The ultimate proof of thought, and a purpose called life through dignity: is the acceptance identified, that truth must decide. Anything less, is not sustainable.
An army for life, knows “we cannot let people gamble with our entire world, OUR NATURE, our selves or your children; based upon very simple, stupid theories”. The university does not know; that’s why its called “a theory”. An army for democracy says: “WE, the people DESERVE to know what is, or is not true/ WE, HAVE AN ABSOLUTE RIGHT: to participate in every gamble that involves our lives, our nature, and our world. Its called LAW!
Change is never easy, people (men in particular) want what they want/ and fight, when confronted with realities they don’t want.  Its called selfishness.  The universities/ governments/ military’s/ media/ courts/ and more have all sided on: let the university professors, DO ANYTHING they want. “Did they not bring us weapons of mass destruction”/ did they not spend trillions to “get into  us into space”:   how great is that!    IDIOT.
But know this: without true change there is no future, because the evidence of severe and true threat;  cannot be proven untrue. Therefore every threat is a fight: to prove what can be proven!  To decide thereby,  the value of life itself (we CANNOT be wrong).  Is life, forever FIRST, or not!  Reality states, it is too late to assume any other conclusion, but all out change!  The sides are fully drawn, “we want what we want versus:  TRUTH allows this is the decision we must make”.   The end result cannot be anything less than true change or death for this world:  extreme threat is like that.

In conclusion:   This fight, does not mean immediate danger from the opposition, as they believe “university knows” how to control humanity.   Did they not do so, for the last fifty years? Indeed they did. The powerful are certain to assume, “what can women do”!  Which does mean, a short period of reprieve from them.  To  form the reality;   an army of women must save this world.  Men failed.    If women begin working for life/ they will have their chance, to make a difference.   So says the reality called “MERCY”.

ARMIES, are formed in grade school.

The critical foundation is: “stop treating my friend or family/ stop treating me, like that”! Which then becomes, “pick a side, for each one that has an element of caring”/ or pick a side for all those who want to be “entertained”.
The fundamental is simple: either the cause of the disease (you are hurting life) will stop, as in a different decision will be made. Or, the disease will increase in size and stature, making it possible to infect, or alter the lives of even more.
Armies are functionally the same, with one exception: the perpetrators’ have a purpose, to kill/ control/ enslave/ or steal. While the defenders will use that purpose to decide they are more righteous; and can then do the same. With most war, it can be hard to determine who is more wrong.
Therefore we come to duty, honor, respect, and the dignity of standing up for better “than this”. Duty is the degree of discipline, you accept as the foundation of your life. Discipline means: I have encountered a decision, and made my choice/ it will not be denied, unless proven wrong. Honor explains: I have built my life, upon values that no one can deny. A relationship with life, that cherishes hope, & explains love as my own participation in society. Respect assembles truth, and applies it to reality, thereby truth decides. Thus creating an ascension from participating in moments through order, to create the very essence of liberty (I have a right). Giving us all, the freedom (I have a choice) to search for life itself. Dignity elevates life, by lifting each decision we make, one step at a time; into a relationship with value. We are more, than simply body or mind: we are/ or we can be “alive”!
So the question of armies, is more deliberately the reality of purpose/ as defined by the desires which build a coalition of forces. Since leaders choose the desire, and soldiers are the force: mostly because they are pushed into an uncompromising position. The real question is: WHY, are there leaders? So we return to grade school: and again understand, to make someone stop being a fool/ failure/ disease/ or disgrace to life itself. Sometimes, regardless of the argument or value being assaulted: the perpetrator of sewage must be stopped. They won’t change; and those who back them form to base groups, “I don’t want to be noticed and assaulted” or, “I do want to be entertained/ because life itself has little or no meaning to me”.
We again return to desire: why do leaders want change/ or want violence? To explain: when humanity feels trapped (I cannot escape this), they go insane. Insanity means simply: hope, because there is no happiness; has died! That translates into: someone, or something has made me fear. Someone or something, has become an enemy that assails my life; when a group is formed “expecting the same results” from these actions or reactions/ an army results, or surrender follows, if there is hope. But that does not explain a leader. Rather it gives the leaders an opportunity to exploit the rising level of failure: we don’t have enough, of something! Therefore primary to desire is: an understanding of need. The critical question is then: HOW do you understand need?
There are three ways into this decision: a need is the foundation upon which we survive/ nothing more or less! This is life or death. A need is the critical element, that stands between ourselves and our happiness as a society or person. This is “time, worth living”. A need is the developmental change, that gives me all that I want; that makes me “like a god/ to you”. This is want, selfishness, pride, power, and greed.
Therefrom every war, and even every argument of men; as they have given the history lessons: is a desire that demands survival (I can’t die)/ wealth (we have choices)/ or power (I win/ you lose).
To understand these decisions, and why they exist: we enter into fear, or what happens, if we do not control ourselves/ or let someone else take control over what we need for ourselves.
In terms of survival, when the environment or life, water, oxygen etc that we must have to live are threatened. Then all that will be left is war. More simply: “we can’t all survive this/ someone must die”. It is that simple.
In terms of wealth, the foundation is very simple: where there are useable resources that benefit man. He can be happy with life, so then can his family as well: until the future is threatened. That comes from a complete lack of respect, and all the greed, contempt, failure, foolishness, fantasies, theft, lies, cheating, etc which follow: you can’t be rich anymore. The resources are gone.
In terms of power, which is a summary evaluation of want, pride, selfishness, lust, or “simply evil”. The foundation of these use fear as their weapon of choice. The more you fear you cannot defeat their purposes to control your life/ the more insane people get. Ultimately capitulating under surrender to the facts, of what you fear/ or discovering “there is a way”, we can fight. Fighting means: I will accept the price, and endure the pain; because I believe the cause is worth my life. Anything less, is simply a lie that will be discovered: because fear is a threat that can come true.
So then the question of war is either: we are going to die anyway OR those people want to enslave and steal our lives. Wealth, as is the middle ground: asserts always, that I have more to live for/ than to die for; so count me out! To assert this avenue as true. Those who account themselves as wealthy; DO try desperately to distance themselves from every threat, that they may have to choose differently.
We then return to grade school: to discover the secondary reason none come to help. The first is: it takes your own decision. The second is: now you are also being threatened. The third is: without assembling support “from the crowd”/ that anger, and intent to make you fear can be yours alone. As the original subject being threatened has now run away.
So then we ask: does passive (I won’t fight) resistance work? It does not! In fact, that merely magnifies the problem, as those who have no courage now believe they too can be “bullies”. After all, who among men or boys; does not want power (I made you fear), pride (I won/ you lost), and lust (women want me, I have options: this is now, MY choice).
The critical social question is then: WHY does the crowd fail to support, what is clearly in their own best interest?
The answer is varied, but each decision stems from the fact “We believe”. What they believe is determined by social descriptions put forth by leaders. Those leaders, are anyone with influence: and that influence, runs the gamut of age/ realities/ religion/ media/ economics/ and so on. What is more critical than realities of human behavior and description however is “your belief”. While we all try to “get along in the herd/ or if you are violent, pack of predators”. The foundation of that decision is assembled within the respect established in your heart for value in life and living/ OR its absence in you.
Here we again return to belief: which means, I can try/ but I cannot commit! While those who have faith in their decision, do in fact commit. However based upon what is functionally or fundamentally, HONESTLY true; about what they commit too; determines the future of their lives. More simply, just because you accept your belief as true/ DOES NOT mean it actually is true. Consequences result.
Therefrom war now has a third description, more so than survival or power/ this one is about the distinction of what men believe is true. The list is long/ the delusions are many!
Instead of lists, demanding an excuse. It is more appropriate to assemble respect as the foundation of society itself, which begins a new life on earth. Respect again demands: that my work/ my life/ my decisions for value and the commitment to a future for us all, MUST BE accepted as true. Because the evidence has proven it so! Nothing has greater evidence of miracles, without doubt or question: BEYOND the ability or possibility of humans. Than the fact GOD did CREATE this world and all its life. It is men who corrupted it.
That evidence is then the key to functionally deciding what is, or is not true! The biblical descriptions of JESUS identify a path for society and life; based in, “what would have been in that day, and this day: a more female perspective; by design”. Everything else in the bible is a written history of what a particular group of men did do; in their struggle to believe whatever they wanted could in fact be for life or society. Throughout the history of this group, want always won/ and want always caused them to lose far more than the price of what any individual did gain. The bible is man, failed! Nothing has changed; men still govern and still decide everything, by what they want.
The critical failure of truth in every society is: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ let truth be damned; WE WILL LIE! With few exceptions, this is society by control of men. Those who did do well, were then attacked, throughout all of history; because they lived in peace, and predators then believed: this is an easy prey. Because that statement exists in reality, humanity under the leadership of men/ has never known world peace or harmony or happiness for long.
Therefore before an ascension into “the greater good” can arise: the critical belief of men must be eradicated. That is, with force “we will take whatever we want”! It begins in grade school, and never leaves society; because force does matter.
So the question is: HOW do we remove force from our lives, when men in particular want it to exist? The answer is: let women rule/ take away the money: CHOOSE FOR LIFE FIRST! Let the law be government/ let truth by the evidence proven with value; determine our ways. Even though we do not know how that will end. After thousands of years of written history, WE DO KNOW, by the evidence; and our reality of threat, that is clearly extinction in this day. THEY LITERALLY CANNOT DO WORSE. We face extinction today, it is a certainty; so says the evidence. How, could women do worse?
Women are NOT better, which means the law and truth must decide. They are however “different”/ and we absolutely must have different than this. Because your lies are ending/ and reality is coming.

 Unfortunately, there is time truly for only one last chance: making this an all or nothing reality. Ignition of sun fire/ mutilation of nature/ resource collapse/ mass extinction; etc/ etc/ etc. Women then get one time, to do this right, for themselves and life on earth. Time has run out, catastrophe will occur soon, ending all alternate solutions. This time, or nothing; so says the evidence/ wrong is not an option.

Not because I say so; but because there are no second chances with many of these threats. Prove the evidence is wrong/ or prove we can survive these people who gamble with all life on earth. They cannot put out a ten million degree fire. They cannot fix genetics (which is nature) they corrupt. They cannot stop the endless disease they are creating. Or put back resources of any kind:  they never choose for life, only money  & power.   They Can’t fix a dead ocean; or give you food that does not exist: etc, etc, etc.   IT IS,  BEYOND ABSOLUTELY INSANE, TO GAMBLE WITH OUR ENTIRE WORLD, OR ALL ITS LIFE.    SAY NO, with law;  or say goodbye to life on earth.

Women DO understand, their force is in the law, and nothing less. Regardless of the delusions and fantasies portrayed by media; they know, the law is their fundamental defender. That foundation for law is required for our survival as a planet. Not a game, simple reality proven by the evidence of a planet overrun by people.

The critical element being: that women must organize themselves now, for a chance to change this world before it is, simply too late.   The most elemental proof of that is: the clear deliberate intent to create the same fire as is on the sun here! The instant ignition occurs, our choices as an entire planet; disappear. We all live or we all die.Every opportunity to survive is gone! To do that, you must communicate, establish a critical meeting: to decide, what can be decided for life first on this planet/ not just your own. Then you will prove, what the world will accept; by your own decisions. I have tried to organize you/ and failed: not going to do it again. IF YOU organize, and desire, support, and ask to use this farm for that purpose/ THEN it is likely you can. But it comes with minimal preparations, unless you pay in advance. There are other better suited locations. There are locations available throughout the world.   The only advantage here is: you get control as a group, for potentially a year or more/ based upon paying the true expenses for being here;  on one hundred and forty acres, or more. There are, proven water resources.  But there is no time to waste, and if you are serious, you can come here; with primitive conditions, unless serious, FAST work is done, a realistic amount of money spent;  to improve that, to “good enough”.   Roughly 4 months, tops; you have no realistic time for more!  You need that to prepare anyway.  This is for work, for life on earth/  it is  not a  vacation.  WHEREVER you wish to go, WHATEVER you wish to do:  the choice is, for life on earth.  Nothing less.  Make your decision.

         If you wish to simply identify what can be done, “with your own interest, as a potential group”/ then you can send me a postcard. “It just means, “somewhere, (by your own choice) there are enough women to prove: women can find  and will find themselves working for life”.   This is just to identify interest/ later you will decide time & location(s); if you find this purpose true, inside yourselves. If you cannot find my address, you aren’t worth the trouble. If enough postcards are sent: I will weigh them, and show you a picture. If enough postcards are received, the news on some level will show it is true. The primary purpose here is simply: THIS IS,  “no excuses”; you can/ you do, start here.   START SOMEWHERE;  You have your chance, to make a difference! There is something you can do, as a group or individual/ even if it is, basically the smallest beginning possible. My advice is: DO SOMETHING/  if you don’t like this:  find another way: Today.   Media only propagates “how great the university will be”/ the courts refuse democracy demanding; NO, THE PEOPLE shall not have a say in this gamble with their lives; our government employees have voted for this, its about jobs “and they absolutely refuse to admit, maybe they could be wrong too”.  Their pride controls, but no amount of lies can refuse the fact:   the universities are gambling with all life on earth, and they can be proven WRONG.  WRONG, is a dead world, everything.   That has nothing to do with a university education, and EVERYTHING to do, with the decisions people in power are making with our lives.   We WILL take those decisions back:  that is my  true desire;   for ALL life, on earth, and into the future!  We will decide for ourselves, by vote;   as a nation or world.  We will protect our world; or fail,   “but NOT, without a fight”.


BE HONEST, send only one postcard per person; so that truth can decide. “Lies, ARE NOT welcome”. Create something on your own; spend the money, advertize; etc/ this need not “be here”. But it is truly important to do so somewhere; our world is in trouble.
Even so, the end result of all human behaviors in a society is determined by communication of the facts. Lies steal the future. Traitors steal our homes. Thieves steal our lives. Cheats steal the nation itself. Prostitutes (male or female) don’t care; they just want the money. While respect stands alone, to demand: only truth itself, by the evidence of our reality, can decide what law must be. What our choices as a society, dependent upon survival, can withstand. If we know what is true, without lies/ etc. Then we can determine the future, as we decide to lie, cheat, and steal from the children/ OR make the choice, to behave and pay our own way, by accepting the facts of life. Respecting their lives, instead of stealing, betrayal, and corruption deliberately done: to get whatever you want/ by warring  (stealing their resources/ enslaving them by your decisions/ your debt, not theirs; etc) against your own children. To your continued shame.

Leaders, etc; will all argue: WE ARE DOING JUST FINE! But that is because they operate on counterfeit money, lies, cheating, fantasies, and a failure to respect the consequence of what true threats mean: when proven, they were wrong. The general population will argue, we are doing well enough: but that is because they are getting extreme bribes, and refuse to learn what is true. They just don’t want to know; because that does mean change or die. This is no game, the near future is dead without true change. The evidence will prove that, without the slightest room for doubt. Wrong is extinction, for us all!

For forty years and more, I have provided information in a wide variety of formats/ to a wide variety of people, in one form or other. Throughout that time, the overwhelming; nearly unanimous response was: “We won’t care/ this is not what we want”. Today is different. Today all those messages/ those realities of evidence; about catastrophe coming; now exist to prove what is, or is not true. Your only problem is: that few, have even the possibility of a “second chance” to correct anything. Genetic mutilation/ igniting an atomic fire/ dying oceans/ water threatened/ food threatened/ resources depleted (just for garbage)/ weapons of mass destruction/ environmental collapse/ mass extinction/ counterfeiting 200+ trillion dollars/ over-population; and more. Not little things/ not frivolous things/ not a game. But unless you are willing to participate for the sake of all life on earth: to find and prove what is true, and make changes as needed. I say to you, and will be proven correct; this whole world is lost. Because of what YOU did, or did not do. Refusing to be involved, or understand; is a choice!
The constant of nearly all humanity, is this: “But I wanted MORE”! Even those who got “too much, for their own good”. The reality of our time is: with over one person today, standing on every single acre of agricultural land on the planet/ we will all get less. That means war, as in selfishness rules/ cannibalism coming! OR “friends with honor and respect”, therefore we share and care for what we do have. This world has changed: “kill a billion people/ and there are still 6+ billion left; growing at over 2 million more mouths to feed per week. This world has changed, “university cults” have now built weapons to destroy us all; not a game, we either stop them, or they exterminate us. This world has changed, resources are no longer plentiful/ existence is no longer going to be friendly, as we encounter the reality of what has already been done. This world has changed: everything we depend upon/ everything, every other life on earth depends upon, is in jeopardy of being lost forever. This world has changed, Biblical prophecy (predictions, NOT “cast in stone/ OR can’t be changed “demands”. But realities of human nature and decision; THAT CAN BE CHANGED, even though humanity rarely does.) is now coming true: HELL represents, a humanity without hope; we cannot no longer survive. The things we depend upon are gone! ARMAGEDDON is clearly the mutilation of nature, as university deliberately tries to bring us into chaos (their religious, evolutionary goal). The APOCALYPSE recognizes “everyone has a gun”/ and the water is running out: which means panic, trust no one, and frantic determination to control whatever I or we must have to survive. And lest we forget: the prediction that this world will end in fire. A clear certainty, with the ignition of an atomic “Sun fire”! A reality of machines now working everyday, to bring that fire here: with even more powerful machines coming soon. The only choice we have left: is now! The evidence is true. My work is done: this is literally up to you.  Our whole world, every future being;  is up to you! Life or death for everything, is in your own hands. Congratulations “you got more”; whether rich or poor/ young or old, etc. There is no more time for an excuse. Make your decision; this time, forever.


I have searched thoroughly at this point, and accept the fact:  other than in support of what you do/   this is the last bit of real help I can give to this world. Anything else is just advertising: “Doesn’t have any meaning at all/ unless someone buys the product”. Even that, is not enough.
The foundation is laid, the base supports are in, the walls are erected to separate those who will work, from those who won’t, the purpose is clear, the desire is simple, and YOU DO understand. The critical choices are revealed, and the evidence is assimilated in ways you can investigate, examine, use or abuse, and therefrom decide for yourselves. What is or is not worth your life. You do, understand “what I am about”/ therefore, that excuse is mute. This, is about you.Without thought, you can avoid reality as you have been doing under the direct propaganda of all leaders in charge of communicating and choosing what life does need. They failed our world. Instead of accepting reality has consequences, “university leadership says: we can play god instead, by changing nature/ by igniting sun fire here/ by choosing a job for this moment in time, instead of a resource with a future for any child”. By counterfeiting, and creating weapons of mass destruction. By lying/ cheating/ stealing/ and intentional mass hypnosis.
In addition this is the best men did do; both leaders and followers.  OUR world, Standing at the edge of collapse for every living system that keeps us alive.  These “university answers” are  proof enough of what they did, and did not do, when faced with these problems. The answer of men is: war (I got a gun; few didn’t tell me that)/ money (lets steal if we must, or we want to BE RICH;  nothing else matters)/ and as reality proves,  let the university decide; as these are the ones who brought us here.   The UNIVERSITY value as leaders is beyond question:  THEY ARE, a complete and utter failure.  The answer of media is “the university is a god (nobody gets to question “their god”)”/ while the answer of every courtroom is:   HIDE THE EVIDENCE, the public must not know, “the university god, could be wrong”.  The answer of “government”;   is, we are too proud, to be wrong;  “we are like gods”.   Their reality states:  It doesn’t matter, what the consequence of being wrong is:  they are simply TOO DAMN PROUD.  Period, end of story, the cult of “university knows”  rules/ counterfeits/ and lies;  and believes     FANTASY will save a world.Throughout the decades, perhaps one in one thousand men and women (so the evidence suggests), did more than “bury the information in the backyard” so to speak/ even though they understood completely: THIS MEANS CHANGE. They retreated to the safety of what they did want instead/ refusing the reality of a dying world: “just didn’t want that”. With few exceptions:   men just didn’t care enough, to even communicate a single word,   spend a penny, or lift a finger; for an entire planet: so that someone else might try.   They are abandoned/ not a solution. Want is failure, pride is a fool: As if that could turn back “a hurricane” or worse. There is no power to war, as the environment and all life will collapse if you do. Men failed, and will soon turn to war anyway (its what they do/ that is their answer); because the money is gone/ and the resources cannot last, which means the majority will be cast out to die, and to cannibalize. Women and children will suffer more; as is consistent with history.All of that, and still no sustainable response. Soon, you won’t have to worry anymore: the laws of survival, will destroy you. As humanity attacks its last opportunities, to keep the life, and the environment that keeps you alive; is lost. Change or die is true! We will work together, or lose this earth forever. There is no retreat into “secluded areas” from atomic fire/ or disease/ or a dying world; and a thousand more will be following you, trying to do the same. We will face our truth, or we will all die; because ALL but a tiny few, wouldn’t do anything “but what you wanted, RIGHT NOW”. The children have no future, you stole it.


The fundamental here is: men in particular believe, “MY job, my house, my wants, my life; whatever it is/ IS MORE IMPORTANT; than this whole world! With few exceptions, all say “let someone else fight for this world”; you offer me nothing I want. Well bastard, when the evidence is clearly true, and you refuse to investigate it: without a world, what do you really have?

That is a statement about life or death of a planet/ and denotes no one in particular.  Its just reality.   Its just, “wake up, or die”.

Bring back life, FIND your solutions/ or fall into chaos, with no way out forever. WAKE UP, “the university is not god”. They led us here!    Fight for this world, or you lose it forever.