GOVERNMENT, defined.

The critical relationship we all share with society, is governed by our need to participate in fair and realistic circumstances with each other/ therefrom protecting our world, our lives, and our future. Governments are neither more or less than this. Tyrants (I will make you fear me)/ “puck (let someone else pay) and vomit”(I am like god, compared to you; you can’t question or control us)/ traitors (secretly, I will destroy you)/ fools (yes we can, do what none should do)/ fantasies (I know, because I believe whatever I want); etc. Are not governments, they are thieves, liars, and cheats.

So the question is: WHY in the hell of human defecation that is government corruption/ are these leaders to death and destruction, successful?

The answer is: because they promise what the rest want, and will never get unless by force. Therefore common governments of men, are merely gangs warring against the rest, for the clear purpose of plundering/ enslaving/ terrorizing/ and destroying equality in society. Laws have eroded that somewhat/ democracy has eroded that somewhat: but what we get instead of justice, are the traitors that make laws (rules) used for plundering/ enslaving/ terrorizing/ and destroying life on earth. As is consistent with the reality of trials as presented by James Frank Osterbur versus state and nation. Found on these sites.

The critical challenge of life on earth, as it exists in humanity; is then to control the want, that people have in their heart (I will spend my life for this).

Control means: a discipline enforced, even if you don’t want to obey.

Common governments control by “making examples of someone/ forcing others into prison/ enslaving some/ making those who “do what we want”, richer/ and ravaging both life and planet to insure obedience or you will be abandoned. These are issues of force, because they require very little actual concern for the people being forced: which means power controls.

Judicial governments are formed in laws that are so plain, and so simple, and so short by definition: that all, or nearly all the people understand/ know both the value, and the purpose/ and accept the wisdom of what participates in our lives to bring us all JUSTICE. Peace exists because of justice and equality, a foundation for building harmony. HAPPINESS exists, when freedoms are aligned with “the greatest good, for an individual”. While LIBERTY exists, when the foundation of all intervention is established by the greatest good, for all. Including both the future and all life on this planet!

So the question is: WHY have not human beings accepted this very simple and plain association with law, that is the foundation of a better life on earth? The answer is again: WE WANT, what we want/ and we want to be rich; thereby having many slaves, and endless pride: for ourselves. But truth knows these are things only a tiny few can possess/ and it is always at the cost of the rest. Even so, people discard that fact as if it were nothing more than shit/ and assume they will be the ones “who own the world/ let all bow down to ME”. AS ALL failures and fools, do.

We ask WHY? The answer comes down too: I want more than I deserve/ or reality will give me. Regardless of the money that allows such things; take away the money, and the reality is those with too much more DO NOT deserve it. A constant truth, throughout all of history/ that destroys peace, harmony, and life. So if we control the money, then we control the reality of those who take too much/ and make them stop. Society controls the money by their own individual vote. The corrected method is “limited capitalism”: we CAN stop you from attaining too much more than us/ by voting to limit your maximum income per year. We can support your equality, by insuring a weeks work, shall NOT be less than the amount we set as a nation. By our periodic vote. Therefrom the relationship to money, that has plagued and sickened humanity throughout history, can be destroyed. Therefrom by vote: the issues of “you hold too much property/ we deserve our share” SHALL be limited, and identified as well.

With laws that all the people know, and understand: the possibility of enforcing those laws correctly, falls to the people themselves/ and they can create “we the people” own this nation. Because they know what the law is! That fact, is the most powerful tool in the arsenal of human society. The second tool is: NEVER again shall a judge say, “I am untouchable”. Rather the people will be informed of what the judge is doing/ the lawyer as well SHALL be controlled: and both can be incarcerated if they refuse their constitutional oath, and corrupt justice for life or society. WE WILL DECIDE their fate/ if they fail to participate with “good behavior” as the US constitution demands. “its the law” that controls a judge/ destroyed by corruption: so they can have power over the people, instead of the people having control over their government. Which makes all those who enforce what is clearly wrong: accomplices, criminals, or thugs. In america: the rape and the ravaging that is “lawyer costs and controls over the courtroom” and therefrom our democracy. MUST BE STOPPED! That means, no more independent lawyers/ they will be hired by the state. They will be working for the people, and their wage shall be determined by public vote. No more business/ no more extortion: no more operating like a medical monopoly whose only purpose is tyranny through extortion and criminal acts. Who limit their competition by refusing to educate or allow more participants than they alone desire.

The education of the masses: is limited too, life/ reality/ law/ truth/ happiness/ discipline/ work/ shared experiences between the sexes/ and caring about the planet. No more fantasies, no more “we educate all, to select for a few”. No more keep the competition away, for as long as possible; so we can make more money. No more “don’t teach them nothing/ till they accept the debts of , college”. Thereby entrenching them in slavery, and obedience to the few.

Work, at a fair and realistic wage, solves all the problems of welfare. Work is not shared, because it keeps the others “from being as rich, as is possible for themselves”. Therefrom the reality of work as a society is: to achieve the balance between what is necessary, what is an honorable reward, and what must be done to retain “FAIR PLAY” throughout society itself.

Necessary means: we cannot survive without this/ we cannot be happy, unless our freedoms allow for this. Honorable means: when discipline and order are achieved, therefrom society benefits itself/ there must be a reward, because this one has earned it. FAIR play asserts: no one is exempt from doing their part, in support of their own life, and our society sustained or improved for life. Fair means: you will not endanger the others/ even if you are allowed to endanger yourself. You will not discard your duty, or the result will be: you are moved to a location, conceived as “less desirable” to the majority. Hate is a failure, a disease that must be removed/ the search will be thorough. Resource protections, which include recycling and much more shall be implimented without significant restraint. Or more simply: WHAT IS good for life, planet, society, and world SHALL BE DONE. No excuses. Money shall not decide/ work decides, by the reality most in need of attention first. Money is: merely the determination to quantify your contribution to society or an individual. Therefrom money is an individual reality, not a definition of society/ but a definition of you, and what you deem most important. The purpose of society to retain control over itself by law, HAS NO limits assigned by money. Therefrom government employees shall no longer assume control over the money/ but shall present the various opportunities for work to the public, and they shall decide what will be done, and who will do it.

By vote means: TO CHOOSE, how best to handle change in society. Once that change is functionally solidified: such as “this is a simple and common, “contract job”/ as may be bid upon by the public. Then that system remains in place so long as the public finds it acceptable. Consequently the need to vote continually fades, and true power to the people arises!

The elements of “military”; SHALL NOT control an endless supply of money/ resources/ or excuses. Rather a new “bill of rights” for the soldier, shall be written and implemented: giving a fair and deliberate discipline over their leaders to the individuals that make a military possible.

Order in society is achieved: WHEN TRUTH DECIDES! The endless parade of fools, that has been “university knows”/ can now be deliberately examined to determine both the value and the fool or failure or thief or traitor or terrorist as has been the reality of leadership that brought us to this day: WHERE CHANGE IS MANDATORY. Or our entire planet will die/ along with every life on it. Not a game, truth!