for mom

For mom; “modified, a bit” for you.

Every life, passes through a door/ that enters eternity, in one form or another. Its not a game, but death is not an ending; it is merely a change in the realities governing our expression, and thereby experiences.
WHAT is important, about death is: first, we must abandon the human body/ because it cannot come. Second, everything but truth, will be taken away. And third, is the destiny you chose, becomes alive in all who honestly seek GOD, love, or the disciplines called peace and harmony. That we are Created, is absolutely without doubt/ nothing can build life or survive without thought. Therefore thought comes first. Thought is not a relationship with “the brain”/ it is a relationship with life itself.
WHY, asks the question: if the identity of our heart and soul, does not die with our bodies/ THEN, where would they be found? The answer relies upon the distance we have created within ourselves, to love. Distance refers to, kindness; a reality of choice, which includes or is governed by respect. “Heart” speaks of everything called value, this life means to you. While soul identifies, everything of love, value, truth, and respect; that GOD “CREATOR of this world”, means to you. Destiny means: within our heart and soul, by its own truth, by its essence of love: each will find “heaven. The participation they identified in life, by heart; that they desire most”. While being a child of GOD means, our soul leads the way; choosing the path we will follow. Each has benefits and values of great worth.
So we ask the question: what does happen, when you die? The answer is: an energy called life, leaves your body/ and you must enter within that energy, to continue its journey, as life. Life is not a body/ it is your participation in thought; because without thought, you have no recognition of life or body. Or more simply: when you know, that life is leaving your body/ without hesitation, you can leave within that energy: because it does contain your heart and soul. IF you do not choose body instead. IT IS “a choice”. Or more distinctly everything important, where love resides, is in life/ in the energy called life. So then love lifts you, and carries you “into the arms of GOD” so to speak. Whereas if you want body instead; you will go the way of body, to dissipate into nothing forever.
Those without true love, cannot come; “Where heaven lives”. Consequently “something else” will happen to those with hate; in death.
YOU on the other hand, have love, and will enter into eternity by your love. It is true, simply accept it; and be brave.
The next question is then: HOW do we create, our own personal destiny, in life? Every decision we make, opens a door, that leads to the future, the consequences of that decision will make. Every true desire of our heart, will fill the destiny we choose, with our most valuable life affirming expressions. Destinies in life, are the discoveries of love revealed by your own truth, accepted by your own respect for that value. Therefore past death is a future where, whosoever is “the true love of your life”/ shall be found; so long as they feel the same. Not because of fantasy, but because LOVE participates in soul, and soul “knows us all”. If “your love or lover failed”, they cannot come. However true love always shares, because there is nothing more certain than, love does itself care. Which means love is an identity within us, living “here”. Love is an experience outside of us, as in I share. Love is the true expression of our soul, wherever heart (everything life means to us as love) lives. Where GOD lives with us, soul is joined by your own heart/ they become as one, and live together to remove loneliness! As JESUS did prove: true LOVE, is beyond anything we can imagine; it is MORE. So there are no worries as too destiny, only trust. Life in time requires discipline, order, respect, balance, courage, and more; as it shifts through the structures of your own heart. Searching for soul. Which means literally our search is for truth. Only truth allows trust. Without truth, no true love exists.
When we wait to die, it means for those with love: this is a period of accepting reality, “the children need our place”; for you too. In preparation of this, more dramatic change than you have ever known. When the body “lets you down”/ it means, your own attachment to that body, to this life; MUST be lessened. So that you will release when death comes; and accept your place, is now with the energy that gave life first. Or, more simply; when the time comes to leave with the energy called life/ you must not pause (don’t look back), or could then be left behind. Always remember, to remain in the energy of life/ will require discarding body. That is without question; because in death the body ends, and will be no more. To remain alive, you must remain in the energy called life. You will know it, when that happens/ DON’T look back; accept life has changed, and look only to your destiny. DO look “to GOD”; as well. Everything beyond time, that matters; is HIS home! Trusting the value of HIS love, cannot fail.

I know, that the night causes trouble for you; because there is no distraction. That means, thoughts of death, or tragedy, or fears; can surround you. WHEN that happens, you must awaken fully, so as to stop it/ by simply grasping onto a very simple reality. Or, in a different way: concentrate on something simple; such as a light, or door, or glass: something that never alters itself, in your mind. That will then calm you; return then, to constructing your own destiny. To the decision: just as life brought us here, without the slightest knowledge or choice of our own/ to a place truly blessed, “with life”. Even if humanity corrupted it/ this world identifies without question, “what thought, participating in love; can do”.
To control the night yourself, requires loneliness should not arise. Loneliness means: “I am lost”. The relationship we share, changes that. I have found in JESUS, the realities of love clearly identified, along with “lessons”/ that share “the values” of HIS soul; how to build a friend, in me. The values of love in you, for you, and as the future you would hold “dear”/ should be found. Not by religious zeal; but by a determination to accept and identify RESPECT for both GOD and JESUS. These “participants in your soul”; create or identify the destiny you do have faith in, even if it isn’t quite the destiny you receive (no one is perfect). Rather these are a preparation, for both life, and death.
The difference between a dream and a spiritual quest: is the intensity of your own truth. Coupled with a reality beyond the grasp of “simply time”. Or more simply: everything we choose, must first pass the test of truth, before we can continue this journey; beyond what is strictly time. Into what is real, and certain: as beyond being human. Spirit is a dangerous place/ but only if you don’t trust: JESUS AS your SAVIOR! The spiritual world, is truth; not care/ which means it blockades every path, to identify what is “absolutely true” in you. No lies will exist, to move past this gate. DO remember that, because it is “very difficult/ if not impossible” to survive; if you don’t. SAVIOR simply means, when confronted by things we don’t understand/ we must anchor ourselves to something we do understand and value (HIS LOVE): just to remain in place, “while the storm passes by”. So to speak.
Since it is true, “we DON’T” understand GOD/ this is much simpler to do. You can demand the law must rule; rather than trust. But then your own truth is judged by the law, and its every single meaning; a very bad choice.
The body does not matter/ it is irrelevant; even what it has or has not done, for or against you, by you. Only truth, as identified by love, respect for GOD and JESUS, trust, and the realities of your own choice; the consequences of your own action or reaction or faith, matter.
You will, “go to heaven”. I am, “a servant of GOD”. This is promised to me. Be at peace! Not your savior/ not anyone’s. Simply, you gave me this body in time, supported those needs, as best you could; and I in turn have asked for you. I do, accept this outcome, as true.

something new

A question for you arises, with regard to funding, and organization.

Even though it is functionally extremely late to be starting anything/ I do utterly refuse to give up hope, until it is obviously too late to care anymore.

Helping you organize, at least a little; requires some type of meeting place. Since you utterly refuse, “a large meeting”. There is a building on this property, that can be refitted to become a very suitable meeting place/ weekly vacation retreat/ or whatever seems suited to the needs of either organizing these purposes, or funding this site. Roughly 1400 square feet on two floors combined.
Those who are organizing for “life and planet”/ I will assist if you wish.  To whatever degree I deem appropriate or useful. No other promise is made. Those who might simply wish to “live in the country” for a short period of time, will be left to themselves, or as life allows.

So the question is: as there is significant work to be done, and money to be spent. ARE YOU, interested? It will not be finished until spring of 2016, if I begin.

If so: I ask you to reply by US mail, to this address. If you can’t find it, its because you aren’t really interested. As it does appear numerously on several of my sites.
An approximate number, how long, and what purpose; of who might be coming/ along with what you consider to be a realistic price; will help me determine, if this should be done. Bear in mind, this would open the door to those who want me dead as well/ NOT a large threat unless the work becomes “note-able”.  I am willing to take the risk, if you are.  “just a statement, of no guarantees, except from me”.


This is now: October 24, 2015 and I have finished every duty assigned to me/ as in the message “you must change, to continue the, survival of both life and planet”. Its not a game.
I have carefully examined, what else could be done for you; in terms of an education. The evidence says, DONE/ unless you prove by the foundation of your own works, that our ability to survive is your true concern too; as a majority/ particularly of women. Women because there are no solution with men/ I have searched, and this is the best the majority did do, and won’t change themselves. Just how it is! Consequently different REQUIRES, the opportunity for women to try.
Nonetheless; everything you substantially need to understand. Everything that creates a message for you to use, in participating “for life”. Everything that allows for the beginnings of true change, have been provided for your own examination, investigation, and decision. There is then nothing left for me to do, other than await your decision/ by the work you do for yourselves. To provide, a continued presence by writing; simply limits your involvement: I am neither savior or leader/ not enemy; simply “friend, to life and planet”. You should consider being the same/ as we all, have no where else to go; the destruction of anything we must have to survive, means extinction. The destruction of any particular location means: higher density for us all. The continued escalation of war, and its consequences; WILL become world war 3, with weapons of mass destruction ending life. Demand world law must arise/ where leaders are tried for not obeying what WE THE PEOPLE, demand of them. Simple as that.
I have supported this work entirely on my own, other than “an honest business relationship” with the person most directly responsible; who provided web support. IT IS, YOUR TURN; to pay for your own acceptance of this site, and its purposes. In other words donate a little/ or if you donate a lot; then there will be “advertizing of some sort”. Otherwise, take the education from here, and do all, the work yourselves. You can gain that; by simply coping and pasting the content to your own computer. This format is php/ which is not suited to simple transfer, without my spending more, time, effort, and money. Not going to do it.
There are issues that can arise in court/ in which case I will be back. The failure to donate means: some type of method by which the site is funded will occur. As it is true, without some form of support, there is no cause to believe a substantive value was found by you. In which case, no purpose.
As for me; I cannot save you or this world, I can only do: what I CAN do. Just like you. I have done that. I have been clearly and repeatedly rejected by all; with regard to every form of participating with you or you with me; in these matters. I don’t intend, to do this anymore. But life is transient, time changes many things; the future is yet to be finished. You still have a chance. Make your decision: to fight for life/ or just plain surrender everything, because YOU “just don’t care enough”. Not even to do anything. Not even telling people of this site/ or spending a penny in its support/ or organizing/ or questioning the future/ or accepting religious duties (as in the prophecy of Daniel is true), so the question is “what does the bible demand of you”? For instance. The bible is on trial, because the prophecies have been understood. That means: “either correct/ or wrong”. More than words, are deeds.


LIVING,  displacing time.

Identified as the creation, of what would you do; IF allowed to “rule over your own little world”? That world is time/ and there is competition, because unless the universe is empty; there will be some type of competition.
So, the question becomes: WHAT controls our ability to decide, the essence or elemental landscape of the environment within which we will or will not survive? Answer is: disciplines identify the construction of law. Balance observes, where weight can be distributed, thereby causing change without destruction. Order assigns the task that will be done next, in stepped deliveries needed, to achieve critical collaboration, within the laws of this environment, at this moment in time. Which makes time itself: a mass, without substance. That is ultimately a conception beyond the human brain; which means, its translation is not to be allowed.
Enough of that, on more deliberate matters of choice, the details which become our lives by the actions or reactions of our intent to control: experience/ expression/ and environment, by the measure of our mind; do translate as behaviors.
The question of experience begins as: “the touch, of our humanity”. Or more deliberately, the definitions created by pleasure, pain, conception/ as in mental pathways, and informational gaps constructed as physical change.
Pleasure exists as, the difference between being aware of an excitement beyond the limits of time without movement, which is energy initiated. While pain establishes the limits of time in motion, that will allow our existence, as it has been: because this changes our environment. Each is a contrast in living, while living itself conceives of the disciplines which allow a mental translation that expands the compositions completing our definitions of thought. Or, more simply: we must build the world we live in, as time explained on a human scale.
What then is humanity itself? The answer is: that we exist within a strict construction of environmental boundaries/ that gives us individual freedoms, by the definitions of a human brain: that assume there is no substantial restraint. Or more simply: life is a physical element/ within a physical constraint/ Identified by a mental soup, used to create the potential elevation of existence itself; as conceived by thought.
Thought is the complex interaction, that would be used to create artificial intelligence/ thereby just another form of horror and catastrophe, (the tragedy of man) as seen, throughout this world. Want is an enemy/ pride is a tragedy/ power is an infection, or simply disease unleashed. No definition of thought, will be given.
So we must assert, something less volatile, to construct a value called living.

That brings us backward, within the gates of time again. Or more elementally, to the values aligned with being human. What is pleasure as explained by the human body? Answer: “to be aware”/ that I am alive, within the peace and harmony of a body in motion, that accepts and treasures its time.
What then is pain, as explained by the human body? Answer: “to be aware”/ that I am not GOD, and can be “dead to this world” at any time.
What is the conception of human time? Answer: the development of an attachment, to the body itself/ by various interactions with reality, by the compositions of its own truth. As translated by our design and desire to understand: what is, the meaning of this freedom! Functionally that becomes interpreted on three distinct scales: thereby the mind is measuring each. The first is analyzing the order that demonstrates our direct involvement in design. Or, do we create our world/ or does our world create the essence of us? The second is: balance, having been granted the distinction of “a place of participation here”/ the question becomes: WHY did this become our experience or expression? The third is discipline: WHERE does life itself lead us, and HOW did we get here, WHEN it is clear; not by our own means. We were born: instead of constructed by a brain or its abilities, or its design.
Examining creation by order: proves the potential of any environment, is not assembled by any action or reaction/ but consists within the opportunities to participate within the essence of “its law”.
Constructing balance; compliments participation, by understanding the difference between “building or destroying”. Which identifies what has value, and what does not.
Establishing disciplines: creates within order, by the knowledge of balance assembled from value. The true extent, that freedoms will provide/ given the potential of thought itself.
So we then ask: WHY are we, an elemental construction placed within time, assembled to build our own, purpose and desire in combination with life? NOT exactly as life/ but in combination with life. There is a difference!
WHY is a development of the intensity which aligns with movement/ as in why or what makes us move through time? Answer: the physical relationship we share with body and this environment, does not provide a choice/ beyond death.
The question then becomes, assembling the package built for delivery as is the evidence of birth. WHERE are we headed/ and HOW do we get there? But before we get to that: the question is, DO WE desire this journey, or not?
Value assigns a decision: do you desire (accept and respect the essence and elemental awareness of what is being shared), what life has given you? More simply: what is your truth! It is a question for soul. While journey demands: WHAT is your purpose, aligning life to the decisions of your heart. Each question translates by your decision to care. Caring builds a relationship, thereby transforms respect, into friendship. Friendship is: I will respect your freedom, your value to the existence of my heart/ and trust, you will respect mine.
So we then examine heart, to learn: the disciplines aligned with life itself, require the existence of another life/ to “feel, the rhythms, of being alive inside”. Caring then expands the perimeter of an individual existence/ and create, or build the doors, which lead to love, joy, and true happiness. BUT, where an opening exists, into the inner sanctuaries of life and its participation within an environment/ there is the opportunity to destroy. Which means simply: “wisdom requires”/ that you identify yourself, before being allowed to travel within the essence of another living existence.
So then we do understand, some very simple things: life blossoms, and joy is found, whenever a true living expression of caring can be experienced. We understand, that whenever a door is opened into “the inner world” of a living reality: that door can potentially bring in catastrophe or loss. Consequently “we must know”/ what is true, of you. Before you are given entrance. Only true value is experienced as being alive; and only the trusted rhythms of a life expressed through love are accepted as a desire “to share with us”.

So we return to the development called eternity, and ask: is this real?
JESUS IS, the most vivid example of the differences between what is valued and accepted/ granting by eternity, what is claimed as truth.
So the question becomes: what was HIS truth? Through his example, he remains teacher and friend, to all who desire love, courage, discipline, balance, order, bravery, happiness, thought, trust, or a journey beyond ourselves, or the limits of this time. Even more! JESUS HAS been “my teacher/ educator” through these examples, and disciplines applied to my life, through his work. My savior through realities of existence, experience, and expression; in both time and the spiritual realm beyond the environmental restraints called an experience or expression of a human mind. Believe it or not; makes no difference to me/ that is your decision, not mine.
So the question of eternity is not a relationship with the physical evidence of time/ but the reality and relationship that expands the knowledge called thought, into a participation that includes life itself. Or more simply: released from the restraints of a “mass without substance”/ we become the energy assembled, and earned: which drives that life forward.
Mass holds “an energy potential” determined by the weight of its truth/ your truth. That energy released, must find its direction. That life engaged, must accept the disciplines applied.
Dimensional restraints are compilations of “frequency alliances”; for simple understanding. Or more specifically: your ability to hear, thereby experience much of the world around you, is limited to the dimensional state of frequencies that determine what can or cannot be heard by humanity. Actual frequency ranges known to exist by the human brain; are far more extensive, and elaborate; than are honestly understood. Consider it a beginning; to the definitions and differences of a universe.

I DO wish you well/ but only your own individual choices; build a future. Beware of what you choose/ life is not a game. Love, is a discipline, balancing the order of our own creation: the building/ or bridging of our lives “together” as one.


THE PRICE, of love.

Every life is a path, because individually we must make the decisions that become “the treasury of our lives”. To surrender that reality, and enter within “the flock/ we go together as one”; is to destroy the integrity of self, and choose to “believe” you are a prey, rather than “simply human”. That brings us, to the moments which must be strictly personal, and cannot accept “a flock decides”. Or more simply: love, invades the soul, and gives birth to the intensities “of a beating heart” shared by you and me. It is not, “a community decision”/ or it will never enter within “the treasuries of your time”.

The price of love, examines the foundations upon which you will discover: just how much this love means to you. Want exists to destroy that love, by making people believe they can manipulate, tempt, control, or purchase the love of someone else; by deceit, sex, or any other method which moves them in a direction that you choose. This is plotting and planning, much like men do in war/ it is wrong. It will kill, cripple, or maim the life you could have shared/ or did not earn, could not earn, or was simply “not to be”.
Men and women commonly choose want over love, because they do not trust/ they cannot trust/ they are not trustworthy/ or they simply don’t want, “to pay the price” of love itself. That price is: to share your soul, and become a living example of what true happiness can be. Many, are afraid of that/ believing if I am that vulnerable, then I will surely be sorry; because people have treated me bad, or I have been discarded/ disrespected/ used/ or abused in the past. Even though at the time, “I did trust”. Children learn quickly, and then seek to use that learning; mimicking, even controlling adults and other children, “Just to see if they can”. These games invade life, cause distress in many, and afflict the ability to be happy; by removing the value “of you”/ to me.
Of the many games men and women play; sex is the predominant reality. I want/ I need/ I buy/ I steal/ I cheat/ I betray/ I love or I hate; are all elements of dating, for the vast majority. Every time trust cannot be maintained, because truth is denied or love is betrayed; life loses a little more ability to participate, as friends. These consequences are elevated by sex/ wherein the closeness or intensity of a chosen moment is compromised with lies; changes male and female relationships sometimes forever. As a young man, it can be said “I was desirable, at least for a time”. The consequence being: opportunities to share the experience of being “alive, in you”. That led to “claims of pregnancy/ assertions of abortion (can’t prove it); until you start running out of fingers and toes to count on. Even though, “yes/ yes, its perfectly safe”: too late now, “oh, I lied”; etc/etc/ etc! Can’t really blame a woman who is just trying to keep, what she believes will be a “blessing to her life”. Yet cannot stay, because lies ruin everything called love: “you cannot, be trusted”. Gender issues, then become a game/ or you simply have to stop; “can’t do it anymore”. The price is too high.
So the game people play, both as men and women is: to own the property of another, and control their lives for your own purpose and desire. At least, to attain marriage/ and then, “who gets to be leader: which is the same as saying, I WANT, what I want. Then I paid, for what I want/ you owe me. Which then becomes you must change.”? That too, becomes a different game, not love/ and depression will set in, where love should be. Because that is what “you” chose; instead of truth and reality should decide for time/ let only love through trust, decide for us. Either direction: That is what you chose together/ because it does take two, to decide we will try this anyway/ or do what love allows. Love isn’t fickle/ but it is seriously bound, to the possibilities of hope, and the desire filled with happiness.
When disappointed repeatedly, the common choice among men and women is: to entrap, so as to “get what I want/ as in I AM, going shopping now”. Which ends in lies, sex, and manipulation! Which ends in other things than love, which does include a child: “mine”. That decision is not love/ it is want, overriding the critical need, to belong to each other, “without ownership”. Because love, never owns/ it can only share, through an honest or even eternal, desire to care. Caring creates the blessing. Love creates the message. You establish “the life, you will share; within soul”.
So the real question becomes: what, does life within soul, as love; truly mean? Even though few will attain it/ because trust has died; the cost of want/ the decision to own, rather than share or care.
Life exists, through the essence of several processes combined. Soul establishes a communication between the very foundation of existence, “which is GOD”; and you. While love exhibits the fundamental truths, which combine into the creation of trust, which gives our soul, “a heartbeat” between time and eternity. No small thing.

No greater example of love exists, than the writing which describes “JESUS, called the Christ”. HIS path leads to the individuality, of a personal quest; to find truth, and establish a trust that will become eternal. The question of what happens when you die; is then limited, to love binds; because we choose to share. We accept/ respect/ and honor each other because we care. How is that not enough, to remove fear?

The questions of love extend, to a world on the brink of chaos. Even to biblical prophecy, that defines a state of mercy “as in GOD will allow this to end quickly”. Or as in Revelation: a reality of this moment, “they will accept true change/ or reap the reward they followed & chose”. If you get what you demand by freedom: is that not what you wanted, demanded, and did create for yourselves? Indeed it is. Or, if you change truly; that comes only with respect, and the dignity of a decision described as: “life for a planet, before the selfishness of me”. How is that not “a true choice”/ based upon your own decision, for a future, or not! Not a game/ life is not a game.

Love examines; the price of life itself, is to remain within the environmental constraints established by time and reality. If not, you are at war/ or in danger of destruction. The question raised by: I AM too angry to remain, in a world being destroyed by all things vile, cowardice, or evil. As in LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT, than this! Or, not without a fight.
That, is a reality of me; perhaps others, to one degree or another. If it is you, hate is lurking/ and you must be careful. As for me; hate is not lurking: because that would allow the creation of an enemy/ that would then be confronted. As is the evidence throughout all of history. When you create an enemy for yourself/ you disembody existence, and turn it into judgment. Let the law decide instead. Because nothing is more primitive or simple minded: than to believe change of value, will come “with a gun/ or bomb/ or fire/ or even an army”. It is the humanity itself, that must change to accomplish something better. Got a gun; how many can you kill/ still billions left; YOU will lose. Got a bomb; you simply destroyed resources life needed; now you have none: all LOSE, because the enemy here, does not begin with “I”. Got a fire? Are you prepared to starve too/ live in the rain and cold/ be surrounded by desolation and debris without value: or be attacked by the others who are now in need? Answer the question, ARE YOU not the enemy, of life itself, not just human? Or, got an army; “now we’re talking”/ we will make change. And indeed they do, raping/ ravaging/ destroying/ denying life the most important definition of time, “to survive, and create food, water, shelter, etc”. You win: desolation, starvation, thirst, death or endless work/ without the resources to rebuild; congratulations. Or, You lose, “slave/ maimed/ or dead”; congratulations, but should have killed more, “isn’t that so”; alas it was not possible. Therefore, Its time for “weapons of mass destruction”. BECAUSE IF WE LOSE/ SO DO YOU! “Savior of hell/ ain’t that so”; kill the world in REVENGE, cannot be taken back. It is the world of humanity, that must change, to survive this time. While all say, “WE ARE doing great”/ THE EVIDENCE does prove where your truth is heading. But it takes a mind at a minimum a tiny brain; and through university leadership and the propagation of delusions and their fantasies; that brain is missing. You have failed/ or we would not be standing, where all life on earth, can die soon. “Too big” for you to grasp? Some elements are listed on my sites, linked through here Go search, use your mind. Or, just consider the most obvious forms of threat; as in experiments deliberately trying to ignite sunfire here. A ten million degree fire, that obviously burns atomic bonds for fuel. Their claim “it will just extinguish itself/ cause not enough gravity here”. GAMBLING OUR ENTIRE WORLD, on that brainless theory. No going back. Or in more insidious ways; a population increase of over 2 million more human mouths to feed every single week/ already standing as one person: per one acre of agricultural land claimed by nations; on this entire planet….with an ocean that soon will be extinct of all life. Or the endless reality of men; as is clearly identified with toxic pollution injected into the ground around high density population. Decades ago, I researched one in Chicago, made it part of a hospital billing trial (your leaders know): stated expectations for the site was, “filled, by 1980 I think it was”. Still using it today, calling it a permanent injection site now. Well over 30 trillion gallons of the worst poisons, injected in a tiny few wells, in America. At about 1200 feet, for the worst; the well stops/ injection begins. Measure out “less than one quarter mile” and understand this is: where the poison lurks beneath our feet. Then identify what happens when the flood “escapes”. Mutilating life/ mutilating food/ collapsing food chains/ destroying the climate, and moving trillions of tons of weight, in the form of water now not ice; around the world. And more, than I could write “On a thousand pages” of failure; because this, is where the universities led. NOT ONE damn decision for life. An entire world thrown away; Everything, for power/ greed/ selfishness/ or hate. And you follow them to Hell (we have lost everything), Armageddon (nature in chaos), the Apocalypse (kill them all/ they killed us). And so on, destroying the future for every child on earth that is, or would have been. To your eternal shame.

I, facing this reality that cannot be changed by force, or by men (because this is what they chose, as a majority together). Realizing men can’t change themselves; THIS IS the best, they did do; and thousands of years of written history prove that. Consequently I chose to ask women “what would you do”? Unfortunately, Women fear that kind of question/ and since “I ain’t too pretty anymore”; some, tend to fear me too. ALL are certain, “he sure as hell, can’t do nothing/ nor can we”; lets just be free, as in I WON’T care, or do one damn thing, even if I could.
That leaves entering the spiritual world, to ask the very essence of women; there, what is possible, with women in charge!
For what is male in me, that “functionally turned into a catastrophe of sorts”/ even though for the sake of life and living, [including this work of my own] it was the best decision I could have made. Even so, Hope returned, simply by understanding: Although men cannot change this/ WOMEN ARE, truly different, far beyond anything men understand. They could! So the question is: if the price of love, threatens to remove the value of male itself/ because even though I do try, “I cannot remove the past, from everything that is male in me”. Every time I look at reality or explain a lesson from the past; IT IS, returning to anger, again and again. BECAUSE YOU as in humanity on earth, THREATEN OUR ENTIRE WORLD! Not a reality of “I”, in any sense/ which means there are “no enemies” or armies to build; because the problem and the solution lives in all of us. Or, we all live, or we all die; together as one. The probability of even a remnant on earth is remote. Nature destroyed, every body of life mutilated by “science”/ a planet destroyed by men. How is that not true? Given the evidence of our reality!
A consequence which does fundamentally turn to work: until it is proven no longer possible for even hope.
A reality which will prove, the only real way forward, OUT of anger: Invites or allows, the essence of woman to control. Even though that wasn’t actually a choice, beyond opening that spiritual door. A fact of my life you don’t, and won’t understand; until you die.
Regardless; What a strange thing it is. Nonetheless, hate does not live here/ and I AM beyond tired of anger; and do need relief. “Its complicated”. The price of that control oddly enough; is the addition of “breasts/ tits” on me. They are VERY effective; as they aren’t male whatsoever/ I can tell in many, many ways. They come with chemicals, I have only recently begun to tolerate. So every time I get angry, these things grow; and disrupt “being male” so badly; anger simply dissolves. It is “quite a problem”/ or a solution depending on how you look at it. I have no control, not even a little; they have changed me. Consequently anger is now rare, and only when looking “back”; as is the terms of building a lesson for you. It is worth the price, if you learn and do something worthwhile. If not, it keeps me sane; so I don’t have to live with “male”. A war won’t help/ that is all he has left.
What is woman allows for teaching; insists! I do not argue/ I failed as strictly male; plain and simple, completely true. You, responded to nothing, not evidence, not reality, not threat; absolutely nothing! Therefore “its her turn”. The work is mine, the education is mine, the realities involved are mine, etc. The ability to remove my anger, so the teaching can arise is hers. Believe it or not.
The ability to conceive of, and distribute that information: is yours!


The money/ NO, not paper or numbers/ NOT power or pride; as is the game men play. Money as the reality of your need to participate in survival.

The question begins: why must I have money? The answer is: because you will want resources, time, or possibilities beyond your own ability/ or time; to create them for yourself. So money is used to translate what is fair, between what you provide/ and what someone else provides to you, for the purpose of your desires instead of theirs. Or more simply: money is an accounting, of what you did or did not do for someone else/ according to men. It is largely errant and wrong/ because many people throughout the ages, have done and given far more to life and society, than any number, or any conception of what is fair. While others, have money simply because they stole it, by whatever means were possible, including murder. The result: money is ultimately unfair/ but men want it anyway, because the worship the game itself.
The question is WHY? The answer is: because, many grow weary of family/ and they want excitement by whatever means: to take away “their boredom” with life and time. So money as we know it by the consequences of men: is a decision to fight with each other, by using any weapon or tool available to win. Because fighting, by the evidence of most men: is a description of excitement/ a participation that lets you choose for yourself, if you can. Those who do not worry about money, even if they should; do not like “the fighting”/ or they live for an entirely different purpose, than “I don’t want to be bored”.

So lets question the meaning of “boredom”/ and apply, the consequences of fighting. Boredom is: the opportunities of life before me, are NOT acceptable; because I won’t pay the price of love/ or I won’t accept the price of learning & building/ or, I won’t respect the law, as in what truly is necessary for me to do, to create, support, respect, and sustain peace and harmony for life; even more than my own. Rules intervene, and create anger; as one individual tries to control another, by creating a delusional line in the sand “so to speak”. The righteous intervene, and try to control society itself, by proving they know the rules, & you stepped one tiny infraction, over their law (I GOT a book; who the hell cares what is true/ I GOT A BOOK, and I know how to use it)/ you can’t defeat me!
So the reality itself, can be refined to ask: WHY, won’t you pay this price/ even if it is not too high? Or, what is it that you do want, instead of life, & the time to identify yourself, or be free?
We start with freedom: it is not undisciplined/ disorderly/ unbalanced/ destructive/ violent/ hate/ or like decisions in the direction of power or pride. Rather freedom is: a responsibility to self (with disciplines, I remain true to me, and my desire)/ a liberty within the environment which constrains you (gives us purpose, the design called order)/ a deliberate action or reaction, that does not harm (constructs both love and balance, so that life itself finds security, and therefrom boldness to go and find “thought”)/ the discovery of a law, that sustains justice (sustains the structure of society, granting peace and harmony)/ the design of moments beyond the perimeter of self, that conceive of and create the essence of love (identifies reality through respect)/ and the command within oneself, that accepts “TO RESPECT” life, time, and CREATOR; is to understand the beginning of a journey that could never be less than “free” (fundamentally establishes our entry into thought; the essence with energy, constructed within all life). Each a possibility; IF, the direction of your soul, is true!
In contrast to these realities, are the delusions of the cult called “university knows”: and their deliberate actions, to discard/ digest/ degrade/ and destroy all aspects of respect for absolutely everything but themselves. As they pretend to be “gods”/ and claim to be superior/ as an army that betrays, mutilates, and then conceives and creates the means to destroy even an entire world. See the difference? WHY NOT!

So we ask; even given the pandemic of disease that is a university diploma that plagues humanity itself: WHAT price is too high; to turn away from respecting life, time, self, and even eternity? While eternity is not even considered because of fools/ failures/ and the diseased. The questions of respecting life, cannot be escaped: we are all (everything), living examples of more than we could ever hope to be, by our own design. Therefore to discount that, to the edge of worthless/ is to claim, “nothing matters but me”. While reality proves: without life/ there truly is no cause to believe happiness will erupt; therefore desire fails. Your claim of nothing matters but me: is then proven, errant and wrong.
We then come to want: the abyss, which challenges humanity to lie/ steal/ cheat/ betray/ and destroy each other in the game of “winner, or loser”. Questioning WHAT could possibly be valued here? Answer, “the trophy”! A truly worthless “whatever”/ that simply destroys! But the people all say, and in particular men: “At least we aren’t bored”! Because we DON’T want, to do anything/ but play. And the men all say: WAR ain’t playing/ and neither is a continual threat of competition and control over everything I need to survive! However, it is the game that creates these things; so they are the end result “of playing your games”.
Solution: GROW UP!

We begin again with money; the design beyond trade/ to control, manipulate, propagate, tempt, and conceive of jealousy among the others. Therefrom creating prejudice/ bigotry/ violence/ and hate. Because where there is excess, the question is: WHAT are you going to do now? So we look to economies and find the game continues, as politics/ militaries/ religion/ and “universities” all apply for the power (from money) to rule the others lives. The consequence being pride: I AM “the winner”/ because I control the wealth. Making the few capable of destroying, controlling, or betraying many lives. We add in the counterfeiters of government, banking, investment, university debt, and so on. Describing “traitors”/ because they give what cannot be considered real, for the majority. Because it is fantasy unleashed, to destroy reality, and create in its aftermath only chaos.
So the question becomes: with traitors stealing our working lives, with delusions, and the wealthy controlling our lives with power and pride: WHAT are we the people allowed by law, to do?
That again returns to constitutional authority, and defines democracy as we the people are ultimately the owners here/ so we will decide our future, by choosing for ourselves, with a vote. That functionally fails; when we vote for someone else to “vote for me”. They then collect our power of democracy, and sell it as is needed to become “political”/ and negotiate something they want, or their constituents want instead of “my vote/ my decision”. Our democracy becomes their vote, and their decision in our stead. While that was necessary when established/ it is no more! Limited capitalism is the answer to power and pride; establishing “respectable & earned” equality in money, by limits granting all the people “opportunities”.
So the question is: WHAT should we do about all the counterfeit money we hold, as in consideration of: I HAVE SACRIFICED MY LIFE, for this! I AM too old to begin again/ too tired, to do this all over/ I CAN’T do it, I MUST not lose this limited expression of what I did do in my working career. Not even if it is bad for the rest.
The answer follows as: time is not “just for you”/ its for us all, and that includes future generations. If I say to you: I just don’t want to pay the debts I chose to create/ or replace the money I stole: even if, it wasn’t my plan. What would you say to me? Answer it!
So the question is not, “what you want”/ but what life, society, the children, and even the world needs for you to do. Remembering: all the people, with extremely few exceptions, CHOSE to do this together.
That brings us to reality: your failures to accept the responsibility for maintaining accountability in government/ allowing the fantasies of your employees to rule, and disrupt the reality of everyone: is the problem. THAT means first: there must be an accounting to determine what is true, and how that fits into the reality of our lives. From that point on, there will be bankruptcy, because that is what you chose. Failure to accept an accounting means: you literally choose, to sell your children into hell/ to assassinate them. Because the consequence of these decisions is: the university delusions have indeed created almost endless threats, and true consequences beyond all comprehension. Such as the mutilation of all life on earth/ the destruction of the human body, and every other body of life on earth/ the disasters of food turning to poison/ allergies turning to starvation/ and a thousand other elements of chaos. As is their intent; by their religion called evolution: to bring that chaos into our lives. Soon they will succeed, beyond their wildest dreams, and it will be HORRIFIC. OR, as in the other group of equally insane terrorists: not only will a ten million degree fire be horrific/ once it hits the water, it will explode into “a million mile jet plume”. And all the rest/ just because you let “satan (I am so smart & powerful/ I CAN play god)” counterfeit your money; so you could live in greed. Delusions are beyond contempt. The endless list of excuses, have no meaning: they buy nothing, but HELL.

Eternity is watching/ I suggest you choose to accept the cost of bringing life back to the planet; because the price of being “horrific” as in a participant in all disasters. WILL be beyond your worst nightmare/ beyond terror itself. It ain’t no game.


WORK, the foundation of our individual survival. The reality of our society, as a whole.

The question presented is: HOW can we survive, with too many people/ and too few resources to continue as we have been doing? Answer: YOU CANNOT!

The question presented: WHAT can we do, if we do not do as we have always done? Answer: work for society, as in we all benefit/ rather than I alone shall benefit from this work.

The question presented: WHO, has a right to tell me what I can or cannot do? WHERE is the boundary between my personal freedoms, and the interference that is society choosing against me? WHY, must I listen, when my life “says NO”! Answer: we got here together, at the hands of university leadership in every conceivable method and way/ they chose, and you let them. Consequently we all stand together, with threats of extinction on every side: even if you cannot see them; the evidence proves they are real! That fact, coupled to the constant reality we are now: well over 7 BILLION people/ and cannot continue to live as if we were half that many, and nature could then survive what men did or didn’t do. That reality proves: either we WILL war/ or men & women will learn to curb their desire for children/ the consequences of their actions; as in the reality of over population. Or we are lost as a world, because we cannot continue this! That means we all share the responsibility/ we all threaten each other’s lives with overpopulation/ and nobody wants to die, so there will be more room for the others. Therefore we MUST change ourselves.
To that end, the freedom to take and use resources must be restricted. To that end “recycle/ reuse/ rebuild/ limit what can be thrown away/ and in all ways, protect this earth. Because if we lose our home/ we die. If they lose their home/ then they must invade another land or die. If they war/ they destroy more than the resources we have left to give them, or allow them to use. That includes the water! We are: at the edge of extinction/ because we are too many people, threatening to explode into billions more. Where nothing will be left but cannibalism, and HELL; for us all. When they cannot live where they are/ they search where you are, and must invade or die. Guess what, “what happens a world away/ NOW, matters to you”! Like it or not. So all the elders say: “well that, AIN’T never going to happen”; NOT in my lifetime/ just wait till I die, at a hundred or so/ THEN let the children pay. But alas: time’s up, and you don’t get to choose. Freedom lets you reclaim resources that are other wise going to the trash, or “what you can honestly recycle” should be free, as much as possible. Everything else is a decision that limits or destroys the lives of every future generation: as literally YOUR fault. They have rights, needs, and desires too!

So the question becomes: WHAT IS FAIR? The reality becomes: when confronted with the laws we design as humanity working for life itself; NEVER money again/ but life. Reality says, the more we do for the benefit of society itself/ the more good things we get to share as a participant in that society, for ourselves. That does mean, the simple elevation of rights and realities, that change our behaviors into a sustainable world/ working toward a greater freedom, by NOT participating any further in endless population growth. Gives us a new view both in life, and as a society itself. Such things as a shorter work week: provides more family time and freedom to experience and express what is your own personal decision. As to things we work with; opportunities to share in various ways do exist, and can be drastically expanded. IF you stop being liars/ thieves/ bastard’s/ failures/ whore’s/ etc. It’s a choice. When money no longer decides your position in society/ THEN, love/ laughter/ family/ happiness/ truth/ courage/ disciplines/ and all manner of what does bring value to our experience, or expression as a living body of life; will come to pass. There will be no more competition/ rather simply people who share our load. But that does not mean: an endless amount of humanity can fit, on the same piece of land. BUILD YOUR OWN, is a constant in nature/ and a reality required by humanity as well.
So the question is: HOW can I build my own anything/ if the resources I need, and the access to anything I require for the work I do: are not determined by my ability/ my “extra hours”/ etc; to get these things and work for myself? WHO the hell decides, if not ME!
Answer: the most flagrant violation of human rights and freedoms, COMES from the righteous and their rules. With a rule/ I can be your ruler! Consequently you CANNOT govern society with rules/ it will end in war. Just like the police cannot threaten and attack/ commit an assault, or pursue battery; with a robot speed trap or any other device that is deliberately and with intent “a trap”. These and other behaviors establish road rage/ violence/ and other failures in society and humanity. Freedom is too precious: to let others (or their machines) play, where they don’t belong. Consequently you CANNOT govern society with threats. It won’t work, you simply destroy the possibilities of peace.
You cannot bribe either/ as is the case called America: when the university was given control over all the currency by Reagan. The very first thing they did, what give themselves an enormous raise, and many “free gifts”. They then attacked society; and made America their slave for any fantasy they could think of. They made healthcare: a criminal enterprise/ and from there, a foundation that erupted into MASSIVE GREED (I want free money too) came to be. Even though it was all counterfeit/ which means LIARS, CHEATS, TRAITORS, AND THIEVES RULE. Not enough to count stood in their way; because want, power, and pride ruled wherever greed stopped. Killing a nation, and corrupting a world. All because DAMN SEWER DRIVEN FOOLS, were given the right to bribe, steal/ and deceive by controlling and owning the press. Therefrom LYING every single day, about all that matters/ all that is valuable; to life. The cancer of a cult, called “university knows”.

Nonetheless, what then can we govern the fundamental realities of a society with? The answer is law! NOT the corrupted bastard conspiracy that is American judicial sewage. But the laws we make as WE THE PEOPLE/ shall govern ourselves, and make the hard choices we must make; in order to keep this earth alive/ across our world. Fighting to keep every nation apart: with WORLD LAW, as in taking any leader to court; who fails the demands we have made for life, on us all! Those laws discard the old/ every single one. And build not more than one hundred “as short and plain as possible” new laws defined and created as WE THE PEOPLE/ and then chosen, by our own vote. NOT a damn vote for someone to vote for me! MY VOTE, on the primary laws that will govern MY LIFE, and yours. MY FREEDOMS, and yours. MY RIGHTS, and yours. Etc, as we decide.
Controlling the currency by constitutional amendment; means there will be prison or death, for any and all who get out of line. Breaking their oath. Controlling the currency means: ONLY so many numbers per citizen/ because that gives us the knowledge, to know where we stand against or for the others. Controlling the currency means: international trade, shall not use credit/ but be determined by something that cannot be counterfeited easily; such as gold. Even though that can be plated, instead of solid. Those in government employ, who fail to stop this counterfeiting SHALL indeed go to prison/ and relinquish every penny they hold for themselves. YOU provide opportunity to steal. Therefore you shall inherit that failure, and be considered a thief.
Once we have everything “back aright”/ as in good enough for now. Then we can be relatively safe for a significant length of time. Today however, its university “LIARS/ TRAITORS/ TERRORISTS/ THIEVES/ FAILURES/ TRAGEDY/ THREATS/ EXTINCTION/ HELL COMING/ AND ARMAGEDDON LURKING, because the mutilation of DNA, is changing nature itself.” And more, like all the tragedy of men past: once someone is down, even the pitifully weak, want to pile on. As in YOU followed/ YOU let them/ YOU FAILED TOO!
Laws work, when enforced! When everybody knows what the law is: because its plain, simple, and we made this ourselves. THEN the fools will fail, and the tragedy of horrifying fuckheads, without a brain among them; will fail too. As we control the court/ the police/ the military/ the university/ and more; because we understand what our truth in law is. Damn few rules to control the individual. LAWS, which rule everybody the same! No exceptions. Juries to decide: if this is fair, in this society or not. Juries, to control and grade the judge/ the police/ and bring redress to court: to control our employees. Thereby enforcing according to the constitution, the laws we made.

The federal IRS will be discarded and abandoned. Those in higher positions of the IRS and the JUDICIARY withheld from finding employment in this field ever again; unless you can literally prove “I did treat the public fairly”.
Every form destroyed/ every law, code, etc REMOVED from society. We begin again under state rules. We will gather and employ by bidding. That business will then return to public vote every ten years or so/ as necessary: these are, the people who will collect the taxes as deemed necessary. We the people, and every business that is to be taxed: shall select and control our own forms. No more mazes to run like rats!


STEPS, ascending from the garbage, trash, fantasies, and purposes leading to HELL on earth.

Without “walking through the shit, spread nearly everywhere by university knows”/ we will examine the possibilities that lead back to respect, truth, reality, and purposes that give life at least the possibility of survival.
We begin simply with education, currently the dredging of society, to find the new priests of university/ while discarding all the rest. Which includes the slaves, which will attend college for their purposes of becoming a robotic failure to life. NO, you can’t think for yourselves/ you must do exactly as we say.
Transferring that into a reality for the purposes of life, living, happiness, law of life (not man), society, and all disciplines necessary for survival. We search for the relationships that exist in order, balance, structure, dignity, and especially RESPECT. None of which can be found in your schools today. The beginning is: to understand not only the need for change in curriculum/ but an equal need, completely remodeling the assertion of teaching. From being stupid/ to actually getting something done. Primary to this goal, are the physical developments of a classroom. Initiating change is: no more hour long classrooms/ then change. That is a ridiculous waste of time. Instead, each class dedicated to learning a specific subject, is given one day at a time/ to teach that specific set of students, throughout the day. By employing not only the teacher, but students throughout the classroom, as additional help to teach the others. The next day brings the next class, and a different subject matter for these students. The reason you don’t do this is primarily: the teachers will fail their subjects, and the students will know. Removing power from the teacher. That means; instead of a diploma proving you memorized exactly what you were told to do and say; new teachers, which have an understanding of their subjects by the knowledge of actual physical, I was employed in this field, jobs are required. So you actually know something of value to teach. To assimilate this into the current reality: outside help is required. As in get help from the working classes, so the curriculum and the cause can be as accurate as possible. This of course actually prepares students for competing for those jobs; and there will be complaint. As the primary job of schooling by university design is: to keep the students useless for work/ so they can continue down the road of delusion, and enter college where they are imprisoned by debt for the next twenty or thirty years. “Be, a good slave now”/ or you will never escape! Secondary to physical and real efforts to teach, is the absolute need “to build your body now/ SO YOU can use it for the rest of your life”. That requires physical exercise, and that must be formed around what students are willing to learn; including dance, music, sports, and every form of get healthy and stay healthy/ or learn to work together.
Substance for the vast majority is: HOW do I sustain myself/ WHY should I care, about anything but me/ WHERE does survival exist from/ WHAT can and must I do, to help sustain this world/ WHO, can I be for life/ and WHEN must I surrender what I want, for the greater good. For the future I desire to build, not only for me, but even a child I bring into this world. Given that description, the very first requirement for each designation is RESPECT FOR LIFE, PLANET, LAW, and the participation in identifying what is true democracy; by the terms conceived from capitalism.
True democracy is: WE DECIDE, not by a simple damn vote. But by the knowledge our vote, on the law, resources, and other developments that will decide our lives, rights, freedoms, responsibilities, and respect for each other: WILL then become our future as a society. Consequently a vote for someone to vote for me, is archaic/ and should never be done. Consequently listening to people, or advertisements which lead me into their delusions, opinions, or even the truth: IS NOT fundamentally wise. What must be done is to gather the evidence of what can be an improvement for life/ and especially, WHAT HAPPENS if or when this all goes wrong. Having appraised the population regarding all the facts which will follow a distinct decision, by including every functioning point of view: the possibility one vote, your vote, on this cause and consequence. Now becomes our/your democracy at work.
To facilitate that: three absolutely necessary fundamentals (democracy now destroyed) must be resolved, and rebuilt first. NO MORE COUNTERFEITING, the university delusion can fantasize, and deceive no more. NO MORE RULES/ NO MORE JUDGES controlling constitutional law, in order to remove it from society. NO MORE PROPAGANDA; let the free press rise again. Which functionally means, to actually be informed WITH VALUE AND RESPECT as a nation about all things which impact our lives, and aid or destroy our government; which is the constitution of this nation or state. Employees SHALL NOT rule us anymore.
Provided with the removal of these three things, we have at least the beginning: to return to a society governed by constitutional law.

Capitalism is: the control of resources, by letting supply and demand construct the price. Or more simply, the harder it is to gather the product/ the more it costs, because the less available it is: the sooner we run out of that resource. Given a human being standing on every single acre of claimed agricultural ground on this planet: YOU BETTER CARE, because when there ain’t no more. You will do without, or die! Bear that in mind, as you proceed to your extinction/ or a purpose filled with choices you don’t want to make. Because selfishness and greed, won’t keep you or yours alive!
Limited capitalism is: we decide as a society, HOW MUCH we the people will allow any individual or group; to attain as money/ thereby power or pride over the rest of us. That is done by voting to describe the maximum amount of money that is attainable by anyone within a given year/ and the minimum amount as well: for a society chosen work week, as is “so many hours”. That vote extends to the control over property and resources of any description. We have the legal right/ we have the freedom to describe the decision we made as a society within the constitution; as is our law, and our government, by the authority of our ownership. We decide, “it’s the law, under constitutional guidelines”. Nobody else. We tell the judges what our interpretation is/ and they are hired to enforce that decision called WE, THE PEOPLE! Or they can be charged with treason. There is no immunity for a judge “outside good behavior”. There is NO acceptance of the claim under constitutional law, that a judge can remain “forever” employed by us. WE ARE the owners here, and we will decide who gets to be judge/ who gets to remain a judge/ and when, or by what conditions (which includes age) that they will be removed from our employment.

We now move to the critical truth: WE SHARE THIS WORLD, with everyone else. And IF we don’t get along, and do what we all must do, to keep our world alive/ WE ALL fail together, as if each one destroyed themselves. That means, a primary issue for this day is immigration; or more distinctly “population control”/ because the male version of population control which is war, or move somewhere else; is functionally dead. Because “kill a billion people/ and there are STILL 6 BILLION more to go”. And because every supporting environment that can be used for humanity has already been settled, and even more has been destroyed: ENDING the possibility of life, by destroying nature itself. So we must deal with our reality/ and to prove: NOBODY gets to play, with the realities of immigration by assuming “human emotions, purposes, or even desires control”. This discussion is using the description: about cats/ so you cannot inject “but I am human”.
The lesson is this: less than two years ago, I had two young cats. People unknown, then threw out 3 more adult cats or they wandered in. One died, leaving me with two male and two female cats over winter. Spring came, each female had five kittens: therefore now 14 cats on the property. Winter is approaching; even though the one female adult resisted as best she could; one male tries to fuck everything in sight/ and she became pregnant. There are now more kittens somewhere on the place. While I don’t know how many females cats are now living here; I do know, come next spring: either something will be done/ or there will be a flood of cats here.
So the question is: WHAT CAN I DO? Since this discussion is about cats, I am free to consider all manner of resolution to this problem. But first, come the considerations of why is this a problem? Answer: each needs food and water/ its not a choice, its reality at work. Reality also states, there is no possibility “wildlife” surrounding this property can feed them. Which even under the best of circumstances; doesn’t allow for the coming flood of cats next year. Nonetheless: with poison everywhere, insects of all kinds are nearly extinct here. With their food base gone/ few birds remain. Few “wildlife of any kind; IF ANY” remain here. Because the agricultural community is obsessed with controlling everything, and praising themselves with “I, am like a god”/ not even the grass in the roadside; or the ponds that created new life for lakes and streams, in support of all wildlife are left alone. Absolutely nothing “belongs to nature, or its purpose” including the seed they use. Including “just one teaspoon, per acre” of the active ingredient stops germination of targeted plants; and then seeps beneath the surface to accumulate into chaos. Changing the chemistry in life, to produce cancer, and other biological mutilations. Like asbestos, “real tragedies” can take years to develop.
Nonetheless, since these cats cannot feed themselves, “because there is no realistic work for them to do”. I must pay to feed them, or they will starve. I must endure the shit/ because that too, is required by nature. So the question returns: IS THIS ONLY MY WORLD/ or do these creatures enjoy an ultimate right, to live here; because they were born here? The question continues: IF, I were to introduce “critters that they could feed upon”/ THEN, they could and would take care of themselves. But that means in this day, surrounded by men who complain “I, WANT MORE”. IF I bring in “self sustaining food for the cats”/ reality states, I must now feed and tolerate, their food. And the same applies to creatures that are eaten as is true for the cats: do they not have a claim to being here, a right to not only possess life itself/ but this property as well? They are life, and life DOES come with rights/ the world is NOT, “mine alone”. However, my work/ as well as the future determined by my choices: is mine! Which means I am not obligated by reality to produce “their food”/ or be responsible for “their lives”. Which brings us back, “to whose property is it”? The world did not give me any property for being born; rather men divide the world, and call it their own/ specifically earned by work; or taken by every form of violence, deceit, and failure there is. This farm was earned! Even so, it is men who give themselves “a piece of this earth to call their own”. It is that national existence conceived of as society; that determines what must or must not be done; for the other creatures of life. OR, it is your/ my personal decision, to participate in the survival of these cats, or let them starve.
Now in this society called USA; there is an army of very righteous people who are willing to assault and batter any person that lets another creature die of starvation. So that means; if I don’t use my own work and resources to maintain their lives: then the others who cannot believe in reality, will threaten: PUT HIM IN PRISON. BECAUSE after all, they are correct in everything they do. Isn’t that so? Well lets review: nature says, if there are too many to survive the restraints imposed by environment/ THEN the weakest ones must die. Not because, it is desired; as for me, “I don’t desire them to die; they are life, and they are young besides”. But reality has no cause or concern for want: it merely removes the possibilities of life/ because if it does not, then the environment itself will fail. A common problem of male domination throughout the centuries: stayed too long/ all the resources are gone/ CAN’T live here anymore. No place, no room, no resources to share: WE MUST, war! Which of course becomes easier, as you take over what the dead did earn for themselves. Which becomes easier, when you describe the others as “worthless/ deserving to die/ or a threat; even though it is you, that attacked them first”. Which then becomes: THIS IS GOOD FOR US/ “lets take it all” and with better weapons genocide follows.
Back to cats. Without interference, it is my own personal decision to participate in the lives or death of these cats: because they want and need my assistance, or they die/ OR, they must find another home. Feel free, to come get a few; they aren’t very tame! They are here initially to keep the mice from running between my feet, as has happened when no cats are here.
Which returns us, to the initiating problem: even if I choose to keep these particular cats alive/ there is a greater flood of cats coming soon, and even far more after that. This reality is how nature sustains itself/ the consequence someone must die follows, as an inevitable reality that can only be avoided in this day by sterilization. So how much does it cost: to sterilize the entire group of females? Because they alone have kittens! Answer: more than I am willing to spend. Alternate: If, I were able to sterilize them myself/ that would open the door “to a likely” more could stay. But I am not knowledgeable in that area; and I do consider the money more important than the cats, particularly considering the increase in food costs, already endured. One of the considerations to sterilization continues as: PREVIOUSLY in years past, I had 5 adult male cats, and one female cat on the property. They all wanted sex with her/ she was determined to maintain her own autonomy: but they were too much. Result she gave up/ and became their toy. Resulting in kittens. After 3 weeks, she killed them all herself. Which does establish: there are real problems to be dealt with if the male and female populations of any species, are too unbalanced. A note of interest: male vasectomies remove the chemicals that make sex pleasurable. Which removes the physical desire/ even if “the human desire” remains. Ending sex for a female mate; as well. NOT an answer/ find another. It isn’t abortion/ although within the first forty days; that can be tolerated (by careful and true understanding), just because it is necessary.
We return to cats. The reality is, I don’t wish to spend the money for sterilizing, or food, beyond a set amount. My main population control over the past which was coyotes killing a cat once in a while; has been run down and removed from the area. So the question is: should I poison them/ shoot them/ trap them and release/ give them to an animal shelter, which will probably kill them (let someone else do it): OR WHAT? Because something has to be done, or there will be many more. Which usually results in a disease/ which then kills a massive overpopulation, by a different method.
Finding them a new home? Is difficult, because they are not tame/ which means they cannot simply be picked up and given to someone else. They will have to be trapped, and if someone comes over to get one: either the cats will live in a cage/ or whosoever comes has to take whatever can be trapped in the near future. That’s how it is/ and I don’t intend, wasting my time on training cats to be pets. Not my job. So, I need a particular person, in a specialized location: that needs a working cat. Even though these are mostly young cats, and have only started to hunt; “not good at it yet”.
The end result of it all, at this moment is: I continue to leave the resolution of this “kitty crisis”/ to a later day, as I am busy with other concerns. Pregnancy is not an issue of importance (the cold will kill them)/ until spring. But its harder to get rid of them in winter/ and the animal shelters DON’T like to be given pregnant animals. Time will tell; if they remain here into spring/ many are going to leave; one way or the other. Because OVER-POPULATION is a very serious matter; for every life involved.



Our passage from money rules/ to life must come first; is littered with the failure caused by want, pride, power, etc. To remove these influences, other tools have been described for several purposes. But the primary tool is: the critical USA clause called “first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES”. Our legal constitutional right. Not only to tell our employees of government what they can or cannot do by constitutional law. BUT THE LEGAL RIGHT called redress: to take those employees “to court before us as state or nation”/ and examine their participation, decisions, work, and costs to the best of our ability. So that we can rid ourselves of traitors, and punish those who created criminal conduct and mischief in our name. We have the right of ownership/ we have the authority of constitutional law. We are the power of this nation, because nothing of substance, gets done without our work! Therefore reality states: unless attacked by our own military/ we the people are rulers here, UNDER constitutional law.
That presents us all with this paradigm: the US supreme court, and all its subsets/ is completely BROKEN. Which means we cannot simply rely upon those who betrayed the nation itself. The consequent of that would be to rely upon the other branches of government, to “clear the corruption”/ but they are BROKEN too! Which means we must rely upon ourselves.
Established by the law of democracy itself are the following selection of words.
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That, whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter it, or to abolish it, and to institute a new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness….” Declaration of Independence; USA .
“Section two: that all power is vested in, and consequently derived from the people; that magistrates (judges) are their trustees and servants, and at all times amenable to them.
Section three……………………”when any government shall be found inadequate or contrary to these purposes, a majority of the community hath indubitable, inalienable, and infeasible right to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most conducive to the public weal.

We then apply the foundation agreement, which fundamentally became “the government of this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! (our agreement as a people: establishing, THIS IS, our purpose, & our desire here; in this nation/ in this place: to become, THEREBY UNITED as one people)”.
That primary foundation is: “We the people of this United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”.
These words: SPELL OUT, the primary function and job, for each and every employee hired to do that work, in our name/ for our future, and EVERY child. Reality states plainly by the evidence: those hired including decades past/ HAVE BEEN A COMPLETE, and utter failure. Robbing us of first amendment rights by removing the constitution itself from the courtroom. As is plainly and simply proven by sufficient lawsuits: brought to state and federal courts, within constitutional law and its primary purpose. To protect this nation and its people/ to provide democratic authority to investigate, examine and intervene in the potential tragedies listed/ and to claim fundamental legal rights such as: YOU CAN’T, GAMBLE WITH OUR LIVES/ THREATENING DEATH TO OUR PLANET, OUR FUTURE, COUNTERFEIT OUR MONEY OR MUTILATE OUR NATURE; without our TRUE informed consent & subsequent vote. So summarized; by James Frank Osterbur. Causes sufficient to establish the criminal contamination, of “our free press”. By its absence; as the US supreme court did in fact sell that communication of the people/ by the people/ and for the people; to a tiny few who now own it all, and propagate ONLY what power or pride, wants us to hear. This is anarchy proven true: by the court/ and against the nation called America. It is treason, as the needs related in each and every case provide: a cause to investigate the failure of JUSTICE, FAIR PLAY, and EQUALITY for all the people. Treason is participation in the murder/ dispossession/ or deliberate lies against an identified group of people: such as state or nation. NOTHING could identify murder more deliberately, than risking all life on this planet; by bringing the same fire here as is on the sun. There are no second chances: once ignited, IF it does not “extinguish itself”/ as the university cult insists/ THEN WE ALL DIE, because this planet is entirely made out of fuel for that fire. IT BURNS ATOMIC BONDS/ similar to a fire here that we know burns molecular bonds, “with oxygen”. Only nothing else is required “for sun fire”. Every life/ every potential life/ everything, including the planet itself IS BEING GAMBLED WITH! By those who wish to play god.
Consistent with their disgrace is: the building of toys to do this/ the reality of science unleashed to worship its religion called evolution: IS COUNTERFEITING OF OUR MONEY. The federal reserve table L.5 assets and liabilities of this USA; establish in excess of $200 trillion dollars in claimed assets. Divided by 7.2 billion people that equals $27,777.77 dollars, PER HUMAN FACE on this planet at those numbers. Which gives access to every person in the world: to buy our property, and take control over our land. Dispossessing the citizens of this nation itself. Go find out WHO OWNS THE NATION; look in the real estate investment trusts/ the people who buy “reverse mortgages”/ and ALL that wall street does; AS WELL AS, the things these traitors have sold behind our backs… Because they lie, about inflation/ and they lie about everything else. They have conceived of “debts don’t matter, for governments”. And given all control over the currency supply to traitors/ to the university led development of pandemic betrayal; against every working person in this nation. Trial illuminates that, and proves the majority; employees of America are traitors. But with a cause, “because the elders absolutely DON’T want to pay/ absolutely DON’T want to change/ absolutely REFUSE to protect the children or this world/ and fundamentally hide from it all, believing “let me die first”. Let the children PAY. To your shame.

So what then?
First is: the terrorists of university, industries, and all forms of extreme experimentation which includes the mutilation of nature by ANY CAUSE or means: SHALL BE STOPPED. Then examined, for WHAT CAN GO WRONG. And then applied as necessary, to an informed public vote.

THEN, we go to the disciplines of constitutional law, and discover WHO IS/ and who is not obeying our commands.
That functionally means: an open door, for any and all who present “verified or important considerations/ with consequences that we CANNOT ALLOW, to be wrong”. Or are in direct violation of our constitutional intent; as defined above and throughout the documents referred to as “OUR GOVERNMENT”. WE, gave no such authority to our employees. They are employees/ WE, THE PEOPLE, through our constitutional declaration: are the government! Period, this is not in question/ WE, are the owners here: WE DECIDE, by vote.
To accomplish raising the free press from its ashes/ and removing propaganda from our minds: those who control media in all its forms SHALL surrender their control in absolute certainty. One single movement to control or edit/ and you will go to prison for treason. We own the air/ we own the minds of our citizens/ we will hear, what is called truth; as best we can/ from the widest possible method of finding its true source. Regardless of ANY “diploma”; those who have information that is important for our world, nature, planet, lives, children, oceans, ETC/ ETC/ ETC. SHALL BE INVITED, and paid according to the information displayed, and then proven true for our purposes of resurrecting this democracy from the sewage of “University rule”. Those who are destined for prison/ shall indeed go. The examination of every attacker/ SHALL be established. Medicine attacks to destroy the financial stability of this nation and its people. Business attacks, trying and deliberately controlling or monopolizing every form of work and labor they can. Industry attacks, destroying the resources every child needs; for nothing better than “throw it in the garbage”. Wall street, counterfeits and plays with our lives: constructing THIEVES. ETC.

WE, are the owners here. Remember that/ regardless if I live or die.


Shadows and light; the elemental discovery of “what comes with”/ the decisions that you make.

Most dramatic of these associations, is the rise of war! Or, more distinctly: while the decision, “to make these others give us what we want”/ carries with it, the blood, mutilation, diseases, death, and other tragedies assigned by that decision. When attached to violence.
So the cause and consequence designed by “this is unfair”/ do commonly consent to the realities which prove, “we DON’T care”. These are the “shadows”; as there are many “unsavory” demands, decisions, and purposes hiding from truth, in every single decision to go to war. On both sides. Because people want power and pride, more than justice or truth, and a life that lives within the law.
The foundation of peace, is law. The creation of harmony in society, is the enforcement of truth as called by JUSTICE shall rule us all. Therefore every true contention that this is unfair, can and must be resolved within the jurisdiction of law. This is the “light”! Or society, life, including all its humanity: SHALL suffer.
So the questions are: HOW, do we make men live according to the law? WHY, does truth & justice fail? WHERE are the tools for enforcing our individual: legal, governmental, and social rights? WHO has the ultimate say, over governmental authority? WHEN is it too late, to choose a different path? WHAT constitutes a better way?

Each answer lives or dies: based upon participation! Because the problem “is YOU”/ not just them.
The struggle here is very simple: every human being wants the most, he or she can get out of life. That commonly is conceived as: “everything I want or don’t want my life to be. Including all the trophies, power, pride, and selfishness; that I can find for me”. When the majority are denied these things, because reality proves only a few like this, who sacrifice the planet, and all life for their own sake: can be tolerated. The consequence is war. The reality is: because these few want “even more”/ they steal, lie, cheat, and prove to be traitors against all the rest. Which brings the majority to its knees; and when begging stops, because it never actually works: war begins. Men believe, “with a weapon, and army, a leader, and a plan”/ I will make them BEG, and then worship me, instead. But war is misery and death, for the majority; while power never learns to share. Consequently little actually changes do to war/ and it always returns to the same conditions that bring war: because the few, are always plotting and planning “to be rich”! Thereby this game hinges entirely on “money”. Or, the power to unhinge society: because the game of men; “gives only a few, the power to take WAY too much more”; with just a number, instead of a weapon. Consequently money becomes a weapon, letting people flock behind a leader, while they fight for the power to make the others beg/ or just to prove “I won’t care either”: and society fails. Money represents the male driven right, to expect others to work for you, and let you have your share, OR even more resources than the majority of them. Selfishness is born here; as in I DON’T have to share, or care: I have money!
Selfishness is a shadow, that lurks behind every door “less than love or value to life itself”. Like all shadows, it attaches itself, to all who can be found standing in the light: “I can care”. Unless you choose to confront every decision with love/ by the laws of reality, truth, and subsequent justice for all.
The questions are: WHY would you desire to do that? WHEN, would you not desire to do that? WHERE is the boundary line that proves “this is too much for me”? WHO can prove to be “a leader for justice”? WHAT does the law have to do with harmony? And HOW, can this world be changed, in order to survive without wars controlling our lives or future?
We return to “how do we make men live according to the law”? The answer replies: show them, that the law does work, to create a better life for them too. As is justice revealed!
Truth does NOT allow want to recreate or change the past or the future; it is what it is/ therefore the decision is, to accept the price of what we do, or change that behavior and its direction. TRUTH then leads/ and men do not. The majority HATE that, as they commonly want whatever they want, and refuse all other decisions. JUSTICE is refused as well: because to make everyone substantively equal, MEANS nobody has any great power over another. It is the end of power and pride; and the majority of men HATE that. Consequently they must war, because they have no other solution. The need is then to remove men from power and control over society/ and replace them with women. OR, world war 3 begins! So says truth, by the evidence presented in this day.
The tools for peace, are fair play. The tools for happiness, is justice. The tools for sustainable equality; is “limited capitalism (we choose the limits of our lives, by controlling the power, resource, and pride assigned by money). The tools for harmony: are presented with the laws we make ourselves. Simple and plain, so as to remove the lawyer, and make every man, woman, and child aware of what is “right or wrong” as determined in our society. The tools for a courtroom, are: the judge SHALL obey constitutional law/ and SHALL construct justice and fair play: OR, we will remove them ourselves, by an open courtroom/ consistent grading by all involved/ and our own vote. The tools to create substantial meaning within our lives; is relegated by our acceptance of each other/ the care assigned to participate as equals/ and sharing “the world”, rather than confiscating resources for “just me”.
In a democracy, WE THE PEOPLE are the authority over our decisions as stipulated within constitutional law: OUR AGREEMENT, THIS IS WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT SHALL IN FACT, BE. No employee, shall fail to respect that rule/ or they will be punished.
As is true of all things: when it is too late for change/ reality will prove it. No going back; too late, is simply too late; “you’re dead”.
A better path is already known: it is simply to accept as true. When it comes to life, environment, chains of survival, planet, ecology, oceans, air, and all the rest: WE CANNOT ALLOW ANYONE, “to just be, TOO DAMN WRONG”! OR more simply, to protect and defend a future for life or planet: WE MUST understand, and accept the duty; TO PROTECT AND DEFEND. Rather than simply say, “I don’t want to do that”. Its NOT a choice, when certain groups are literally known, to be mutilating life/ trying to ignite the planet itself on fire/ preparing for world war 3/ ending the possibility of our survival/ and destroying the future for every child as is so obviously true today. Not a game, life or death for our world! No second chances.

The second set of questions begin: as in why would you desire to do that? As in contrast to why would you want, “to do that”/ and disrupt all the games men play? The answer being literally: you have no choice, if you wish this world to survive. The evidence is clear. The consequences of men and their leadership as is particularly “university knows”; is death for us all. Not a game, so says all the evidence/ an investigation into any reality that serves our true existence will prove that.
The question: when would you not desire to protect an entire world/ your children/ or even your own life? Answer: when want, and only want or pride controls your life, instead of truth.
The boundary between action, reaction OR “nothing at all”; is fundamentally fear. Without fear, there is no doubt that people do, or investigate, or at least talk about the things which participate in their lives as “important”. With fear, all hide/ so the tyrants, traitors, terrorists, and thieves will not target them. Alas, with a world dying; “your fears are completely worthless”/ and will fail to protect you from anything and everything bad. “It is a fools’ decision.
Leading life and government to justice, harmony, and peace: are the tools for change which give all power to the laws we create for ourselves. That law then controls every decision of government/ and when it fails, we the people assign to it, a new meaning or way by vote. Therefrom we control the leaders, by making them employees. Removing leadership itself/ by forming the decisions which control our world; instead of a tiny few, controlling us. While this will not give you resources to squander and destroy: it will give you life, and the right to choose your own fate as an individual nation of humanity. Instead of being subjected, to an army, which then becomes the toy citizen; used to create the terrors of human time.
Changing the world is as simple as: choosing a different way. How is that not so? Choosing a different way, is literally impossible for men/ because these are “their ways”; and this is, the best they did do, over thousands of years in written history. Therefore the only change possible for life on earth: is to let the women try! It is that simple. NOT as leaders subject to all the ways of men. But as women aligned together by vote; presenting their decisions as to what changing this world can be. Let them begin NOW. We all then decide, by not less than 70% majority; this will be our law, and our ways. Until a greater majority can be found to change it by vote. For the first decade of time under this control; any true majority can begin this journey/ because there will be a need for “adjustments made”. After one decade, change will only be made above a 70%, majority rule or greater, as you decide.
For thousands of years, men have proven their answer to any, and every hard, or even slight question is: LET US WAR. And throughout the down periods of war, its LETS PLAY A GAME, “with money as our leader”. Reality has proven: without endless resources, war is death for our world. With many more people, reality knows: “kill a billion people”/ and there are still over 6 billion more to go; with an increase in humanity remaining at over 2 million per week. The ways of man are dead; whether you admit that or not, is just one factor, in the very tiny possibility left/ that maybe, if we try hard, at least some of us could survive. More, requires truth and a real commitment to values far beyond what men have achieved. Women are women “untested” in this field. What we do know about women is: THEY ARE, “different”. What we do know by the evidence of our time, and the realities of our day: without TRUE change, only hell and horrors are left. Because we have defeated nature/ ravaged the earth/ built weapons of mass destruction/ raped the planet itself/ and multiply BEYOND all hope of a sustainable food source. And that doesn’t even include all the chaos of an intentionally mutilated nature as is DNA, and the whore’s/ bastard’s/ and failures of university. We stand at the gates of HELL. Not by religious prophecy, although that exists. Rather we stand at the edge of extinction: because of what men chose to do/ what universities did do/ and a complete lack of respect, which includes the vast population of humanity, and their own insatiable need to discard their own responsibility to life itself/ by choosing want, pride, power, greed, or all the rest belonging to those who hate. These are, “choices made”.
NO, you don’t get to continue playing. NO, you don’t get to continue air conditioning (the primary cause of global warming). NO, you can’t just ignore everything/ and claim “I won’t care”. NO, you can’t continue to sacrifice the children, or this world, or its future. NO, you can’t continue to mutilate nature, or play with energies that cannot be controlled. NO: THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG/ is your own extermination from the planet, along with every future life, even all of Creation itself. NO, regardless what you believe; ETERNITY will prove its own truth. Which does mean: you can be held responsible for what you did, or did not do! For those who doubt, I remind you by your own beliefs: that energy does not functionally die unless it is completely dissipated/ it merely changes into a connection with “something else”. YOU are an organized energy, which identifies your life. Death discards the body, by removing that energy; releasing it “to something else”. Which means whatever that something else can be; “explains eternity”, even for you. I suggest you fear it/ and change your ways. Because the responsibility for destroying an entire creation of living existence from this universe HOLDS A HEAVY PRICE to you. There is no such thing as “magic, built our lives”/ evolution’s answer.
There is only truth, and truth knows, understands, and recognizes the wisdom which proves ONLY THOUGHT ALONE; could participate in these things or create them. Only thought, the evidence of truth aligned with laws that govern all things; prove OUR CREATOR exists/ BECAUSE without love as well as thought; we would not, be alive. Or have that chance.