Just 53 men and 9 women have as much wealth as more than 3.6 billion people on this planet. Such a startling statistic highlights how extreme inequality has picked up a dramatic pace.   LIMITED CAPITALISM, is the answer!

poverty does this

Hunger doesn’t care

The fundamental reality of society is: that we join together, because we must/ we desire it, for the benefits/ or we hate it, because the rest have left us behind.

Of these three, the critical factors are: we must. Because life without law proves: there is only anarchy, rape, murder, theft, and war; at any and all levels of society/ which then reorganize themselves as “little armies”: to control their section of time.
We benefit: when the games people play as an economy, or as an education become beneficial to us; personally. Therefore our gain makes some of the others, “slave”/ our personal lives become better at their expense. We won/ you lost: BLAME THE GAME.
Hate arises: when not only have we lost the resources, realities, and time that make life happy. BUT NOW, we must endure the ridicule of others/ their tragic interference in our lives/ and the endless refusal to share anything of value, which includes food, shelter, money, and more. Thereby we have become “less”/ because of the game, we weren’t allowed to play. Because even if we try, the rules are stacked against us/ and may be changed at any time. NOT “fair”.

The end result of TOO MANY have LOST/ means human discontent, in numbers that can influence the rest;  arise.  Because they have the ability for revenge. Civil war then looms (hate unleashed), and to solve that problem “international wars begin” (we can solve our problems/ by taking away, your possessions, realities, and rights).  It is a plundering, of not less than peace.

Therefore in the foul arrogance and debris of greed: the foundation of, “I WON’T share with you” begins. The tools, for disrupting hate emerge:  as friendship, respect, reality, and truth/   because we need an answer. Some will never surrender their hate/ but they are few; even so, these few can damage society significantly with fear.  Hate and fear can multiply “like a disease”.
Nonetheless, the listing of complaints are:
1. I WANT “good food” to eat/ water to drink!
2. I WANT a fair and legitimate opportunity, “for an equal life” with you.
3. We, WANT: justice by laws that are FAIR/ with enforcement that is equal to all.
5. We want: a medical reality that includes us/ without belittling us.
6. We want: a religion that takes our pain away, and provides hope to us: that eternity will be better.
7. We want: the education that improves our lives, and changes our existence for the better/ which does include our children.
8. We NEED: SAFETY, AND SECURITY for our lives!
9. WE DEMAND, our environment MUST survive/ because if it doesn’t; we cannot live here anymore. And that includes infrastructure, nature, oceans, and more.
10. LIFE DEMANDS: NO MORE GAMBLING WITH “EVERYTHING”/ or anything that risks our planet, nature, children, future, resources, ocean, etc.

When these tools are established as true: the cause and reality of war ceases to exist. Therefore the tools, to create a different world, where war is NOT the first and last effort of men to solve their problems: is as follows.
1) The foundation of our ability to grow and produce the things we need for simple survival, DOES start with agriculture. BUT NOT as is done today: “poison everything/ care about nothing/ destroy it all, just for a single penny more: I WIN”. That has proven to be devastating and without relief for nature or environment or humanity. It is failure/ as is everything else needed by life; when designed with “a university diploma”. WHICH IS: Letting the children ( who never grew up in reality) lead! That, HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY STUPID, and without reality, justice, or even life itself, in charge. As the evidence does prove.
The tools needed, are then established by three critical factors: WE MUST NOT “poison everything”/ which does mean a drastic change in agriculture. YOU MUST look past your own eyelashes, into a future that will occur because of the things you are doing today: to BUILD a future, rather than take all you can get right now. SOCIETY MUST: determine for itself, that the tool most necessary, is the creation of “happy people”. Who will then share the work and realities of living/ because they do have cause to care about “YOU too”. Therefrom the most functional reality of doing these things is delegated with “money”. BUT NOT, the money of today.
“Limited capitalism”: is the working definition, of a shared society. Capitalism means: let supply and demand work to keep the resources intact/ and let the people do whatever they can, within that reality: to take care of themselves. Limited means: that we the people DEMAND, “you CAN have more than the rest, if you do well for society/ BUT YOU CANNOT have more than we are willing to share with you. Because WE, have needs/ rights/ realities/ and purposes of our own: and will defend ourselves against you by voting upon: what is the most anyone gets to possess in any given year/ and what is the least anyone gets paid for a standard years’ work. OUR CHOICE/ not yours. Current american capitalism is: “one star, gets it all”. Limited capitalism is not organized games, “where this group gets it all”/ but more distinctly: within the limits of our reality, as we the people choose. There shall be “Many stars, lifting up the whole of society: because we the people let them do so”. To our own advantage as well.
This tool, establishes a foundation to correct a majority of problems throughout complaints 1, 2, & 4. It is corrected for failure, by controlling the currency of any nation: by tying that currency count directly to the population count. Thereby WE KNOW, as individuals what our “fair share is”.

2) JUSTICE is: the inescapable truth, of the 3rd complaint. LAW exists, because we cannot function in society without it/ there are too many who refuse fair play, and demand from society, only: greed for themselves. Therefore JUSTICE reigns in selfishness, and restructures life in society, by creating EQUAL treatment for all. Equal is NOT simple or plain/ but constructs the foundations which more plainly, make life: simply shared. To conceive of justice, as is proven throughout history, is NOT terribly hard. But to implement justice, within the reality of human failure, is never plain: people lie/ cheat/ steal/ and much more hiding everything they do, as best they can. Including hate. Reality proves: the only way to control a courtroom and a judge/ IS TO JUDGE THE JUDGE, in each and every trial. Thereby making certain “this is, the one we want to do this work for us”. During good behavior, the job is secured. During bad behavior: THERE WILL be consequences, including criminal, or treason against any judge who defies our law, or our constitutional democracy. Which is WE RULE, by creating the laws, our employees SHALL obey.   JUSTICE INCLUDES:  EVERY FINANCIAL PENALTY;  shall be as a percentage of income, or other described to be fair to all.  NO MORE,  the wealthy go free/ the poor shall be slave.
Truth educates us: that the only way, to a productive and fair policing. Is too construct the four foundations that make this possible in society. (1) Non-lethal force shall be allowed, ONLY if the officer proves capable of FAIR judgment. Lethal force is allowed, in any situation that proves it is clearly and actually necessary. THAT means: only non lethal force shall be immediately available/ but there will be access to deadly force if needed.  Such as a gun with “rubber bullets/ for the first three rounds/ then lethal:  consequences determined by truth.  You, are a part of us/ NOT superior: which means, we will not be immediately construed as an enemy: either side. (2) to accomplish that, requires: that rules SHALL NOT govern life. Rather they may exist in limited quantity where necessary; with all humanity remembering THE IMPORTANT part here is not a rule/ but the reality itself. The clear consequences of an act/ and who pays the price for failure. Rules create rulers/ and that is never good! (3)  If we do not understand:  then We CANNOT follow a law, or help enforce a law: which means understanding IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.  As we the people have decided it shall be. Or more simply: every law, MUST be simple/ short/ clear/ and without excuses:  a reality of our own design. That fact precludes “lawmakers/ other than society itself”. That fact identifies “less than one hundred laws” complete “what freedom will or will not mean:  for our society/ our nation; & they will be taught in school. (4) The jury shall be dedicated to its one and only job: TO DETERMINE IF, justice/ fair play/ equal treatment/ and democracy have indeed been honored and obeyed, throughout the decision to intervene in individual freedom, rights, or wrongs.

3) RESPECT is an earned value/ a reality that cannot be avoided, because truth has made this clear:  as is the existence of nature itself. The most significant truth of our lives: IS WE ARE ALIVE. That is far more impressive, than anything any individual can or will do! Therefore no matter what your position in living is. No matter what your color or abilities or looks/ etc, are. YOU cannot overcome the fact, that the greatest achievement of life, is life itself! Consequently we are equal throughout life, as “almost the same/ no matter what”! Don’t then, ridicule your own life/ by attacking any other. DON’T destroy the foundation of us all, by making someone hate. DO, identify hate/ and remove it from society, with law: because that serves us all, with truth. There are neither winners or losers in respect/ BECAUSE IT IS NOT “a damn game”.  IT IS, “LIFE earned”/ by reality.
4) Medical realities are governed by competition and the decision of society: “This much”, is spent for us all/ but no more.  We will decide the cost of medicine.  Not because we don’t value you/ but because the vast majority of life and living,  is just as important as you:   as a description of this world.  That means, to the medical professions: there are limits to be imposed/ realities that cannot be avoided any more, for us all. Like it or not; want, fails truth. Reality decides your fate, and ours. With RARE exception, what we can or cannot do:  shall be,  same for all.  None should die of little things/ but all must accept the reality of “big things”.  Competition is governed by WHO CAN, and who cannot provide medical help. Competition is decided by a medical education: and WHAT WE REQUIRE, as is knowledge and skill training before you get that job. Competition is formed when: SCHOOLS EDUCATE more medical professionals than we need. A reality refused by the medical monopoly/ and proven by the failure to graduate more than at, “1960 levels”. Their ability to rule our lives SHALL end. Their clear intent, to monopolize and create debts: shall be dealt with in criminal law and court. Then we shall find, the equilibrium of what is best for life & society itself. It will end with, a percentage of income for “work done”; with a tax suited to creating the necessary framework of medical help/ to keep this available for us all. The money gathered by states, to keep wealth at bay:  NO you can’t bribe for more.  IS then collected by the state, and redistributed to those who do the work, according to an agreed upon formula; by all involved. Medicine SHALL be owned by society, as patents we decide/ and we pay a fair price to obtain or create healthcare. NO MORE extortion.

5) Religion is: the creator of an opportunity, to express ourselves without restraint/ in terms of a relationship we design within ourselves. Therefrom, others may or may not assemble to accept the same thing/ or something else: so long as the net effect of your purpose is NOT HATE.
Hate is the destruction of “religion;  a reality which assembles, and preserves freedom”. While hate is the removal of freedom, to entangle and entrap, thereby becoming slaves to those who hold power over you. Which does include many fake, or lost religions.
True Religion is: a participation in life, that holds its purpose as a desire to understand OUR CREATOR. To accept the values that are seen in miracles, and acknowledge what we don’t know!  Therefore we accept as true, by the evidence, a reality identified through faith in miracles, or more.

6) Education is: the demand for more. Education does not teach survival/ because if resources are plentiful, nature itself teaches all you need to know. Therefore education is, and is intended to be: a decision which gains the advantage, to be used over, or by the others, for your own selfish, or deliberate purpose.  It is also the reality of gaining an advantage over nature, to be used for our purposes.  IT is also, the elemental design:  to recognize and realize “our world”.

OF LESSONS TO BE LEARNED:             Time, peace, and passion revolve around the dimensional definitions of: WHY ARE WE HAPPY? The answer to that is: when freedom recognizes the value of living is not simple or plain/ but consists within the treasury called love, through respect, as created by truth, within the critical relationship established only by trust. It is then, that we can be truly happy. In reality that happiness comes together with joy, only when male and female find the passion of romance, and the decision of life shared: that gives us balance. Peace means: I have cleaned the tragedy of everything that is not “love, care, respect, and truth” from my existence/ therefore I have peace, through disciplines. While time itself understands, that measured within us all, is a foundation of order/ without that order, as is the deceit of selfishness: we fail each other. The deliberate purpose in time, is to create a life valued within ourselves/ anything more, or anything less, is a failure within ourselves. Learn what you can, because these are times changed by the reality of resources lost: these are plentiful no more. That means we must do the best we can, with whatever we have left: to rebuild our lives, our world, with a future beyond ourselves!

7) Our need for this world begins with WORLD LAW. Our demand as an extension of the purity that democracy was intended to be: to rule ourselves/ by controlling our leaders with rules we made for them. That “constitutional law”: creates the essence of world peace/ by translating the foundations of what we accept as WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD. Into the laws, we demand our leaders shall obey. It is the same for a nation. It is corruption, conspiracy, collusion, and outright treason which changes this constitutional law of the people themselves into something less.  BECOMING an open rebellion as proven by the cases James F. Osterbur did try in court.

Therefore the reality of all law, is determined by the courtroom (we must judge the court itself/ and refuse less than justice).  We must participate in the policing (control the police and the public, by understanding reality as in truth) not want.   Remembering the people themselves (you get nothing, UNLESS you earn the right of democracy itself)  MUST enforce justice/ and maintain the jury exists to prove what justice and fair play in this society shall be.  Nothing more or less.  Democracy is a duty/ NOT a damn game. Required of us all. Therefore again, it is the laws that matter: because as the saying goes, “he who holds the gold/ makes the rule”. Or more correctly: whosoever makes the rule, CONTROLS not only society, but this world.  WHEN WE MAKE THE LAW ourselves, by vote/ THEN WE RULE OUR LIVES, AND OUR NATION.  “laws need only be made once, and done”!  That law, then becomes a constitutional reality:  WHICH SHALL govern the court, and the leaders and the people.

8) the university has proven to be: “the worst spoiled child of all/ hopelessly arrogant, absolutely spoiled and without restraint, clearly destructive, and largely without merit to life or nation. Because that, is what the evidence does prove. Consequently, EVERYTHING about a university SHALL BE defined with clarity and certainty: for life/ or against it, by risking more than we the people can ever afford to lose. The foundation of all work is: “You may do, and learn, whatever you can: SO LONG AS, YOU KNOW, what it is, that you MUST NOT DO”! There is absolutely NOTHING in university experimentation or teaching that complies with this rule: that is the rule, to be applied in evaluating their existence. When you have proven a VALUE TO LIFE/ without serious risk! THEN those involved in “life first, for this planet realities” may return to their job. Anything less than life first for us all/ SHALL BE DISCARDED, and thrown forever away. Choose for life, or you will all be extremely sorry: because WRONG, is horrific. The same is true for business, industry, etc!

9) WANT drives this world. Want, is a decision which demands: I can take, what nature nor man nor environment etc, HAS/ or will give to me. All I need to do is LIE! As an individual/ group/ nation/ or world:  this is constant. It is a road, traveled upon since the beginning of time; by all of male humanity.
TRUTH identifies critical elements of composition or purpose, by creating a path. Or more simply, the definitions which then lead decisions, that become our future; either individually or as a world. Path refers to “the leader of life, is truth itself/ through respect, value, order, balance, courage, and discipline”. These are nearly, if not complete opposites in every expression of reality:  to the constant that is “university knows”. Therefore it is a choice/ that demands your own decision.  “life or a cult”?

By standing as a world united, we become “ALL OF US/ against you”.   Gaining the legal right to be informed properly;  by the evidence;  and through distinct and real investigation determining what will or will not be done from this moment forward.  By understanding and accepting the values that give us all peace/ the possibilities of happiness, joy, and hope: through law, truth, respect, and reality. We DO become “owners of this world, for ourselves”! No more leaders in control;  using  war/ or playing games with our lives. No more war, by expanding that law into our society, AND THIS WORLD:  for the benefit of FAIR PLAY TO ALL. Its called justice. With justice, EVERY EXCUSE for weapons of mass destruction disappears. These WILL then be surrendered throughout this world. With FAIR PLAY, and equal respect for all: because our leaders will obey world law, or we will punish them appropriately. The cause and consequence of terrorism ends.

With limited capitalism, there SHALL be a fair and realistic distribution of needs, rights, and realities; and the poor will be lifted up. Just like the “very rich” shall be brought down/ to a realistic level of wealth, as is consistent with every human life on earth:  under limited capitalism. We have the right, & we have the power to create our own law:  as the governing element of our world. We have the resources to demand and attain the policing necessary for that end:  as workers.   BECAUSE WE ARE THE POWER OF THIS WORLD: AS WORKERS! Nothing gets done without us. WE ARE THE MONEY; without a worker, resources have no human value at all.  WE, the workers GIVE IT VALUE, by our decision to accept the price, to create  a change or a reality that benefits society and “me”.  WE, THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD WHO DO THE WORK, are the most powerful people of our time. Because we can refuse taxation:   until we become “THE LAW” of our world/ it is OUR MONEY, therefore OUR RIGHT.  It is our legal right, to demand: Our lives shall be respected/ our leaders SHALL obey our law. We ARE, “the military”:  THEREFORE we decide the war!

The only question left is: DO YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH OF HEART, and MIND; to rule your world? If you refuse, the consequences will be horrific/ because this world is at the edge of catastrophe, with hate spilling out “everywhere”. THAT is a consequence of “spoiled little children in charge of our world: as is constant in a university diploma”. Few “diploma’s”  have worked, in the real world. Few have faced reality, when it mattered/ because the consequences prove that. Few understand LIFE is no game/ they believe whatever they were told.

“Just because some ass claims: its science”/ has absolutely nothing to do with truth itself. As is certain about all the story telling: that can be proven WRONG, if you have even a “little brain”. Not by belief: but by reality, and its own expression in relationships that govern our world/ our existence/ our Creation/ and all life.   THERE IS NO SUCH THING,  “as the government”/  other than the constitution itself:  as is democracy revealed by OUR LAW.  Every other instance of “government” is nothing more than an employee, either obeying their sworn oath/ or failing us all.  One or the other.



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