Change 170

the fundamentals of pushing for enforcement of the law, are varied but real. The foundation of law itself, if not enforced: FAILS! Which means anarchy or outright betrayal is at hand. The critical functions of government and a courtroom are: “Let the people decide for themselves/ because they MUST live their own laws, or be consumed by their failure”. It is a choice, but it is not free. We must always defend ourselves; as best we can/ BY LAW. Because in any other way, only violence wins.

We add Bankruptcy/ resource/ nature/  and environmental destruction;  near destruction of the water supply, oxygen supply, food mutilation, disease magnification, extinction on a massive scale/ ocean catastrophe looming, massive extinction, chains of life dying:  more than you believe possible; etc/ etc/ etc.  Each a result of university leadership &  manipulation.  Summary, Our nation is literally, dissolving into ruin/ our world threatened with extinction. Adding in are extreme experimentation/ mutilation of nature/ gambling with all life on earth. Changing the balance means: nature can no longer “outlive us”. Human population at more than one person per acre of agricultural ground/ worldwide. A ring of 7.2 billion people around the equator spaced at 3 feet apart (touching)= 21.6 billion feet/ 4,090,909 miles.  Divided by 25,000 miles= 163.6 times around the earth in one continuous line.  But then “you only want what you want” right/ as does everyone else 24/7, every year of their life.  Or;  nothing matters, right? WHAT are we to do? When;  Being WRONG, as the EVIDENCE SAYS:  is literal death of our world. Every biblical description of horror coming true?  Answer:  Then we cannot risk continuing what we do! THAT is, the reality of our time!  Pride MUST be diminished, or there is no hope for a future! Power MUST be reduced, or there is no hope for peace. Human behavior MUST be changed, to establish LIFE, COMES FIRST. NO MORE GAMBLING WITH LIFE!   Read more


The method is: “TAKE ME TO COURT”/ as I have provided the necessary demand, FOR A JURY TRIAL, IN OPEN PUBLIC COURT.  Refusing to pay taxes, until public jury trial is held;   demanding, constitutional law rules/ NOT an employee.  Or more simply DEMOCRACY,  MUST be upheld.  The first amendment legal right:  called redress of grievances, IS A clear and literal part of that constitution.  Therefore it must be enforced, as power to the people;  before I pay.  I call it a duty of every citizen/   LEGALLY, prove me wrong!


WHEREAS The enforcement of constitutional law: WILL PROVE, redress of grievances is OUR LEGAL RIGHT/ to establish and protect: “every sworn oath of allegiance” made by our employees! Regardless of who they are. That CONSTITUTION IS  the law, of our democracy/ IT IS “our government”/ IT IS our authority as WE THE PEOPLE/ IT IS the fortress which defends our nation and our world.  Constitutional  ENFORCEMENT MEANS: a sworn oath given by an employee;  discarded, diseased, or disgraced, against the United States of America/ by that employee:  carries penalties that are severe!

A “diseased oath”; Establishes treason, traitor, anarchy, insurgence, rebellion, and outright tyranny against us; instead of the job you were hired to do.  Can you NOT enforce that? Why not, are you “coward”! The price of liberty is not free.  Constitutional first amendment redress of grievances: gives us, THE LEGAL AUTHORITY, to hold our employees accountable: which means WE THE PEOPLE, are now judge, jury, and executioner if needed.

By, demanding an accounting: the public investigation  of all major threats/ thievery/ lies/ etc;  and a return to constitutional democracy:   before I  pay taxes.  The battle lines are drawn!

 This is Refusing, A wage:   to those who defy our law, our constitution, and threaten our world:  both state and nation.  Should I pay an enemy? The foundation for trial, is constitutional law:   that  REDRESS is laid, as power to the people/ by putting trial, in public hands.

This assertion:   “he MUST pay taxes/ or defend why”{ IN A PUBLIC, JURY TRIAL}.  Is literally all you must do, to establish trial. They cannot refuse, without the destruction of democracy or,  all out tax rebellion.

Nothing else is required, other than your  public witness to the fact,  they do just that: bring me to trial.  Anything less, and they will simply attack, or kill me; leaving you without a solution to bringing back America to constitutional law, life governed by  truth, or protecting life itself on this earth.  Civil war will fail life/ it is worthless!  Look and see, “damage done”/ you have nothing left to rebuild!  THE LAW must be used/ reality must return as truth leads us now.  We both know: as a majority you are more than belligerent, more than arrogant enough, to demand “ he must pay tax”.  Hopefully you can stop before becoming a mob (we want to play god and make someone pay TOO).

Regardless;  I don’t simply refuse to pay.  I do simply refuse to pay until a constitutional  jury trial is convened: as is not only the law/ but a legal demand of this democracy.  The jury will then decide the penalty, with their verdict.   Read more


 UNTIL  constitutional law is accepted by the courts. Legally providing the people, life, and world protection, from all enemies and potential chaos: including “university delusions or decisions”.  This democracy/ even this world;  is in crisis.  No cause exists, to refuse me a courtroom: DEMAND and make it happen.

THAT FACT, identifies, a true  legally guaranteed first amendment right; as is redress of grievances.

This legal foundation set within constitutional law, whose purpose IS:    TO defend the citizens of this state and nation; from civil war (bloodshed)! LEADERS, have stolen our money/ threatened our future, every child/ gambled with our nature and our world!   By demanding REDRESS:   WE THE PEOPLE, WILL RISE.   Or civil war and death is imminent.  Either development, is preferable to dissolving into slime (mutilated nature/ DNA is nature), or burning the planet itself (national ignition facility)/ as is “the university way”.

 By creating a legal ACCOUNTING, A TRUE INVESTIGATION of all threats;  instead of war.  Proving WE THE PEOPLE exist; proving (we own/ we decide),  this democracy is ours/ our nation:   NOT our employees.  WE DECIDE. No more rebellion/ no more playing god!

 The constitution is, the final authority over every law/ & over every possible governmental choice!  Over its every employee; including the judiciary. This case presents that legal foundation.  IT EXPLAINS,  democracy IS, as the constitution provides/ not as a university diploma mutilates.   This case explains: our democracy is  built upon the preamble of the US constitution: which does demand, our employees, SHALL NOT gamble with our lives, our nature, our world, OR  your children.

THIS is a LEGAL reality:   Declaring ownership and sovereignty, to WE THE PEOPLE of this United States of America/ by constitutional law.  This is, a demand for protection from all attacks, by those we employee/ from theory, and what it truly means to be WRONG.  That is, A reality of DUTY to ourselves/ demanding the law of our democracy  rules, as is mandated:   NOT an employee.  Read more



This demand for trial: is a reality identified and interpreted:  As my duty to this nation and this state, THIS WORLD!   A LEGAL reality required, TO DEFEND and DEMAND CONSTITUTIONAL LAW MUST RULE.  Over every citizen; including every employee. That law, According to: The first amendment, called  redress of grievances/ is no game.

When confronted with realities so extreme: being wrong is the death of our nation/ the destruction of our democracy/ the failure of our freedoms/ the mutilation of our nature/ the end of our economy and business and resources/   the murder of your children, by destroying their future. Even gambling with the entire solar system itself!  A LEGAL accounting MUST be raised in a legal PUBLIC forum: whereby WE THE PEOPLE are now judge and jury from this moment forward.

Under constitutional laws and intent, as will be  proven true.  WE RULE OURSELVES.   That  demand establishes:  no more delusions of playing god, no more insurrections, no more outright rebellion against our constitution, no more lies, theft, or any other reality of treason:   from our employees. This ain’t your brave new world/ THIS IS OUR LIVES, and we don’t gamble with survival, nature, nation, or world!  Simple and plain.


 The power of democracy is its constitution:  with redress, WE THE PEOPLE DO, take our employees to court; to demand an accounting by truth established within the evidence that must be searched for.  Not believing:  no theories/ no stories/ no delusions: simply truth, proven by reality.

CRITICALLY SEARCHING:   WHAT happens, when university, military, industrial, agricultural, banking, educational, election, inflation, etc;  & political delusions go wrong.  What happens; when threats so distinct they cannot be avoided: particularly those created by university, control our future with chaos. When nature is a game, to be mutilated/ and energies so extreme, our planet can become a sun; is given to a DEAD theory.  THAT, A TEN MILLION DEGREE FIRE, will just extinguish itself.  NO second chances/ once ignited life or death is decided, for our entire world.  Because that fire cannot be extinguished by man!  This is a human threat, a human reality allowed; NOT “GOD” threatening. Which means you have to believe “man has no freedom to decide for himself”/ obviously not true.  They can ignite that fire, one second too late, our world is lost!   GOD,   can do whatever HE chooses to do.    Read more


With examination of the facts,  We SHALL know:  What has happened to our money, our stability, our possession of this nation/ by those WHO ARE counterfeiting OUR currency.

Why lies about inflation,  “University cult worship”, and open rebellion against this democracy, exist in court/ politics/ media/ etc.  Why, the propagation of tyranny and theft, was not reported by media; they knew/ I told them.   The enemy/ an invasion from within:   thereby purposely stealing democracy for itself, with rebels, who have removed constitutional law/ replaced “free press as intended”/ and denied democracy,  in our courtrooms.  Tyranny has Filled the court with power to discard the free press as intended. The purpose, to make themselves “kings and queens”. The method we, “leaders and university” are the counterfeiters/ we do, make the people slave; before they beg.  By:  Taking liberty and freedom, away from our lives and nation.   Proven true!

None shall evade our courtroom; we are the government/ they are the employee:  we decide!  ALL who are called, shall testify truthfully, or spend the rest of their lives in prison.


Redress is: power to the people/ therefore some of the most powerful words, ever written.  Limited capitalism, is more: as in, WE DECIDE, just how rich any person can be/ by our vote! Or more simply, you WILL share with us now/ and we will limit your power over us, by our vote.


Redress trials already exist:  as docketed US SUPREME COURT cases:  08-1339 & 11-100, both have waited long enough. A reality proving more than sufficient: for a legal tax revolt!


These are trials DENIED by the secretary of the US supreme court: which is an act of treason.  Removal of constitutional law from a courtroom is subterfuge. Defiance of the constitution throughout the courts of America and IL; is evidence of conspiracy to destroy the foundation of democracy in this USA. A collusion deliberately determined to remove constitutional law by replacing it with irrelevant or frivolous rules and innuendo.  That  corruption provided to media/ congress, both state and national/ policing and military agencies; others, proves a willful and deliberate insurgency against we the people by our employees.  Who believe themselves rulers, who assume themselves “sovereign”, who believe our work, and our lives are nothing more than their “toys & piggy bank”.

It is an open defiance against we the people, & the deliberate rebellion against the constitution itself: by the employees of the US supreme court;  more, under their command!  Because only a judge can decide a legally docketed case; and there is no signature on these, NO cause for denial of constitutional law itself.   Nothing: But a secretary, proving complete disrespect for that constitution, for this citizen, and for this democracy as we the people.  That fact INTENTIONALLY removes the constitution itself,  from both law and democracy.

There is NO DISCRETION in constitutional law!  The constitution rules the court, state, and nation: that, is democracy! The constitution is greater, than any judge.  Which means the constitution RULES OVER THE JUDGE!  Thereby the US supreme court, DEFIES THE LAW, by destroying constitutional demands.  The US supreme court therefrom REBELS AGAINST THE NATION, a traitorous act! Proven true.

 This failure of the US supreme court means: each legal case. Each redress docketed trial still exists; and awaits their public hearing.


An oath of office, proves this is true: the constitution alone stands as “the government/ the sovereign right of authority over this USA”; and all its employees.  As granted to, & by WE THE PEOPLE!  That constitution, as in this democracy:  IS OUR LAW.   That authority of law,  belongs only,  to WE THE PEOPLE, and no one else.  We honor it by enforcing it ourselves.

That constitution, and its primary works: the bill of rights and declaration of independence;    CREATES  DEMOCRACY!  By commanding, instead of asking;   AS IS known and understood by this reality:    of the people/ by the people/ and for the people!  MEANS:  NO more rulers. We decide!


Instead, Our leaders, have used anarchy: as are irrelevant  rules, decisions, and actions;  to destroy the foundation of democracy itself.    As is the reality:   to refuse the constitution its authority over the court/ our employees.  They not only refuse that intent, as testified by the preamble of WE THE PEOPLE, in declaring what is “your job”.  But have in fact used those positions of employment:   to endanger our world, threaten our lives and stability, discard our press, manipulate our lives and your children, remove our businesses, and rape every resource they could touch. Pretending to be “god”.  While,  In fact selling, even giving, our nation itself:   to foreigners!  By counterfeiting our money: for their own greed, through university delusions, failure, fantasies, and toys.   Read more

Even bringing their cult religion called evolution into our schools/ to teach to your children.  An abyss of blatant stupidity, and completely proven  without basis in fact.  IT IS their religion, that lets them demand: we can mutilate anything we want too/ NO respect required. Plus even more, because their religion  demands:  chaos built everything/ “so chaos is good”.  Or more simply we will create CHAOS/ and then be god!

  THEY ARE DEATH, WRAPPED IN A CULT.  Which means to reality: believe us/ but don’t question anything!  Cause we are god, we own it all, and you are as nothing more than slave.

While reality proves, truth says: chaos can ONLY,  dismantle everything.  It takes anything complex, returning it, to the most simple form.  Thereby, Chaos builds nothing!

 The building of any body of life, REQUIRES THOUGHT! Or more simply, NOTHING about life, is represented by chaos!  Absolutely nothing.        PROVE ME WRONG!

CHANGE MUST COME/ LIFE REQUIRES IT!  Because:  Death is stalking us all. So says the reality of university knows.   These are the last keys I will give to you/ because reality states; you have absolutely no excuses left.  YOU CAN INTERVENE! You must attend to the needs,  for life to survive:   or you will lose this entire world.

An excerpt


CASE 2011 TR 022442

The critical respect needed on all sides of every society, to accept the realities of discipline and establish peace and harmony amongst ourselves is governed by law.  BUT LAW, and rules: are an entirely different thing.  The law communicates and enforces the truth of what we believe together is absolutely necessary or the liberty to say to each other: that our living together/ requires this much respect.  The foundation of that being:   DONT substantially threaten me/ DONT force me, to do what we as a people voting together, would not do/ DONT make my decision for me, its mine, you dont belong in it.   DONT tell me what to think, DONT lead me, and DONT substantially edit or rule my freedom, with your actions or reactions: THIS IS MY LIFE, not yours.  Liberty governs us all equally/ freedom is my individual right, so long as I dont substantially hurt you or any other living reality.

 Granted this level of liberty: the essence our reality as a united people/  that forms our combined creation of law, by vote among the people themselves, sometimes is less than wonderful.  But every side of an argument deserves to be heard.  The right of every action or reaction within the understanding that gives to each one their freedom to say, YOU were never affected, YOU were never threatened, YOU were not involved, and YOU cannot simply make a rule, and force me to do what you say: because that is not freedom!

Freedom is the elemental foundation that presents us each one, with happiness.  Without freedom we are slaves, or imprisoned.  With freedom we choose our lives to be our own/ because we made the choice, and must live the reality.  That is true of love, life, body, hopes, responsibilities, and more.  Without freedom there is hate, revenge, jealousy, and more.  Therefrom we do know, that the essence of peace and harmony in society is FAIR AND JUSTIFIABLE LAWS, WITH EQUAL PUNISHMENT FOR ALL;   and the freedoms which grant I will live, my own life/ rather than you attempting to enslave or control me, or I you.  Keeps us all from anger, and war.


I have done:  I did do, what I could do/ as you must too! Everyone can do something, to communicate:   our world is in trouble/ change must come.  EVEN if you don’t want it!  Because without true change, there is no more earth.  Want then, is irrelevant! Not a game, which means no one wins. We either live or die as a world.

Simple and plain, no more excuses: decide and accept the price!  Or you will simply be crushed forever, by the coming reality:  As the evidence does prove, without doubt!  Don’t believe/ prove the evidence is wrong. Either way, you have run out of time for excuses. That is the truth.

Like the passengers of the Titanic:  the people say “this is an unsinkable ship”/ lets just have fun, no need to worry. “The universities (designers) know” what they were doing!  Until time itself collapses into the sea, to dissolve them all.


Or a dam is breaking, look at the evidence/ yet all the people say, “I have other things to do/ go tell someone else, I DON’T care”.  Until the flood sweeps them away!

Realities that bring death, if you avoid them, or fail to recognize the facts/ should never be underestimated!  Because when panic comes, there will be no place to hide, or run away; no choice.  Prior to that, The choice is simple: either prove the evidence is wrong or right/ because it is too important to discard. Let truth itself decide.  Simple and plain as in “Life, or death” for our world!  It doesn’t matter who delivers the message; truth doesn’t care. Our truth as a world;   is what it is.