establishing questions

Just for the sake of it
The foundation, for asking questions to a leader, is very simple: reduce the question, to fundamental truths. Then identify exactly what it is, that you need or desire to know. Establish these questions through your independent organizations: which means, solidify your request/ by assembling a series of simplified statements. Each of which can and does have an answer. Then search for the opposing answers, and with discipline learn what is our reality; “as best we can”. Or more distinctly: the ten commandments are examples of clear and certain statements which explain, “the questions in part, a religious person desires to know”. Questions a person desiring democracy asks: are answered in part through the constitutional amendments/ while the purpose of a constitution is dedicated in its preamble.
Questions that exist in a search for a more disciplined understanding of our world; begin with WHAT HAPPENS, when this change goes WRONG! As reality allows: you can learn by endless trial and error as is the constant of “university science”/ SO LONG AS YOU KNOW, with clarity and certainty: WHAT YOU MUST NOT DO! Unfortunately “your science” SO PROUD with a few trinkets and toys they now play with; forgot, they aren’t god! Forgot the consequences, SO GRIEVOUS, our entire world is at risk of extinction/ MEANS DON’T DO THIS! And fail LIFE, completely.

duty established

It is a duty, to RESPECT LIFE! It is a duty, to RESPECT every child/ every living thing. It is a duty, to insure the next generation of living existence; GETS THEIR CHANCE to be “alive”. It is a duty, to accept with grace and honesty; your participation/ your death/ your purpose, as is to define truth and apply it within your own reality.
This generation of humanity, did none of that/ or so very little, it does not amount to a future for any living thing! While that can be blamed upon “the university brain: let’s pretend”/ the reality is, all the rest (but a tiny few), said ok, lets do that! And with counterfeiting, failure to life, endless fraud by stories created from stupidity and absolute pride: you have worked, to fill the garbage dump/ destroy a world/ and annihilate the future. Shame on you!
Pride is little more than the mirrored image of hate: same thing/ just reversed. Your pride then testifies: your purpose is to claim “a superior life”/ while your reality is to destroy all other lives on this planet. As is the evidence of gambling with this entire solar system/ by bringing the same fire here, as is on the sun. By mutilating nature, claiming “we will conquer disease”/ while truth KNOWS WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST DOUBT; your real intent is to destroy nature itself. Thereby bringing an end to this living world. Adding in the complete destruction of every single resource, chain of life, or foundation for survival required for living. BY ATTACKING, EVERY SINGLE ONE. To your absolute shame. Couldn’t fight for life/ barely one in ten thousand, or so it seems. More correctly: YOU, chose not to/ because it was inconvenient, “you want what you want/ and nothing else”. Including, a fight to save this world; for your child, or even your own life. Which is absolute cowardice.

The evidence is more than clear enough/ the reality is more than plain enough/ the concepts and precepts and necessary considerations, along with helpful descriptions and definitions given here: are simple enough. The foundations crumbling beneath your feet/ the climate changing before your eyes/ the hate ready to be unleashed, beyond imagination; are all forcing you, to consider the obvious. That you have risked this world/ for nothing more than greed, gluttony, & selfishness. To your shame.

The tragedy of your lives/ the failure of your “education”; as a cult, which can’t question its leaders/ the fantasy of pretending, “we can play god”; and all the rest. Do exist as a Trial! Life or death is being questioned; and the reality is, there are no second chances. This is the last one. Not because I say so/ but because the evidence is insurmountable: the collapse into chaos; that your university leaders have created for you; is literally at hand. There are no more excuses left: either fight for this world/ or enter eternity as its destroyers! Simple as that, with absolutely no mercy for religion. Since you are clearly “direct participants” in world destruction; by entering into a clear alliance with those who destroy earth: “University pride/ the cult, of we can play god”.
Change or die, its NOT complicated!

wake up

It is, the tragedy of both men and women/ that they hear only what they expect to hear; regardless what is said. That means, everything necessary to be heard: MUST be repeated again and again and again/ in slightly different ways so as to wear down the guards and barriers people have erected to protect themselves from “liars/ traitors/ and thieves”. Which does establish, the foundation for this failure to hear: is an expectation to be abused. That does come from experiences, throughout childhood and life; which prove, the majority (or at least the outspoken) only want to use us, rather than be friends with us instead.
The reality of hiding from life, is in fact hiding from people. The cause “you run away from truth”/ is established by the framework: if I do not hear/ then I have no duty to be involved. Consequently the purpose here is: to remove yourselves from participation; which then creates the potential to judge. YOU should not have/ YOU were there, YOU made the decision, or should have interfered; so its all your fault. Even though, “the judge (you) here” is absolutely involved, as a coward (deserter) first.
So the question is: HOW do we give the vast majority of humanity enough courage, to participate in life or death for this world? The answer is: by taking away your securities/ you will be forced to participate, and make decisions that will either save this planet, or let it be killed. Like it or not: these are the definitions which make you move toward life/ or war. Men choose war: “its all their fault”/ so all we have to do is kill them! Then we can have everything we want; it’s historically proven true. War today of any size, means NOTHING will be left for life; all dead one way or the other.
So, let’s ask women: WHAT would you do different? Their answer is not historically proven; because they have never been given the opportunity to be truly in charge. They are NOT functionally aware, of what it truly takes: to sustain existence, where men are constantly fighting “for more”. Where nature has little or no mercy, for those who are unaware.
Nonetheless, without true change of this entire humanity on earth; there is no future for any human being or other life form in this existence of time. Because of resource loss/ constant over-population/ and a thousand other major threats against our world.
Consequently men established knowledge is necessary. But NOT as the evidence now demands: “university knows” which means KILL EVERYTHING that is not money. KILL EVERYTHING that society has valued; so WE CAN RULE. And then KILL THE MONEY, to make the people beg; because we demand MORE! Now; Proven true, by decades of reality.
But rather LIFE is the most important thing we share, and it must be RESPECTED as the true value of our existence. That simple fundamental difference can be described as the functional difference between male and female. Or more simply: men have proven themselves by the majority of their “major moments as society”; to be entirely controlled by money (I will be free/ I will rule life).
Whereas the foundation of female, is fundamentally controlled by life first. As is the evidence of children not intentionally abandoned; (my children need care/ I must share; I deserve to rule myself, and be free too).
Those facts underscore the most critical elements of our future on this planet: IF WE DON’T SHARE, with life/ IF WE DON’T CARE, about all life, and prove that with our respect. Then the burden of what we do now, as a world overthrown with endless humanity; is subsequently going to be, our death.

You believe whatever you want: because you only want/ what you want. You only hear, what you intend to hear. But life, has a different story today than your parents knew/ than all of history combined could have known. WE ARE, SO MANY PEOPLE; that we live or die, from what even a “few too many” people did do/ will do/ or expect to collect.
If you don’t share: this world is soon over. The universities built you endless traps and chaos/ tragedies and horrors; because their only true concern is “playing god” with life. They will be castrated (you CAN’T stick your life, or your purpose in here, no more) forever; their power taken away, or controlled for LIFE MUST COME FIRST. Or, you’re dead very soon. There is no more room, for endless fantasies or delusion/ no more chaos in charge.
If you don’t care/ then the entire chain of life for this whole planet will fail apart; and take you with it. Death will surround us all/ with no way out. That is the cost of a planet overloaded with people. You CAN’T kill them all (or even very many)/ without destroying the planet itself.
Ultimately RESPECT for LIFE is our only answer. That respect cannot come, from those whose answer for everything: “Is money”. Your money is nothing more than a lie already; it too, at least in america; is dead/ counterfeited, to bring you all the latest world ending/ life mutilating threats to exterminate existence on earth. Courtesy of, “university/(we are gods), knows”.

Women united for a common cause: to bring peace and harmony through justice and law. At least women, have the potential to choose a different path, for humanity on earth/ even life itself, as that is now endangered from every direction, in every situation; by men.
Men, particularly through university leadership and threat; have failed entirely. So says the evidence: prove the evidence is wrong!
That leaves only women to try; they can’t do worse, than threaten extinction for all life on this planet/ as is the result of men, in charge; men following their leaders. Does not a university diploma exist through all leadership; particularly in government and the courts? The diploma led us here. That does not mean it is entirely evicted. But it does mean, they can lead or determine direction or control or rule or “do what they do” NO MORE. Without our own direct involvement/ without a fundamental discipline as decided by women. Not because women are better/ but because women are different; and we absolutely MUST have “different than this”! Liars/ traitors/ thieves/failures/ fools////////////////////etc; everywhere a damn penny can be found. WAKE UP, or die!


Throughout the decades, I won every legal argument/ established the cause and demand for justice/ and worked for fair play, reality, and truth in and throughout all of society; but never won a single court case. Because the majority of men, who comprise leadership, and those women who join in their ranks: all want more, for themselves. Behind closed doors, the law & realities of life or death, are merely mocked as irrelevant. That is the true summation of “american court”.
What happens in the courtroom “leads the nation”/ regardless what nation that is. Consequently we have become a nation led by traitors, liars, fools, failures, treason, cowards, and thieves! Society follows, by worshiping their counterfeit money; the cost and the consequence of it is, “a world threatened with extinction”. The courtroom is a disease/ the policing agencies are corrupt: the nation dies.
Men choose war, because they then can discard the law of a society/ and establish themselves as rulers “with a gun”. Its called “organized crime”. But before they get to war, it is the same organized crime that takes over the courtroom (using prison and financial ruin as their weapon), to throw justice and law in the garbage. Bringing about the hatred that then infects and manipulates the rest of society until war breaks down all constructive elements of peace. They quit, when one or both sides has suffered enough; when it is worthless (nothing left to steal, or want) to continue. Men war, “to get more”/ finding it easier, to steal with bloodshed, than to work, share, or care about a future for us all. Because the law, won’t let them take whatever they want.
War solves nothing, because the problem is: the majority of men want more. That fact makes it impossible for the rest of society to get, what they consider to be: “their fair share”/ and hatred erupts. It is “MORE, for me”/ that establishes trouble. It is “YOU took too much (leaving me nothing)”/ that brings us all, war!
Immigration simply means: “These are taking our stuff” & we don’t want to share. Race issues result as: “we CAN” IDENTIFY this group/ therefore we can drive them out; so we can keep MORE stuff, for us. But time and university have doubled the population of our world; the result is, we WILL all have less! That reality means world war 3/ or completely different leadership, and the absolute dependence upon a FAIR AND JUSTIFIED COURTROOM. Where equality means: nobody gets “too damn much”! Limited capitalism represents control over the money, by the people themselves. Learn how to be FAIR. Do, what life needs you to do, so it can survive; or die. Simple and plain!


The foundation of life in this world, is truth; without truth nothing can be sustained.
The foundation of a university diploma is: “I can have anything I want/ I can even play god, because together we will find a way.” Generally with very few exceptions, that is done in very tiny increments/ and a whole lot of destruction. “That didn’t work, lets try something else; this is just life or resources/ so we don’t care”! It is a fact. It is also a fact, that ignition of an atomic fire; leaves all life on this planet with one simple reality. Either it puts itself out/ or we all burn; as earth becomes a sun. No second chances. We live or die, as an entire world: based upon what happens with the very first ignition, of atomic fire.

Not a religious man; BUT!
The bible has prophecies about this; believe it or not. One prophecy is: this world is destroyed by fire. Another such prophecy is the book of Daniel, chapter 12. The great abomination proclaimed is: gambling with all life on earth, based upon the theory, “that an atomic fire will just put itself out/ cause there is not enough gravity here.” Again wrong, is a dead world/ and they have already proven themselves completely wrong about every theory regarding the sun., will help you understand. But alas, to be proven wrong: deflates their pride, power, job, etc. Besides, they want to prove “we CAN play god”.
Regardless, there are two conclusions/ deaths; in the book of Daniel. THE FIRST, has now past its time-line, and seems as if it had no effect. But since there are two prophecies of death: questions must be asked? “We don’t die twice”.
The old testament is declared to be “a book of law”. Break the law, and you must “pay something” to find a reprieve” if possible. This society/ this humanity (particularly the university diploma) on earth; has broken every law; for life first. None (not enough to matter) cared, beyond money, pride or power; to prove life must not be gambled with, or simply stop, because this is insane . So it can be said: we have been tried by the law/ and convicted, by the consequences of our actions, as a world.
The second death ends 1335 days past the last date of the first trial; currently running. This Is proceeding by biblical prophecy as the book of Revelation. The new testament is a book about mercy, rather than law: IF you honestly accept the teaching of JESUS. For those who do, it promises “a savior”: at the passage between life, death, and eternity. Rather than law.
Revelation has two distinct prophecies in it. The first eleven chapters are about what happens if men continue to rule this earth/ no mercy. A continual descent into chaos, tragedy, and hell.
The second prophecy begins in chapter 12, with women playing a far more significant role throughout all of human society. It is a second chance/ “mercy” provided because men have failed; without giving women their true say. Mercy allows, “they should have been heard”../ or it isn’t fair, that half of humanity much suffer the same fate as the other half, who chose this.
So people ask the question: “where did men fail/ that women can succeed”? How is that possible!
Throughout the sites I provide, that failure of leadership, as is male; particularly “university male”: is evident/ and needs no further repeating.
The relationship of women, to life. To the new reality of humanity on earth is very simple in its conception. While men are concerned with “fighting for position and pride, with whatever physical force is available to them”. The most common reality of women: is trying to work with other women, as a group; they are different, than men. Without physical force, there is only law/ fighting for children, is life first/ and basically doing what the majority of men do not do: “everything is NOT about money”.
Do you see the difference? Life first, after thousands of years in evidence: is NOT what men do! It is however a primary example of women, at least in terms of most mothers.
Our world NEEDS: LIFE FIRST! Forever more.

if there is no repentance/ no purpose in allowing time:  then there can be “fire”.


to gauge

TO; Gauge

The value, of being a little bit different, is we get to see life itself without being overwhelmed by the expectations of others. I have always been a little bit different inside/ a reality of living for life. Rather than being consumed by want, pride, or the desire to play games with someone else’s life. The difference is: life, the amazing miracles which surround us all; is a display of individuals. From a plant, or insect, or any other creature including men & women: each is an individual miracle without equal. Even when they all stand together, and you cannot tell them apart! Those who stand out “from the herd”, exist as the members who identify the extremes. Which means they do understand things that others do not; simply because they are different.
I am writing, not because you are a tiny bit different/ but because there are values beyond what other people see or desire. I made a decision at your age, that became the realities of my whole life. Consequently, I offer to you, just a little advice.
Time is an immortal, even immeasurable relationship defined by experiences examined with our own truths. They cannot be changed, once established: truth is, whatever it is. Therefore the decisions you make are very valuable (for good or bad) to you/ to each one!
What we can change about ourselves is: “what I as an individual, desire most”. The critical relationship of life is: every decision is either based in love/ hate/ or survival. One of these three control, either by a little or a lot; the direction of what each individual human being does; always. So, desire carefully; it does become your life. That fact, by its direction; leads you into eternity.
Eternity is the elemental expression of thought. Thought is, the dimensional integrity of time displayed, as the order/ discipline/ respect/ balance/ courage/ love or hate (they are opposites, “only one”)/ and ultimately the expressions of your heart. Heart is, the choice you made, to accept life has value.


Throughout the decades, I have consistently found a need to continue on; simply “the world itself is approaching death”. Reality says, humanity is now exceeding what nature and planet will provide. The consequence of that is: “every biblical prophecy of horror coming true”. Without true and very significant change. What 3.5 billion people could do 50+ years ago/ 7.2 billion people cannot! It is that simple.
Just the amount of vehicles burning fuel and using oxygen, every single day; is horrendous.
As indicated: there are several machines being finished by people who believe themselves to be doing “great things”. But they fail to see the reality of igniting a fire that obviously burns atomic bonds for fuel: SUN HERE! ETC/ ETC/ ETC. Or more simply, they want what they want, and reality nor life matters, because they believe themselves to be “gods (we can)”. They will ignite that fire, without strong public refusal to let it happen. End of this planet in fire results/ even the end of our solar system. A greater abomination, than this gamble; cannot exist!
The latest machine from Germany/ has at least a 90% chance of succeeding: final tests completed in early 2016. Then its life or death for our world, by “sun fire”. No going back. There are several more horrendous experiments. Which means “physics” stands for world terrorism / just like geneticists do.

Nonetheless, this writing is about saying goodbye. As you have continually refused to do what is needed to be done: communicating to this whole world/ WE MUST STOP, all the threats which can and will exterminate us all, from this planet! I am aware that seems impossible to you; but I never asked you to believe: SIMPLY INVESTIGATE THE FACTS, and let reality and truth speak for themselves. Given that, you must “side with me”/ because wrong is the death of everything. Making these extreme experiments, an impossible risk to take. NO YOU CAN’T! Simple as that.
Regardless, we come to the end of time/ by the realities of extreme experimentation being completed. They want a world that does not change: HELL YES we can continue to do everything we want/ without a cost! But that simply isn’t true. So life or death for our planet and all its life is the game; it is “live or die” for us all/ the future too.

The probability of the so-called fusion generator in Germany/ the ELI project from America/ and more; ending our world, by fire; within 2-4 months/ before spring of 2016 is VERY high. Consequently, there is fundamentally no further purpose in communicating with you/ as an attempt to demonstrate or teach: THINK FOR YOURSELF/ time is running out. Essentially time has run out; therefore its time to say goodbye. You can continue the fight, whosoever you are: by communicating with our world/ STOP THIS. But as for me, I did do, what I could realistically do: you would not listen. Your turn, perhaps the site being static will help you decide; “to get up, and say something for your world/ your children/ your life”. If not, I did do what I accepted as my duty.
I have “wished you well”.
I don’t anticipate further writing unless, the court/ IRS accepts the challenge to take me to court. Not likely, without your push; a jury trial is the last thing they want.

site introduction

Summary: This site is about life, it is not a game. The legal right to determine as humanity itself/ by our own investigation as to what can go WRONG, with extreme experimentation; and our subsequent public vote. NO you cannot do this/ our world dies only once.
The decision then: IF, we will allow extreme experimentation to gamble with our planet, our nature, our future, our everything. The link just below “our world is truly at risk” identifies the latest creation of university. Another demand to create the same fire here as is on the sun. The machine, like others: intends to do that buy igniting the bonds of an atomic element as is hydrogen. Expecting to control that atomic fire; they say, “because it will just extinguish itself”! The fact is: there are no other option, for a ten million degree fire. Wrong is: our earth becomes a sun.
The sun says, “it can’t be done”a fire that burns your skin from 91 million miles away. But they believe themselves to be god; so they gamble your life, & our whole world. By moving past the order, disciplines, boundaries, and energies that create and sustain our time.
If you cannot “get past” your pride/ there is no purpose in reading this for you.
If you can: there is a multitude of teaching that can assist you. Including the elements and essence of democracy, law; methods to intervene, and more.
A sample of link style and content; those without identifying threats, simply teaching is here as well.

3 rules to prepare for dying


1. With faith, we have dignity. With life, we have hope in the miracles we inhabit. With the ability to think, we can understand: death need not be the end of living. It is only the end of a human body. Life is more than a human body. The body only represents time. Time, will be lost.

2. We understand life and death exist: because of our ability to think! The body does not think/ life itself, the recognition of freedom and a choice; represents “thinking”. Thought (I am more than a body); Recognizes we are ALIVE! Thought does not, a body inhabit: it is free, by choice.

3. Nothing has ever been more eloquently written, than the biblical words of JOHN 3: 16 “for GOD, so loved the world that he gave HIS one and only SON/ that whosoever believes in HIM shall not perish, but have eternal life”.
By mercy alone, can we enter into “heaven”! No one is worthy; simple as that/ we have all made mistakes. You are not judge, be repentant/ NOT proud. You do not know “GOD’S plan”.
NEVER forget: “ALL life, is a miracle”!

3 rules for dying


1. Everything about life, is a miracle/ we absolutely could not do for ourselves: proving GOD exists.

2. Everything about our bodies, our planet; and all that humanity can do; along with every other miracle on earth; is absolute proof of love. “It didn’t have to be”.

3. JESUS came proving what love, faith, hope, and courage were; even much more. Proving to be, MORE; than any other person who has ever lived. THAT fact proves we are not abandoned. That faith proves life is more than we comprehend. Making death; an experience, we should accept as more again; than we could ever choose for ourselves.

Dying means: life, passes on/ the body is discarded “for something more permanent”.
But DO, understand this: when life leaves your body/ YOU MUST enter within that life, and go with it immediately; or you can be left behind! Settle it in your mind.

Without death, none of us would be alive/ because the world could not hold us all. The children live, because the old must die. Time for another to take our place.