burned alive

THE SEIGE of America; can be identified as easily as looking at the current news. Instead of a few city blocks being concerned that murder occurred in Orlando FL/ media propagation of the event demands: THE ENTIRE nation MUST: “be called to action/ live in fear/ suspect every individual/ discard every religion but their own/ believe the worst/ lock themselves behind closed doors and live in fear: etc/ etc/ etc”. Because that is what the media does/ it takes a “small event”: with major consequences for a few, and demands all the rest MUST cower in fear and foreboding. NEVER do they assess, explain, investigate, acknowledge, participate, define, or in ANY POSSIBLE WAY work for this democracy called America. Because that would allow “we the people” to conceive of anarchy/ betrayal/ treason/ terrorism/ and all manner of disease that is American leadership; and does extend to many other peoples, by the cancer that is “university knows”. Or lets mutilate every life on earth/ lets bankrupt the nation, state, everything/ lets destroy the workplace/ lets lie intentionally about EVERYTHING important in democracy life, nation, or world. LETS PRETEND, that an atomic fire (same as is on the sun), can be played with, as if being wrong: isn’t the end of everything, even the solar system. Because it is, and that might just ignite a demand among the citizens of this world for: INFORMED CONSENT/ before any further actions by any university or its subsidiaries shall go forward. Can’t have that, the media would lose their power, extreme pride, and lust for greed.

Or in contrast to that, let us look at Mohammed Ali; “a boxer”/ with nothing more to show for his life, than extreme arrogance, from winning; until his brain all but died. Newsworthy? On every channel for three days or more, infiltrating throughout different broadcast agenda’s: because it is a simple distraction. Created as is the vast majority of “news”/ to draw the people into stupidity, and establish disgrace. Or how few entertainment venues: do not solve all their problems with a gun, or destruction, or fear this/ or how many ads over the years did not find respect: their target to destroy, leaving it an open wound for decades. SHAME is not a big enough word.

The critical link between those who snap, and become “terrorists, in one form or another” is hate. We look at road rage, and find: this is a reaction to always being told what or what not to do/ always being ignored, rejected, discarded, cheated, and enslaved. In their car, these descend through hate, into “YOU CAN’T tell me what to do now/ YOU CAN’T make me care about you, when NO ONE ever truly cared about me/ YOU CAN’T keep me from reacting, because I own this moment, in my own car. That same dimensional attitude occurs in all manner of people who are also inundated with people who fail to respect them/ charge them with “YOU can’t be alive here”/ chase them, from one place to another with lies, fears, ridicule, poverty, and more. Because the nation turns against a few, “we don’t trust you, and WE sure DON’T want you/ while society says: go get a job, & make nothing, so you can be my slave. While media in its every form says: FEAR THEM ALL, don’t let anyone have peace, security, or respect/ unless they are from your own group. And you should fear them too! WHAT IS the reward for a terrorist? The news will make you noteworthy, a reality they do not possess!

So the road to fear, is a road that grows hatred exponentially; a proven fact! The media grows fear in its every breathe, on most days; giving to America its home grown death march. NO you cannot be equal. NO you cannot find a job. NO, you shall not be hired/ instead your life shall NEVER escape “a university debt”. Etc/ etc/ etc.

LET NO ONE BELIEVE; that violence is an answer/ so don’t listen to the “news”. LET NO ONE BELIEVE; that money is an answer/ because America cannot be more bankrupt, than it is today; you are bowed down on your knees, begging for the leaders who have been counterfeiting 9 trillion dollars a year in inflation/ plus debts every year. They are “your economy”: so go ask them: WHAT DID YOU SPEND THIS MONEY ON? They didn’t give much to “citizens”/ they kept it for themselves, and bought power and pride from other nations at our expense. Happy? Its true/ so says the federal reservehttp://www.federalreserve.gov/releases/z1/current/accessible/l5.htmtable. Without inflation, you have only numbers without meaning/ because over 200 trillion dollars in claimed assets(inflation created) over 150 trillion in debt (drag them to court/ make them pay) CANNOT be paid back. University leadership and control over “everything” has destroyed American wealth/ it exists no more. They sold you, for their toys, pride, and power. Happy? Its true.

LET NO ONE BELIEVE; that the law is not our answer, it is/ because the only other choice is violence and destruction. TAKE A DAMN LOOK AT IRAQ AND SYRIA; after all “they had a gun”! You want that here?

Rather than be angry, or let hate enter your lives: CHOOSE THE LAW, AND REMEMBER THIS IS A DEMOCRACY. Which means we own the government ourselves! We own the choices, ourselves! We own the courtroom and the law which governs us: OURSELVES! WE HIRED the employees who work for us as a participant in our government: WHICH IS THE US CONSTITUTION! Therefrom we exercise our right to investigate and examine our employees: to determine for ourselves, if they did/ or did not OBEY THEIR OATH, to put the constitution first, above all other decisions or intent. If that answer is no/ THEN they disobeyed the law, AND WE will find them guilty; regardless if they are the supreme court, or a police officer at any level, or a president, or a legislator; ETC. WE OWN THIS NATION/ and we can change our world, by destroying the insurgency among us: which is “the university knows/ and the university gets, WHATEVER they want”. Learn what is true. Learn what has happened, and what WILL happen, when even more horrific realities the university terrorists have fantasized about, GO WRONG.

EVERY DAY, people hidden in different parts of this world attempt to ignite atomic fire, as is seen on the sun/ as does burn your skin in summer, from 91 million miles away. Ignition means, either our entire planet becomes a sun/ or according to their fantasies, “a ten million degree fire, simply extinguishes itself” because there is according to their theory “not enough gravity here, to sustain the fire”. YOUR WHOLE WORLD/ YOUR CHILDREN, and every life: hinges on that theory. Once ignition occurs there is no going back/ NO SECOND chance/ NO MERCY will be given: you, will be BURNED ALIVE!

Theory means: they have no proof.

Reality means: AS IS TRUE for me, to gamble with this whole earth, MEANS WE CANNOT LET THEM BE WRONG! Is that not so?

The courts/ the leaders/ the media/ etc: ALL DEMAND, the public shall NOT know, none shall be informed by mass communication. “because the university is god”/ and a cult cannot think for itself. While an occult believes, even if we are wrong: WE will escape/ even though all the rest find HORROR. Evil is as evil does. Try thinking for yourself.