in which I travel toward my fate. Therefore purpose is either “alive or dead” at its essence: because it drives those who accept it, into their destiny or fate. A purpose is a critical decision, it is a demand, my life MUST succeed at this one thing: or there will be consequences such as “being lost/ jealousy/ failure/ potential insanity, as is addiction; and a wide range of similar realities”. Unless “their purpose” fits your life; those who are truly defined by their decision/ cannot surrender it, until it meets its conclusion. Consequently, although like me, “many are worthy human beings fighting for life”/ there is no real room for anyone who does not accept the price of this life, for me/ therefore “for us”: is literally this goal. There are also many more whose goal is greed, power, lust, etc; and they are not worthy of your time, unless that is what you wish for your future as well.
Desire represents, “the questions within your heart”! The reality of love or hate, which constructs the future by your own design. Desire establishes the crossroads of life: by confronting you again and again, until your decision is clear. Either you do choose and accept, the foundations which present us with love/ OR you do choose and accept the realities of behavior, the consequences and fate, that hate will bring; even though these are wrapped in lies. Your choice is not. Desire decides the direction of your soul/ which does mean, “toward all that is good and life affirming”/ OR, all that is not, relying on selfishness to be your god.
Loneliness opens the door: “I am NOT enough for me/ I must have MORE”! Therefrom, the elemental rise from existence: the recognition that I am alive, which is enough. Into the critical passage beyond myself, as is the existence and intention called love. Describes the values we expand from simply being alive, into the doors which elevate our experience with time. Every door is a decision/ but every door is not a truth. The difference is, life in time can hold many realities/ but life itself, as the existence of “creation itself”; can only survive truth. Therein thought elevates loneliness, into creation as the values of being alive are searched to become the essence of self/ instead of time. In contrast to that ascension; are the many realities governing time itself/ as that is our situation on this earth, and we must not entirely avoid it. Life separated from the rest of life, as if it were not worthy or respected by the others: limits and denies the opportunities of love. Therefore the passage of time becomes haunted with all that is not living “with me”. Or more simply: loneliness appears, because only the image of love is available, “a ghosting” of what is real/ rather than life itself. People cause that, with judgment/ disrespect/ the failure of many things; that are necessary to avoid and remove hate. Hate acts upon loneliness, “like a parasite”/ moving just under the skin: until you recognize the garbage which let it in. Or more simply: hate is removed, and peace will enter, only if you remove the things which are not love. Life is about three distinct things in time: either you choose love/ or you choose hate/ or what you are required to do, is about survival. One of these three things decides every change, or step, in the direction of your life. Those who disagree, and describe themselves with want: are forming that decision with lies and images of what they expect their journey to become. Rather than what it is: a life in time, like all others/ dependent upon what you do in fact, choose. Lies only complicate and remove respect. Without respect, there is NO relationship with another life. Do remember that! It is true of the spiritual world as well.

Dating is governed by little things, believe it or not. Primary motivation is the difference between male and female/ or “I find you sexy”: because you are not physically, like me. The more that is visible, the more sexy you become. Therefore it is the differences between male and female, that arises as the key to making someone notice me. Second on the list of mandatory elements that must be achieved is: contrary to being a child, “pretending to be like me” is not enough. To be within my development of adult friendship, increasing the possibility of my critical decision to invest in you “time and effort”. You must actually be like me, or honestly willing to accept the life I do live, changing yours, or I changing mine to become a journey together as one. Liars are NOT welcome, because nothing is fair in war/ and only the things and realities which are true; are fair in love. None can build trust, without truth. Every lie destroys the bond which is trust, between you. Therefore choose: either build a life together/ or destroy that bond with lies; you cannot have both.
The third reality of life that intervenes and determines the future of any relationship/ of every romantic gesture: “is can I afford your happiness”? Or more simply: is the summation of your life, coupled to mine: going to cost me all or most of my life? When it is easy to believe, that I can make you happy: then it is also easy to get to know you, which is the beginning of every long term relationship. Within that price of a relationship is the reality of “ARE you happy”/ or can I fix, am I willing to pay; for this problem you have? The less you cost me, the more likely it is, I will find you desirable and spend my time, life, and money with you. Everything you need/ everything I need: is a cost which we bring to each other. Therefore it is substantively true, that everybody searches “for the best deal”. That “shopping”, is functionally conceived by: these three fundamentals.
1. What will you do for me/ what must I do for you: will we choose together?
2. What is the life that you lead in real physical “this is how it is” living? And, can you do more, or will you let me choose a life, for myself?
3. What are the disciplines of your heart? Can you control yourself, for the greater good, of you or me or us? Because if “this matters to me”/ the day will come, when it is an issue between our lives. Those who are very active/ will find an error in those who become truly complacent. Everyone has a right to live as they please, so long as they don’t hurt someone else intentionally. But that does not mean, I wish to participate in a life, that I do not wish to live for myself. I have rights too!

The critical issue of love is: what do I have to share/ what am I willing to receive! That translates into, “what are the blessings I have achieved within me”; and where is my own heart, when I know that the value of your life has an equal meaning with mine? Or more simply: you cannot share, what you have not gathered within yourself as a value worth existence. These are simple realities, that begin with every single life on this planet is a miracle: beyond all description of money, or the alternate values of men/ WE ARE ALIVE, and nothing has more value than that. Therefore the question of sharing is: DO YOU understand these words? If you do/ then the best blessing of your life is an appreciation conceived by respect, for all life itself. Demonstrated by your own actions/ held with honor, by your own love established in caring, sharing, and the freedoms which become our expression of time. It is within these moments, that people choose a mate; “for love and life”. Or more simply: many wait for proof of reality, before they commit. Responsibility sometimes requires, “a time apart, for becoming critically aware”/ of the life you truly desire, and the price you ARE willing to pay. Love is not a price, and never will be. However time and living require a payment, and it is not free. You marry these too, along with families, and the relationship you have, or will have, with reality.
The critical issue of time is: “NO moment, justifies a decision that establishes a lifetime”. Or more simply, people cannot be judged on tiny snippets of behavior/ dress/ or other. It is not valid, unless violence is truly in evidence: as hate identified. Hate can be judged. Love cannot. Rather love is an evidence of discipline, that allows order to conceive of a balanced acceptance, with all purposes guiding toward a respect that elevates everyone; “as best we can”. There are no non-violent behaviors that do not include someone else, which are to be judged. Life is a barrier in time, created to illuminate: what is, or is not to be valued! Therefore every action or reaction is a decision to consider the consequences and learn from the mistakes. Even if they are somewhat absurd. The element called WHY, subjugates us all to an investigation of reality itself. I, for myself; have walked at “the extreme edge”/ many times. Preparations are necessary. Realities of “a rise or fall”; create knowledge. Returning “to your expectations”, is slightly complicated; or more correctly, “requires a price”. Many search/ many fall; not all rise again. It is not for you to judge them or anyone else: only hate can be judged, by law. Everything else does become a functional freedom; some of which can and must be restricted to “somewhere else”.
The distance between dating and love, is as simple as WHY? You must answer that question for yourself; because it is a valid description of what “this future” is going to be. If you want: “the foundation of every lie”/ then you have expectations that must be met, or you won’t be happy. Even so, want is an abyss: it never ends, unless you yourself ends it in you. So the question of your future is dependent upon what you both WANT. The decision of pride requires: somebody has to lose/ before someone else can win! Be careful who you choose, because as time goes on, where want controls, life becomes a game. Pride will make you the loser/ or the winner: use/ abuse/ jealousy/ and more arises from here.
Many who get married want a child: period/ make this happen, and then go away. Because now I got what I wanted. That is functionally unfair, and deprives each other of the opportunities to share the experience of a relationship when it happens to early. The same is true of refusing each other a child: if you wait too long, or refuse the open wound of a person who deeply wants a child. They won’t forgive you. The only question is, will they remain in love with you? One child is enough/ unless they die. Because this world is full! This is a critical question for every relationship, and it must be dealt with honestly. Or more simply: do NOT lie/ cheat/ steal/ or entrap. If you do not desire a child, refusing at every opportunity/ and your lover does: then find someone else, who will accept your need. It will become a constant sore, if you don’t. People do change their mind/ but that is not for you to say. People do, “in particular men”: who want a woman with child, WILL many times try to make that child “worth something to them”. In other words, even if your married/ even if its their child too: they want some kind of payment from “your child”/ for their tolerance. That decision can become a failure, such as using the child for sex.
The foundations of marriage are simple ones: we agree there will be a financial cost/ for any reality of separation. It is a legal decision/ not a religious one.
The critical reality of understanding “you are both making an oath to accept each other, to respect each other, and to love each other as best you can” before GOD . Is a decision that cannot be undone. Rather if separation is required, then both bear an equal responsibility for the damage done. This is “your act”/ not “GOD’S decision: your decision, asking for a lifetime. That cannot be created unless both are true to their words. Only truth survives.


CHANGE EXISTS, only when the current cycle is broken. That is true of individuals/ nations/ or even “the world of humanity”. The only difference is, how many are affected.

A cycle is: the things we do, and the decisions we make, to keep the current state of affairs going. I know this works, for me, at this time; therefore if I continue it, I then know what I can expect/ and I believe, “I know”, what my reward shall be. It continues: even though this is less than I desire; it is what I have been able to gather from this world, or these people, or myself; as “a living”. No matter what that is, “others, have participated in these events and decisions”/ therefore I am the relationship exposed; of all things, in, of, and around me. Both now, and of the past. Cycles exist because they predict the future, and we want to know if life will be “ok”. In addition we DON’T want to know, that life is going to be “intolerable”. So the safe road, is to where we have been before!
The critical question is: WHY, are people afraid of their lives?
The critical answer is: because, things have happened which made them fear, or understand they can be hurt, or abandoned by others. So cycles protect us from these fears/ by predicting the future; as a road traveled before. Even if we don’t like the destiny/ the fear inherent in the journey, is controlled.

We begin with a new life, by understanding fear itself!
Fear, is divided into three distinct meanings:
1) I know, that nothing I did gave me life/ which means, I can lose that life just as easily; because life itself, is not mine “to own”. Rather I do own the body and mind; but not life itself, because I cannot create it or sustain it, just because I want too. Therefore whatsoever exists, beyond or in place of this living: is unknown as well, because I have no direct say, only the knowledge of what death as a body does mean. Death then is to be feared.
2) I know, that the body does have pain associated with it/ because there can be levels of intensity, that are far beyond anything I would wish to endure, for any length of time. I know, that the body can be lost, and left to endure so much less than “the average person endures”/ that it is terrible to conceive of this, as living. When a healthy body, can be so much more. I know, that no one would choose anything less, than a complete “natural body”, as given to the vast majority. A body disaster, is then to be feared.
3) I know, that the mind can be lost to unimaginable disaster, such as hate. Or in other ways: There are those who cannot function, in peace or harmony, or conceive of love: because something is lost. These are realities, that holds our ability to be all things desirable and valued: to participate as a life worth living. Some people cause tragedy a little in themselves/ some greatly. While others cause this to strangers, or any other they meet/ while still others seek to heal this. Critical failure can occur in anyone, so long as fear exists. We know not why, other than it is a choice/ until you fear. This too, is to be feared. So say the vast majority!

The true question is then why do we fear? The fundamentals are: because it hurts to be wrong/ it is forever, to be dead/ this is my life, and everybody knows, some live better; and some I would never choose to be. There is also loneliness, survival, and need! These things are not choices, they are realities designed and created by what is true. There is even sex, “at its minimum reality, a chemical soup/ that is limited, but still demands, with importance, that something must be done”.
But there are choices! Every single facet of our lives is founded in the fact that we are free to choose our destiny/ as best we can, within the realities present for our lives. Each is not the same/ but we are equal as life itself, presented upon this earth, as a body independent, and a mind without restraint. That does mean, regardless of any other fact: “ours, is the last and final decision: for life”. Others may in fact orchestrate and cause our death/ but so long as life exists, the choice of fear remains our decision. Therefore it is necessary to understand, “what a decision actually means”.
Fundamental to every life, is: the foundations upon which we believe our future shall exist. Or more simply, we anchor ourselves into a specific form/ because we do accept something “special”, is worth the price it will cost. Religions begin here, but only rarely flourish; because the price, of a true foundation: is everything you desire to be. Belief cannot take you there. Consequently, life is a directive, that catalogues everything between fear, desire, and truth. These are the functional relationships that determine our lives, as a participant in the identity we create.
We then begin with identity: the critical passage between life itself, and the essence of who you are as defined by desire, truth, courage, and decision. Every search within the fountains of your own existence, requires a level of truth that cannot be abandoned. Or more simply: unless you anchor yourself into something that will NOT be changed. You will be lost, in the “jungle” of variables, over which you have no control: thereby fear will erupt, even if it did not exist before. The first lesson is then to find and accept, a description of truth/ that you understand to be “without fault”! My journey accepted “JESUS” as this anchor. Not by religious assertion/ but by the elevation of love, the identity called courage, the values of a desire which gives back to our CREATOR, and a personal decision: to accept the consequences of these actions and reactions to or from, the world which surrounds me. These four directions are necessary for you as well/ regardless what you choose as an anchor, it must be firmly within your grasp, or more an essence of time, therefrom reality: revealing simply, “the truest desires of your heart”. There are three more directions that can attack you: the first four are like the wind “north/ south/ east/ west”. The second three are “top/ bottom/ and from inside yourself”. To understand the truth of your own desire, is to elevate or ascend beyond “yourself”/ so as to experience or express the destiny you choose. This is a path, to conceiving of all that our CREATOR has potentially set before us. Or more correctly it is all that we believe and trust is available to us, as an individual called life/ as presented by this experience in time. Having conceived of the path, and done so (trusted the ending/ destiny), the journey is now set in you; and the price expressed, that must then be paid. Therefrom, reality attests to the fact of what is true in you. If you “change your mind”/ what is inside your own heart, is allowed to attack you, until clarity has formed the bridgework between what needs to be, and what is: by identifying what is lacking. That is then your choice, to heal what is wrong/ or surrender to it. If you fail yourself, and choose less: what then surfaces from below, as in the consequences formed by descriptions of death/ begin to infiltrate your own reality. They are conceived as “devil”; but are nothing more than the outside expression of fear, as time reveals death CANNOT be avoided. That substantively means, of the element called time: “fear is the devil, so called”. Whereas if you become proven true to yourself by the fact of your own decisions/ your proven reality: then the spiritual world will beckon/ as your journey turns to soul! Soul is, a relationship with creation itself/ as in “GOD did this”.
Functional relationships are formed from the reality of what, when, why, how, and where the elements of time participate with me/ and I with them: where truth does not substantially rule. Each composite description is defined by the expressions of what our truths form together/ and by how that decision, becomes the experiences which will shape the essence or definitions of our world, society, family, or other.
Or more simply: the treasury or tragedy of what we become as participants in the same experience of time/ are formed by the decisions we the people make, in direct relation to what I the individual decide. When we choose as a majority to treasure life, and all its miracles: VALUE emanates throughout our society, and we all benefit from that decision. If on the other hand the tragedy of selfishness, greed, lust, hatred, crime, etc are functionally chosen by “far too many”/ society itself will sink into endless disasters, violence, and war. We are the makers of our experience/ by expressing either values or hatred. The question is why do people hate? The answer is: we, or I WANT MORE for myself/ or my group; than nature, and its reality will allow. Therefrom, the means to gather more becomes: I or we, will take it from the others. That escalates into consequences, which then turn more into the tragedy of individual failures/ and groups fall apart, or form armies to take advantage of force. Force acts upon those who are weaker/ by confronting them with what they cannot do. That fact illuminates a need, questions the ability to survive, and identifies the disability of loneliness to confront a force greater than yourself. We then come to where, shall I find the “strength” to go on?
Three things operate within the realm of a controlled fear: “God will help me/ I can hide, lie, or run away/ and they won’t attack, if I make them fear me more: therefore I must be even more heinous, than my oppressor”. Within that definition of “your beliefs”: come the following. Whatever I want, is what I believe in. Whatever I believe you want, will become the essence of “my lies”. And fear is my friend, if I can make it your enemy. So the question is: what do you want/ why do you want it/ and can I use that against you! These are the realities of lies/ manipulation/ temptation/ control/ lust/ use/ and abuse.

Cycles of behavior exist because of the interplay between the various influences listed above. Particularly in their relationship to fear, and the seven basic references that are human designs for control over someone other than self. These are elevations above fear, and construct behaviors through want. Want illicit’s a decision, by pretending “IF, you did this/ then what is true about your situation will not matter: YOU can receive the trophy”. Cycles of fear are different, and largely proclaim: IF, I do whatever you want, regardless what that is/ THEN I will be safe. Variations exist as the endless definitions of “traitor” come to mind.
We then return to the four primary motives in human conduct: as are fear/ loneliness/ survival/ and need predict a road much traveled by nearly all of humanity. Cycles exist because they work for us/ it limits the distance we travel from ourselves, to bare necessity: I WANT, to continue living/ therefore I fear, what can happen to me.
What is beyond ourselves, far in the distance outside the levels of time control: lives the creation of existence itself. The beginning of everything, is no small reality. The critical question is then: what does happen when you die/ and how does that enhance or detract or destroy life itself? The foundation of influence governing these questions is either critical truth, as in the path to creation itself/ or fear, the reality governing every moment to control time, even though we know, it ends in death.
We begin with fear: I MUST survive (I must pay)! The reality of death, I WILL be entirely alone, and without options or freedom or energy or life (controlled by an endless sea of rejection). The consequence of survival is: even if I hate this/ I have no choice. (Time despises me). The distance a need creates, between what I deserve as a living example of life/ and what I have, as a manipulated existence: is created by you! (You, are my problem). Within these examples of “crossroads” we all encounter/ are the purposes of behavior, and the ingredients which become influential, in how we participate. Fear confronts us with “trouble”. Loneliness erects a barrier neither you or I, are likely to cross. Survival illuminates crime. While need identifies the crisis formed when selfishness and greed rule the world. In all these things, cycles are born/ which return us to the beginning of our time: “where we were safe” from the rest of our world. Consequently when threatened with fear/ loneliness/ survival/ or need: the return path becomes a road greatly traveled. Because when one does something bad to someone else/ it transfers along that individual path, to many more. Spreading like fire, until someone is strong enough, and secure enough to stop that “here”.
Alternately the path to life, beyond the limits of ourselves, is a “wide open invitation” to anyone who seeks truth with their heart, and soul. The critical challenge is not truth itself, that is a lesson to be learned along the way. Rather the critical element is what YOU can accept, beyond the limits of security as provided by time will allow. Only trust lives here/ without trust, you cannot go. Only truth identified as without fault, gives trust, and allows that trust to proceed where only love can go.
Love is the garden of everything desirable, everything valued, and everything beautiful because its real! Time is a challenge/ love is a respect accepted within the heart, and cherished within the soul: because creation itself built this. Sexual ascension, is the ability and desire to conceive of truth within us both/ because we cared, and we gave ourselves to share the bounty of our existence, without fear. That too, is absolutely unattainable without trust. Trust must be earned, as the truth I know exists. Therefore it does take time, to achieve the reality of experience/ and become a participant in OUR expression, rather than yours, or mine. That, is neither small nor simple.

biblical questions

Of the many expressions used by men and women to avoid responsibility for their actions or lack of: the most prevalent is, “its Gods’ will”/ nothing can happen unless HE allows it!
When applied to our reality, that statement does fall short of truth. NOT because it isn’t so/ but because of our own contributions to the reality we choose. We are responsible, for the choices we make/ how is that not true? We are capable of taking actions/ designing reactions/ or just plain failing the necessary wisdom NOT to do some of the things we do: HOW is that “GOD’s fault”? We are allowed to choose our own destiny/ or fall beneath whatever fate will allow: because that is what time grants to us. The freedom to be whoever you can be/ by your own reality, and the consequences of your own decisions. No doubt a design by men, more so than “our GOD” who would teach us better/ if any would listen.
The critical reality of our day is: that those who have taken over “the position of god/ in humanity today”/ as is the university. Have become so arrogant, and so delusional: that they believe they can play god, without consequences. Life has consequences. Reality has consequences. Lies have consequences/ etc. As does what we all choose to do, or allow to be done: as one single nation or world of human beings living in time. Your decision as a functional world, has been to allow the universities to do absolutely anything/ believing from them, all “great things shall arise”. They took control over your money/ your government/ your courts/ your media/ your policing/ your religions/ your everything: and did build the life we live today. Both good and bad!
The critical question of this day is NOT: to whom do you belong “as believers”/ you belong to the university knows religion, the clear reality of this day. They decide, and you obey. They teach, and you mimic them completely. They steal, and you let them; because it is too harsh now, to go back. They destroy the sanctity of every life, every nation: with fantasy and failures/ and yet you worship them as god.
Nonetheless, you are allowed to believe anything you wish/ just like every terrorist, or religious zealot, or agnostic, or atheist, or whatever it is you choose to believe. You are allowed to surrender yourselves to love, or to hate: it is your choice. Is that not so? You are allowed to crash and die/ commit suicide/ steal/ lie/ cheat/ burn/ rape: and every other reality of failure that is consistent with humanity on this earth from the beginning of human time. Is that not so? Indeed it is. Therefore when you hide behind the cause: “GOD would never allow this world to die”/ cause you know better, you believe. The question becomes instead: CAN WE THE PEOPLE, ALLOW this world to die/ because of what we do, or allow to be done? The answer, by the evidence is: yes we can. The only question that then resists that statement is: WILL GOD allow us as a majority, to destroy HIS WORLD? Understanding the fact, that we destroy ourselves, or each other at a whim; as well? Is not suicide possible? Is not heinous or horrific acts allowed, against life? Rather, it is truly far more simple: humanity has always believed, “we can play god too”/ why hell, we practically are “god” ourselves! Is that not so? Your decision rules your life, or if “Unlucky”/ someone else’s decisions rule your life: because they took the power away from you/ for themselves. These are simple facts.

The LIFE OF JESUS does illuminate, “what GOD decrees, as important”. It is not a human body/ it is “heart and soul”. Or more simply, the decisions created within truth, that define and identify the elements of who we chose to build within ourselves. Separate from the rest/ as our own contribution to life itself: as conceived within our own identity. GOD is important, respect is important, truth is important, life is important, accepting discipline is important, order is important, balance so as to participate equally & not to damage is important, happiness is important, love is essential, and pride is a horror to be removed. Are all fundamentals of what JESUS taught. None of which can be found in a university education: that is strictly “memorize this”/ and don’t question it. At every turn the cumulation of what is done, particularly in American society is: whatever the university wants/ shall be done. Simple and plain. Ending in we are bankrupt as a people, without the slightest exception. You are attacking all of nature by mutilating it/ by crucifying all forms of life, with genetic incubation of species combinations, creating pandemic’s/ you are destroying every foundation of survival we depend upon/ you have created weapons of mass destruction, for only one purpose/ you are allowing every fantasy to be explored: with the single purpose of playing god. You believe evolution: CHAOS built life, one piece at a time/ without tools, or even a mind. TO YOUR SHAME. How can you survive, with just a heart/ do you not need blood/ vessels/ lungs/ skin/ muscles/ and everything else? You absolutely do. Which means: THOUGHT came first/ to design and create what would work. Order came second, to assemble what would be necessary, PRIOR to our existence: so we could then survive. And so on.

Biblically, insofar as the ending to this earth is concerned: that begins with Genesis 8: 20-22 “….never again will I, curse the ground…..”. Or, the GOD of life, will NOT destroy us/ therefore if we are to be destroyed for what is being done: as was Noah’s day. Then we will do it ourselves. The book of Daniel 12: 11-13 “…the daily sacrifice is RESPECT to GOD”. “…..the abomination that causes desolation is set up…. means: a horror so distinct, it cannot be misinterpreted: as is attempting to bring the same fire here to this earth, as is on the sun”……..”there will be 1290 days.” Repeated in Matthew 24: 15.
That intent starts here:;mostpopvideo
How appropriate: that the expected completion date of these exawatt lasers, is the very same as 1290 past the first experiment at lawrence livermore laboratories: to bring “sun fire” here. September 2015
Verse 12 identifies “…..reaches the end of 1335 days, or 45 days more: the approximate time it will take to eject the entire atmosphere of this planet into space. A ten million degree fire/ has an immense updraft! It will suck in everything, for miles!
Matthew 24: 37-39 “is today”. The evidence of a machine built by men, with energy levels so extreme, it is undoubted: this can ignite the same fire as is on the sun, here on this planet. Thereby bringing to an end this earth, by fire. Because that, is what humanity chose to let occur. We DO have the option NOT TO LET THAT OCCUR/ stopping this and all extreme experimentation. But that not only requires your participation/ it demands your commitment. Not only to stopping “the end of time”/ by our own hand. But removing all the threats university has made, clearly must be done as well. Not a game/ not free: your choice is required. Your work, and your decision to live for life/ rather than want: is essential. Or we fail. Because we are now too many people on earth for any other way: than the simple words, “truth itself must lead”. Should you decide to do that, the book of Revelation promises “another thousand years”/ with honest, and true change.
Prove me wrong. FAITH, is the decision and acceptance, “that lets truth decide”. GOD DID CREATE THIS WORLD. JESUS DID, come to teach us a different way. We, are NOT condemned, until we choose that for ourselves.
With the evidence of machines and decisions that gamble with all life on earth: even to the point of igniting this entire planet on fire/ just like the sun, “which burns your skin in summer from 91 million miles away”. How is that not evidence of extreme delusion by man. The failure of which: “Oh no, the fire you created DID NOT extinguish itself”/ IS the end of life on earth. And for what? Another damn university delusion! To your shame.