fear and failure

the reality of tragedies associated with the complete failure of respect, in all categories CANNOT be underestimated. Gossip/ ridicule/ abuse of the parent/ demanding poverty, stealing rights, and maiming life with “righteousness” are all guilty of contributing to this problem.

Children Die Every Day From Abuse or Neglect. In 2005, an estimated 1,460 children died as a result of abuse or neglect (USDHHS, 2007). The majority almost 76.6 percent of these children were 3 years of age or younger. Most child fatalities (76.6 percent) happened at the hands of parents (USDHHS, 2007).

1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse;

the failure of want/ the failure of “your game with life”/ the failure of justice/ the failure of realistic equality/ the failure of substantive honesty, even with yourselves; is a primary catalyst for failure to respect life. It is also a failure of education: TO INSURE that every person shall know, the reality of sexual abuse is, “NOW, there is a witness, to your crime”. Which cannot be dismissed, only controlled or killed.
Statistics and facts on Homosexuality in the U.S.

Reality states: it is an absolute fact, once you have passed the age of honestly making your own decisions because you are the one who will pay the price of that decision/ roughly 18 years. Each is free to make a choice, so long as none are forced, coerced, tempted with money or the like; and so on. Its their life/ its their eternity/ its their decision; no exceptions. That does mean, so long as you “stay realistically within” the basic laws which govern all societies; the cause is irrelevant/ unless help is sought. Respect them, as life; REMEMBERING they don’t get to choose for you either!  By that same tone: none can claim the relationship between a man and woman, is the same as a relationship between same genders. NOT the same means, it WILL be called by a different name.

FEAR and failure go hand in hand/ it is a constant in human behavior.

In terms of realities in medicine, considered and chosen by those who have no credible or true information regarding the condition of their health/ it is fear, that assigns and creates the opportunity, to be used and abused/ and even worse. One of the indicators of trouble is we, THIS USA, consume over one third of all pharmaceutical drugs in this world  http://www.statista.com/statistics/272181/world-pharmaceutical-sales-by-region/
That cannot be an accident: instead of health, we get manipulated as a nation, into believing, “whatever a doctor/ etc” says. Because we don’t know. But what we do know is very distinct: that we do consume in prescription drugs much more than any other nation on earth. Are we that Unhealthy? The answer is no. Do we get into more chemicals and mutilated genetics than any other people on earth: probably so. They are everywhere. But is that the problem? We have constant media pimping & pushing;  for pharmaceutical drugs/ THAT is a known problem. We have government counterfeiting, healthcare, and insurance to pay for prescription drugs, with lies/ that is a problem. We have the greediest people there are/ all fighting for more; in nearly every variation of economic competition/ that is a problem. Doctors & drugstores, do get kickbacks for prescribing certain drugs/ that is a problem.
We couple that with fear: go to your doctor/ do EXACTLY what you are told, and “he or she will save your life”? But have you noticed, they are “never wrong”! Nope, never wrong: or kept so secret, we cannot know:   As in absolute perfection; which simply does not exist/ so that is a problem. Of interest here in recent years is the genetic testing being done: to predict your cancer coming “so to speak”.
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17909205 RESULTS:
The 7 models differ in their predictions.,……………….. Outside of high-risk populations, all models have high false-negative and false-positive rates across a range of probability thresholds used to refer for mutation testing.
A little more reading http://thednaexchange.com/2010/07/28/facts-figures-and-fictions-in-genetic-counseling/

We ask the question: when given that DNA, the building instructions that literally make and define every body of life on this planet:   are “3 billion combinations” long!   Making an inconceivable amount of “odds, for gambling: I WIN”, an inconceivable reality.  WITH absolutely NO concrete information about ANY TRUE part of piece of the construction, insofar as understanding that construction: is created.  Which means:  AS IS THE NATURE ALL AROUND US, “we, cannot even guess at the true complexity”. Because DNA IS NATURE ITSELF./ WE CAN KNOW, what the outcome of mutilation is:  death to nature itself, without the slightest room for doubt. With this foundation of illiterate “monkeys”/ who believe that no matter what they mutilate or do: “evolution will fix it/ in a billion years or so”. We come to the answer/ that there is absolutely no way to trust any part or portion of genetics. Nor those who DO, literally damage and destroy our world, by altering what no man or woman understands. Instead the theory is: let us mutilate, UNTIL we see the entire structure of DNA collapse, and become functionally chaotic. Because then the theory is: we learned something/ or “this what we did= caused that”. But unfortunately, I guarantee to this entire world: THEY WILL NEVER “PUT IT BACK TOGETHER”. Which means, our entire nature, our everything we need to survive, & our everything we are as a human being etc: will be destroyed forever. Because it takes nothing to destroy; damn near anyone can do that. However building, thinking, LIFE is an entirely different reality. Unlike evolution which is absolutely insane: we cannot be built one piece at a time/ WE NEED ALL THE PARTS AND PIECES, to survive”. Therefore an geneticists ARE, an absolute disease, without the basis required in evidence of thought;  for a damn rock.   They are INSANE/ and they are destroying our world.  Although a tiny few do try to improve life/ the risk, that is complete failure of the body called life:   to every living thing is enormous!   The reality or potential of human “reward”/ is tremendously small:  ANY other conclusion,   is FANTASY AND DELUSION.

scientists have cracked the code, the longest, tiniest imaginable, most important, oldest code: the code of human life, the DNA sequence of humanity. The numerics are staggering: written in just a four-letter alphabet (A, T, C, G), the human genome is around 3 billion letters long (or about one billion “words” in length since each word (a codon) is three letters long), and there are around 600 billion-trillion copies of it on Earth (6 billion people times 100 trillion cells per person). CAN YOU REBUILD THIS? Neither can they.

WE CAN HOWEVER, “SEE IT ALL COLLAPSE”/  as is the biblical prediction of Armageddon.  Proven true, by the evidence of this horror!




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