The final line

Every opportunity, to have a say in what our future will be/ is soon to be gone forever! Because once this planet in ignited with sun fire/ or once nature has been mutilated beyond repair or survival/ or once the resource base, chains of life, environment, oceans, and so on are essentially destroyed. There is NO GOING BACK. Consequently you cannot wait to see, if disaster occurs and then do something about it. INSTEAD you must see the disaster coming, and do everything you can to stop that, so we all DON’T simply die a horrible death.
To attain that influence over our lives and our time; we must communicate as “we the people of earth”. To accomplish that demand, IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY; for a mass of people to stand outside the media door. In all its compositions and ways, from international television/ to the smallest church newspapers, and everything in between: TO DEMAND, that we the people SHALL HAVE RIGHTS. Use your voice, pay your money, MAKE A DIFFERENCE to save your world, your child, and your future from HELL. BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T, the consequences will be horrendous for all life, and YOU too. This arrogance of a few people/ this failure of a few leaders: CAN BE SMASHED, “like a bug”. We are over 7.2 billion people/ and WE HAVE RIGHTS. Fear is worthless/ FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD! OR YOU WILL LOSE IT, because these so called science experiments: CANNOT be undone. Think about what it means to then BE WRONG. OR, as in the most obvious; if a ten million degree fire, just like on the sun DOES NOT simply extinguish itself (not enough gravity here, they say). Then the whole world burns, “just like the sun”. How is that not your concern. Find YOUR courage, and do whatever you can do. Such as in the court, forcing the media to report (they want to wait for their god, “university” to be proven correct) WHAT IT MEANS, when they are proven wrong instead! Identifying for power stations, our reality/ their truth: as in cut off their power. Demanding of all government, both small and large: YOU SHALL NOT gamble with our lives. Refusing taxation, to destroy a world; thereby proving their shall be consequences one way or the other. And so on.

Among those rights are: WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, in order: “to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity; do ordain and establish this constitution (agreement between ourselves) for the United States of America (our government, by these words).”
Among those rights identified: within constitutional amendments: one, “…. the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”
Article four: “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, …….”
Article six “…to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.
Article seven “….where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved…… the rules of common law.”
Article thirteen “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude…..shall exist.
Article fourteen “……Nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”…”
Article fifteen “The right of citizens of the United States to vote, shall not be denied or abridged……”

The authority of WE, the people as a democracy extends to the enforcement of the constitution itself, upon our employees. As identified and established, that begins most clearly: in the words of article 3 section one. “….the judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their offices during good behavior……” OR MORE CLEARLY, NOT BAD!
The authority of we the people demands: no court shall escape/ no judiciary shall be excused. WE WILL PROTECT OURSELVES, from CLEAR terrorism/ by removing you; by imprisoning you; by convicting you the judge who refuses our need, and our legal right of protection; to take you into prison, and abandon you there! For a failure so extreme, you allow every life on this planet: to be a life or death, “university toy”! OUR LEGAL AUTHORITY to decide by vote anything which risks our lives, our nation, your children, and our future. Our legal right to KNOW, as is governed by “the free press” that has been dissolved: because of supreme court tyranny and criminal involvement in the destruction of democracy itself.
In legal terms a cause is that which effects a result. 169 F 2d 203, 206. The direct cause of our right, to have the law protect us is identified above: the consequence of these things, 6 NE 2d 879, 881 that “a university diploma” has done/ and is doing. DOES represent a violation of this constitutional preamble; stated on top. Establishing realties that are clearly death to all life on earth. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT, to gamble with our lives. They have no right, to assume a ten million degree fire, will just extinguish itself. Or their own religion of evolution has a right or basis in fact/ as no fact exists. Using that religion to mutilate nature and life on earth; is criminal trespass on nature itself. Or that the truth of our own existence as humanity on earth; can simply be discarded. Nor do they have the right to counterfeit our money, for their fantasies and purposes beyond a value for the whole.
They have no substance or complaint to be filed: because their claim is, “no BAD consequences exist to their delusions or deliberate actions from which we cannot survive”. They have attempted mass murder, and are deliberately using terrorist intent; to destroy our lives, our planet, our nature, and every child in existence or from the future. These things SHALL be investigated/ examined for truth and reality/ And determined by the people themselves by vote; if it is worth the risk. So says the law of this USA. See above.

The courts have an intervening cause, to stops such terrorism. Without doubt or reference, a legal obligation. Without consent to any other legal reality, democracy shall be protected; and they refused, throughout the entire US judiciary. A proven fact.
Proximate cause remains today; as the need to interfere with criminal actions that clearly establish terrorism and attempted murder upon this entire planet, of life. There are consequences to ignorance, stupidity, delusions, failure, fantasy, theft, arrogance beyond pride, and realities that cannot be undone. They have no right to gamble with all life on earth/ for any cause. Particularly NOT without true examination of the facts, and legal authority from the owners of this nation; as is WE THE PEOPLE. Discarding at this time, any and all assumptions of, these “leaders to hell”. 323 P 2d 108, 114. The reality of 3 lasers that can initiate world war 3/ through the use of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 electrical watts of power instantaneously combining at the speed of light, times 3 in one cubic yard of space. As is consistent with 3 million of the largest lightning bolts possible all hitting the same spot and the same instance. Or even less. DOES NOT, conceive of a remote chance to cause “consequences”! This is near certainty; death for our planet, which include ignition of the same fire here as on the sun. The superceding cause of all this potential injury and death; is an extreme ARROGANCE filled with fantasy. This is an absolute failure to accept TRUTH MUST LEAD, as is consistent with all survival/ which DOES mean; your want is irrelevant, or it is death to OUR world. That is an ILLEGAL action being taken today, in full view of the court, and with the leadership of fools, assisting TRUE WORLD TERRORISM, with our money.

Reality knows: I have been fully and completely rejected, by the courts, media, leadership, and more. The cult of university controls it all. Which means having “nursed you, with information; WE MUST STOP THIS” for forty years. It is now your turn to grow up/ or die. You are thrown out; you are going to live or die, by the choices FOR LIFE, PEACE, HAPPINESS, HEALTH, and everything else of value that you do or do not make for this world.


The male component, in society

Of the critical realities presented by male domination or control over society; three stand out clearly as the primary cause or relationship that determines what society shall be. They are: 1) mine, mine, mine, I will possess that. 2) I can do it, follow me. 3) if we stand together like an army/ then I will get more, because we can take it. Secondary influences are: with rules, we become rulers. With complete control over the law, we become tyrants and masters over every slave. & By letting money decide everything, we create the game; power & pride belong to me!

The difference between male, and man is: male is an element of time. Time is the distinction given to an environment created to determine what is, your individual decision with regard to life? Man is the ascension of male, into the developments which give life (a precious understanding: respecting and appreciating miracles/ valuing love, friendship, women, family, peace, equality, justice, and law) more value/ than time or its action, its reaction, or its survival. Male has no such appreciation or respect; consequently he is limited in all ways “as animal”. Man however having ascended into thought, by the creation of deliberate actions which give life, its acceptance of love, happiness, hope, trust, truth, law, courage, value, peace, harmony, and everything else desirable on earth: stops being animal, to achieve greater things.

Obviously then, human society is directed by both male and man/ but male rules it, because these want war. War is: the critical reaction/ which takes the actions of others, and turns that into a reason or reality of confrontation deliberately intending to reduce law, to a minimum. Or more distinctly: by actions, one group of male animals infuriates another group of male animals into believing there must be a fight between us/ a reaction. Because these are taking too much, and leaving us with too little. When a war does not establish itself, ridicule, disrespect, rape, prejudice, bigotry, pride, hate, riot and more are used to grant relief to each side; so the war these few want can be realized. The aggressor wants control and manipulates the many; because he is looking for a cause to kill by ending law “for you”. The violated wants revenge, so they do what they can do; to insure “you know”, there will be a cost, beyond this point!
Ridicule is then the demand to belittle, causing aggression to be “acceptable”. Disrespect is a command, to know you are “less than me”/ therefore I have cause to throw you in the trash. Rape is the acceptance or tactic of: I CAN take from you, what you hold precious; even if you are strong/ the night, will hide me!
Prejudice is the assertion: together we can make them take less/ so we have more. Bigotry is the same as righteousness, or “I am like god/ I know everything”: therefore you know little or nothing, because I say so. Pride accomplishes the purpose of a game: “to call you loser/ and proclaim I am MORE”. HATE underscores the purpose of each of these: to remove humanity, and accept judgment is mine. Riot assembles the mob, so we can declare by violence, WE WILL have more. Each is the attribute “of an animal, unleashed”.

Man deliberately tries to create a superior society by conceiving of laws, and rules, and money; by which to solve every problem, and turn society into “their own creation”. His downfall is want/ rather than truth! Because every want, brings with it the lies that allow, “I will get more/ for me, or my desires”.
More clearly again: every rule, creates a ruler. Every ruler learns with a rule, I can manipulate the truth of an intent to make society more just or desirable: simply by forcing compliance to very little things; in ways that bring me extortion/ slavery/ anger (to jail you go)/ corruption/ and conspiracy to destroy. This takes justice, and throws it away; because the rule is against an individual, & it proves superior to criminal aggressions within the court. The laws designed to protect everyone, thereby die, or are discarded for power.
Law is: the deliberate attempt by men and women to recognize, there are critical realities which we must judge as wrong/ or society falls apart, and there will be chaos; as animals take over. Consequently the intent to control law, is a fundamental of all government in this world. What is wrong with law is: those who control it as “lawmakers”/ want to insure it does not control them, thereby giving themselves “an excuse” is constant. Only truth can control the law through justice exercised for life and society. Men do not want this/ because they want more for themselves, in one way or another “bribes work” too; so they fail.
Then comes money, the inevitable disgrace of male dominated society: life does not matter/ only money! As has been our reality since almost the very beginning of humanity on earth. Male and man want money to lead, because it ends the primary problem of who gets to lead in society. In war, it fails/ with violence leading. But throughout all other aspects of male dominated society; MONEY decides. Because money, represents either freedom or possession; “you decide”. Or if you have enough, it is both/ as granted by men & male alike. It is a trophy/ even more precious to the majority than woman. Because it grants to the owner: I DON’T have to put up with the rest of you/ I DON’T have to compete against the rest of you/ & I CAN take whatever I want, because you become my slave. Money decides it all! Life does not, until we get to government; and the insistence of the majority, WE GET SOME TOO! With enough voices, they force a bribe, “so we won’t cause more trouble”.

Here then is the first view of government intervention in society for the purposes of both male and man/ rather than simply self. Since money itself, is an agreement between traders, that “the balance of our trade is”: I will get something of equal value in return for this token. That falls apart, when slaves (work hard/ work long; get much less) want more. Since not a rich man born will share, the purpose of his wealth which is to prove I am superior/ I don’t have to work/ I can have whatever I want. To share means: no more of this/ we all are functionally equal; you don’t get more! Governments arise to say, “let all the people pay for this, bit of justice; for the rest”! So they counterfeit/ because I ain’t paying, says the majority who have some wealth. Counterfeiting is EASY, and it makes the people happy; because more tokens, presents more opportunities for the rich too: until the debts come due. Not to worry about the rich, they can continue to counterfeit; because they own government/ regardless of a vote. One way/ OR the other!

So lets review America; its constitution/ and its reality as an example of male dominated society. America is born from the downtrodden and the people who demand I will be rich. So they not only steal the land from the Indian nations already living here/ they literally use genocide to do it; so they DON’T have to share NOTHING! That done, they then have to deal with themselves, which proves to be: WE WANT TO BE FREE! We don’t want, to be slaves anymore! So they write down what it takes to achieve the beginning of an agreement; which says WE WILL CHOOSE, to protect ourselves, by NOT letting anyone take control over us. Instead, we the people will be our own government. Which does work for a time, but alas greed rules life; because both male and man Want MORE/ for me! Women have very little say, throughout history; so their actual decisions with regard to society are functionally unknown. Nonetheless this writing is about male and man. So we begin to recognize that the game of every society driven by male or man is to become “individually rich”. Or to hell with society/ I WANT MORE FOR ME! The cost of that decision is: every scheme, every law broken to escape the constraints of justice or equality, every purpose that is UNFAIR to the majority or a minority; is fundamentally the game of getting rich for ME! To hell with you. Governments exist to compensate the losers/ or control extreme greed, so money cannot just attack money, by hiring warriors. Therefore they will always be controlled by the “winners” to insure for themselves: YOU AIN’T getting much! If that gets out of hand, or the ravages of male against environment and its life has been extreme; WAR will be established to reduce the problems of people who are angry with their government or themselves. A good war means: male people are dead, and men are reduced to fighting to survive; which makes them more tolerant of greed in society. “Life is hell”/ so why shouldn’t I get more; before I die. And then comes all the rebuilding, which makes the opportunity; I WILL get rich now/ instead of you. Every rich man knows: you can’t (extremely rare, until counterfeiting became the norm: OR, as the university says quietly; we defeated this government/ we tore it down, for our greed, and consumption) get rich on your own work/ therefore you must have slaves! The easiest way to get slaves, is to target a minority group, forcing them to accept subsistence wages. Consequently the life of MAN is a rather constant battleground, which includes decisions about race that are not “friendly”. Making the life of MALE is a decision, to remain in or as a simple survival; through predator or prey/ or within games called “winner/ or loser”. These control society: But the life of a counterfeiter is EASY, when you control the government (let all the people pay, instead of us).

So lets review how you control a government/ even when it’s a democracy. The first rule is: the people MUST fear, not letting you control government. The second is: the people MUST respect the idea, you know more than them. The third rule is: NOBODY gets to control anything but us! The fourth rule is: delusion/ deception/ disrespect/ propaganda/ force/ & give the people what they want; as illusions created, so they can have them “for free”, IF they work hard to achieve what they want.
University has achieved control, particularly through the atomic bomb, and all weapons of mass destruction. It is a “big threat”! Consequently, to have less than someone else/ is an even bigger threat; so governments go broke, collecting “big power”; by pretending there is no other way. Fear exists.
University has achieved respect, primarily through the rise of antibiotics; “We are safe/ diseases, can’t get us anymore”. A reality that affects nearly everyone, sooner or later. It is conceived as mercy/ but behind the hidden door; is a hell coming. Nonetheless, the people want what they want today/ and to hell with tomorrow, “that, is their problem: I, DO YOU HEAR ME/ I, won’t live that long”. Or let the children die.
University has achieved control, by taking over the money supply through government; by bankrupting the nation. DO YOU WANT A DEPRESSION? Then let us counterfeit; the children will pay, “we go free”/ and all the elders say, “let that be so”/ because they do have to surrender their working lives to fix it. To cost of an atomic bomb, has been that horrendous.
University has maintained the current status quo, by constructing the illusion of intellect, through the endless stories they tell about what they don’t know, pretending they do know. Thereby weaving an intricate web of lies/ which you cannot contest, “because THEY are in control”. University deceives by creating an army of followers, giving to all those with a diploma: “gifts and bribes” so they won’t look or complain about the injustice of what does in fact exist; as the betrayal of society itself. University attains a greater level of control by disrespecting religion and life, through the abundance of evolutionary sewage/ manipulating education, and thereby controlling the children with disgrace. University uses media to underscore we are in charge here; do not fear, anything but us/ BE HAPPY, because we are god. Force is used to contain and control those who defend democracy by contaminating the courtroom, with rules and corruption throughout the judiciary/ confining all law to an opinion, that conspires as anarchy to destroy democracy itself. University leads, by asserting: “just pay the price we demand”/ and we will make you “like us”; IF you get the diploma we demand. And IF, YOU DO, exactly as we command; being good little robots, who know not, how to become “free”. Because we hold your parents or your future economic life, as hostage to insure you don’t. Let want be your reward; find something/ let the children die; because now, they have no future; so they too, will be slaves.
Man and male, are then downtrodden; to believe GIVE ME MONEY, so I can escape all these things! All of society suffers from that, reality.


Revelations/ a competing prophecy, with Daniel 12

Before any interpretation of biblical prophecy can be understood; it is absolutely necessary to understand the conditions and realities of life as it was in the time these words were written. It is also necessary to understand, even with a curse applied; some will still venture to add or subtract, because they want too. Of interest, in this discussion is the fact that machines such as are known today/ were not even fantasy back then. Not even “nuts and bolts” existed; so remember that when confronted with old writings, and understand if you were herding livestock for instance, and that is all you knew; HOW would you describe “today”?
I have previously written interpretations of revelations, once or twice; without true intricacy or purpose. But I don’t know where they are located, so we begin again. For simplicity, because the prophecy of Daniel 12 conflicts slightly, with the prophecy of Revelation. Since the evidence is dramatic/ and the reality of our future functionally laid out; it is time to consider the questions presented in revelation.

Revelation is a compilation of questions, with answers only time can reveal. Therefore if this relationship with time has been completed; we should then be able to understand, without any great considerations. My purpose being: to cement the validity that we are in trouble as a world/ threatened with extinction; even though “like people who eat the seed for next years crop; you believe everything is fine”. It is not, as a few more weeks, or months shall prove. Or more simply without true change in humanity itself, there is no hope for life.
Revelation 1; as with all religion begins: “the time is near/ so shape up; so to speak”. It then turns to a description of 7 churches, that obviously speak about how the church of JESUS will change throughout the generations. The first church is obviously, the originating fellowship, that occurred to bring this religion to life on earth. The seventh church is obviously that same religion in the congregations of today, as a whole. Everything in between as written in history; proves this represents the stages of “Christian development throughout the generations”, as a participation in this religion. As to the various images created in these chapters, it seems unnecessary to indulge them. However, because “the believers” are widespread about everything they believe; some discussion is required.
The first image, requiring interpretation; is judgment day “verse 7; all of humanity suddenly knows, it is going to die”. What is more visual, than a pillar of fire miles high/ seen from over half the earth at once. As is bringing the same fire here as is on the sun.
This prophet John/ then says, “this is how I know”! His vision is: “I saw seven separate lights or revelations” and when I did, I also saw someone standing among the visions “like a son of man”. His description is: dressed with finery as would suggest “royalty” of some sort. The descriptions of white identify cleanliness from this world: or didn’t participate in all that went wrong. “Eyes like blazing fire”; is a description of anger. His feet obviously suggests a life that was not easy, but had its purpose. A voice that cannot be mistaken: as with water, it has power when in motion. The seven stars, are the descriptions of consequence, that identify and prove what the future without change will be. His mouth suggests, nobody is freed from the consequences: either change or die. A face shining suggests, “you will know, he is a child of GOD”.
He says of himself, “I am the first and the last”/ which does beg the question; was not Lazarus dead and then made alive “first”? Nonetheless this one is different, because he claims a spiritual life, and because his message is “change or die”/ for all life on earth. The keys are suggestions to you; that make this possible, for you.

Revelation 2 & 3: to speak to the churches, that have come through the generations, to be influenced by each stage. The one with this message of change MUST first learn WHY/ by experiencing the reality of their days. What is human, has changed extremely little. What is our physical reality with time, has changed greatly. What is, or is not allowed in eternity changes not at all.

Revelation 4: we return to the prophet John, beyond the first vision. This is the second. He describes a throne of many colors, esp green & red. The twenty four elders, are laws of the universe creating life. The seven spirits of GOD are the realities that establish love, value, honor, courage, respect, sharing, and caring in life! The sea of glass represents a purity that must be attained, or you cannot enter here. The four living creatures with eyes “everywhere”/ make certain that is so. All the creatures of the earth, from every direction “see, what is true in you”; except on the inside. There are seven directions to life: the four directions of the wind/ top/ bottom/ and inside. This is a fantasy drawing, that reveals you cannot hide from life. Therefore you cannot hide from GOD. When humanity does what is right, the laws of life grant them peace and harmony.

Revelation 5: begins with JESUS is the most important creation of our future. HE is the lamb identified. The scroll HE takes, comes from “the most high”/ and with writing on both sides, this determines life and death for our world. The image is “with seven eyes, you see everything”/ with seven horns, there is a weapon for every situation/ with seven spirits, which are each a separate truth guarding life. The vision begins again: when the vision opens, the time has come for judgment or change. The scroll represents the interpretation of “Revelation”. That brings a reality of worship unlike anything in history; because the people begin to believe, the end is coming.

Revelation 6: A seal means this cannot be broken, except by the one to whom it is written. The question is: is it written to “our lives on earth”/ or to JESUS?
Regardless, the white horse represents primarily, the Christian religion; with one command: go tell the world to repent. But all who accept GOD as GOD; are calling to this work, as well. Eternity is watching. The second horse represents the anger and hate that will be present in humanity, when confronted with true change they do not want. The third horse is black; meaning in the darkness it cannot be seen/ its rider is judge, as indicated by the pair of scales in his hand. There will be concern for the foods of life, and the work needed to obtain them. The fourth horse is pale, because death to many will come; without doubt a reality of antibiotics failing/ although it can be other things as well.
The fifth seal, understands to confront a world with change they do not want, opens the door to murder; in an “unhealthy world”. This will be stopped, when the time is true. The great earthquake is without doubt; the mine collapsing beneath the great lakes. The first phase of Yellowstone super-volcano erupting begins: most of the debris released fall back into the hole. That fact, will darken the sun; soot will erupt as well, as in ash. Chemicals in the air create illusions. Satellites will drop, because of gravitational changes. Everything humanity believes in as an anchor this earth cannot be changed; becomes shaken, and fear will be great. As reality proves this is no game/ man has run out of choices.

Revelation 7: The wind, represents the, “breathe of GOD/ that gives life to this earth”; has been stopped. The gathering of those who will enter eternity becomes complete: no more will be born. They were from every nation, every race, even every religion; _____________.
Angels are the evidence of truth, upon this earth. The reality of eternity begins; “for the living ones”.

Revelation 8: the reality of man arises, along with the consequences to life from what comes next. The fire from the alter, represents ANGER directed toward this earth; on this earth/ as men judge each other. The seven trumpets are the sounds of violence occurring. The first evidence of this is the release of world war, with all military weapons being used; as the whole world of man “comes unglued”. The second is nuclear detonation from/ of/ and in submarines in the ocean. The third is nuclear detonations in the air, to kill with radiation; as men deteriorate into hate. The consequence is: every horrible thing, as is trillions of gallons of toxic waste surrounding the water supplies, and so much more is released; the water cannot be drunk. The fourth is a great distress will be released within this earth, as it begins to come apart from all the explosions.

Revelation 9: it gets worse. The second phase of Yellowstone now erupts/ revealing the main supply of magma at the bottom; nothing is left to cover it. The locusts are simply extremely pulverized,“hot rocks/ hot ash”; released from the magma; pushed out, at extreme velocity. This enters the body, and causes harm; which means the wind which will carry it, is functionally horizontal with the earth. It is predicted to be “very stratified”/ because the weight of mass falling back down meets the pressures of gas rising from below. Men will have extreme nightmares, due to the chemicals ingested or imbedded in them. The king here, simply means it won’t stop; until the volcano is done.
Men release biological weapons; the result of which is horrendous, and cause many more hallucinations. Men continue to sustain their ways of fighting, hate, and death. Men do not change/ therefore the seventh seal is broken.

Revelation 10:
This is from GOD, and remains secret. However just before this is accomplished: GOD removes his people. That seems great “to the people of GOD”/ UNTIL reality strikes; and they realize how dramatically things have changed: they understand, they must try one last time to save life on earth; at least for a few!
Revelation 11: if there are to be a remnant: they will gather together in one place. Hate will follow them, but they will be saved. From here, two witnesses will walk out to confront the world, for 1260 days of poverty. They will walk “free”/ because they have power. They die at the allotted time, and in the allotted way: to rise again, “to eternity”. job done. True Power is about to be unleashed.
Judgment of men, for an eternity; is here. All die/ the earth is lost. There is little hope for even a tiny remnant. You have been warned, and can see the evidence of this type of violence coming on earth. It is not a game, so says reality.
Revelation 12: begins the prophecy of: men have changed. Now, by the hand of women in control over this earth; the process of survival begins with change directed by them. A difference so significant, because women are different: the potential for life here is given one more chance. Each of these chapters, 13-19 ; are written, as stand alone examples of what each individual decision shall mean. Choose wisely, this is not a game.

In this prophecy, there is a sign: something miraculous that identifies a woman has been created; or “highlighted, and with learning above the others”. More simply she is revealed by “things of this life, & things not of this life”. She stands at a distance, on what is foreign to her/ she stands on a man. This provides a sign. The twelve stars on her head indicate knowledge & understanding; about all important things for life on earth.
She carries new life (change for this earth)/ and it is NOT an easy thing to do. In contrast to this beginning and its new life/ there are the nightmares of men (dragon, or illusions in the dark) creating the reality of power already in control over this earth. They are many, with a combined knowledge that uses many weapons to control their slaves. The tail (a reality of what is left behind from their steps) of this nightmare, has taken away much hope. Those in power, want nothing to do, “with a new life for all humanity, on earth”. But they are held back, and reality presents change; as a young warrior born out of poverty to rule over them. This new life for humanity on earth, is not allowed to die/ therefore it will grow. The woman who presents a sign of distinction; is then conceived of as an enemy. Men of power, prepare to attack her. The consequence is, that women will save her, and protect her for 1260 days; or she dies.
The prophecy then turns to the fundamental truth of humanity; by the decisions unleashed, which will change people on this earth/ or let it die. Those who create the nightmare of tragedy and catastrophes upon this earth are defeated (arrogance, pride, hate, want, selfishness, greed, lust, etc)/ the majority of their power is lost. There is celebration, for a new life coming. There is growing hate, among those who are cast out of power, pride, and all they worship as hate.
These then make a more significant effort, to find the “woman of distinction” that they know started their downfall. But she flies far from them, to places hard to search; where time means for every action, there will be a reaction; to keep her safe. This infuriates the men of hate, and they suddenly “throw massive amounts of power away” to find her. But it is in vain, and they do not succeed/ and lose much instead. Which makes the men of hate even more angry, and they turn against all who accept a new life/ to replace them. All who choose love, respect, courage, sharing, caring, and life itself as a gift, and a reality; from GOD.

Revelation 13
The beast here is “university”; power having failed/ deceit and manipulation begins. Because water is the “power of life”/ by allowing its primary chemical compositions and functions to exist. The sea is then an image of power. A beast is always something disobedient to the law/ it has is own rules, and in general, enough strength to enforce them. So then we return to the people who do have knowledge, weapons, and understanding about how to make people fear. Choosing instead of life for earth/ to make war instead. The images are machines of war, in all manner and ways; for that purpose, including propaganda. The leopard represents something fast and agile/ the bear, gets a grip that won’t let go/ the lion has a very large mouth, with teeth. You may decide for yourselves exactly what weapons these represent; remembering these descriptions come from a person without the slightest knowledge of a machine. Therefore he can’t really describe it, he doesn’t own the words. The men of hate agree to use the men of war sharing power when the battle is done.
The wounded head is a weakness that will be found in this war machine/ they manage to solve the problem, before the war is lost. That wound is genetic mutilation of life; but the people are afraid of sickness, and collapse/ allowing this to go on. The violence unleashed is massive/ and the people are afraid. They then bow back down in fear, to the people of hate. These now celebrate winning their war. For 42 months they rule, with horrors. People will fall away from a new life, massively/ leaving only those who truly accept JESUS as their savior. The warning is given; they will have their time, with little you can do. Be patient!
Then comes another beast out of the earth/ instead of the sea called power here. The earth represents “solid ground” that cannot be moved UNLESS it is by an earthquake. This is the deceit as it progresses, with control: by illuminating power and leadership, has a purpose; you can be attacked, or remember why you fear. This image is one “group” who comes proclaiming your fears will be taken away. It is a university education (we are the smart ones, we know everything)/ by removing or covering over, the greatest threats from those who hate. Thereby they proclaim; we will be at peace/ so long as the people obey throughly, and without complaint. If not WAR will erupt against you again. Nuclear bombs will be released to prove: FEAR US GREATLY. But it is not peace this one brings. Instead, they are ordered as slaves to do whatever they are told, regardless of the consequence. They are forced to believe: “this is YOUR god”. This god then claims its possessions, by marking the people. They make it impossible to survive here, unless you are marked; which means they literally own you completely, and can do anything to your body or mind they desire. 666, stands for the reality of power that has been achieved. Whereas the number seven stands for perfection/ these then achieve GREAT power over life.
This is an absolute lesson, in reality; proving what it means: when GOD himself, does not control life on earth. It functionally means: YOU will understand, now. The fact this exists as part of the prophecy explains: humanity failed to understand, a new life did not exclude “GOD”! But requires respect, reality, duties, and acceptance of the values that create and sustain love, peace, purity, order, disciplines, acceptance, harmony, and other securities worth owning as a living breathing creation. Where truth, wisdom, and happiness shall rule. WHICH do you choose? There is only one direction, or the other!

Revelation 14:
IF YOU choose correctly> There will be those who choose for love and life; accepting the price is their lives. A gift returned to GOD, accepting eternity, grace, and mercy will be their reward. They will be given strength, power, and a purpose beyond this earth. Those who achieve this growth as “warriors for GOD”/ are not many in terms of their enemy; but they do achieve a purity of desire and purpose unlike any others. They do become as one. These few, sacrifice their life on earth/ the things they desire most: to do this work. To fight for a new life, a different life, a better life; throughout all the earth.
With these few, “the real worshipers of GOD/ those who accept JESUS, do arise”. They accept “eternity is watching”.
The second truth is: America falls into economic depression. A reality caused by the leadership of “a university, one-cell brain”/ infecting this world.
The third truth (an angel) is a curse, upon all who fail to bring this “new life” into the world. It does suggest, FEAR GOD, more than men.
The harvest of the earth; is achieved by one presenting a choice, who is like a man/ meaning not exactly. Oddly enough, this suggests perhaps, “half woman, as a spiritual truth”/ because this represents the entirety of humanity, rather than just men, as religion would suggest. You are reminded: Every religion is strictly about men. This also remembers that JESUS said of himself/ that HE would be “inside (sharing soul, or in replace of soul; I know not)” the son of man, who then comes in peace to represent HIM, in these last days. Therefore the one who sits on the cloud, represents a knowledge that has been given/ and a reality that is NOT his, to own. Just as the words of JESUS changed this human existence on earth/ words demanding change or die, are expanded to include: there is no escape, if you fail this test/ “either GOD, or man”. Our earth will die, if you are wrong. Believe it or not!
The next truth is: all those who refuse the honor of accepting the foundations of what JESUS did teach/ are rejected from further life. These will be very many.

Revelation 15
Those who have refused “the gift of eternal life”/ fought against a new life for this earth; are now separated. They receive punishments. The seven last plagues, before life will be different.
A sea of glass is the power of separation/ mixed with fire, is the violence which cannot be escaped; standing beside the sea; represents a reality the violent, cannot overcome. There will be gladness and celebration on earth, everywhere but here.
These are then the consequences, because of what humanity has already done. The first one is caused by the mutilation of life, through genetics. The second is a consequence for what men did do to the ocean. The third reveals that our drinking water ends, or becomes the price of drinking blood itself to survive. “Its what you chose”.
The fourth plague is; the earth overheats, and the consequences are grim. The fifth is an anger that overwhelms “government”/ and they release biological weapons of mass destruction. The sixth is a great hatred arises because of these biological weapons and their destruction; there is chaos in nature and in the rivers. People from university, will go pretending they “have a cure”. But the curse will not go away.
Armageddon means “last battle”. As men and women gather to destroy each other, before biological weapons do, with absolute hatred in their heart; blaming each other. GOD intervenes, an asteroid crashes into this earth causing irreparable damage.

Revelation 17
Because of the potential that each of these plagues above explain as real: the possibility arises, that the woman who brings this potential of new life on earth; will grow proud. That comes with punishment, as in that pride she throws away her own life for a reward on this earth. She does have the power to do so/ and if she chooses power, there will be many leaders from around this world who covet her “rewards”. This is also a warning NOT to help leaders from around the world, because this is a man’s world. It is allowed to help women.
In contrast to that, truth carries this woman who brings new life to this earth away into the desert instead. A place where she is alone, and without support. There she is found in control over a violent beast, with many names, faces, and weapons as is “the university”. This woman without pride, has been given the honor of knowledge with value for life. She has taken control over the tragedies of humanity, has established: the real trouble that has brought us unto this time of potential extinction, and all that is wrong; returns us to the extreme arrogance that is a “university diploma”.
Religion is infuriated with her/ as every religion is now controlled by a university diploma; and she is perceived to be the enemy of every religious leader. Their pride is wounded.
The seven heads are the people who congregate to devise a plan/ and create weapons (horns) to destroy her. The beast which is a university has lost power/ but fully intends to rise, and war. The people will not recognize what they once trusted “as their god”/ they will be ashamed. Nonetheless the seven hills, are minimal obstructions and the woman controls them. The seven kings are groups which believe, “we must do these things”. They believe this argument can overcome, five fail immediately/ one, more deliberately thought out, succeeds for a time. The universities of this world try as well, to overcome the realities of evidence, produced by this woman. They fail.
The next group of weapons, are a military response. They can overcome/ but not for long.
Anger overflows; as those who belong to hate fill the world with ridicule and all they can think of to influence humanity to discard “this woman/ who brings a new life for this earth”. They threaten, they rage, they intend to ruin: they want a solution from the university that will include everything “murderous”. But the great city is a life that will not be denied/ and humanity itself takes over life on earth, from its leaders.

Revelation 18
This says, the whole world shall know; this nation which has caused so much grief, because of their greed/ shall be torn down, or brought down, from on high.
The second voice: there are many curses, because of all that has been done. None can help. The crash is immediate/ and cannot be reversed. The entire economy of humanity across the globe is affected/ or, feels this moment. It will be a “worldwide lament”. A reality fixed, because of what “university” has done through this place. Without mercy or reprieve, none shall live in this place again.

Revelation 19
Some will celebrate this collapse of a nation. Claiming this “great arrogance” has been judged. They will quote the laws of humanity, as why this has happened. This people will be brought low. But GOD IS GOD, and HE will decide if this people can or do repent/ and then bring back RESPECT AND REALITY as is sufficient to claim: “We are GOD’S people” too! Those who do repent will be honored, with knowledge to consume, and understanding to share, through the evidence of their love. IF this remains true for a great many; THEN, what true respect, as the gift of love grants, will be found.
As is consistent with all “servants of GOD”/ the person who interprets, serves, brings a message, etc; is fundamentally no different than any other.
The rider on the white horse;
Into this world, that has chosen GOD, to be their true and only GOD; comes someone to assist in all matters of change. He is not to be praised, therefore “no name” for that exists here. He is dressed, but covered with blood, as evidence of battle, because of the word of GOD. Those who choose GOD follow him. He is able to not only talk, but confront; with a common mans weapon. He brings justice with him, because GOD makes this so.
He is successful, and all opposition dies, granting to the hordes of humanity, “a great meal”/ as leaders are deposed, and the rich are forced to share.
This goes on for a time, and then the formerly rich and powerful rage against him, and all who follow him. But they fail, because the people no longer believe in the university or their leaders. Both are deposed forever. The people are then satisfied.

Revelation 20
A truth is found, by which the open volcano of Yellowstone will be closed. All the arrogance, hate, ridicule, violence, greed, lust, rape, etc that has existed upon this earth from its beginning is sealed into this abyss. Another version of that is: human WANT will die/ ending all the tragedy it does cause upon this earth. The people will abandon it, and let truth decide. As the earth simply runs out of resources to support life, because of human consumption in “a thousand years of so”. These things resurface for a short time. IF humanity survives, the people will begin to judge each other, and they will separate. Some to eternal life, some to eternal death, some to be cursed! At this time, it is no use to try to “save yourself”.
That fact unleashes fear, and fear does do violent things to life on earth. They cannot win.
Human life then ends, as the planet fails to sustain us/ GOD comes.

Revelation 21
With none left, to cause hate/ a new world is created from love and respect, through discipline and order. There is NO room for less than “justified”.
Verse 9; from the critical decisions that returned life to this planet, by change created in this day; there is one who arises as “wife of JESUS”. As a wedding present, a great and wonderful reality is presented to this earth.

Revelation 22
There are promises of eternity in peace and love.

We then return to the reality of this day, and this prophecy: as in “JESUS is coming”. A clear warning to set yourself “aright”/ to stand up for GOD, and fight for life on this world! Remembering we are ALL EQUAL.
Equality however does not mean “invited”/ it simply means, we are NOT judge. Let the law alone decide. To be wrong in these things, is to be wrong for an eternity. Choose wisely!
The prophecy then reminds each one: nothing good can be done without JESUS guiding the way.
The spirit of women (bride)/ interpreted, says “let their be love shared, because you care”.
The final statement is: let these words be held as true/ do not embellish or change them, because there will be consequences.

Reality states: that if there is no response from humanity in defense of this world/ then the prophecy of Daniel, which is a world on fire. That then consumes the planet and destroys this solar system will rule.
If however there is truth in your repentance, and respect in your ways; giving life another chance to survive upon this earth. Giving the children their opportunity to live/ THEN you will receive another chance through women ruling this earth.
If however you begin without truth, or believe yourselves to grand to belong to GOD. Then man will become your god/ and he will destroy everything; just as his universities have begun. Life will be mutilated. Weapons of mass destruction will be used. Cannibalism will erupt and control the world; and even more!
The choice is yours! So ends the interpretation of Revelation. A book in the Christian Bible.

ASCENDING, into the depths

ASCENDING into the depths of DISCIPLINE.

This is functionally and fundamentally accomplished by examining your own reality, and choosing the very most important aspects of what you desire: “to live an eternity with”. Throwing all the rest away. The ladder, which gives rise to the elemental intricacy that is either true male (man) or female (woman, assumed) consciousness/ is the creation of time, without distraction. The development of a fundamental focus, which chooses to live within the elements of life defined and refined as creation/ rather than time; lifts us each one, to a new beginning. The examination of reality, thereby proving truth by the essence and integrity; of critical knowledge that serves the elemental structures, then become our anchor beyond this life in time. The existence of functional understanding, thereby gives directional movements by choice.
The battleground of discipline is a trust, that forms through the intimacy called wisdom. Or, “I accept, with faith in the laws revealed; that only truth shall lead me”.
Within this structural rise, beyond the essence of time, which is a measurement of action, reaction, or response. Is order; the grace of building with purpose, by the design and balance conceived within “thought must come first”. Destinies arise, because as we rise beyond ourselves, so does the partnership with life, that is soul.
Love is “a beautiful embrace”. Not only does it cherish this moment with you, it combines our value as one. To be valued means: we, are no longer “simply human”/ rather, we are family. Thereby love becomes our most precious moments.
Family describes: the disciplines of our truth, as one; substantiated by the reality of our order. By giving the trust of faith; we did, or we shall indeed choose each other.
Family defends, the value of every existence, by the intensity shared. A purpose defined. The desire of each accepting, even though I cannot save life/ I can, be a treasure to your soul. This is a reality of truth, you can take into your own eternity, as love shared; If you in fact care.
To understand discipline, is to acknowledge respect creates a path. To conceive of that path, is to bear the responsibility of knowing: what can or cannot be done here. To search or journey, begins with an acceptance: life itself can be more than just time. Entering; Beyond the boundaries called time: requires a spiritual education, a critical personal reality/ or you will fail; and be harmed or killed.
SPIRIT means: devoid of self/ therefrom an element of truth is created, that leads the soul into law. Creation says, when you pass by the pause that is time on earth. Your critical reality will be: whatsoever, is factually and correctly true in, and of you. SPIRIT exists: not as judge, but as a door into the passages which live beneath the freedoms you support. Every freedom constructs the discipline of an individual truth, you have accepted. Every truth, identifies the one who brings this forward, as your contribution to our world. Freedom is the essence of happiness, created by the disciplines which give your ability to accept order, & by its grace; to belong as family. What lives within you as the purpose and desire of your freedoms, lifts the essence of your truth into life itself, and becomes your anchor. Or if you fail to rise beyond yourself, beyond those who challenge or confront you/ then your own descent, will follow; as you isolate yourself ever deeper into the darkness (I will search for true life no more).
The critical element of SPIRIT revealed, is whether you can or cannot: isolate, define, and refine the realities of life constructed within yourself, as a truth. That truth, is the only essence of your existence, allowed within the spiritual world. If you fail to achieve it/ then you will never enter here.
SPIRITUAL existence means: having defined the most critical desire “of my heart”/ as a decision of purpose that will never be separated from my own reality; even eternally; I am ready. There shall then be doors, beyond this existence called time/ which lead to the questions of your heart. But they do come with a warning: you shall not return from here, unless you do understand the truth presented to you. The price of eternity is, you can enter by truth; but you cannot change truth, to accept you, as a participant/ unless you understand the reality of its law. Your decision alone, selects a door, into eternity. But there will be consequences, unless you fully understand how to share this truth, at least by what is most important. If you do understand the disciplines involved, by its own order; then you may select “again and again” to learn all that is “life, to you”.
BUT, if you do not understand: then you will become trapped, within the questions of your heart, that you could not answer. Every truth is an environment which protects you. Therefore trapped, does come to mean: saved, until you are able to travel alone from here. Choose carefully, it is not a game.

Every discipline rises from its anchor: this is why, I accept. Consequently, your ability to search beyond simple things is governed by your own critical truth. If you have anchored well/ then you may ascend to the very pinnacle of what it means to be “male or female”; as the case may be. Having achieved this level of male. Because as a man, I cannot be more than what a human man can be: the only discretion left, is to look down/ to understand and accept what is real, that humanity is doing on this earth. That reality today, is horrendous; and threatens extinction for this entire planet. Because in general terms; the future can be found. “One plus one =two”. Men in particular are bent upon destruction, as every possible method of attacking life is being used. None more so, than the university diploma. With lies, deceit, propaganda, failure, fantasy, delusions, theft, cheating, fraud, stories without substance, and all other methods of intentional manipulation for the purpose of playing god over life: they have achieved the status of “SATAN”. Because the results of their influence are death, “beginning to rot in the sun”. Bringing the same fire here as is on the sun, is only the beginning/ but it is also the ending; as NO possibility exists to extinguish a ten million degree fire. The “DEVIL” is of course in the details; for example, “the university has proclaimed, its fusion”/ and then proved themselves completely wrong. But remain intensely determined to bring that fire here anyway. By discarding their only theory, proving wrong their only assertion: “the fire, will just extinguish itself”. Or life was built by chaos/ a more disfigured lie, has never existed. Chaos means: to take whatever is complex/ and reduce it, to the simplest form possible. HOW, is that life? Answer, just another lie.
But they are not alone, as in every aspect of life on this planet is literally under attack/ every living thing discarded; “for a few pennies more”. As humanity, and in particular men assert: ITS ALL MINE. The future being completely abandoned by the elderly; as they assassinate the children intentionally, so they can pretend, “we don’t have to pay, for what we did, or allowed to be done”. A more UNFAIR generation, throughout all of history; has not existed. To your shame.
Nonetheless, within that vision of our reality; is the clear and literal choice: to fight for life on this earth/ or let it die? Forty years of work, proves your choice is: LET IT DIE/ DAMN YOU for making me aware. Of course that is not your literal choice/ it is your want speaking, and your pride assaulting; because you want what you want, and nothing else. But that does require not only life, but this entire planet as well. Anger nor hate will save you/ simple as that. Being too ANGRY as a man/ too frustrated by what is male, which does prove: “this is what men want/ this is what men chose throughout history, & they won’t let it die, even though the very planet and all its life; is in peril”. Our situation is: “A man’s world”, and we are nearing extermination from this planet. So says the evidence, by its own truth. So says prophecy in the bible as well. So says our reality.
Consequently, the only question left is: WHAT would women do? Opening that spiritual door, HAS been an endless lesson, in everything not male/ not nearly done in me yet. Like it or not is absolutely irrelevant/ as spiritually I have no say: “can’t understand”.
Nonetheless, reality says: at least this is our chance to survive as life on earth. Nothing else can say that; because this is the best men did do/ and we face extinction from all sides. Women cannot do worse, than imminent and real extinction; even threatening the planet/ even threatening the entire solar system: IS MALE. There are no words sufficient for this failure; consequently “devil and satan” are used.


Answering HEART.

At the extreme edge separating the boundary between male and female; are the elevations or descents, that identify and create the fundamental differences between the sexes. To achieve the functional ability, to understand what it truly means to be either male/ as a man. Or female, as a woman; it is absolutely necessary to travel this journey. There is no in-between, that is a truly spiritual element/ rather than functionally, as time displayed.
Returning to the center of life, requires an acceptance beyond the individual journey that is either male or female: to the justification of equality. Or more specifically, to participate with each other; is a decision based upon equality, rather than individuality. Love is not an individual/ love is a gathering, for the purpose of acceptance. Therefrom a freedom realized through respect. Justifying gender equality then becomes: I cannot be more than an individual male or female “without you”. No perversion is allowed in the spiritual transition of life, to the essence of being alive. We are born as we are/ it is not a choice.
The quest of every true heart: I am ready, to belong (it is a responsibility)/ not by abandoning male or female, but by accepting the decision, “my life SHALL be enhanced by the opposite sex”. I choose, NOT to be alone; even as someone who has attained the elevation of truth, by the physical descriptions of life in time. That fundamentally means: we must be equals, in my heart and yours. There is no “family” without respect. Respect equals justice/ justice equals the fundamental existence: we are “the same, as life”/ even though different, as bodies.
Heart identifies a need for foundation relationships to anchor our time, in the creation of relationships that give “birth”, to the critical truth: I am not alone! To achieve that element of existence expanded beyond the boundaries of self. It is absolutely necessary, to accept equality as the path most certain to begin a journey with the opposite sex. “Perfect equality”, a description with errors involved, as is consistent with humanity. Suspends the existence of a boundary between the sexes, and opens the door to true spiritual interactions. That truth is confronted by whosoever “opens the door/ on the other side”; is at their mercy. Consequently thank GOD, it is intensely or extremely hard to find/ and all but impossible to locate. If found, opposite sexes are so described for a true reason: we actually cannot understand each other, because we (male and female) live as a completely different world, from each other, on the inside.
What is not different, is our need for each other in the realities of living: to balance life, is to understand your own search and disciplines, from a different point of view. That balance is enhanced sexually, and therefrom elevated from participation; into being truly alive, as we bind ourselves into family. Consequently family survives existence, by changing itself, into life shared/ because we both, or we all care; honestly and with grace.
Honesty means: no more lying to yourself, or anyone else. To accomplish this as a fact, “your” want, pride, and selfishness” must be removed. It is very simple really: want undermines reality with “I am smart/ I can do, what reality refuses me a right”. Simply accept truth instead. Pride is a game/ therefore I can make of myself a winner; by demanding you shall lose. Stop playing games with life; feel free to play games with time, through respect. Selfishness exists, because you claim NOT to be equal/ but superior. Stop playing god, its your lie; stop playing it, in your head: simply refuse it “a home” in you.
Grace, is the existence of mercy; or more deliberately the home of our lives, is the distance we create as the boundary between what is accepted through experience and expression/ or has been denied as the element of contamination or corruption, we/ or I, cannot tolerate. Grace lives between that judgment, and the mercy to understand; freedom is a right/ reality understands my own truth as well. Every life is born free, even if not physically true; the essence of life itself, bears the mark, “I am free”.
Searching freedom, IS the examination of thought. Thought is the construction of “things which can only get humanity into more trouble”/ so discussion ends here.
Instead elements will be assembled that search for physical or human freedoms, as a participant in family or life/ rather than judgment, and therefrom measuring each other. Those elements are: every elevation of our existence is preceded by an acceptance. Therefrom what you accept as a discipline/ represents the order that will describe your life, and a large part of your living. Every descent, from the acceptance of your own humanity as a valued, equal participant in our reality: is governed by your own measurement of other life, and environment.
While the common human being does not accept their relationship with living is as simple as: WHAT did or did you not accept, as a value to life itself. When each wants; “What they want”/ truth does not matter. Instead behaviors demand; “get me what I want/ be what I want, and we will be friends”. By definition this is “buy me/ or let me buy you”. The reality of our existence does prove this is an elemental step, to the creation of what behavior will be. Behaviors identify the influences within your mind. Therefore they judge you with the acceptance of truth/ or its refusal. All judgment belongs only to the law/ it is not a human definition, other than the need for balance to create peace and harmony.
The fundamental of slavery begins with: I don’t have to pay for my own wants/ I can make someone else do what I want. Lies are common, as is temptation, flattery, and all other forms of manipulation, or control. Therein the second element of behavior exists.
The third behavioral characteristic; is sexual contamination. The reality of bodily functions, interfering with true, “free will choice”. Or more distinctly, the adult body, or preparations beyond a child; rely upon chemicals to enhance our choices, realities, and purposes to establish: I do NOT, wish to be alone. The range of chemical influence, is from minor (meaning this is limited in me)/ to major; meaning I must have sex “with something”. The consequences are life changing, if you fail the disciplines necessary to complete and identify order within your own specific life. Every consequence is: a true learning tool, which then complicates and inflicts a dimensional fear in living, if your decision (or someone else’s) was truly “unfortunate”.

Understanding our humanity, relies upon three distinct rules of existence. Every true rule is a guideline that functionally isolates the distance beyond or before a particular decision is made: has a price. Unlike the devils of a university diploma who insist “we can do anything/ without consequences”. They are extreme LIARS AND FOOLS. Every action or reaction has a consequence/ and someone or something, is going to pay, or receive a reward do to your decision.
Rule two is: the gift of life, is so far beyond accidental/ only the most delusional of idiots, without the benefit of more “than a single cell brain”, could find it less than TRUE miracles. Because it is YOUR GIFT, it is also YOUR possession; and that does mean, it is entirely up to you to make your decision what you intend to do with your body, mind, or life. That includes “your personal sex”. Your body is your possession; and it cannot, under any circumstances or religion or situation, etc; belong to anyone else. It is yours/ you will decide. It is yours, no one else has a right to refuse that freedom. BUT IT IS YOUR CONSEQUENCE as well. Regardless if it is good or bad/ your decision means: “Your problem”. Unless, you force your decision on someone else, which then turns that reality onto the law. GOD judges law, when death takes your life. If love dies in someone because of you: ETERNITY shall remember your name, as an enemy.
The third rule is: time creates participation by including you in reality. That reality shares existence with every other form of life and living. The choices that you make govern life around you. Establish love, despondency & depression, or hate because of you. Heartbreak or healing confronts your heart, and holds the breathe of your soul; by the testimony you give in these instances, to your CREATOR. Every testimony is, a life shared because you did care/ or refused, because you chose to judge, measure, and abandon. Every fear is, a trust refused, or a truth defined by a relationship with those who hate. Without hate, there is no cause for fear of humanity; even if there are accidents caused without intent. Every true decision within a human mind is verified by a decision: to love/ hate/ or simply to survive. These are directions, and you cannot move, until you choose a direction/ unless you fall down.
Understanding our sexuality removes the veil of chemicals, to conceive of truth. Truth indicates, that every human body is sexual/ regardless of opinion. That truth establishes a critical question: is the cost and consequences of sexual interaction, for me; worth the price, that will be applied, to me? Which means, this is then a selfish decision; if “only me/ as in lust (I will use your body, or abuse it)” is involved. Truth discovers: time is a pendulum shift, between an action/ and a reaction; thereby proving decision exists. You don’t get one, without the other. Without chemical intervention, sex is a shared intimacy generated through the desire: help me to understand? Or more clearly, take away the chemicals, and what is left is a relationship conceived by the differences within our bodies. The question of opposite bodies is very simple: what does life mean to you/ I don’t understand? So then sexually we search for the intricate details, that give you pleasure. Because that relationship changes sex, into the discovery of happiness defined in you, and from you, to me. The question of kissing is again: an artistic endeavor, whereby each “meets in the middle” to discover and explain what I can be for you. The question of intensity, is isolated entirely by trust, through the existence of substantial proven truth. The critical questions of what is allowed between a man and a woman, is literally up to them: with both participating as equals/ no exceptions. NONE! You are there, you are participating, you did make this decision, you are responsible for what you do, or do not do. As to the physical realities, so long as “nothing beyond your given body is used”/ it is ok, when both accept.
Sexuality is a passion, or a purpose. When it is a passion, love has entered in through the blessing of shared existence. Caused by the elevation of respect and desire, to the expressions of true caring. Leaving absolutely no doubt; “You are safe, with me”. This begins with “I choose you & you also choose me honestly”. Sexuality with a purpose, shares a need. The critical question is: wherever there is value, honesty refines every decision, with the desire to insure love does not die. That may or may not “work”/ rather it is desire revealed. The consequence being, my life is shared; I need to care; but I know, I cannot make your decision. Within those three “I’s”; the reality of your own need surfaces. Therefore the question relates to each one involved; as a decision built upon love, but it is not anchored in forever. To help is not to surrender yourself/ but to give of yourself, so that their journey does not end. Remember the cost, and understand this decision before you participate. People DO; lie, steal, beg, and manipulate/ keep it in mind. DON’T surrender anything; CHOOSE. Again remembering the cost, either good or bad can be excessive. Set your own boundaries and be clear/ as best you can.
Every heart needs participation. Therefore to answer heart means: to care enough to celebrate and choose, “you are important”. Everyone important, REQUIRES TIME. Time is then the eloquent message, “that we are equal”. This extends as, “please help me/ so I can spend more time with you”. The tragedy of this day is: with temptations surrounding, many fall short of simply being alive, or even able to comprehend what that means. Their face, and their mind; is buried in some type of delusion.
Being alive accepts: that love has only one true boundary/ NO HATE allowed. Being alive, constructs only one true home: we are all respected, and appreciated here. Being alive transforms time, into the ingredients responsible, for finding, or accepting friendship. Being alive makes us EQUAL/ NO exceptions other than hate.
Being alive in “marriage (I accept forever)”. Is a discipline fraught with peril; when assembled spiritually!
Being alive in “marriage, physically”: is to order and protect each other with respect. Thereby accepting needs and understanding desire; through the shared responses of caring about each other. This is NOT functionally possible, until you understand what those desires and responses truly are. But make no mistake, it is the blessing of sexual relationships, and in particular “this is new to us both”; that firmly plants a seed of hope in each other, for our lives together. As we each choose to make decisions, that equal the desire of your heart instead of, or in participation as committed, to share with mine.
Being alive in “marriage, mentally”: is to conceive of happiness/ by sharing every burden of your life in time, as if it were equally important with mine. Same is true for you. We are not committed to being slaves in marriage. We are committed to caring responsibly/ to sharing with honesty/ and to creating our truth, cannot be broken: thereby we trust. Trust is the elemental bond, that gives eternal life to our soul. To yours, & to mine; be careful not to endanger love! Be, the best you can be; it is a choice.


Questioning heart

Heart, is the critical relationship between what is physical, and what are the developmental decisions that allow those who choose it, “to love”.
Therefore we must first understand love, as an element of life/ rather than the distinction established by a personal elevation of self. Love is an environment, that requires your journey in time, to be a quest for more “than I can be alone”. Therefore we must also identify “I”, as a decision rather than a participant in self.
We begin in the creation of an alternate universe, or more distinctly; the expansion of what is “beyond self”. To assemble the boundaries, and identify the bindings, that attach us to realities which then anchor our soul into truth; so that we can expand our reach beyond self. The primary discipline required is trust. Or, if you refuse to trust in the elevation of truth itself/ you cannot enter here. In like terms: if your truth is errant or fantasy or wrong/ to leave the structural densities of time, will/ or can be death, to you.
Passages construct the elemental decisions that conform yourself, to the destinies you have chosen. Therefore passages, are at their essence, the relationships you have formed with the realities called time. Time is an environment, specifically designed: to cause and create the decisions of your life. Therefore time illustrates the discovery of “you”. To step back, from self; is to allow a mirrored image of your actions and reactions to be refined by examination. It is the first step away from self, so as to identify an opportunity to turn back from time, and view life itself. “I” is a beginning. Self, is an ending. Life is a transition into the disciplines that escape the transformation ending time itself, as body or mind. Consequently life means more than a body or mind; as is plainly evident through the construction of thought.
Thought lives, because it forms a plateau between energy and participation in that energy as a freedom controlled through the existence of a decision.
Thought participates in that decision by altering the destiny of a direction, as the elemental creation of “a door”. Or more distinctly, every freedom is an expression, that leads to an experience, that then transforms reality by the truth exhibited in your purpose.
Thought levels reality, by expressing desire. Thought examines the purpose of your heart, by elevating and controlling the disciplines used to attain an examination of self/ and its participation with other life.
Here we begin the journey that is heart, as explained by the expansion of self, until we meet the reality of self, and that opportunity transforms itself into: the decisions of “my/your heart”. We start time, as the expression of freedom released by action or reaction to discover existence is a participation, rather than “without decision”. To decide upon development, as a discipline/ gives us order. To recognize “I am not alone”/ establishes boundaries that understand balance must be attained to structurally keep both peace and harmony alive. Therefore we now know, there is a difference between living, and being alive! That element of thought, comes from “standing within the mirror”/ that separates male from female. Or more simply, when the physical presence of “I”/ stands to recognize self, he or she sees time. When thought exists, “I” has been discarded, leaving a presence within the mirror of your life. Or more distinctly life is no longer self, but an environment identified by time through “I”. If “I” has been discarded/ then the search, elevates itself by understanding the differences between male and female do construct the essence of being alive. Therefrom within the mirror, life begins to reveal both sides. There is no life sustained on earth, without both male and female. Consequently you cannot truly be alive, without a clear understanding of both. Life within the mirror, that sees beyond self. Means the transient nature of thought/ and the realities of time; must be used to bridge that gap. Thought is a transition, used to create a heart.
The question of heart, then turns to the gender invitation of male versus female; in a dance that includes what will be, “our participation with life”. Life does not “dance alone”/ it must have participation. The heart does not participate alone, rather it worships time as an invitation to belong. When asked, what is belonging? The answer replies: “I know trust”. When asked why? The answer exists, wherever respect correctly becomes an opportunity to live without substantial restraint. This is friendship, the critical component in creating “time worth living”. So we then come to value, and ask of knowledge: why is this important?
Value is the structural component in law. Law gives peace and harmony. Peace means: I have established a respect for each individual participant involved. Each then knows justice, fair play, and the distinction of realistic freedom within the ranks of what survival needs. Harmony refines that freedom with the responsibilities accepted; to keep us all alive. Therefrom value identifies the creation of environment, within which we are given the very essence of time, to feel alive on our own individual search for the completion of our existence, as a life revealed.
We extend value into the more critical search for spiritual definitions by understanding ONLY TRUTH expands beyond time. While mercy can allow “less than truth to exist”/ only truth becomes truly free.
Heart elevates life, by understanding the differences between male and female; construct a journey. While the reality of examining the perspective of living from each side as unique in and of itself; isolates a relationship in living, that is beyond self. Or more distinctly, it is this other gender, “that opens my world/ to far greater influences”. The mirror so called stops hiding “the other side”/ only when you accept the disciplines of equality; and identify that more than self, is necessary; to truly feel alive.

fire fence intro

The fire fence movies released, inventions used are free to all; as identified in its simplicity.
Fire fence one. A full scale fire test for a fire retardant, that makes many promises. PLUS a preliminary review of the national ignition facility in San Francisco, and their intent to ignite the same fire here, as is on the sun.
Fire fence two; is a full scale fire test for stopping the spread of forest fire/ by controlling the ability of embers and other leaf type debris to extend beyond this fence. PLUS a preliminary review of the extreme light infrastructure nearly complete and ready for testing. They have built 3 lasers, which can be combined into an energy burst of: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 watts of electrical power, all hitting the same spot in space, at the same time, at the speed of light times three; plus the acceleration, and subsequent chaos of explosive realities when the beams crash.
Fire fence three: is a realistic fire test for stopping a grassland or brush fire, from spreading. PLUS the preliminary examination of the people at CERN, whose most indicative expression is: “We WILL recreate conditions mimicking the BIG BANG” here on earth. The single most destructive event, in the history of this universe. Right here on earth. “Ain’t that great”?
Fire fence four: is an invention that establishes a method for do it yourself fire suppression systems/ that cheaply and quickly create a water sprinkler system. PLUS, it examines the reality of university mutilation of nature itself, by tampering with genetic DNA. Which does present the instructions that build every body of life on this planet. The witch doctors called geneticists in worship of their religion called evolution say; LETS HAVE CHAOS in nature, it will be great.
Fire fence five: is a review of our situation as humanity on this world, establishing preliminary critical statistics, which identify a collapse of our ability to exist on this planet is in fact by the evidence coming soon. It also provides a short description of several usable ideas for your discussion. For free.


All OnSite Speed Trailers
Q. From what distance can a motorist read the sign?
A. The speed display sign’s high output, amber LED letters are 18″ high x 10″ wide (offering 3000 mlm of brightness), giving it visibility of up to 1000 feet. The viewing angle is 100̊.

Q. What is the detection range of the radar antenna?
A. The radar’s beam width is 12̊. The antenna can detect speeds ranging from 5 to 99 mph at up to approximately 600 feet.

Police Radar Units
Q. My radar has poor range. How can I remedy this?
A. Verify that the antenna has no obstructions in front of it. If the gun still has poor range, increase the sensitivity level.
Decatur electronics/ soncel electronics
In review of the speed trap that exists at the northern end of route IL 130 work site sign exists at 379 feet from the sign establishing a work zone heading north / in front of the work sign heading south. Caution barrels then exist only on the west side of the road along the south bound lane for 516 feet/ prior to encountering caution barrels on both sides of the road, which then extends on both sides of the pavement for an additional 522 feet. The traffic speed trailer sits at the immediate end of the actual finished construction site. South end of the work.
The speed trailer operates by sign reads speed: at 76 feet in front of the south work site sign: OR MORE DISTINCTLY AT 1,114 FEET FROM THE SPEED TRAILER, this unit is measuring vehicle speed, lights flashing. It is worth noting, in the first clear test of the unit itself: I DO TESTIFY, that when pulling out, after painting an indicator mark in pink on the road surface to establish a line where when vehicles are first registering on the lighted display. That line is at 1,114 from the unit. I was stopped there, and I when pulling back onto the highway, literally at five mph this unit picked up my vehicle immediately after crossing the line; registering it at 43 mph and staying within 5 mph of that speed throughout my drive toward and past the robot. EVEN THOUGH I NEVER EXCEEDED 25 MPH over the entire distance. At the time, there was a car coming from the rear about one quarter mile back of me; at roughly 55mph. Consequently the machine was picking up speed from this vehicle, and registering it to mine. I later returned with camera working to try again. This time parking same place, same everything; only making certain no traffic was behind, and the speed trailer effectively gauged my speed.

We now look at the reality of the situation itself: as stated above from the manufacturer of the unit. Its working distance is up to 600 feet. It has an operational target area, that is a twelve degree arc, or beam width. Which determines the distance that will be measured, when gauging the speed of a particular vehicle. Doubling the range by increasing the sensitivity level DRAMATICALLY increased the distance that is being measured, and instead of one car, this machine will be measuring much more; as established by the above testimony. A car at least a eighth mile behind me; was changing my speed, and I was changing his; throughout the distance of 1111 feet, because the sign held steady between 41-46 mph. Red and blue lights flashing. The exact model of the speed trailer is unknown, as the label indicating such was illegible. Proving it is NOT NEW, and it is not capable of new specs. Nor can it be considered updated, unless the facts are completely and without doubt undeniable. New machine specs claim a 3,000 foot range (which means they can clock your speed, and claim “your fault”/ at one half mile prior to the construction zone)/ with 1500 feet the default setting. With a twelve degree window. Which does allow for two vehicles to be in the same window of measurement. Which means at 1500 feet prior to this machine, unless set otherwise: YOUR SPEED IS REGISTERED. No warning things have changed from 600 feet, to triple that. In this case: the machine sets, at the edge of the construction zone; thereby tickets are issued for a quarter mile before the construction zone exists. They set the sign “construction zone” here; on purpose at one quarter mile, to make money: “got ya”. The warning sign is 379 feet, before the vehicle speed is clocked and set. There are no exceptions allowed for the remainder of the pavement beyond the construction site: because a few miles south this same road is being paved, (a working construction zone) with only two people holding work stop signs, to control the traffic. NOT the same. Which then is real, work being done without anything but a sign to control traffic/ OR, an area where no work is being done other than mowing, once every few weeks; that the police have set traps in. State workers get a little sign per mile or less, “for mowing”.

We now turn to the truth of this situation as established by the facts. Not only is the machine being used in an illegal fashion: gauging traffic beyond its rated ability. Creating a fake construction site/ creating a fake construction zone, by extending it one quarter mile beyond the actual site where work was done. THE FACT IS: This is NOT a construction site anymore, as the video clearly proves. Nor has it been for 3-4 weeks. Nor was this IL STATE POLICE traffic speed trailer present during construction at any time. INSTEAD, after all construction stopped, apart from a tiny bit of “taking care of the grass”. That is when they installed this robot to COLLECT MONEY by entrapment/ using the construction site as a means to greatly increase the fines collected, which is extortion. To facilitate this illegal action under the description: the state police/ can’t fight it. They moved the sign establishing a work site. They set their speed trailer at the very end of the now finished construction site. So that everyone ticketed, was NOT in the construction site by the facts/ but approaching it, which is a vastly different LEGAL reality. They moved caution barrels from the east side of the road to the west side of the road to increase the claim of a construction site by 516 feet beyond what the construction company established for the work, now finished. Moving the east side barrels significantly farther off the road so as not to interfere with their extortion, and did create damage to society by inflicting a demand for SLAVERY. “You, MUST WORK for us for FREE”/ BECAUSE we say so. This is criminal contempt for society, with felony consequences, robbery, and the intent to do harm. Which does create a conspiracy to disrupt, disrespect, deny, and destroy THE LAW AS IS JUSTICE FOR ALL. A greater corruption, a clear contamination, a critical intent to harass, and a reality of purposeful and deliberate actions which does endanger the public at large; FAR MORE, than any single driver/ apart from the truly obnoxious, or critically depressed (because they have been used and abused, by employees of government).
Open road construction is the contractor for the site. When questioned as to WHY, since you are done with this section of the road, ARE THERE STILL caution barrels on the site. Their reply was: That until the final inspection by the state is completed, they can’t really take them up/ because it is impossible to predict if the state inspector will find something for them to change. And it costs a lot of money to pick them up/ or put them back; so they wait. WHICH ALLOWS THE STATE, TO TAKE AS LONG AS THEY WANT. The result, make a rule/ and you get a ruler: TO EXTORT MONEY, AND DESTROY LIVES, BY USING THE POLICE, and a rule (you crossed the line/ now we can beat you with a stick, just as much as we want) AS A WEAPON, in complete compliance with the courts; AGAINST US all. The warning barrels identify a legal construction zone, dependent upon reality. Therefore the construction zone for the north bound lane, by that definition begins at 522 feet in front of the speed trailer. The construction zone for the south bound lane (going away) extends an additional 516 feet.
As established in a previous legal case: the extreme anarchy of the courts, has reduced a jury to the decision, “did this person break the rule, or not/ the degree doesn’t matter”. The order of the judge to the jury was: you only get to decide if the rule was broken. In that trial, going one mile per hour through a stop sign, after carefully examining the conditions: instead of coming to a complete stop. Cost $120, plus appeal, total slightly less than one thousand dollars. Appeal stopped; because I refused to pay an additional $200+ dollars for the circuit court to electronically send the transcript I had already spent over $400 dollars on to the appellate court. Push a button, “its email”. Denied after reminding the appellate court, that the IL constitution says, I shall receive justice, “for free”. Blocked from further appeal, after establishing: a fine MUST be the same for all/ and a monetary fine that is the same for a rich man, as it is for a poor man; IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THE SAME PUNISHMENT. After reminding them: I was stalked by this police officer, through 4 changes of direction. An entire police department, for a town of 300 people: “gee, WHERE does the money come from?”   Plus, the judge informs me, this is no longer traffic court/ but criminal court. A jury IS NOT formed in democracy to decide if a rule was broken. A jury is formed, to decide if society is being treated fairly, and with a justice that is consistent with their own expectations of penalty, should they or someone they love is confronted with the same situation. The job of a jury is to protect society from tyrants, by controlling the judge, through the constitution and its own truth about what society should be.
That doesn’t make an individual officer of the state police or any other the enemy, in this case. But it does establish: the “intellectual diplomas (we ordered this)’/ who lead this state, and spent all our money; believe they can entrap, enslave, and control us any way they please. Somebody in charge, gave the order; and whosoever set this up, “did their job”.
A little justice goes a long way in establishing peace and harmony in society. BUT A LITTLE INJUSTICE, and plain abuse; invades and infects and defeats a great many more lives and laws. Because this insidious infestation of vermin [they hide in the walls, floors, ceilings/ and wait until they can sneak in unnoticed; to steal, contaminate, and corrupt], in government employ: has NO RESPECT, for any lives but their own. As proven in this trap, their purpose is simply to collect money, at our expense. It is just a different form of burglary (hiding in the dark, waiting for a victim). They set it up after construction was done/ they keep it or more correctly use it for a construction site, because the fines triple or more. Twenty miles over the speed & talking on the phone is slightly less than one thousand dollars. Even though, IT IS NOT, a construction site anymore. It just has barrels, to criminally entrap people, and force them to be slaves. Costing the public, not only the fine, but trouble with insurance, trouble with work, trouble with paying legitimate bills, trouble with getting thrown out of your housing, trouble with marriage and children relationships, “because now I am desperate, and can’t get the money to pay everything. Or, more simply: under a police banner, thieves stole it MY LIFE; damaged my family and future/ making me pay, FOR NOTHING BUT A LIE. JUST LIKE ANY back alley thug, with a gun and a club, and a desire to make me pay, for their own corruption.

The proper method of legally dealing with those employed by our government which is the constitution of this USA/ which is the constitution of this state of IL: Is to remind the judiciary that they made an oath of office. Article 2; section 1.7 “I do solemnly swear, that I will faithfully execute the office _ And will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States”. Which MEANS THERE ARE PENALTIES INVOLVED; for NOT obeying our constitution; as is WE THE PEOPLE ARE OWNERS HERE, and this fact: GIVES US POWER OVER OUR EMPLOYEES. The law then says within the first US amendment and I think it’s the fifth amendment of IL: that we the people are entitled by law, to take our employees of government to court/ and review their decision, actions, and established realities. Its called REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, A LEGAL RIGHT GRANTED BY CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY. Thereby WE, becoming their judge, as owners here. ESTABLISH as their employer, with the power to take legal action, thereby establishing penalty or change, in government; by ourselves, under constitutional direction/ through a vote on the issues themselves. Learn more at, and its state and federal trials, on the associated sites. YOU WILL, find it interesting. You will find it OUR TRUE LEGAL REALITY DENIED/ DUE PROCESS ERASED/ THE CONSTITUTION DISGRACED AND EVICTED FROM THE COURTROOM/ AND ALL BRANCHES OF THE JUDICIARY CORRUPT. None more so, than the US SUPREME COURT.
James Frank Osterbur
8/ 6/ 15
my citizen advice to you is: ban together in a class action suit, across the state of IL, and potentially other states. So that you can leverage and demand penalties against the state, and don’t forget to triple the monetary punishment, as they did to you.


The extreme tragedy of US government employees, exists because you let them tell us: FEAR, we are threatened/ therefore we must spend “the money” without regard for any other reality. Without a threat, they must live in reality; obeying, rather than leading. Today media tells us, that satellites exist as the very framework of our national defense; and they must be defended/ so we must spend money. Today Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, a US military installation, is completing and shipping the machinery for “ELI; the extreme light infrastructure” being deployed at the edge of Russia. At our expense. Three lasers, which declare “we will boil the vacuum of space”/ by using a billion times a billion watts of electricity ( a million one trillion volt lightning strikes, all hitting the same place at the same time). The instant, these are workable, coming September 2015. They can take out every US military satellite, within hours/ regardless of distance; over half the earth. Because that is the power released from these machines. “Oh no”/ we made a mistake: NOW YOU CAN’T refuse us the money, to play our games. So they will say: as “government and military employees”.


OOPS, silly me, I forgot to mention: EACH LASER, represents an energy burst of one million of the most powerful lightning strikes possible/ with a stated recharge rate, “if I remember correctly” of once every ten seconds or more. A true star wars weapon! Made by the US, paid for by counterfeiting our money; and delivered to Russia, or whoever might take it over. That means, as a weapon if desired: these concentrated together produce an energy burst equal 3 million lightning bolts at once/ at the speed of light, times three. Each laser being fully capable of bringing down a missile in mid Atlantic/ or a bomber. The consequence being, “well, we just have to unleash everything, to get through”. Gee, what could go wrong with that, its just a few thousand nuclear bombs.
Not to worry, these lasers are going to ignite this planet on fire; probably at the first use; as is biblically predicted. Because that, is what the energy being used has a very high probability of doing. The university diplomas, leaders, and military; have all wanted to destroy life on earth. “That’s what weapons of mass destruction are for”. But don’t worry, the university says: “We WILL ignite sun fire here, a ten million degree fire, that obviously burns atomic bonds; will just extinguish itself”. So hell, we don’t have to worry about consequences, “that’s just insane”. “Isn’t it”? NOT to worry, the media, courts, leaders, military, police, etc; all say, “the university knows”! And CANNOT under any circumstance be called or questioned to establish: WHY should we gamble every life on this planet/ with a science experiment, that has absolutely no value other than as a toy: or a weapon against this USA.

AFTER, the delusions, the swindlers, the liars, cheats, thieves, and traitors get done collecting money. Or perhaps before; the solution will be, to place “suitcase size atomic bombs” at the laser sites, or their power plants. Got to do it, “ain’t that so”? The question is: how many nations will believe the same thing? After all, these lasers can take out Russian missiles, or satellites, etc. As well as French, north Korean, Chinese, etc.


drinking water, some help

There is a critical need for drinking water, across the globe. That can only be remedied “as best we can” by developing techniques to remove salt from saltwater. Among the most simple of these is: To create a pond, for pumping saltwater into it/ then covering and sealing that pond with a black plastic sheeting. In HOT climates the sun then evaporates the water, separating it from the salt, and you can or will bleed that water vapor off from under the plastic with a small hose, and a potential solar operated fan to blow the hot moisture laden air from the top of the pond into a cooling cycle, so the water does condense where you want it. The obvious choice for a cooling medium is the ocean from whence the saltwater was taken. So a pipe line is run into the ocean where the water vapor is condensed into a liquid inside the pipe, and then contained into a separate tank for use. To keep the system going, it is probable that a trench will be cut into the shore so the water level of condensed drinking water is allowed to flow by gravity to a sump situation from which it is then pumped by a second mechanism into a holding tank. Or the drinking water holding tank itself, is simply located here below the surface so as to keep it cool. Refill the pond only at night or early morning so as not to lose an heating or evaporation by the sun. To aid in evaporation, a heating circuit can be developed and circulated within the pond. Several methods are simple.
The people who create solar salt, by simply evaporating water into air/ can tell you how to build a pond and how much water you can gain over time. Every little bit will soon matter.
In addition to creating drinking water, the need for direct irrigation is massive, and must be done correctly from this point forward. That would be in an orchard for instance, a water line that does not leak, other than through specific pipes driven below the surface to actually feed the roots only, every thing else is allowed to die. That would be in high value agriculture, a pipe that is laid just below the ground surface, with small cuts in the pipe which then leak out to feed the plants on each side. A simple tractor driven trenching tool, will easily bury the plastic piping: that tool can contain an insertion device that cuts the pipe at measured intervals. Buried close to the surface to avoid evaporation, through the use of dirt; the piping can be pulled back out of the ground for reuse/ or left season to season. NOTHING gets irrigated that is not obviously and truly necessary or critical to life. Such things as lawns are irrelevant; such things as golf courses if in high demand; are allowed a small ration, to retain what they believe is absolutely critical to sustain business; like it or not.
There will be a measured amount per individual living on a property; that is fair to all. Any excess, will be charged as a percentage of income; to establish the price shall not punish the poor alone.