because I can

The paradox of our world is, the chain of life exists/ because of the chain that links us in death. We eat to live, and what we eat is life that has died. Therefrom existence is equal to: that which kills, shall survive. It is the rule of nature, an abundance that was created, because there is balance; by giving each living thing an opportunity to make choices that works for the life in them.

The rule of humanity is: we create in ourselves an abundance of life, because there is no greater force, than the force of truth, love, life, and hope!
Force means: the ability to change. Therefrom our existence is determined by which force we choose. Because when force is decided; an action or reaction will result.
Our choice is: to love, or to hate. Our reality is, to survive/ or die. Therefrom we know, that fundamentally apart from decisions that are strictly life or death: EVERYTHING we do, is either for love, or to hate. The degree to which you act or react in these two directions; determines your heart and soul. The essence of life is love/ the essence of death is hate: therefore the critical desire of eternity itself: in either direction, is chosen by you.
We examine human purpose, in the very same way: either for life and its love, or for hate by its violence. While it is true, this world is not fair; everything is not equal/ some get too much, and many get too little; of everything. It is also true, that only law will fix what is, or is not “without a right”. Only justice will assemble what we can or cannot understand, as the essence of our hope for each other. That is the truth! Love understands, when we achieve acceptance of each other, and seek beyond ourselves, the true happiness that is being human/ then, we begin the journey, of life itself. Life believes, therefore it is an essence which gathers the foundations upon which we grow/ or assembles the tragedy of why people die. What we believe, gives purpose to the decisions that we make. What we believe decides the environment of our hope. Therefore the essence of hope is belief/ but the essence of life itself, is love. Truth understands discipline balances our lives. Therefore discipline is used to identify and create purity of desire; the elemental ascension of Creation itself. As is the order in which we construct; our own decisions, for life/ or, for death. To hide from life, because of fear, means you die inside. Therefrom courage is essential, for a climb beyond the limits of this earth, and its chains. Courage is the acceptance: I will endure the pain/ I will pay this price; as best I can. The essence of “I”, is then located in courage/ or denied in fear. Time creates opportunities: what you do with them, is up to you; regardless of what you did or did not receive. Fair is not relative to life/ life is life. Fair is about justice, and justice is a description of human behavior: your choices! Death creates an absolute need, upon which there are no decisions to be made: they have been made!
Love ascends from existence, to the experience “of time without end/ I am, HAPPY & ALIVE”. Love ascends from the expression, “WE are ALIVE in each other”; to achieve, or explain the destiny of what we can be, forever! Destiny is: our choice was real! Fate is: you chose this, yourself/ by trying to play god.
True and fair laws, enforced by all of society for its own justice: is elemental to every choice we make. Because without peace, there is no harmony. Without harmony, there is no opportunity outside of war. Without opportunity, we share nothing but death.
Learn to be disciplined: accept, only the law will make a better world.

The most obvious fact is: just like your glass of water/ once the ice is gone, it will be impossible to cool this world! Life dies.

   If you think “not in my lifetime”/ then its your children you condemn and assassinate: GUILTY as charged.

         I consider the most important words of our time to be:     WHY, should        GOD,      our CREATOR,    & of all life on earth.       Be concerned with helping humanity on earth, when you don’t even care enough: to communicate, “the evidence is insurmountable/ the reality is extinction/ there are no second chances”. WE ARE TRULY THREATENED as a world!
           Only the tiniest few, work; or accept their duty to both life and planet. How is that, “GOD has no choice, but to save us”! It is blasphemy, because you cannot make a decision for GOD !
           We, are loved; but unless you care, about more than self/ there is no future. That is the choice, your leaders/ their followers, have made.  That is, what the evidence does prove.


PRIDE, is the single most destructive element in a human mind. Pride is the single most difficult enemy, there is to deal with & remove. Pride establishes “liar/ thief/ traitor/ fool/ terrorist/ and murderer”; which means it is, for all intents and purposes, the “biblical description of Satan”.

So the question is: WHAT is pride/ HOW do we get pride/ WHY is this allowed/ WHEN, can we succeed in removing it/ and WHERE will we end, in death; if not successful/ and WHO can or cannot help us?
The answers are functionally difficult, because pride is interwoven in many things; including all conversation, and interactions between people and life. Until you remove it!
Pride begins in the womb, with the recognition of life itself. The fundamental reality of being alive, and knowing you are alive; is ultimately conceived as “I am great”. Because life is great/ how can that not be so!
Outside the womb, where we get to influence life itself, by our own choices, our own needs and desires. The expression of pride increases, because we have applied ourselves to changing our world, and succeeded in most cases/ or let the world know, we are not happy; thereby establishing “self”.
Self is the foundation upon which we will each build our interactions with this world/ or they their interactions with us. Therefrom self is at its core, the trials and tribulations required for survival; at the human level. Self is, our interaction with desire, greed, lust, power, and purpose. Therefore it is essential in defining what is or will become true of our existence. Truth extends into eternity; therefore the purpose of truth is to create the possibility of survival beyond time.
Pride however is the enemy of all eternity; and cannot survive! Which brings us to the ultimate test of all existence: CAN you, or can you not remove pride from your desires? To understand the question, you must first understand the essence of desire itself. Desire means: to accomplish in your heart, mind, and soul; a deliberate decision that unites all three into a purpose beyond yourself. Desire therefrom elevates or ascends the destiny of your own potential, by establishing a purified state of existence. More than want, life itself now decides instead of self. Life is always formed by truth/ truth is always evidenced by reality. Even though it has spiritual elements which form the basis of our existence as a decision.
We now assemble the path beyond ourselves as a desire, which establishes a decision to achieve a greater purpose than self. Which means we must also understand purpose/ decision/ and path as well!
Purpose constructs the work, which then becomes the building of a decision, to interact with life/ rather than simply want, or not want; whatever life is at this moment. A decision represents the elements which we find value in; thereby recognizing, and accepting; what has or has not been a treasure “to our very existence”. A path forms the boundaries within which we become the identity of life, that we have chosen, beyond self. While self cannot be isolated apart from body; an identity can. Therefore we begin the journey that is functionally transient, as our purpose formed in desire; from existence, into eternity.
When purpose becomes “for an eternity/ rather than existence in time”; a destiny has arisen in you. That destiny is then proven, by the acceptance: life is more than self! If life is more than self/ then truth establishes that fact, by the elevation of miracles beyond a human touch. Where this is accepted proof, the foundations are laid for a desire that cannot be killed in time. That desire is: to participate in a love, as is clearly shown in Creation itself/ beyond anything time can show, or prove. JESUS adds in: that we are NOT simply forgotten/ love beyond self does exist!
It is here, with struggles and heartache if necessary; that pride can be abandoned. Not because we earned the right to remove it. But because we know now, that this “refuse” cannot remain in a life beyond time/ it is clear and certain corruption. Corruption is death, you cannot survive it; you cannot stay here/ just like a decaying body! Therefore it must be removed and thrown away; just like a body must be removed and thrown away before an eternity can begin.
Throwing out pride is HARD! It is a battle that cannot be won, until you are willing to accept: there is nothing in this world, including people/ more important to me, than to clean my heart, mind, and soul! That is the price, and until you make that decision pride will remain. Even if well hidden/ it is still there. Therefore cleaning is an unending battle, until every single “crack and corner and reality of living, inside of you” has been investigated and displayed as true to the purpose of love, truth, and respect itself.
The price for not removing pride, is extremely high in death beyond time. You cannot enter an eternity of life, until pride is removed; all of it! If you refuse, you enter chaos instead of life; until dissolved by your own fate. If pride is nearly gone when removed from time; there will be opportunities to clean/ but they are “expensive”. Nonetheless, worth the price. If you are NOT accepting, of the decision: established by a desire to achieve the destiny “a child of GOD” . Then mercy if allowed, will place you in an eternal habitation that meets your own particular identity; where life can be happy (although enclosed by boundaries you cannot cross), with those who are essentially “like you”. JESUS believe it or not; IS SAVIOR to your eternity as well as mine. Mercy is largely given, strictly because of HIM. What is true decides/ not you.

So, the question is: what can I say or do, to prove to you this is true? The fundamental reality is quite simple: not my job. JESUS as written of in the bible however does do a good job of that; by establishing love is the essence of this Creation. Therefrom love, by its own truth and respect, is fundamentally the only thing that matters to eternity itself. Love defeats pride, but only if you let it. Love elevates life, into the ascension beyond self; because it is able. Love identifies a living existence of proof: that my/ your desire, to participate “without evil” is true.
Evil is: to establish change, or death, or tragedy; regardless of the consequences/ just because you can!
Religion has rules, “because we want too” gain control! Life has thought, because the only control (outside of mercy) that will be granted is a participation in law, through true respect. Anything less dies, in eternity.
We elementally must then understand thought, by its precepts in power. Power exerts force by understanding a path forward beyond the boundary that exists. To achieve such force, a door must be found, so as to go through the boundary and learn what does or does not exist on the other side: these are “LIFE OR death” decisions. No second chances unless mercy is allowed. The development of a door, is elementally thought assembled. To achieve that, there must be an assessment of knowledge, completed by the fundamental called wisdom.
Wisdom exists. As is the evidence of all life on earth; this environment; and everything beyond time itself. That begins with the understanding: “this, our life and living, is not a game”.


3/ 9/ 16

Of all the reasons people give, “not to love our Creator (everything blessed), or our Savior (eternity, not here) as in Jesus”: the most tragic is, “you told me to love, I did/ and I was badly injured”. So its all your fault!    As always in humanity, “these remember nothing of the happiness, or joy; without adding blame”.

Love is the only true treasure in this universe; because it makes life worth living, even eternally.
The tragedy of what people choose to do, with love, because of love, to love, etc; are descriptions of what they themselves did choose. Or, they are realities of living with other people; that are a consequences of decisions you also chose, or could not escape. That is not “GOD” leading you astray. That is simply the decisions that we must all make/ and the realities of what we did learn, when our decisions go wrong. Trust is equal to a decision/ if it proves unworthy, then it is your trust that failed. NOT the possibility of love, which gives birth to a reality called “I AM ALIVE”. Where joy is found!
We must create our own identity, to live within an eternity! Anything less means, we can only be a servant or slave or less! Therefore freedom is granted, to create in you the decisions that do become your own identity, by the choices you have made, accepting and creating the boundaries of your own life. It is not a game, this is preparation for an eternity, for all who can achieve that truth.
Love also crashes to the ground, when someone dies of importance to you. Accidents, disease, and so on are equally traumatic. These are different than a decision/ this is the reality of life, and its equal partner in time called death. The critical truth of death is quite simple: as nature proves is true, life gives birth to abundance, so that some may live in harsh times. Its called the freedom to make mistakes! The lesson, LIFE is important; and should never be taken for granted! Nature gives birth to diversity, so that the competition can be lessened, and every corner of life can be protected. Men (as history proves) choose to disrespect and discard that reality without the slightest thought being involved.
The single most hated reality of life and living in humanity is death, “for self/ or someone I love”! But the clear and proven truth of today is: UNLESS nature controls the abundance used to protect life itself. UNLESS people die, the abundance of nature will overrun this world; and literally kill everything else/ causing the whole earth and all its life extinction. As is certainly true in this time of over-population on earth by people/ threatening extermination for us all. Or more simply, the thing you hated most: is the very reality of nature that has kept us all alive/ and in particular given each person their opportunity in time today. Tomorrow is dead, because of what you chose to do as humanity on earth/ because of what you refused to do as humanity on earth for the future. But for today, it absolutely could not be more clear by the evidence: that death is the clear certainty, that gives life, to the rest! Therefore it is necessity, and without choice; UNLESS you literally curb human population growth with human decision/ and a reality of work, and simple truths. It is women, that determine human life on earth; all sustained life in time, begins with woman! Only women get to choose, what can or must be done. Men have no say/ they must pay; but women must decide for the future, because it is their own body. UNFORTUNATELY; giving a vasectomy to men/ gains little to nothing in terms of population increase. With the sperm from one man today; literally thousands of births could emanate. You cannot stop a single birth; therefore nothing with a vasectomy. You can only rule out “this man”. A vasectomy limits or removes the entire sexual act for men; regardless of what your media says/ it is absolutely true. Therefore this fact affects all women as well: reality will prove; they don’t want sex, because the chemicals are gone/ then women don’t get sex either! A tragedy for both/ until something for men can be found that does change these facts.
We return to reality: which is, freedom constructs a human demand, “leave me alone/ I want to decide for myself”. As is constant in all but those who have seriously failed, and now want assurances this won’t happen again; by letting someone else decide. Nonetheless, the most fair method of controlling the population of humanity, seen predators are not a suitable solution: is with disease (this can affect anyone/ its random, none are exempt). Is with accidents have consequences: you wanted freedom/ pay the price! Is by their own choices.

It is necessary to add in: that infants and babies, children, etc; did not make a decision that enabled death. It is random, so far as anyone can know! Likewise, it is unhealthy and unhappy for you to imagine what can or cannot be conceived of in eternity for any “youth”. If you say, “it will be great for them”; then you can also say, “why then should they not die”/ or the opposite. So we cannot know, for our own sake. Every miracle was designed with care; what happens from there, is largely just another human decision. As to abortion, prior to the internal conception, as will happen for every fetus; “that I am a child of life”. That is a decision women can make for themselves, with care. Beyond that point, it is seriously true: without the true support of the mother, there is little possibility in nature to survive. The mother then comes first! As to the fetus: You cannot make that decision for a mother to be; she alone does/ no male either, it is not your place. But that said, make no mistake this child dies in abortion, because of your decision. Make your decision early, when time allows it to be simple.

Soul says to me, add: women will be allowed this one reprieve, that because of the way this time is, a single exception to having an abortion “late” previously can be found. That gap has now been filled, and no further discussion is required: make your decision early, so as not to incur wrath; “for the sake of a child”.   The reality of an “unhealthy child”, proven so by the evidence; will be considered as a reality of nature. Nature imposes, that only the healthy shall take possession of their time; for the sake of life, by the rules of time itself. Be careful how you hear that. Understand as well, it is not the doctor that murders a fetus: when society allows it, by their own vote. All of society, is what society shall be.
Men chose war, when confronted by overpopulation or any other aspect of being denied, what they want.  A reality which no longer matters; because the simple numbers are today: kill a billion people/ and there are still over 6 billion more left. And they are still growing at a rate over deaths: of about 110-120 million more mouths to feed every year. The whole earth shall soon be empty/ leaving cannibalism as your only solution. These are the choices “university knows” has made. This is what the propaganda of media covers up! Soon it will be too late forever, to make any decision of change: for every life on earth. Assassinating the future as well. That is the choice humanity has made. Only truth, work, reality, justice, love, respect, courage; etc will make a difference. Nothing else can!
Communicating these facts; establishes hope, if you participate. If you continue to fail in doing that; then you made your choice; same as the rest. To kill this world. EVERYONE can do something! There are no acceptable excuses, only death. Too late, is too late; simple as that.
I add in, that love does not give to you, or anyone else; “A measuring stick”! You own your own life/ as does everyone else: each decides for oneself. No one else, regardless of what they did, do not do, etc! Only the law measures/ only the law that grants what is true to life or death decides; damned, human rules without a right, have no say in truth. The identity each creates for him or herself; IS a reality conceived by their own truth, that lasts for their “forever”! No one is entitled to interfere in that choice/ not ever; although young children must be given boundaries for their own protection until able to take control over the price of their own decisions. Even if wrong; so long as the injury or price is primarily their own; each has a right to be wrong. None have a right to make another pay, for what you did, or did not do. None have a right to make you do, or not do according to their own decisions: this is called freedom. And it is inherently necessary, in all things called “happiness or joy”.
          I do however warn all: that the decisions you make are very important to your own eternity/ your own life in time: they cannot be undone. Although when mercy is allowed, they can be “covered up, with repentance”; if you so desire.
Freedom without boundaries, is a mixture most likely headed for turmoil: because liars exist, and they will lead you to failure, if you let them.
I will add in: if you do love as male and female sexually/ then learn to think of them first, instead of yourself. That is what love would do!

   It is further noted: YOU CANNOT give your life, thereby the decisions that you must make for yourself, thereby your identity and/ or your eternity (not even your work, etc); “To Jesus/ not to any religion, or any religious leader/ not even to GOD”! Because the truth says: unless “You become you”/ what you present to eternity, is a lie. Forever means: by the decisions you yourself, must make! Anything else is either not you/ or gives you precedence to insist “someone else is at fault”. That is not allowed. You must live your life, and accept your truths or change them in time; because once death seals your destiny, there can be no more change. This is your time to decide, by the freedoms being life allows. By the realities change presents, and you accept or deny. The freedom to be happy, is at stake.
The freedom to surrender your soul (I am/ everything on this earth called life is granted to be A MIRACLE, forever.), and choose hate; is the difference between living or dying/ and that too, is something you alone can decide for yourself.
          This is your time, to understand the importance of love, as it does present value to each and everyone it touches; because of you/ or as a blessing you receive. What is your truth?  YOU cannot give that question, or its answer, to someone else:   Eternity is asking you.


In conjunction with the work communicated above, it seems necessary to add one last minor tidbit. You cannot measure sexual perversion, between HONESTLY consenting adults, either. It is their own choice. It affects their own eternity/ it is their life, not yours; so you have no say. Beyond the basic laws that control all of society. They are however NOT granted the same as married between male and female. These are different/ different has a different name, and a different description. Even if both are treated equally under basic social law.


             One last fact of life and eternity: GOD IS GOD, and no man or woman is required to intervene in anything on this earth “for GOD” ! HE CAN DO ANYTHING HE DESIRES, “except make you, love him”. That is your personal decision alone. It is your own freedom, that brings fate or tragedies created by man. It is your own religion, that gets “out of hand”.
The consequences assigned by humanity against itself/ are the fundamentals of freedom: speaking clearly to you. Better ways are found in truth, love, respect, courage, and all things called VALUE!  DON’T LIE, to yourself, or others;   Is that not your choice?


3/10/ 16

Of the many realities we must face; even just to try, to keep this world alive/ there are some unavoidable facts.

1. Nearly 8 billion people use a lot of fire/ that consumes oxygen, and will asphyxiate us all/ pollutes a world that can not continue/ and creates global warming; because the amount of BTU’S released is beyond enormous.
Which means all unnecessary fire, as in heat generation must be stopped. No more plane rides/ no more throwing away resources, just to keep manufacturing running/ no more endless car rides, or excuses for being more than five miles from work, unless that is a distinct part of your work/ no more heating entire homes (spaces without people)/ no more air conditioning, unless absolutely necessary; and only then to levels like 85 degrees/ no more “just because we want too”. No more worthless pursuits, such as “space programs”. Because unless we become stable again as a planet, we all die. Its not a game, the evidence will prove it so. The evidence of global warming is absolute/ the failure to accept reality is certain death; as HELL literally begins to take over our lives.
You wanted to play god/ now you must: because unless you make the correct choices, fixing everything university failed to do or expect; life ends.

2. Stopping all the tragic behaviors of men and their ways; means, another large influx of people will be unemployed. Because money cannot fix this, and you are bankrupted; because “University knows” stole it all! Limited capitalism, WILL fix your economic problems as humanity demanding reality first. Or, NO more fantasy; as is the constant created by the religion: “university knows”.
So the critical truth is: to survive, we must have food and water and oxygen to breathe. To feel supported and friendly with life, we all need shelter that is more than (tent) adequate/ and we need healthcare for the little things, which none should die of/ and we do need some clothes, at least for cold weather. These are the things we all must have, to attain them: humanity works. However with today’s methods & machines, far less humanity is needed/ far more humanity exists: resources have already been raped. Making war, the inevitable, coming answer of men. Because somebody has to die or move; not enough for us all.
There is only one answer, not even two. It is we must share the work, and accept the reality of limits and boundaries upon us all. We must insulate everything intensely/ recycle/ reuse/ rebuild/ and so on. Identify, the best we can do; for life and planet. Accept public transportation, and vastly improve it. Stop all land development for housing or other human uses. End the vast majority of “war machines” that are the pride of men; the world itself, can’t tolerate it. And use community improvement as our behavior, to improve self. By sharing everything we become friends/ by becoming friends, we are far more able to survive and accept the consequences of what we face together.
Each of these are elements of a changed world/ realities of living that those who hate, will absolutely refuse, and fight against. Which means these must be separated from the rest; isolated by themselves. Forced to get along with each other or die; no more games. No coming back.

3. We have over-burdened this world with humanity. There are no “good solutions” for fixing that problem. There are only two solutions: stop having as many children, so those who are already living can survive. Let the elderly and truly sick die/ because that is what it takes; to prepare a future for this world. Nobody has to like it/ nobody has to want it: but we do all have to do it, as a world. Same for all! If you don’t, WAR will be your answer; ending the very last chance you could survive.

4. The oceans need help; the only solution is: clean it up/ stop using methods and machines, which kill ocean life unnecessarily/ and use dead human bodies as a means to feed the ocean life, so they can reproduce as a food source for you. Not a game, it is absolutely necessary; even for a chance we will survive/ as life or the possibility of, a whole planet.   Your body dies, WHEN YOUR LIFE leaves it! That means, the physical reality left behind, is nothing more than a description of elements to be recycled. Regardless what you believe. In contrast: people pump poison into the body/ burn it/ bury it/ let it be eaten/ or simply discard it: WHY is that better than feeding this world? Or, do you think you could or would rather be buried in a box, underground, with water seeping in; for an eternity! Wake up.

5. The universities and all their extensions MUST BE STOPPED: from destroying life, or planet with their extreme experiments. No more mutilation, no more genetic research, which is just a front for hiding world terrorism; as is evolutionary chaos coming (their god). No more physics or energy experiments or anything that is not LIFE COMES FIRST; without gambling any portion or part of this world. Life comes first, no more games/ no more fantasies/ no more opportunity for a university to decide anything. We the people will oversee entirely, every single second displayed; of what we may allow you to do. No more university debt: they stole our nation/ corrupted our world with “debts don’t matter”. By their own design, we now say as a people: “YOUR debts don’t matter/ and we won’t be paying”. From there, its earn your living/ by establishing the work, from which your students will earn their living; and give you a fair percentage.

6. Healthcare is by design, what pain or the reality of loss; makes us do! Thereby any assumption of the business called medicine; is a lie. It is merely the front for extortion/ a liar’s bed of criminal contempt for humanity itself. All medicine shall be owned by society/ and they shall contract with those who make it. All doctors shall be given their education in exchange for working among “the community who pays, for an agreed period of time”. Education is: learning how to do a specific job/ nothing more, is required for that specific job. Which does mean; the job of a surgeon for instance, could easily be completed with a year’s training. The community shall own the hospital and the nation or state, shall own the equipment, and provide it. The nursing home will have limits. Medicare shall be included in social security: which is to be a percentage of national income. Each social security recipient will vote on how the money shall be spent; which includes medicare. No more games/ no more “let the children pay, or just inflate the money”: YOU DO, understand reality. No more medicaid: jobs will be provided by society at a living wage, no more welfare or child support. No more excuses/ if you don’t like it: we move you, to a more isolated reality. We share, like it or not.

7. Democracy is a living thing, not a life; a description of what our lives can be, if we control society for ourselves. That description is, the preamble for the US constitution; and needs no real improvement. Implementing a reality of real democracy means: controlling those, who want to control us! To do that, requires limited capitalism, and complete control over debts as a people/ NOT by legislatures. To do that requires the currency SHALL be tied directly to the census count: so we know what is real, and fair. To do that requires that we revisit “the money” every eight years of so; otherwise the “extra special” people will wage war with numbers, by changing our rules a little at a time. So we must, do these things to control OUR government/ NOT their lives, but their jobs for us. Which is to insure the laws we make for society itself, shall in fact be carried out and protected as the values this society has defined, and will enforce.
Discarding the old/ and identifying NOT over one hundred “single page” laws; which control all of society and work and life through freedom. Realities taught in every school, in every grade! Means WE KNOW, what that law enforced should be. Which means WE KNOW, if our employees fail/ or the courtroom corrupts itself/ or we deserve better. Once these laws are created, it takes very little more, to keep society, by its governing: erected by values, for life and planet itself.

Men cannot lead, as history proves: they will always refuse to do what reality demands of them/ because there are always those who betray the rest. There are always those, who plot and plan, “we/I, can be rich”. There are always those, who fail/ and then war, to steal what they want. The university knows only fantasies; lying/ cheating/ stealing/ betrayal/ corruption/ terrorism/ and absolute failure, because they NEVER accept life must come first! The world itself, is just a game, to their so-called; “big brain”, which believes “life came from chaos (complete opposites, by definition)”! To their eternal shame.
Women are an unknown. Even so, they are required to be “female”; or, the opposite of men/ as in the whole of women working and deciding together. NOT like men, who want a leader to decide. They can’t do worse/ as life itself testifies, “we are standing on the edge of extinction itself; even the entire planet”. University even threatens the entire solar system itself. Women CANNOT do worse! It is that simple.


3/ 11/ 16

The value of living

Confronts us all, with the essence of time is an opportunity: to become whatever freedom, limits, truth, and realities will allow. The very essence of love itself, is a recognition of value: thereby we learn, that thought is ultimately important to the demonstration of life itself.
Life demonstrated means: I have chosen within myself, what has value to me. What can be done, with the expressions of body and mind, that I own.
Here the experience is ownership; which means I control the destiny or fate, of existence; or must personally surrender to the consequences I cannot control.
Critical to the elemental movement, that is time locked up, in me/ or you: are the fundamentals which grant existence its place in the development of an individual identity. As there are true elements which will never appear, unless environmental conditions take away other choices/ or refuse to identify what those choices are.
The foundation of religion, “which is, to be or not to be”; enters as the development of disciplines, based upon the acceptance of mass human decision, “to believe”! While belief is ultimately the description of “what I want to believe is true”. The reality of truth has nothing to do with what you believe or want. Truth is, what truth is; thereby it cannot be changed, unless the conditions which assemble it are altered.
Within this simple framework, life is carried by time unto its ultimate destination: to belong, where I chose to belong. For some, that is complete dissipation into nothing/ for others it is war forever/ for others it is the myriad intent, to build a world “My way”/ while for the few, it is unending love. Each is earned in truth. There are no excuses in truth, it is what it is.

The value in living, is then whatever you choose for it to be. So long as environmental restraints allow the freedom to assemble your own choices.
The critical quest is simply: WHAT do you, value most? The critical truth is, EXACTLY WHAT DO YOU RESPECT!
Time is a fluid event, in your own specific life/ what you are willing to do in the directional guidance of that flow, determines identity. Identity decides eternity.