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The truth of every life is: THAT EACH ONE, shall in one form or another decide for themselves, “WHAT HAPPENS, when I die”?
That fact is the basis and foundation of every religion that has ever existed. Religion has been here since the beginning of humanity on earth: because we need to know. That fact is negated by the reality if we did know: then people would make decisions strictly based upon what they expected from eternity. NOT FROM THE TRUTH, THAT IS THEIR OWN LIFE. Only truth survives! Therefore only truth shall be found, beyond the boundary that is time. What then is your truth?

A request has been made to write about “biblical questions”; a reality that does interest me. But not as a believer/ I believe little: instead it is a passion of discipline to know/ and a reality of order to understand/ therefore thought demands in the essence of wisdom, to become familiar with the relationship defined. Rather than to simply believe.
The critical relationship created in biblical theology is: in the old testament, “that GOD” did create this world/ and proved that, in as much as words can do that job”. Then to spread that relationship we were to respect as human beings/ a tiny few men, with a woman or two, were given the job, to identify and communicate a very distinct relationship they inherited as those who searched for life, in ways that were respectful.
In the new testament, that job was altered to inform and create the substance of JESUS as the CHRIST/ or savior of humanity. The critical reality of that job, was to prove: there was a different way of living, other than fighting for more, “etc”. Instead humanity could find knowledge, identify understanding, and create the inner wisdom required within their own individual lives, to search for GOD. Primarily through love: because true love is the single most precious reality in this universe. It is, “the most rare”. Consequently the relationship charged to humanity is: to become “valuable, within ourselves”! NOT as a distinction of common human ability or values: BUT as the values, realities of choice, and foundation of respect, shown and proven true in JESUS HIMSELF.
None since or before, even comes close to the life JESUS has been written to have lived. While it is true, that words can lie/ it is also true, that foundations which erupt to change lives, and demand dramatic sacrifice: as in, “this has become the most valued treasure, of my existence”/ even before life itself. Does prove, something valued did exist here. The fact JESUS did change the world, in many ways: DOES speak volumes as to the true nature, of the little; humanity actually knows or believes did happen. We want life to go on/ we want to matter, and be important to the others/ we want, whatever we want: therefore people believe. Because belief allows you, to decide what is true in you.
Alas however, want is the foundation of every lie/ therefore to want, is to remove the truth; so as to express what you desire most, “at this moment”. Which is the most common human trait. People want life to go on: therefore they believe whatever they assume life can be, beyond the grave; “good or bad” depends on you. People want, to be noticed among the others, because pride: “I won the game”/ is a fundamental of human design: OR, I got more than you! Which ends with, you are less than me/ and becomes I can play “god” over you. Or at the opposite end of pride is: violence and revenge, I can prove “I will then be devil instead”. Basically the same decision/ its just a different direction within the same game. It is playing this game at all, that puts you on the same team.

I HAVE FAITH IN JESUS! Not a game, the result of order, identifying the creation of respect in me. Resulting in the disciplines required to investigate and examine all the evidence: which then leads to conceive through balance and thought, of a relationship that is possible with our CREATOR. That foundation of elemental participation in a reality which is greater than the function of time itself, IS a powerful concept. Granted only through JESUS, and what is written of HIS life. Which does mean: to achieve any portion of that spiritual quest, it is absolutely necessary to follow the directional layout, of HIS life. Or more simply, the quest to participate in the essence of a relationship with your CREATOR: is governed by what is most valuable to HIM. As identified through JESUS, love stands alone, through distinct and determined respect, as the path upon which we enter into the eternal realities of what can or cannot exist beyond ourselves as a body, in time.
Love is, clearly and without doubt: the greatest reality, we will join in our lives/ because it is the cause and the relationship, that makes life worth its price. Love is, the clear value that makes eternity desired! Consequently the desire for life, is the desire for love to make life itself a value beyond description. Therefore an element of existence, greater than time.
The question “beyond time”/ then initiates as: what is time, first? As our bodies reveal: time is a deteriorating condition that measures existence, by the reality of experience and expression, created by the vessel we inhabit. The body we own, as our existence here/ or our freedom to move and achieve or sustain, a relationship with time itself. The mind measures, which does mean it ends too! What cannot be measured beyond itself is thought: or more distinctly the relationship with have inherited as the essence of our time, “its life”. Therefore the question of eternity must move toward: “what is life”? The answer is again, our relationship with life itself exists: or more distinctly, the ability to enter into that existence as an identity, share the experience of an expression, and participate as movement, through thought. At its most fundamental expression, this is the recognition of existence identified. At its most critical function: thought becomes the reality of “our choices”/ and whether we care about what happens to any other life, because of what we do. Therefore life constructs two things: reality by distinction of individuality, and our choice/ a dependency created as directional within that choice.
While soul constructs or creates the connection, between thought, and its participation beyond ourselves: within creation, with our CREATOR. Creation is: the very critical relationship between life and nature as is existence in this time. Nature is: the construction of the bodies called life/ or more distinctly, the ability to build, sustain, and create the boundaries/ disciplines/ order/ balance/ and foundations of thought required to attain independence through existence. Commonly called DNA today, these instructions are nature itself. All that is lacking to create a body of life is the energy, and the direction; required, beyond this definition. Building a body is NOT chaos unleashed/ rather it is the exact opposite of that: which would make evolution the expression of “devil” (or the intentional, destruction of life).
Energy is the reality of movement/ but more distinctly it is the cause of why there is movement. Rather than the reality of movement itself. Do you see the difference? Therefore the critical question is: if movement (atoms move, even as a rock on the inside) is required to attain energy/ then what are the disciplines achieved to create that energy, as there is nothing about an atom that is not disciplined; until forced to become chaos as in fire or explosion. These things destroy, they do not build, or sustain themselves, beyond the exhaustion of the fuel source, which is disciplined. Consequently we know, that all energy is disciplined until forced to release that retention of movement. That force then interacts with everything it can move. So there are three questions buried inside energy: what is force/ what is discipline/ and what are boundaries? Reality then proceeds as a directional path, to ask why do these exist? It is information you do not need.
We return to “biblical questions”/ and ask of eternity: “what does this mean”? The answer is simple: in order to attain eternity, existence must NOT be measured or affected by time, “the deterioration of order, balance, and discipline”. Or more simply: “the body CANNOT come”. While the believers, will insist that the body of Jesus, as was exhibited in time; is eternal. I leave that to GOD/ simply because JESUS is described as HIS only true son: Or, NOT; “exactly like us”. It is more than I am willing to consider or conceive of ! That however is not true of any of us: as the body we inhabit is nothing more than our existence as a participant in time itself. Since time is not eternal/ but a measurement of existence as an energy captured and used to create: “with life” participating inside. The functional reality of deterioration proves, “the body cannot come”. However the life inside (our recognition of self) which is controlled through the expansion of conceptions, including “beyond ourselves”! The existence of this fabric, CAN be considered as a journey or consisting of, a destiny created without force. Or more eloquently: as is true of time, to exist as an identity without dimensional relationships, is an impossibility. Therefore as is true of all energy contained as a disciplined existence through boundaries: we MUST achieve an environmental order, in thought itself. Or we will not be able to sustain life: it will escape/ as in death, or the evaporation of disciplines by dissolving balance. Critical to this is then balance: the ability to achieve a sustainable reality.
The fabric of our relationships with life itself, identify balance. Or more simply: the binding of one life to another, is the creation of a network not only conceived, but tied to the elements of what we trust as an experience expressing what we do care about. Therefrom trust/ caring/ sharing/ and the respect necessary to create any part of that, is fundamental to survival beyond the recognition called time. We begin here by remembering: ONLY TRUTH, IS ETERNAL. Nothing less will survive reality.
Reality is, the laws which keep us alive, & direct the balanced expressions of energy, while defining existence within the parameters which then keep us alive and happy. Because without happiness, nothing else becomes important. Therefore we expand the dimensional realities of life and living to include happiness, and find in its expression: the value of our lives. Reality understands: to be truly alive, rather than life itself/ we must inherit the ability, to encounter “GOD inside!” Not a fantasy. Instead, happiness revolves around the essence of being valued! That is earned, not by time/ but by respecting creation itself. Within the miracles that inhabit our lives, and transform themselves around us as the evidence presented on this earth: there is NO DOUBT whatsoever, of the true dimension of an ability to conceive and contribute thought throughout the expression of all things in existence/ as is GOD ! Or, more simply, NO man or woman did this/ nor did anything else we recognize as a possibility in any conceivable way. THIS IS, “the essence of our lives”. Believe it, or not.
Therefrom respect for these gifts, IS MANDATORY! A reality proven to be, lost upon “the current, university diploma”.
Happiness erupts, when the understanding inside yourself, achieves the truth: “I am experiencing, a reality that in no true possibility, can I create or deserve”. I am “rich/ wealthy”, beyond my wildest imagination. Because I live, within a body and among a living expression of elements: that are beyond anything humanly devised. It is thought, and laws unleashed, beyond even the imagination of ourselves. How can anyone be given such gifts, without achieving the possibility of truth, therefrom happiness inside! And the people say, “its because of them”. Consequently the first barrier required to forming an eternity now comes into view: “You must escape them”/ to form a relationship created by you, with your CREATOR. To do that, you must not judge. You must forgive where it is possible for you to do that/ remembering the law must also be recognized as very important to life: OR there will be chaos.
Fabric means, to interweave with discipline, the values which form an environment where happiness can succeed. When you adhere to these values, or treasures of existence and expression or experience: then “love becomes a wall, with a door”. Both to keep realities NOT assigned by love outside/ but also let in, all who truly do desire to join. This is not a body, or mental reality/ but the essence of spirit itself. Whereas the critical essence of truth is spirit, by law. The critical question becomes: how do I join that spirit, and find my own place within eternity? Or more simply: fabric may be considered the weave between truth and law. To “join in”, you must attain “a purified (not perfect)” truth, at some level of dimensional environment, which will survive reality.
Dimension is: at its core, a foundation knowledge, that anchors your reality to a single developmental source. Dimension is then a law expressed, and experienced in you. Or more simply: it is the acceptance of a deliberate truth identified through the existence of faith. Faith is then a complete departure from beliefs/ so as to remove the possibility of doubt, and become defined by the truth which has been accepted, by you. The critical tragedy of truth, as created by want is: if you are wrong/ it doesn’t matter. Because you accepted this as your journey, beyond time. The critical joy is: wheresoever truth as defined by love leads you, even when you are wrong: it always leads back to GOD. Do you see the difference? Regardless, dimensional boundaries are formed by your relationship; created as the essence of your acceptance and decision to follow truth/ and define yourself by love and law. These create “a new world/ or beginning” as is your own identity, proven true in you; by decision and its action or reaction. Action and reaction, is called time. Whereas eternity is the removal of an action or reaction, to become at its essence: a balance within environmental happiness.
Again, as I am prone to do: I have wandered a bit from the originating subject matter/ and will cease the long discussion of possibilities that you simply don’t need to know at this time. WE ARE ALL FACED WITH EXTERMINATION OF LIFE, FROM THIS PLANET. That is the subject matter, the reality of our lives: governing this work. We must organize to protect and defend our planet from extreme threats. We must recognize what is our truth, regardless of your want; and form a new beginning that will survive, and keep these children alive, to find their own chance, to grow and participate within time; grasping for eternity. That will not happen without true change in humanity. This world HAS CHANGED: we are nearing 8 billion people/ with every single one wanting, on a very limited earth. “I want”, this earth, and all its life to survive with happiness. That is a want, because its truth is dependent upon you/ rather than law. Make a decision, and fight for life. It is not an option; if you fail, everything dies soon.


AS to biblical questions:  my personal philosophy is, “the bible is like a mothers milk”/ intended for newborn, or perhaps children:  with an appreciation born out of respect for this fundamental of life by all.

as to my writing on the topic, it is likely you will find the links for   www.soultalking.info   at the top of the home page  or www.justtalking3.info or another one or two more useful.



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