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Democracy is NOT left for, employees to decide. As history proves without doubt: they will be selfish, blind, or misinformed! Because life is more complex, than simply assuming: “Those who make promises to be elected”/ know more than how to influence a mob. The standard reality of today, in American politics is: “Give me a fantasy I can believe/ THAT IS, what I want”. Every vote is cast accordingly. Every fantasy is a lie!
So the end result of it all is: GROW UP, STOP BEING A FOOL! WAKE UP OR DIE, because that is soon to be “all we have left”!
Realities of failure are everywhere. Realities of delusion leads, are plain to see: if you look. Realities of theft, and every other form of “Organized crime” hidden by media; are not hard to find; simply look on my sites. Summarized on
We stand on the threshold of complete chaos, in life, planet, nation, world, nature, oceans, EVERYTHING! Which means: CHANGE MUST COME, no running away. “This is a house smoldering, and ready to burn”.

The true power of change, is in society itself. The critical understanding of power is very simple: whosoever makes the rule, gets to be ruler. Whosoever enforces that rule, gets to be “king”.
The intent, and creative power of democracy is: to rule ourselves, by making our own laws. To rule the enforcer, by making them ALL employees, and requiring an oath of office that fundamentally gives us as “we the people”/ the LEGAL RIGHT: to examine, investigate, and determine IF OUR LAWS, have been kept. With punishment applied to those who believe they can remove our authority to govern ourselves: by breaking an oath. Constitutional doctrine is the law; thereby it is the government, which rules us all. Constitutional redress, as is a legal right declared within the first amendment: is the enforcer/ and we need only resurrect it (to un-bury it/ and bring it into the light of our own existence) to do our work, as the owners of this nation or state.

The critical question is: who will make the law, and who will enforce that law! Democracy says, “its we the people”/ however a vote today, is anything but that. Or more simply: a vote is meaningless, unless it controls the outcome, rather than merely an election. Elections are based upon whosoever is powerful enough, to become a participant in that election. Few cannot be bribed with something! OR, when the elected are “suitable to the public desire”/ there is no one, who cannot be threatened. Unless anything but “alone”! Even then, the body or mind or freedoms etc, can still be threatened: because we all have something to lose. Therefore, reality comes down to: “are you willing to die for this”? Consequently every government is corrupted with want/ and every official knows, that the powerful (the few controlling resources) can win. If not this time, then the next. Even so, on a personal level, you can lose/ regardless of the truth.
Therefore true democracy is dependent upon removing the power from government employee control: and giving that control to the people themselves/ BY VOTE. But not a vote for someone to vote for me/ rather a vote on the laws that govern us all: FOR OURSELVES. Do you understand the difference? It means we vote for the law, that rules over us/ by creating that law, and controlling its words, purpose, and direction for ourselves. By organizing into critical smaller affiliates, such as political parties should be: to write the laws, and avoid the pitfalls, and present that finding for public discussion and vote. Therefrom a law exists. Therein, the laws of any nation are to be limited: to less than one hundred/ and not more than one page of text per each. Deliberate “finer points”/ that are NOT allowed to change, limit, or control the law itself, shall be refined in a public courtroom: with all eyes watching. Because this is our nation, and we the people write our laws. Within that reality we become a true democracy. Requiring legislatures (governing bodies), as in elected, and all paid officials: to work for us, as in guaranteeing that our laws SHALL INDEED be followed, as best you can. Or more simply instead of lawmaker/ that job is now extinct; and you shall be investigators, with a clear record of what you did or did not do; for this nation or state.
The power to enforce any law, is governed by the people who are given the right: to investigate/ examine/ educate/ and identify what is, or is not being done. Or more simply: before any decision can be made as to the reality of a law enforced/ it must first be defined: that this is or is not, something which we have elected to control for ourselves as a state or nation. It is called an investigation, and that can exist for any realistic cause. This is called “policing”, in all its general and specific terms. The critical question of policing is: WHERE THERE IS JUSTICE, FAIR PLAY, JUSTIFIED OR DEFENDABLE FREEDOM, EQUALITY, AND REALISTIC EQUITY! There is no need for intervention. Every individual city, state, and nation gets to decide what these things mean. That is the job of a constitutional decree: so as to create the foundation upon which we join ourselves together.
The job of examining participation in the law, is called a court system. That reality of living in society CANNOT be accomplished: UNLESS, there is clear and certain “constitutional accounting” in a courtroom, and all aspects of law, freedom, justice, and so on. The judge IS NEVER to be granted immunity/ rather during good behavior: a direct and dedicated desire to serve the people as is constitutionally demanded and identified within our laws/ MUST OCCUR. Or penalties will arise. To accomplish that: every courtroom, judge, & every official involved in that trial; along with every lawyer, and every jury SHALL ALL be judged/ as a reality of what they did or did not do. At the end of trial, regardless of verdict: each person related to the case, including spectators/ SHALL provide a series of points graded upon how well they believe the individual participants did do for justice, rights, law, freedom, and equity. The failure of any individual, to do what society demands must be done for us all: as in fair play, legal rights, and functional adherence to the truth shall be identified. That failure, below a certain value: means a judge shall be removed/ a lawyer disbarred/ a policeman removed from his or her job. Even the jury shall be graded upon whether it choose in the best interest FOR SOCIETY, and FOR FREEDOM, JUSTICE, FAIR PLAY, and the functional relationships required for peace, happiness, and harmony. Or not. If they refuse or do poorly; the verdict is thrown out/ and if a felony is involved, a new trial shall begin. NO LITTLE THINGS, shall allow a potential felon to go free/ there SHALL be justice applied; as best you can. Or more simply: WE ENFORCE OUR LAWS, by controlling the courtroom, with justice & democracy for all!
The job of educating the public about their own laws, falls upon us all/ but especially the media and schools. We cannot defend ourselves, if we don’t know “what or how” that is to be done. The opportunity to investigate or examine our reality as a society is: presented to us all. Because the removal of power from society, DOES open us all to the greed, want, and intent to control of others, who are more than willing to make us do what the others now cannot. By removing power, it is said you create a vacuum: which someone is going to fill. Anarchy then stands at the door/ “its what men do, as history proves throughout time”. Therefore you must be prepared as a society to fill it yourselves. The critical question is: HOW do we change, what cannot be changed/ UNLESS we do something entirely different? Democratic Government is jeopardized, EVERY TIME, that only a few get to decide what must or must not be done: which does include the judiciary.
Therefore we must have a large group, to participate in finding the direction, and the path beyond our individual selves: so that we create what is in the best interest of humanity and this world of life. The only group possible, that is not male (thousands of years of history DOES prove this is the best they did do)/ is female! NOT, because they are better/ but because they are honestly “DIFFERENT”. AND WE MUST have different to succeed at anything. Because men will return to what men do/ just as fast as they can. This world cannot survive their ways; as is so clearly proven by the evidence. Or more correctly: as is consistent with the evidence summed up and valid as true/ women CANNOT do worse.
Leadership is irrelevant/ anyone can do that, some are better/ some are worse: but leaders can be changed. LAWS not so much. THE DIRECTION OF SOCIETY, is very difficult to change: THEREFORE TRULY IMPORTANT. The reality of justice and fair play, constructs peace and harmony. The cost and consequence of resource loss and use; defines the future. Along with all aspects of living in society as free people entitled to “be what we desire”/ so long as others are not severely affected. These are the primary purposes, the ways & means of establishing who controls the future, and every part of society itself! We all stand at the edge of extermination/ by the things men, and in particular “university decisions” have made. We must have different/ which means those who are different, MUST identify themselves by being different than those who direct our lives today. Not individuals, which then become subject to all the tragedy and corruption possible in governing today. BUT AS THE ENTIRE group of women on earth/ deciding what is in our best interest as humanity on earth. We can govern ourselves, but not without laws that are devoted to everyone attaining justice, finding fair play, and accepting both the costs and rewards for equity & realistic equality, among us all. Given those facts, men will join with women in voting for a different world/ where life itself comes first!
NO MORE DAMN FOOLISH MONEY, controlling everything, so a few men can play god.     World change comes with honesty!



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