friendship is

Friendship is, “the essence of harmony”.

The critical human question being: WHY, are we not friends? The common answers are very simply, “I don’t trust you/ I don’t have time for you/ I can’t accept what you do, or do not do/ & I am too good, or too something bad, for you”. The less common answer, but frequently underlying problem is: that I must choose, because the people or the realities of my life, make me.
I begin this discussion with myself as an example: choosing the very simple construction, “with our world at risk of extinction/ I don’t have time or energy for anyone or anything else”. Few accept that as an honest answer, but time has proven it is true. The lesson being: love is not necessarily lacking/ every person must choose what is most important to them. Consequently love itself can be directed at something else/ rather than someone else. Love is not a development of time/ rather it is a creation of purpose that leads to a true desire which then shares existence, because we choose to care; and thereby trust. Harmony is far less critical, and consists of the basic fundamental: I accept your right, to choose the freedoms and direction of your own life; within justice for all.
To rebuild life, that we may survive our situation in time; requires a foundation upon which we all agree: this is justice! Because it defends life on earth, including my own. Therefore the law we provide to do that very thing enhances the essence of every society, and presents the possibility: we CAN build a new world order.
The question is how? The answer is with laws we design for ourselves as, and for: “we the people”! Elemental to this process, is an understanding of democracy itself: or what does this actually word mean? Identified properly, it is the ascension of humanity by each step involved: to elevate itself through the creation and enforcement of law. As is necessary for justice, freedoms, protections, and rights. There are three distinct steps:
1. To accept the value of truth, and let it lead us all through the understanding of reality by its consequences; to every decision that we need to make. Only truth can identify the future, and thereby create a path to our own goal of peace, harmony, love, and happiness for all.
2. To accept responsibility for our lives, our world, and the things people do which gamble or destroy everything or anything we absolutely do need. IF YOU CANNOT BE WRONG, without substantially endangering life or planet/ THEN you have no right to continue! Our decisions are NOT, as simple as what you want, or they want: all the rest are now involved, because we are so many people, no other options are left.
3. To trust the law, by understanding: IF WE THE PEOPLE MAKE THAT LAW OURSELVES, then it is, or it should be later “remodeled, by secondary vote of all the people”: fair by vote; for us all. If the leaders cannot make rules to control us/ then they cannot be rulers, because it takes a rule, to make a ruler. Consequently let the rules be few, and only as necessary. Let the laws be little, and consistent with such things as the bill of rights/ constitutional amendments/ ten commandments and so on. If we make the law, and keep them few: THEN we know the law, and can enforce it; by demanding those who are hired SHALL do our bidding/ or we will turn that law against them. Whether a nation or a world; truth allows this is the method of enforcing democracy: or more clearly, “we the people, have rights”!

We then return to the more intricate matters of human friendship, and translate the meaning of discipline to understand: RESPECT is a fundamental right/ until proven otherwise. Simple behaviors, simple decisions, simple mistakes, simple experiments with relationships, and simple developments that do not share a common interest are not enough to make any judgment against another human being. Simple means: NO complex argument should arise/ it is unnecessary, because no judgment is required. Respect is: the decision to accept someone as valued, or by the value they created, and do for them what can be done to prove you are accepted by me. Regardless of the rest/ as respect is entirely personal in its origin: it is your gift, of honor to someone else. You, are the owner of it/ or it is foreign to you, if it exists at all.
Respect means: I have found more than expected, deserved, or earned; thereby coming to the conclusion that love played a distinct role in this gift to me. The consequence of such things elevates the reality of my life/ therefore I elevate the one who carried me, to this place; and gave me the purpose I now cherish within my heart.
Consequently respect carries with it, a definable purpose, that builds a path forward on the facts created by evidence of love. Love does earn its trust, with the elevation of truth as our decision to participate within each others’, lives. A life is a very important thing, and carries no mere little responsibility. Instead to accept love, is to identify friendship first/ thereby understanding the freedoms which have risen to the level of an introduction beyond the rest: are elemental to trust. In this place, where truth is buried under a ton of fantasy and delusion, by media and all, or most who lead.
Want is not enough/ it is a delusion built upon selfishness. Love is patient and kind, because anything less interferes with the sovereign right: to choose your own fate or destiny. That is, at its core: realities depicting an eternity. Therefore unless you believe you are god; as is a lie/ you must not interfere with the decisions of others. That does not mean you cannot warn, define, offer, or instruct them as is consistent with valuing their lives. But it does mean: you may not manipulate/ control/ assume/ abuse/ use/ lie/ cheat/ steal/ or in any other way alter their own ability to choose for themselves; their own path and identity. You too, must choose for yourself/ its YOUR eternity/ its your life in time. When reality, for whatever reason has not allowed for this: the only avenue left, is too take the time, energy, and space necessary, to redefine and reevaluate your own life. As best you can! If you don’t/ you will lose the anchors of your existence; and be adrift in time.

the simple and plain

The simple and plain

With regard for this planet and all its life, we are threatened with extinction that will not stop, until all life is dead. OR, we the people will change that direction, and prove what is balance/ discipline/ and order in our own lives as humanity on earth. It is that simple, regardless of any other concept, prediction, or purpose.

That leaves us all, with the 7 choices that make or break our ability to survive, and keep these children alive.
They are:
1. REMOVE failure, manipulators, hatred, fantasy, liars, cheats, thieves, fools, traitors, terrorists, and those who believe themselves to be “god” from leadership.
2. REMOVE the possibilities of all out world war from threatening us, by creating world law, and the policing that enforces our law, upon “those leaders who fail us”.
3. STOP all human population growth “forever”/ and reduce our impact upon this earth, by doing all we can for life: INSTEAD of self. EVERY child is precious/ but if you bring a child into a future defined by cannibalism, war, horror, and hell: then you play “devil” with their future.
4. STOP destroying the chains of life. STOP destroying environment. STOP taking everything, so that other living creations can exist. STOP attacking resources, and let the children live. STOP destroying this planet, and find balance.
5. REMOVE THE CULT of “university knows”/ by reducing their stories to truth & reality, instead of their delusions and subsequent death of our world. Tear down their lies & respect this world/ all life/ and GOD.
6. ASSEMBLE the knowledge, and communicate the understanding that creates a peaceful world. That begins with the clear and distinct acceptance: self is not an answer/ war is nothing more than a plague by men/ reality understands only the distinction, disciplines, and structure of truth. Peace knows only the blessing of true acceptance, deliberate participation for life, and the honor conceived through love.
7. CONTRARY to the constant “well that ain’t never going to happen”! You will accept the price of your existence is YOUR DECISION to fight for this world, and keep it alive. Because unless we all do what we can do, there is no future; and your freedom to decide anything dissolves into chaos and hate.
So the question is; even though the majority cannot see, hear, think, speak, act, accept instruction, or do anything that is consistent with keeping this earth, or themselves alive: because selfishness has taken over their lives. The reality born into the rest of us is: unless we help them succeed, in being happy; all die.
The price: “someone has to pay for that”!
There is a difference, between being “blind/ deaf/ mute/ dumb/ etc”, which are all subsidiaries of selfishness either accepted, or forced upon you; and being dead. Its called hate. So the very first participant in a new world, is the removal of hate. Consequently, what is hate contorts and controls a future changed for life!
Without hate: there would be no war/ no “university” world terrorists attempting to destroy life, planet, and everything else. There would be no plain male terrorists, who believe and accept, “they are dead inside”/ because you killed them. Their trophy (I win: you lost more than me/ because I didn’t care), is then war against you. Nor even the little things, which are ridicule, gossip, etc.
So the question is: WHAT is hate, and WHY do you want it? The answer is “a game”. The reality is a very simple, “you are bored with life/ therefore other people are forced to react, tempted to act, or required to submit to the things you do; that then influence and control their lives, environment, or world of expression or experience”. The consequence of those actions displace peace, and create war, in all its forms.
The question is then: WHAT is boredom, and HOW do we fix that? The answer is, boredom is a refusal to participate in the reality afforded to us by life. The influences of hate which cause the other complaints will not arise, if the game is broken. So the question is again: how do we fix participation in a reality that will not refuse honest acceptance of each and every member of society, so that they can feel welcomed, happy, and consistently “family” with us and this world? The answer of course is in that description: to do your own best, “when liars are removed”; to be honest and accept each individual within a freedom that does not judge. Letting the law do that. Asking why, instead of using condemnation. Instructing where possible, without righteousness. Living within the elements of our truth, by joining society in the construction of what is best, for us all. Today you construct only what is completely selfish/ and abandon all society instead: because you have judged them to be selfish too. And so they are/ just like you. Which then divides, separates, infuriates, and limits the future to war; as history proves repeatedly throughout all of male driven society.
Hate can never be completely removed from humanity; because people want it (I am MORE)! Can’t be superior (YOU are less), “without hate”. Can’t play games with life (someone must lose), rather than just toys; without hate. Can’t be selfish (all is mine, not yours/ unless I play god, and give you something I don’t want), or even ignorant without hate; because selfish requires an enemy, and sustained ignorance demands “I won’t care”. That, is the epitaph, of a fool; when realities of life or death requires them to care. Especially for a world!
Critical for a future is: “let our recent past (as long as it takes) be dead”/ because we cannot assess or assign judgment, without destroying ourselves. You must let it go, allowing eternity to decide what is fair; for those who did so much harm, and failed so severely. But that does NOT mean: what was harmful, and what did fail, and what does threaten, and why are we facing extinction: and more. Are needed in determining how we came to these realities, so they can be fixed. Or more simply: take the humanity out/ and judge the reality of leadership, by assembling what is true. Never forgetting: “you, the people DID play a part in every aspect of governing, lies, games, theft, and more; that you allowed”. In America, during the last forty years, only an extremely tiny few could be found, that were not completely intoxicated and drunk without a brain: believing they could and would “be rich”. You amassed only counterfeit numbers, and death; but could not stop, even when confronted with reality by its truth and substantial evidence of proof. YOU are the problem, just as much as your leaders! How are they not the same?
So the critical question adds in: the complete insanity of a humanity that is bent over (can’t see a thing, but the ground. The “dirt & footsteps, of your own selfishness”.) upon “being rich”. WITHOUT any responsibility or respect!
It is not wealth, that is selfish/ it is the human desire to own someone else’s life (you will do for me; whatever I ask). Wealth can do many things for society and life; that is not the enemy, but it is the gateway for liars/ traitors/ fools/ failures/ enemies/ terrorists/ religious whore’s/ and a wide variety of other descriptions unworthy of respect. Which gives the vast majority its desire to be rich; so as to remove this plague of fools, liars, enemies, and others from my/ your life.
The power of wealth, and the reality of nearly all aspects of too damn much pride, etc; is removed and controlled by limited capitalism. Or, we the people control how much ANY individual can earn in a one year period. We control by vote, how much property or resources are allowed to be owned. So as to give ourselves an opportunity that is equal, or fair; to yours. It is a very simple choice.
The responsibility you owe to life, is a separate matter from all other disciplines required for balance either in this world, or in yourself. You do owe RESPECT, for all the gifts you have been given. That IS NOT JUDGED, by basing what you have against what someone else received: that is fraud! Your life, is your life; and what you have been given by nature or reality and its truth; are yours! What is “theirs”/ is simply theirs; and it does no one any good to believe this should be the same for each one. It is not/ accept that, and go on with your own life. A blessing consists of understanding what you do have, that is kind, loving, living, and useful to existence. Some would suggest this is selfishness at its core; because these words, and “this identified world” is strictly about “you/ me”. In contrast, our responsibility for the gifts we receive/ give value to existence. It is that value identified, that creates the basic input of responsibility, and our need to give something back “to life”. It is the various elements of everything we did not need to receive, but were granted anyway; that elevate respect, through “you cared”.
It is an unfortunate reality of human nature; that we can and do forget as time increases: the realities of our past, and the people who helped make our own decisions possible. This exists, because those who help, often hinder as well: creating a cancelling effect; if severe enough. Time heals, because we allow what was caring, thereby valued by us; to overtake and consume what was not. These are memories that drive us into the elements and environments of love. Whereas those who hate use these same types of memories to prove to themselves; no one cared, and therefore revenge is appropriate and earned. The lesson learned is: choose your future “with care”; don’t let failure choose you, sweeping you away from life, with power.

This is a beginning. We will approach the physical lessons of change, whensoever I choose to write it. Your duty is: to encounter what is true, by evaluating the reality of words within yourself. Make your own decision, and then act accordingly.

elements of life

The elements, of life

Translations of our existence identify the creation of various abilities which give existence the experience and expression of not only freedoms, but value. Those values construct love, honor, courage, and all things associated with the disciplines called truth, and the realities called “a life worth living”. That freedom, to choose for ourselves the essence of our own journey, as best we can; given the realities of our environment; identify the critical decisions which construct our destiny.
Questions arise: as to life? Answers become, “elevated beyond existence”/ are the constructions that understand, loneliness and a lack of substantive order, isolate living into a desperation of despair. Thereby people become despondent, depressed, and destructive; in more ways than one. To be elevated beyond simple survival requires the knowledge, this life, is no game. Therefrom understanding begins to build the frameworks of an identity; because without the game to play “as children, without a direction”/ we become lost within ourselves. Wisdom requires a direction, to begin the work assigned by life: to identify yourself, by truth.
Functions assemble through the creation of a direction. Or more simply, there are behaviors that are consistent with each and every direction that give the question of destiny its purpose and desire. These identities of self, as is purpose “I have found what I accept, as is worth my full and true participation”. These construction as is desire, “the truth applied within my heart, proves I do yearn for these things, as are love; inside”. The functions of a “human heart (this keeps me alive)/ rather than a physical heart (this keeps the body alive)”; are dedicated to the essence of soul.
Soul is, our literal connection with life itself. Life is, the elemental rise of energy beyond the limits and boundaries of an action or reaction by which new definitions construct an alternate environment within which the essence of life itself, does exist. Life is not a moment, it is an element. Not of the physical world/ but a spiritual one. Therefrom we consider the dimensional traits of what truth itself does mean.
Truth constructs “a house with many rooms”; so to speak/ because the reality of each individual truth is divided into its subsets of disciplines, by which both order and structure do arise. To balance these traits, is to assemble and create the facets which bind interactions within the whole, to an essence of freedom built within laws. Laws govern truth, by understanding the disciplines which build truth are absolute, when determining a destiny. That construction allows the essence of an identity to flow and control, the critical elements of a journey, by letting truth decide. Only truth, “knows the path” to a chosen destiny. Therefore only truth can be depended upon to keep the living, alive!
We ask deliberately: what does it mean, “to be ALIVE”? Finding the answer submersed in the questions of heart. The reality becomes: expressed by love, the essence of our soul becomes, “a respect for this creation/ this existence as life so grand, it is beyond all human comprehension”; that our spiritual existence turns to GOD !
We then ask, WHY is human existence so far beneath this living example of what truth itself can be? The answer is: humanity loves its games/ hates its games/ worships its players/ finds depression in losing to pride/ worships want/ destroys balance/ fights for power/ and in all ways lives without the benefits or balance of substantive truth. Without truth, every journey is merely a thread dissolving into tragedy/ or a road crowded into the belief, “we can’t all be wrong”. Nonetheless truth knows neither a crowd or an individual: it knows only a journey or an environment, built around the single purpose of a direction that either lives, or dies. So the question of your heart is, “what is worth living, or dying for”?
The answer to that is divided into the substrates, that anchor your own individual world. Or more simply, a substrate is, the literal accepted values you have assigned to life. Or, what is most important to you: without any exception or deviation/ only truth decides. To discuss this, requires an example. Therefore I will tell you mine. The most deliberate reality of my individual life is: GOD comes first/ because this creation proves an undeniable relationship to knowledge, wisdom, understanding, love, passion is seen in JESUS, thought is constructed throughout every part and portion of every living example that is proof of our reality. Therefore we know, without the slightest of doubts: OUR CREATOR exists. It is by JESUS, that we or I do accept: created and NOT forgotten. So then this is a primary anchor, because it is the most fundamental, and proven, of all truths.
The second layer or substrate, is the fundamental decision of love. Or more directly, “what is the value of life truly, without love”? The answer is, we cannot conceive of value beyond existence, without love; therefore love itself constructs the essence, and the relationship identified as, being ALIVE. Love has a secondary level: unless we are living, unless we are associated within an environmental relationship by which we know each other through time (as human beings)/ that love cannot survive. Therefore our relationship to both life and environment, MUST come first; before all other definitions of more intimate and passionate expressions, that experience individual happiness. Or in this case, a critical decision to fight for this earth, and all its life: comes first/ because without creation itself, or a body that has not been mutilated by “science”/ or an environment destroyed by man; etc. Then there is no future. Consequently love demands: first, for our world/ then for myself.
The third layer or substrate, which anchors an elemental rise beyond simple existence; whereby we/ I step beyond ourselves. Lives in three distinct parts. The essence of happiness itself/ the reality of disciplines and doors operating the spiritual realm of existence called truth/ & the foundations of dimensional thought from which we ascend into life itself. Within the fundamentals of these three, are the developments which realign the elemental nature of existence itself, “with GOD”/ rather than humanity or time.
Happiness is, conceived of “as a measurement of participation; both for and with”. But that is not true, happiness is born of the relationship itself, granted by acceptance (I belong). Happiness is built upon trust, the existence of truth expressed as a foundation upon which “we live as one/ or one family” (no measurement needed). Happiness is expressed by freedoms, every freedom is an internal experience of trust in the essence of a decision built “for me, as my own”. Individuality separates us/ love brings family back: therefrom happiness becomes acceptance, as a proven truth. Happiness identifies creation, as the ultimate gift; which proves love, was provided. It is humanity that failed. We are happy, from birth by the virtue of nature as intended: “everything is new, balanced, and prepared for our existence”. It is human decisions that make this sad.
People refuse both reality and truth/ choosing want, pride, and power instead. Even so, reality is at least slightly complex; because without a predator to keep a balance in proportion to the environment: it is humanity that must govern itself. That is our participation with freedom, under the rules of discipline and knowledge; men fail completely/ while women, have been given no true opportunity to try. Nonetheless complaints are worthless/ reality decides the future, and it is truly “bleak”; because men play, and pretend to be god (we can do this ourselves/ we don’t need no damn laws, to govern us [just them]: & there are NO consequences for us). All of which are lies. All lies die.
In contrast to humanity, and all its lies: truth cannot be changed. Therefore what is true, can in fact be or become eternal. Because it exists as a fact established by law, it then becomes as an element (not transient) of life, or at least an element of your life. What is less than “worthy of a law”/ is abandoned. Consequently the decisions which can and do violate or support the existence of life as the most important portion of your expression; participate as the building blocks of your identity. Simply put, “you do build yourself/ as an identity in time”. So the question is, even though death will end the debate, because it immerses you into your own truths: how can we enter a spiritual world prior to death? And WHY, would we desire that? The answer is: without an education, a solid direction, a well anchored soul, and a deliberate desire: none should try. Because every want is an extreme delusion so far as truth is concerned/ and it will lead you into places you did not intend to go. Want is essentially a trap, in the spiritual world; because it is not a truth, it is merely the deliberate decision to bypass the truth, “to gain what you want/ that is considered to be otherwise denied”. Spiritual means governed only by truth. Therefore wherever your want goes, you follow. OR, wherever truth lives through your own desire, leads. The warning is, “want is the basis and foundation of every lie”. Because if you don’t “want it”, in some form or fashion, you won’t lie. Therefore remove want from yourself/ identify and refine every truth that is your life/ and understand, even though the body cannot be eternal, therefore is abandoned: the soul is a relationship with thought, energy, and law. Therefore it can be eternal. Every decision is a door: that opens unto the future you chose; that is the substance and foundation of “your education” for now.
My spiritual journey ended, with the ultimate desire: that I must find a way “to keep humanity, from destroying this creation”. There are NO answers with men, or in men; because this is today “the future they chose by their want”/ and they will not retract from it for long. But will almost immediately return to it, no matter what the earth itself does need. Therefore no possibility exists to sustain this earth with men in control. That leaves “only women” as the last possibility for true change. Therefore I searched “what would women do”? And found myself trapped in their spiritual environment; because I could not understand. They are completely different, in so many ways it is “somewhat shocking, or amazing, or something way beyond what was expected”; they do live a life, at least somewhat similar to ours. But it is very different; man does not understand. That is just “a fact”. Nonetheless, GOD remains first forever, in me; “other than love, the rest” is merely existence. As to spiritual freedoms: IF you understand the truth into which you entered/ THEN you can escape it, to journey beyond. If you do not, then you are trapped “in this place”; until you do.
Thought gives us dimensional awareness/ or more simply: a question exists, because it has escaped the confines of a known boundary, to become expressed as the freedom to expand in a new or different experience. That does express life itself, within the essence of a question. The experience which answers each or every question that finds its direction in truth: assembles only under the development of a law. Therefore law underscores life, and gives it “a meaning”. So we must ask, what is law? Here, begins the journey unto GOD HIMSELF!
It cannot be translated.


Omitted previously: to seek an understanding of biblical prophecy, requires using the basic framework within the bible itself. With regard to the prophecy of Daniel 12, the critical question is not whether we have identified “the great abomination is, to gamble with our entire world/ by bringing sun fire here (all life, lives or all dies, within a few days, by that act)”. Therefore the question regards the prediction 1290 days later is death/ and then again 1335 days is called a second death. As the bible itself conceives of the beginning of life is created BY DESIGN, within 6 days/ and then the building of those designs begins to shape our world. The reality of the “first death” can be identified as the critical links having been chosen by humanity, will now begin to dissolve. As the second death itself, begins to destruct life and planet from the choices people have made. Or, more simply: these are the things you chose, by playing and pretending, to be god yourself.

speaking out

IT IS, constant and fair, to assemble the necessary infrastructure that is consistent with faith.

As we approach or pass the prophecy of Daniel, that predicts the end of the world (first death), so to speak; questions arise. Because predictions are a reference to the accuracy of what is, or is not, to be believed.
So then lets ask, some very simple questions: Biblical prediction is, “there will be a first and a second death” at the end times. As there cannot be any compromise or delusion: “that deliberately trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun”/ is the great abomination. Because this gambles and will lose our entire planet to fire; just like the sun. So the question is: if we pass by the 1290 days of the prophecy are we now “safe”? The answer is obviously not; because the same threat exists/ until it does not. Your scientists and politicians, etc: have determined for themselves, that they can predict “this fire on the sun, will just extinguish itself; because the earth does not have enough gravity to sustain it”. That theory is built on a series of lies/ none of which can be established by truth. There is no evidence to support their theory; so they made up stories, as university always does. Because they want to be in control/ they want to play god. Alas, the only god they get to play is one of destruction; as is evident by our situation in this world. Therefore either you stop them from proceeding with their experiments, regardless of the date/ or they will kill us all: unless GOD actually denies that, even though your own complete DISRESPECT for life and world is horrendous! Can’t even fight for a world, not a word/ not a penny/ not an action; just do damn scared someone might ridicule you, “to start”. But that is irrelevant, once ignition occurs. There is no going back!

So the question is: “WHAT, can a first death/ and a second death; actually mean”? The answer is, just like once the same fire as is on the sun ignites here: half the world, will see a pillar of flame in the sky, within hours. It will rise miles high; because that is required, by the law of thermodynamics. At that moment everyone on earth will know they are dead/ even though days will pass before the entire world has been incinerated: “the second death” is coming. As seen outside of the same fire as is on the sun. Our reality is very simple: humanity has been deliberately destroying the environment/ resources/ chains of life/ habitat, and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ELSE, we literally need to survive as we are today; without these things, already desperately in danger/ we die too. It is entirely possible today, that so much damage has been done/ so great a human population has arisen: that nothing short of a massive human extinction event can save anything. Alternately, IF WE WERE to do the best we can including population controls; it is at least potentially still possible for most of life to survive. GOD might intervene, and help.
There is no question as to whether GOD exists! Everything about life is clearly designed by the elements of thought, discipline, order, design, balance, courage, integrated organization of mental elements, structure and so on. NONE OF WHICH occurs without thought, and all who believe otherwise do so simple to assert: “we don’t have to pay NOTHING”. NOT even kindness to others or respect to GOD. They are liars and thieves, little more.
The question of this day is simply: is this, the end of biblical prophecy (I can’t believe anymore, if we don’t die in 1290 days, from the first experiment that made it possible to ignite sun fire here)? Or, has the first death passed, and the chains of life, and everything we need already been destroyed; ending the possibility of a future for us all? Establishing in conjunction with that, the prediction of Biblical Revelation; which divides between a male driven reality: all dead/ they used every toy. And the massive change, which allows a female driven reality, to control society, and its future: therefrom the possibility of life extends.
The first question of prophecy is a reality of prediction that assumes; once written down in a religious book, there is absolutely nothing that can be done/ or any reality that cannot be avoided! As with all religious books: WRITTEN by men, even if under an influence other than “strictly physical”. The reality of prediction is, summarized under “best guess”/ and the truth of biblical prophecy is clearly: it is a proven “very good guess”; as other prophecies, and realities in time can now be identified, and they are very close to the prediction. So biblical prophecy should not be treated lightly; and as the evidence does prove; we are close to destroying ourselves today, by refusing the necessary respect and restraint to keep this world alive. As well as all the other toys, men have produced; so they could play “king, god, etc”. Our future is GRIM; everything we need is under attack/ lies abound, as in counterfeited money, a certain means for war/ chains of life are nearly broken; water means war soon/ a population that cannot be supported; and so on. Or more simply “the first death is here”/ to your shame.
As to other Biblical reference: the majority of the bible is dedicated to helping people understand themselves and their world. What is not dedicated to that, is JESUS ! So the question simplified is: WHAT does “JESUS mean”? The answer is: that we have not simply been created and then abandoned. Or, GOD remains as a part of our lives: so says the evidence of JESUS. We then ask: WHY should we believe, as the religious do: which means to alter hope in such a way as to “get what I want/ and question no more, that I will have whatever I want, and not get whatever I don’t want”. I do not accept this dogma of religion/ and require evidence to express knowledge, from which understanding and wisdom do grow. That said: the evidence that JESUS existed, and the reality of HIS story is essentially correct; is more than sufficient for me, to accept HIS life was here, and substantially written down. HOW then, should we hear the question that creates, and WHERE are the answers in an essence of struggle to find ourselves in this framework of life, “with a purpose”?
The critical development assembles around the truth: IF GOD is “still among us, in some form or fashion”/ then where should I look, to find HIM? That question establishes; IF JESUS, is the proof/ then, it is JESUS who holds the answer!
In HIS work and HIS ways, there is a path of deliberate decisions which form the elevation of every life truth that has value associated within. Therefrom the search is for value/ and the essence of that value is love, respect, disciplines, and order. So the question of finding GOD begins with a journey into these things. The reality of “into these things”/ forms a spiritual path (something you must do alone): the consequence is, we known not “how to do these things”! Therefrom the word “Savior” is born. Because unless you are anchored into “the life of JESUS”/ as a reality in your own decisions; entering within the spiritual dimensions, will cause a potential tremendous upheaval or death within yourself. With JESUS, the spiritual world can be a “journey”/ without JESUS, it will be the end of your life and eternity. Because you cannot come back, to this life; unless you know how to survive the spiritual world, where GOD does live. As to other religions; each is a prediction of death/ and what happens beyond this life in time. Which makes all religion “essentially equal”/ as none can prove, without coming back, from the spiritual world. The path JESUS created, by assembling values from which we could survive “the elements of at least some truth, beyond all lies”: gives those who can, and do, the possibility to experience or even express what is beyond the essence of time itself. GOD IS TRUTH/ therefore none should doubt, that entry into truth is the path unto “HIS LIFE”.
We know that for a fact, because only truth can build and sustain life. Every lie fails, even those uncovered until the day you die; because to survive, only your own truth is allowed to extend beyond this environment. All lies die! Religion is, “I believe whatever I want, & what I want, is what I believe in”! Reality, and its truth; does not care, “what you want”. It is, what it is. You can however change your own truth, by resurrecting value, to assemble a different life. You can change your own reality, by doing what the future and all its life needs you to do; thereby designing a new reality.

Some will say: there is nothing, beyond the grave! Clearly, there is nothing about a human body that extends beyond the grave/ it is a proven fact. But as is consistent with reality, when a human body dies, it goes from life unto; no freedom survives/ the choice is over, in an instant. So the question is: what is the difference, between a body that works & “the life removed”?
The answer relies upon disciplines in energy, and the constructions of thought, body, and more. Nonetheless, we will be simple. Where there is energy, there is an action or reaction that sustains existence. So then energy is an absolute, with regard to motion or its companion called freedom. With energy removed, the body is dead. So the question is: as some would say, “did the battery of chemicals just die”/ or is it more complex? So we look at a robot; because its simple: to assert, even with everything intact, completely assembled and ready to go. There is absolutely nothing it can do but take up space/ without the hardware, software, and programming required to make “the machinery” do something! The same is true of a human body: its all still there, even though the energy is now missing. Which leaves us to ask: “who unplugged it”? Is that all there is to it?
Apart from a reality that literally “builds itself”/ as is life, from the inside of a female: an intensity of thought applied to the basics of everything. The question is more than a brain; which is simply more or less a calculator and time keeper. The reality of life is an essence that lives within the energy, and conceives of itself as an identity; by the elements of a foundation that lives, by the values of thought. Everything we are, is related to the essence of “how we think”. That is not intellect (the brain does not do this), but our relationship to life itself. Truth gives us life, we exist because there is a relationship within the expansion of ourselves. Or more simply: a baby gives birth to its elemental self, by understanding there is more “somewhere”/ and then reaching for that. Whereas an adult functionally dies, by asserting “I know everything/ and its all a game, about me”! They wrap themselves in selfishness; “like a mummy”. Life is, beyond the grip of physical motion/ because it is essentially thought at its core. Therefore, wherever thought can take us, is where we will go! But that asserts “I can be god over eternity”/ and you absolutely cannot! Consequently, life is: similar to a human body/ you cannot be here, in time; without that body. As is consistent with eternity, energy, etc: an environment is needed; or, we dissipate into nothing. That means, what did create us here; to give each one a chance to prepare and to choose; is at its essence and core, “OUR GOD”. What is beyond the preparations, and building of an individual identity; asks of truth, does LOVE really exist?
Love is the expression, of a shared energy given without cost, to the ones we respect, appreciate, trust, and choose to live our lives with. Love opens a door, within the thought that literally expands your life into someone else’s/ and they into yours. Love explains, we can share not only time, but the essence of ourselves as well: if, we both so choose to do honestly, and with honor beyond ourselves as life granted a respect that will not die. What is true, cannot be changed. What is life, determines what is true; therefore, within the confines of reality: the expression of thought becomes. I live because of love, as the meaning of life itself. Wheresoever there is love, the possibility of eternity completes itself; by asking and trusting “GOD, who gave love first/ and JESUS who proved that true, even for us”.

US versus THEM

US versus THEM

This begins with race, and functionally ends with immigration. The critical reality: when a child is born, “we rejoice”/ because this is, “another one of us”. Regardless of skin color, heritage, or origin; this is a fact of life; “WE WANT, one of us”.
Consequently, the more different you are than me/ the less any or every offspring between us is “like me”. That has a cost, “our color/ our heritage/ our religion/ our culture/ the sanctity, and fundamental fellowship of our race/ & our origin” is being lost. For better or worse is irrelevant, this is a fundamental change that cannot truly be undone. So there is controversy, and it will remain.
The most efficient method of identifying the trouble between races, is to examine immigration. Or, more simply: when a few people, who are different than us, so therefore we notice them. Come to live among us, it seems polite and kind to be friendly; as they cannot (unless criminal) greatly influence our lives unless we let them. Not a threat. In contrast to that: if given full access to everything society can give/ then they soon become equal, and the first thing they do is invite “more of them” to come and live here too. Now instead of a polite and kind, simple addition to society without a threat/ the sudden addition of a great many more means. THEY WANT MY job, house, religion, resources, healthcare, and everything else I WANT for myself and my family. They are NOW, a threat; to me, and to us; even though they have no weapon and offer no resistence to our law, or national decrees. They represent change, and taking control over jobs, business, religion, politics, etc; they do bring change with them. Including resource loss, environmental destruction, increased taxation (every human has needs), and MORE competition for everything I and my family want or need. Consequently while a few are welcomed, many more meet a resistance that cannot simply be denied. It is valid, because when resources are gone, or overwhelmed: someone has to die, or move/ and this world is full of people. There is no, “I will just go get more”. You took it/ its gone.
The same is true throughout all integration of society; where someone can be pointed out as “different”. They do in fact present the possibility of money and wealth transfer, “to the opposite side (those competing against us)”/ through marriage as well. As human history proves: They do represent a smaller group, that can be identified and controlled or disposed of, when times and realities “go bad”. Because of all the things all sides, did or did not do.
So the question is: WHY is different important, when so clearly the difference in sexes for instance; is absolutely desired? The obvious answer is: different sexes CAN do, and CAN BE realities for each other, the same sex cannot. Therefore different is good, when you receive something important, that you could not attain without it. So the question of all integration is: WHAT can you contribute, to this people they do not already have/ other than being different? Right or wrong is irrelevant/ however those who did do better than the others who wish to immigrate: HAVE a right to expect, our ways, not your ways. Even though they might even be worse.
The answer is, beyond want; is justice constructs its own reward. But that comes with a caveat: overpopulation in any environment, by any specific species, WILL become a disaster. Because every environment and chain of life: IS LIMITED! What you want is irrelevant/ what each needs is “life or death” for us all! Therefore the primary cause of immigration is overpopulation/ that is why they move in mass! The primary answer to “race relations” is: WE ALL need to cooperate, every life is important. BUT unless we solve this crisis of a human population explosion/ NOBODY gets to live in peace. Including all other forms of life on this planet.
This fact is no game, and it does require not only acceptance of the law that must arise/ but enforcement of that law, regardless of complaint. To CHINA’S honor, they tried for a time to limit population growth. To their complete failure, they allowed abortion to be a prominent means of making that occur/ & they allowed many parents to choose male instead of a female child. Because the parents wanted a competitor, rather than someone who would be considered “second class: less able to compete”. That reality has consequences: Having damaged all sexual relations, between man and woman; in these generations. They are now dealing with the imbalance, intentionally created by want. They have apparently stopped most attempts of control over the population. So the lessons are: abortion cannot be “for a thousand reasons of life”/ any form of birth control. There will however be, a period of forty days from conception; for “abortion like” chemicals/ because people are people; and the child inside has not yet gained a true sense of self. This should not be considered right/ it is simply mercy for a female, and for life; that would not be conceived of with serious physical problems.
Parental decisions regarding “which sex”, are a disaster in the making. Imbalance between the sexes is, a true coming “heartbreak”. As is anything but true population control. And governmental decisions, without societies true consent and acceptance; cannot survive over time. This is all by vote. This is entirely the reality of a woman’s decision/ because it is her body. Man has no rights here, he will pay; because the woman must endure the cost. IF WOMEN so choose. If you do not choose it, nothing can save life on earth/ IF, it is not already too late.
So the question is: IF we cannot fight for our lives and ways of life/ by protecting the nature & integrity of what brought us to our own existence. THEN where is our freedom to decide for ourselves? You sold it for irrelevant and worthless want, destroying or taking everything you could touch/ which you then threw in the trash.
The answer replies: IF we overwhelm our environment/ by refusing to do what we can to protect the very sources of life, which give us existence. THEN WE DIE. Consequently, there must be reality in every decision that we make. If you could see beyond your eyelashes, this document or description would not exist/ because the future is VERY simple and easy to see. It is cannibalism and death and hell and mutilation and horror; without true change.
TRUTH understands, the foundation of every existence is a resource, and a reality; that can and will sustain life itself. Without that, there is no future for any child or any life. Therefore resources are, “the fountain of every living existence”. If we do not protect them, everything we all need to survive disappears; including the resources every other form of life needs to create and sustain the chain of life/ that serves us all. We live, because other life lives/ we die without them. Simple and plain, humanity under the disguise of university knows: has attacked everything; destroying chains of living existence, even mutilating life, for their religion “evolution”/ which will soon end our world, in every conceivable way.
We now enter reality from a different view: the fact is, if a person cannot sustain myself/ “you hold me out”. Then I will or will want to invade your world, and take what I need. It is that simple/ why should I die, because you want more, for yourself? The next step is: if I see you building, or owning what I believe will benefit me/ THEN if I take that. You refused me the right or the means to do the same; how is that not fair? Once you are completed, unaware, careless, or nearly so; regardless of your complaint or life: IT WILL benefit me. So I win, says the predator! Male Pride and power then become transparent, as the means to an end, for our army. Without justice involved, war answers my need; with murder. Those who sit in powerful positions, controlling that war: see “a slave market”/ I will be wealthy! So both layers of the fringe (we kill each other) call it somewhat even, or fair.
In terms of today: The vast majority find a massive influx of people, of little advantage. Without a college diploma (fantasy for all); They know this is a major problem that will get worse for them; because sharing is never free. Someone has to pay. Consequently if you care as a world, then you pay. Few will ever even consider the possibility of repayment. Most cannot conceive of even true friendship; because those who have not, are always certain “you OWE me”/ because you had more, this is unfair. Or some will believe they have tempted you, and you fell into their trap: so they “earned” any gift you gave/ or any reality they stole. That causes harsh feelings in the vast majority, and the rift between different groups, will grow wide, as ridicule takes up where justice, or law enforcement refuses to tread. Power then arises, as a rule/ by which we can force the rest to do what we want them to do. That brings pride, as rules work to remove freedom and enslave the rest. The law is owned by “money”/ and politics apart from a tiny few, DO lie continually for personal gain. Each of which brings war/ as competition proves too intense.
We have created in this day an impasse, with each other: none want the truth/ so all agree to lie. Its simple: “you want, what you want/ and nothing else exists for you except money; so all life is desecrated, damaged, or destroyed. Extinction looms, from all sides. Or more simply, as is true of nearly everything the university leadership has done: their answer “HIDE/ HIDE/ HIDE; but make sure we the diploma’s steal (are we not an army now)”! There are no longer ANY easy, or simple answers. Everything is a coming disaster. Simple and plain and real/ regardless of your want, pride, or power! The water is under attack/ the food/ nature/ absolutely everything; including the people who want to bring sun fire here to burn the planet. Because unlike what the university actually does; which is to do experiments over and over and over: a fire that burns atomic bonds is not going out. Earth then become another sun, and all life burns.
So the question is again: WHAT can we do? University leadership hides and runs away from reality/ because they love only “a fantasy, a story, and a delusion”. Producing cults: “don’t question the leader”! So the first thing needed to be done: is to remove them from the process, and find agreement as “we the people” of this nation and this world. By searching for truth, and accepting reality through nature is our only hope. That is the only way. No more experts (liars forcing stupidity, ignorance, and shame on the rest). Instead ONLY TRUTH, REALITY, and the responsibility to face the consequences for being WRONG, under law.

We begin with the very simple solution: to stop an environmental crisis throughout history, humanity forced “different groups”/ to move to another place. This is no longer an option/ as we are running out of everything including space. Can’t do this anymore; even though harsh as it was for so many; that did stop a crisis from becoming a complete catastrophe for everyone.
What we can do, is force the same groups back together again: so they can control their own decision. Without suddenly being attacked by those descending on any minority to take their lives and force them to be slaves or die. That is the historical cost; as is reality proven over time in male dominated history. While you think this is NOT possible today, I remind you unless horrifying massive death takes a large percentage of us; we actually have very few choices left. The problem with this simple solution is: once separated, when any group begins to experience a crisis, there first response is “TO TAKE what they need”/ BY WAR. Few change/ so they war; because “we want what we want; and that is all there is too it”. So the end result of such a tactic is a delay of war/ because too many people for an environment to survive! Is plainly too many people for an environment and its life/ the chain of living existence that feeds us all, to survive. So it will defeat itself over time/ even though some of this is important for stability in an environment. The majority force a basic plan, for security over time; good or bad is not a concern at this time. Because functionally we must secure something for a future, through law, or war for life, or we all die. Race, color, heritage, religion, etc are an irrelevant factor; these are merely expansions of the need and desire “everyone should have their own face” etc. Nothing more or less. Life and death are realities NOW decided by human decisions/ regardless of what you want, an environment cannot be overrun and destroyed; without destroying you. etc/ etc/ etc.
What we can do, in a more deliberate method of controlling our future?

The first question is: do we have a future?
Examination of our reality, by the evidence already clearly in existence; proves we have all but destroyed ourselves; time has already ended, without dramatic change. Failure is everywhere, read the sites provided for proof ; to start. Hidden by media disgrace, pummeled by the delusion of government, conspired against by a fantasy courtroom, and a stolen by extremely corrupt democracy. Whose purpose is, “to make the children pay”! Proving only the fools, liars, and thieves have led here for many decades; particularly in America.
Biblically the end has come as well; whereas the primary prophecies are Daniel 12/ and the two books of Revelation; as it divides on chapter 12. The first chapters belonging to what happens if men remain in charge. The second set giving the different versions of what can or will happen if severe change occurs and women become equal or more in all aspects of governing and control.
The 1290 days of Daniel establish judgment, and cannot be misinterpreted: because the “great abomination” is to risk every life on earth, every future life on earth, and even the solar system itself on gambling that men “can control the same fire as is on the sun”. No greater delusion exists/ wrong is all die; with no second chances. Ignition means, not a single life will remain. This starts, on the first day that an actual machine exists which can create that fire; that date is;mostpopvideo Ignition is expected to occur on or about the 1290 day past. Soon to be, if it has not already occurred. There is a caveat: which means simply, IF GOD decides not to let men burn this planet/ then beyond that date the 1335 days begin. Which means during that time, the prophecy of Revelation SHALL be established; either as men in charge/ or women in charge of change FOR LIFE, rather than the male demand of; “money is our god”. Either way, without true change both reality by the evidence/ and biblical prophecy predict all your delusions, all the fantasies of failed male domination shall be destroyed within the next few years. Without balance, there is no survival.

So then you have a one percent chance of living beyond 4 years from today. Because of the things men have chosen to do, by following their universities and pretending lies are enough. The ocean will soon be empty; the new series depicting “monteray bay” as a great example of life in the ocean is doing great. Will be proven to be; the very last effort by sea life to avoid the trawlers of death, that march ceaselessly throughout the world to take all they can get. A dead ocean is a dead humanity forced into cannibalism, and hell. With over 30 trillion gallons of toxic waste buried (go ahead measure out 1,000-1200 feet; talk to each other, and understand this is the distance between life or death by water) beneath your feet & the water supplies. It is, coming up; along with a thousand other attacks on water; no drinking water will soon be your fate; it is the Apocalypse, “kill them all/ before they kill you”. With counterfeiting the rule of government: which means you stole from every child, their future; to play your games of gluttony; and nobody gets what they fought for “their will be HELL to pay”. With oxygen running out, by fire and vehicle consumption, and the all-out attack on everything that provides oxygen for us; you will soon be asphyxiated. You have mutilated life, and your gods of university intend to destroy nature itself, by destroying genetic stability, balance, disciplines, order, sanity, beauty, and everything else we depend upon for a body of life. That is beyond shame/ it is satan. You are exterminating all chains of life, ending diversity by extinction that will not be reversed; we will call that “devil”. Ending insects by agriculture, is one such important chain of life. The list is long and tragic; and with near universal decision: your only conclusion throughout the decades is to run away from these realities and hide. Pretending they do not exist/ because it does demand dramatic change. As always, including even with this site that represents your last chance to make a decision for change; not even a penny will you contribute, and there are many who know this exists. Failure fits, but even so; I will not accept less than a one percent chance life: that at least a few; will remain on this earth. Where beauty, grace, happiness, truth, love, and every value existence represents can be found through respect. A reality which you corrupt, and threaten with horror; because that is what a majority of men do. Discard life, and fight for “its all MINE (let the money or war decide)”/ to hell with you!

So we begin again with the realities of this day; demanding the experiments which threaten immediate extinction must be stopped/ the university “dethroned, and reduced to the fantasy and delusion they are”.
Then comes immigration: there are too many people to move. Which means the war being tolerated by the world shall be stopped. The people who want no part in that separated from those who war in cities protected by the world, and its NEW LAW, to control leaders as has been started for you. Let those who war, be given their own battleground; and make them stay within those boundaries, or be killed by outside forces.
Governments shall be replaced; because they failed life. That means: there must be laws which rule instead of men. That means whosoever creates the laws which rule us, decides what society shall be from that moment on. Here, a vote on the law itself/ rather than a vote for someone to vote for me: is true democracy, and a valid means of “we the people”. Let those hired insure and protect the laws we have made! Which literally means: NO MORE “lawmakers”. We will decide, by vote.
The money is a lie/ the children are assassinated. To revive them, requires truth. Every adult knows, or should know: that counterfeiting means, “someone in the future must pay for what has been done”. You gave lies/ lies give nothing; so it is a clear and deliberate theft. From every child! You will stop it. You will surrender your claim to fantasies, and accept the price of a future without war. You will stick to reality, and provide nothing that is not real and deliberately in defense of life for our world; which does include healthcare.
You will stop the insanity of agriculture/ the vile refuse of practices that have been so destructive. Because every chemical has a price. Every mutilation of life has a consequence. Every decision to depend upon antibiotics in the production of livestock is an epidemic; a pandemic; and a gross defeat of human healthcare from its conception. None of which we can survive.
You will stop the indoctrination of “satan worship/ the university knows everything” in schools; and remove the horror that is the religion of evolution, and all its “children: mutilation/ there are no consequences/ we can play god/ we are superior, by lies, cheating, stealing, stories, failure, delusions, fantasies, and the enslavement of others through their fear/ etc”. You WILL choose for life! Or you will die, as a world! Simple and plain, so says the vast reality of evidence stacked against you.
If you believe you can prove me wrong/ then come ahead and try: in a courtroom, where nobody gets to lie, or make up stories!

James Frank Osterbur
9/ 11/ 15