Realities by definition

Reality is a definition of living, in this world. Knowledge in its honesty called proven fact, is a development conceptualizing purity. Understanding is a dimensional trait, a distance from the truth that is recognizable. While wisdom sets apart those who want/ from those who let truth decide. With clarity of purpose, a desire unfolds. With a desire that seeks to encounter value as is integral with respect; there is a passage beyond this time: granting selfishness need not control your life. Pride is an enemy/ power is a fool, unless governed by truth. Trust determines the intensity of life and living, because it binds us to the securities we chose; thereby anchoring faith in our own ability to think, and accept, what is proven true, in both heart and soul.
Heart “gives us this physical life”/ heart as a more dimensional trait, identifies the values we seek as an individual; constructing doorways, by determining a path to desire. Soul means: to accept, we are living miracles by no accident/ rather as is evident by design, we are loved. That love expresses joy/ that joy seeks value/ that value brings us happiness; therefrom we do learn to seek GOD . That search recognizes love as the foundation of our world/ therefore it is the presence of truth and love, that identifies most about our Creator! THAT LOVE, is functionally real, by the written descriptions that are “biblical; JESUS, called CHRIST”. No other account, can conceive of the same levels or intensity or desire or design to bring GOD into our lives! This is the only one.

So the question is: Are you merely “time”/ or is there something that can be eternal in you? Men are always certain, of everything they believe; which brings us religion “with a thousand different obstructions” to the truth. That there is only one eternity, and that cannot survive without truth, and the laws from which life derives. Therefore the question of eternity, is developed only in the composite descriptions that can be “laws for life”. These are not for you in time; the levels of failure/ surrounded by fools and fantasy/ submersed in greed, etc/ etc/ etc. These are not for you.
However time allows, your acceptance of foundations which have no other definition, than miracles/ by that simple truth. Can give soul its chance to make you eternal. Eternal means: I have stepped beyond myself, to enter and encounter; values & destinies, beyond time. It is not a game/ truth takes no prisoners, it is what it is; only mercy intervenes.
So the question is: why should you desire eternity, when it requires “your whole life” here in time; just to conceive of its grace, truth, and life?
What value does eternity have, which time does not: that makes this choice, this reality of desire trusting life, as a value accepted by your heart? A purpose within your soul!
That answer begins with love; because love is the single treasury, making eternity worth its price. Everything else that can be sustained; is merely truth, law, and reality. Love is the expression of joy. Joy is the dimensional trait, that gives eternity its life. Without joy, we die. Because life is not worth its living. With joy, as assembled by love, life is eternal. A place without cost, because you came into my life to share your existence with me, and care about my world and myself through love/ just as I do so with you. When truth, respect, courage, and love lead, reality need not find sorrow.

So the constant question of man and woman is: WHERE do I find this love, this journey beyond myself as is called “the desire of life”!
That answer comes from you. It is the critical and true decision, that builds your own identity. Therefrom, the realities which you will face beyond an action or reaction determines fate. Eternity is given to those who can become pure life, as is the evidence of true love. That is a destiny. Destiny means: hope brings me into the journey that becomes everything life can be, for me. Your body has nothing to do with that. Your mind measures, for the purposes of body. Only thought conceives of eternity or life itself. Therefore it is thought which constructs eternal life. Where then does your thought take you? Is it not your choice, to construct “thinking, as you desire it to be”? Not fantasy; but real life elevations that accept hope in the fluid embrace of truth, can be whatever wisdom allows. Love transports us between each other, to experience the expansion called soul. Where is then your love?
The questions of eternity are not bound by the descriptions of time: therefore you cannot understand the relationship, unless you abandon time in favor of a relationship with thought. You cannot have that relationship unless you choose it, with soul. Therefrom, “soul, is the key to eternity”/ it is not thought. Rather eternity belongs to “HIM WHO CREATED IT”.
None will cheat. No lie will be tolerated. Only truth consistent with love. Only those who can purify their love will find a destiny “close” to the essence of life itself. Simple and plain; means not a game.
It is your choice, “to believe whatever you want or have faith in whatever you do desire by truth, trust, respect, love, and life. Actions speak louder than words; so to speak.

This path in time is not for the weak. There path is simply to have faith in GOD; and let mercy decide your love. To discard religion, assuming you have accomplished the disciplines they can provide: means you choose to encounter more. The spiritual world is more, “of life” than time. But it is fraught with peril, and gives life only to those who anchor themselves in the life of JESUS . Because there will be “decisions”. A wrong turn/ a wrong choice, has consequences if not eternal death. Keep it in mind! Don’t play.

Pride will get you killed forever. Want is a fool (knew better/ but did it anyway), and will be rejected. What you believe is a test/ the wrong belief, is a death trap: choose only proven truth. Your “Power” does not exist/ any attempt to exercise such is an act of war. If, you do not trust your own “truths”, or they are wrong/ you will fail. These generally return to earth as “schizophrenic (I cannot get past, truth I accepted: failed me)”.   To escape that consequence, you must adhere to the simplest truth possible which can anchor your soul: JESUS is SAVIOR!   Or, to reevaluate what can or cannot be accepted, correctly/ then where courage allows, these few may try again. Because reality says, “to experience this means/ you did leave something behind”; which then can be found; it is, “a small part of you”.    Bear in mind, the spiritual world has no mercy! It is, what it is.
        The spiritual world HAS rewards as well as consequences/ but only for those who survive. The “wrong turn”, even if it has very valuable consequences for life in time: still remains as  a decision that cannot be changed.  Unless you truly do understand the truth you have  chosen to encounter.  Spiritual demand is very simple: only the truth, consistent with the area of law you chose to encounter; is accepted. Anything less, is cause for consequences, which will occur.  You now have “fair warning”/ choose carefully!
Life says to me, that I should continue a bit more; so as to be clear.
The difference between seeking the spiritual world, and depending upon mercy is: those who survive truth and law in spiritual existence/ shall then become “children of GOD” (going wherever you please, with respect, by truth and understanding.). The term “God (a human word)” means in its most literal form, in time: “Creator of the future”. The reality of GOD OUR CREATOR; is so far beyond this definition, there are no words.
Those who depend upon mercy, by the evidence of truth and love; construct a home that is within the environment of GOD . But will not leave their respective “cities”. Or more simply it is conceptual, that life and love and truth, will be separated into its various elements; environment by environment. Being the same means, “we act and react together as one”; as does nature prove.
To conceive of this more correctly, understanding should arise: like elements here in mass, the foundation of life, beneath GOD in eternity. Is composed of an energy that can be manipulated, because it is not yet committed to a specific purpose. That energy can become life, or time; and exists in a state of potential, until it is dedicated, by decision. Life is fundamentally composed of many different complexities that resemble in some sense, the essence of elements (atomic creations). As with elements here on earth, where the specific realities of more simple creations can in fact join into more complex forms without problems or troubles; they can in fact join under the correct circumstances. Life, encompasses the universe. It is “bigger, than you think”.

It would be unfair, not to present the single fact of life in death that is important to every human being: again, that is “life is given to us by GOD” / it is not something we make, it is not biologic chemistry; life is a gift. Separate from body or mind! Life is an energy, as nothing can be done including existence: without the freedom associated with a choice. Energy then is the base of every choice that can be made/ thought is freedom to recognize and make that choice; these three things comprise life beyond body as well. Energy; as in the potential of life itself; the ability to make a decision as in, an identity is required; & thought as is the construction of freedom itself. When death comes, it comes because the energy of life itself, goes back to its Creator. That means IF YOU GO WITH that energy, by adhering to it as life itself/ THEN you will go back to not only creation, but your Creator; as energy itself travels to its destination, and yours. If you turn back, worshiping this life in time instead/ then you will be left behind, to dissipate into nothing forever. Make your decision early on: GO, with life. To find everything the fact this planet is filled with miracles, does indeed represent!


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