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When considering the health of a nation, little is more clear than statistics regarding those who are deliberately trying to escape reality.       The foundation for a better life, is simply “remove want”/ it is an abyss, that cannot be filled.  Greed destroys friendship. Pride makes life a game, instead of a reality distinguished by miracles. Lust fails life. Power demands power.

DrugFacts: Treatment Statistics. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) National Survey on Drug Use and Health,1 23.5 million persons aged 12 or older needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol abuse problem in 2009 (9.3 percent of persons aged 12 or older).
Foundation for a Drug-Free World
In the US alone, more than 15 million people abuse prescription drugs, more than the combined number who reported abusing cocaine, hallucinogens, …
Statistics inform drug abuse treatment professionals of the populations that are most prone to addiction, the popular drugs of choice among various age groups, …



Governments are: “a seething (I want what I want)/ wheezing (“its an infection”) display” of sickness (the cost will be high), as is consistent with everything men always do.  When allowed to control, with leaders men become armies: WE GET what we want!  Rarely throughout all of history examined; are governments not failing. Because greed, apathy, gluttony, fantasy, theft, lies, arrogance, and power take over their lives.



 Every form of government establishes some form of peace for a short time/ they form just after wars.  But then greed, power, and pride take over: opportunities for slaves, trophies, sex, and gluttony knock. Then the money runs out/ the environment starts to die/ and the people get unhappy. Which Then requires MORE lies, cheating, COUNTERFEITING, corruption, thievery, treason, disrespect, and tyranny to begin. To keep the people from finding out, this is organized crime.  That “form of government” then runs out, & fails; leading to “I have a gun”. The environmental losses, and human suffering add up to a crisis. War then, as either civil or international,  is man’s way of resolving: IF I CAN’T LIVE A LIFE, I WANT/ then neither will you. Thereby MULTIPLYING strife, environmental loss & catastrophe, human suffering, and every other malady, crisis, and tragedy;  that men are continually known for, throughout all of human time.  Syria and Iraq are simply examples of that today: “happy now/ after all, you got a gun”!  Damn shithole.



So examination of the facts, then establishes the foundation of all governmental failures, is primarily aggravated:  by spending money, they don’t have.  The foundation of all tyranny is: to remove the humanity, the reality of respect, the disciplines of justice, and the foundation of communication by propagating “only the nobles (the superior ones/ university) among us, have something to say”.  Or more simply:   when the few are able to surround and corral ALL THE POSSIBILITIES FOR LIFE/ removing the many, and declaring themselves to be “gods”.  Life is going to suffer/ tragedy is immanent.  Thereby insuring there is no government anymore/ and nations may die. Because the employees of government;  overran their purpose, and became traitors.  Identified simply:  By calling themselves “the government”.


Governments are the agreed upon terms and conditions by which we unite as one nation; in a democracy.  Such as the constitution in this USA.  Or, this is why we are a nation/ this is what we stand for, expect from ourselves, and do for each other, as justified and free.


Courts are, the literal construction of values placed upon society, and agreed too, by the public.  Therefrom policing intends to provide an appropriate venue; for deciding who is right or wrong, when a real or substantial question (is this justice) can be found.

The military consists of, those who are willing to believe: our future must be defended, from those who are not like us. Unfortunately, murder is their means to that end.  Sometimes necessary, because tyranny won’t stop.  Many times little more than thievery, pride, or power; established by leaders who have no right. Leaders who use, abuse, and sacrifice, ILLEGALLY.


Politics are all about giving people what they want!  You don’t get a vote in government, unless somebody wants, what you are selling.  Therefore the price of an election is: to make people believe you actually care, about something they want. Whether you steal it, lie about it, destroy it, or just plain entertain them; is largely irrelevant. People don’t care: GET ME WHAT I WANT!  Solves it all, for me!  Humanity is used to that; have resolved “it’s the best we can do”.  But like the lottery, it exists: because people want what they want, regardless of the probability or reality or truth, of any situation. At least in a lottery;  they have hope, so they say!

As a politician;  Just don’t mention COST, because they won’t vote for one more damn penny intentionally lost. Unless of course, they believe:  you are promising “each of them personally;  a million dollars more”.


The rich buy elections:  so they can buy laws, make rules, and control  courtrooms/ evade taxes, and play games with people. So they can use policing “to get or keep their money” or make them do what they are told!  So they can combine all business and industry into “a very tiny few, we own alone. Thereby government purpose is:  for removing the competition”. As america proves: counterfeit enough, and its easy.


 They use the military and war, for profits (someone has to make bullets, or fantasy, “billion dollar planes”). And they use media communication for controlling what you, the public, are allowed, or given to believe. Lies work “just fine”. The rich insure, people who gave too damn much and received a medal they ACTUALLY EARNED; are respected little!  By allowing those medals to be counterfeited; used without respect.  That is an act of a traitor; as these medals are the currency of a nation, where its citizens;  are respected: these did, what society needed them to do. Right or wrong is not generally allowed, “for workers”. In contrast, the liars who give themselves medals, as is a general, etc/ rarely earn them.  For the people who do earn them; who intervene in crime, come to your aid when needed, etc;  it ain’t no game!



Regardless;  the critical question of money in politics is:   if you want lasting peace/ then the money must be removed.  If you want a future/ then only truth can rule. Because money is the prize men worship and abuse: as a trophy or an army.  Lies participate in every governmental failure/ by allowing fantasies to rule.

 If you want far less military tragedies/ then it is the men, that must be removed from leadership.  Because their solution, for nearly every major problem; big or small.    Is either steal what we want/ or war.  That is why men use leaders: to gather together as an army.  To go get what we want, with weapons.


Money does not make the world go round! It does not “grease the wheels”.  It is merely a measurement tool, for the purposes of fair play.  However when that is Corrupted!  When fair play is invaded by those who have no use for justice.  Tragedies are coming!


 So the critical means of controlling an invading force of tyrants: is to remove the possibilities of corrupting justice/ by controlling the courtroom yourselves and making the law yourselves.  So YOUR money, does not become a weapon against you; or someone else’s trophy.



Limited capitalism is the means for that:   we the people set the limits, of what any person can earn in a year.  We set the limits of what is minimum pay/ we set the limits of what can be earned legally in a year/ we set the limits of what can be owned as property by any individual/ we set the limits of business and industry: by using our vote, on a periodic basis.  We provide protections for ourselves: when we control the currency.  Demanding constitutionally, that the currency supply, SHALL be directly tied to the population count.  So many dollars, per citizen.  Leaders or more correctly governmental workers/ employees, SHALL NOT have the right to borrow, change, or steal anymore.  Only the people themselves, can change the currency amount, by recurrent vote: so as to prove, nobody is going to remove our control.  The limits are yours to decide/ but the reality of credit, and what can or cannot be done, with money: shall be decided by law; you must make.  That law, SHALL be decided/ SHALL BE WRITTEN; by the people themselves;   and then voted upon, until you get a solution.


 No more banking decides/ no more governmental employees decide/ no more wall street decides; absolutely none of it.  No more whining decides/ no more pensions decide/ no more old age decides/ no more “its for the children decides”.  STRICTLY REALITY BY ITS FOUNDATION within verifiable real TRUTHS, AND A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of what this means to the future; for life.  That will decide, or you fail.  Once you have made your decisions, and proven they work for the benefit of society and life: THEN the job is over, and if you were wise: life will get better, and better.  Until, your failures; allow greed to overwhelm you again.  It’s a choice!


No more student loans. The university SHALL operate like a business: if your personal students make a profit from your work/ in teaching.  Then you are entitled to a share of that. But, If they don’t earn a job, established because of your work; by teaching.  Do not make a profit (you did help them in their lives) for themselves, from that job: then the professor, etc shall not benefit either.  Earn it, or you get nothing!


No more anything, regarding pension, etc/ retirement income WILL BE:  only social security; same for all, plus what you save.  No more medicaid, or welfare; we owe you a job, at a living wage/ no more. No more medicare: social security gets a percentage of the gross national profit.  Those receiving social security SHALL decide for themselves, how that will be paid to each one. They decide what level of healthcare each deserves/ or when you are going to die, because the price is too high. By vote/ same for all. Because We can’t; afford you anymore; SAME for all! When everybody has a right/ then everybody is functionally equal: live with it.

 Remember this as well:   if nobody has to die, as all indications of human population on earth today demands/ THEN EVERYBODY has to die!  Because life, depends upon life to eat, air to breathe, and water to survive: if there ain’t enough, there will be WAR.


Immigration is the fundamental realities of a herd being invaded by “something else”.  These are, “A little different”, bothers a herd; because we are then not all moving in the same direction. Or doing the same thing.  Which means:  Somebody is going to trip, and then we all fall down; becoming prey.  That is animal instinct.  You have to grow beyond that, to become “human, as intended”.

 That said: the reality is, every single person requires resources/ establishes competition for those resources/ limits the future, because there is only so much room and finite resources for us all.  

 THAT reality, IS A COST!  It means immigration;  decreases the value of our own lives, and limits our children because: the earth itself, is limited.


 So the reality of immigration is:   do we have enough room, and resources for you? And will we share?  The truth of immigration is: humanity growing at 2 million+ more mouths to feed, per week/ over deaths.  While already standing as one human being per acre of agricultural ground: means, WAR IS COMING. They didn’t ask to be born: YOU chose that!


 The consequence is:  you must grow into a “true human being (beyond self)”/ and confront your social realities by accepting the limits of our “living truth”! We CAN, only do, what we can do! But, You can  Create justice, for life.  By understanding: the choice is, your WANT must be REMOVED, from discussion or decisions about life & environment. We share, we care, we choose for us all!  We accept the consequences, and live with it.  Selfishness, greed, etc shall be abandoned/ world law will rule; because death is your only other choice.

  Life is life, thereby equal/ but that does not mean, you can simply steal everything I worked for/  built for my future, or my child/ or conceived for my life, as consistent with our realities.

  Immigration reality says:   YOUR failures/ from your society choosing badly, has brought you here.  Thereby you do: bring those things with you!  So this ain’t no game/ and there are no simple or easy solutions.  The herd (I only want what I want) of your nation failed themselves!  Be human instead; is your answer/ HUMAN as intended IS:  “think, beyond yourself”!


 As best you can decide among the ruins you have left.  We must adapt to our new situations.  Before life is final: no chance left, to survive on this earth.


Or more simply: you will RETURN TO REALITY & RESPECT LIFE, for this planet, comes FIRST.  Otherwise, your lies will consume you all.



Communication is not the problem: people did understand plain and simple. What I told them over forty years.  They ran away and hid from reality:  made excuses, tried drama, chose manipulation or temptation, ETC.  Or, more simply: you don’t want, what you don’t want.  Rather you want MORE, just to prove you can throw it away.  Or more correctly say, “I GOT just as much as them”.  So the reality is: you grieve for the fact someone might have received more from life/ than you: by your perception, or their lies!  Give it up.  Life is life, which makes you equal.  Use the law, by your vote: to make them “the same”.  Society can decide, “just how rich, they can be”. 

Remember this: even though there are benefits to every attribute of being human/ just because a woman is beautiful does not mean: “happy”. Too much attention, harms life & endangers living. Just because a man can do many things, doesn’t mean free/ guarantees jealousy, and that has a cost.  Etc, etc, etc.  Be happy, with what you have; its more than you think.


 Proven time and time again!  People  just don’t want to understand: “there are limits, we cannot ignore”.  So they intentionally degrade the truth.  Hiding in lies:  if “this is not,  more for me”, then  I won’t accept it: WE CAN CHEAT, OR STEAL!  But;  Your lies bring you here, to the very edge of extinction.  Believe it or not is irrelevant, truth decides.


“I WANT MORE”, is the curse of humanity! Either restrain yourselves to honest disciplines as are needed for peace and harmony; or you die, as a world.


We are too many people, for any other conceivable true solution.  Not dead yet as a world/ but truly we are “teetering on the edge of extinction”.  Nobody survives world war 3; your weapons will see to that.  Which means if you want life: THEN CHOOSE WORLD LAW, by world “we the people” vote:   and enforce it.

Stop attacking your water, stop listening to your experts (they lie), stop destroying your oxygen supplies, stop the insanity and failure built into your food supply as will be, complete destruction. Stop killing the future by resource devastation.  Stop being dead inside (can’t think/ have no say: frozen in place), by a university infection, that ultimately allows, life will be completely destroyed, by their hands.



 FIND RESPECT FOR LIFE, or there will be HELL (we can’t survive, all is lost), ARMAGEDDON (nature is in chaos/ just as the university promised, and did do), THE APOCALYPSE (every gun, etc; is used), OR A FIRE THAT CONSUMES THE PLANET ITSELF congratulations, the university is SATAN.   Be proud, is that not your right.  You too (whosoever would not help defend this world), helped destroy this world. Because you made “university, your god”!

 Now, will you not:   receive your DUE reward!


 How is that not consistent, “with the bible” for instance; particularly the old testament.  Religious “got your ticket to heaven”?   OR,    FOR KILLING A WORLD, WITH THEM (let the university lead/ they are god);   IS your ticket not to hades!  Oh wait, I know “you’re going to get a free ride” into heaven/ by pretending   “Rapture”!  Well the evidence of a ten million degree fire is: that it will create a thousand mile per hour+,  updraft!  That will literally suck everything into that fire, including you.  Congratulations, REALITY SAYS:  your “heaven” is an all-consuming,  “FIRE”!  That literally cannot be put out.

CHANGE yourselves! Give this earth back, its future!  IT’S MANDATORY, or a heinous death for all life, is certain.


Summing up:

There is only one way back to reality:  BY fundamental TRUTH!   Accept it, or die. 

Because truth is not merciful/ it is, only whatever the facts declare: IT IS!


Those who say: (before we        Pass the point of no return)         THAT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to fix all these problems; so “I,  Have a gun”.    “Breathe with a LIARS breath”. 

 Repent of it, and fight for life.  Last chance.  There are no second chances, in being wrong for you: such is the reality of this day.