change 224

The legal citizen rights, obligations of our employees in government, authorities given to and over the courtroom, the foundation of democracy itself, and the price of independence which is PROTECTING THE CONSTITUTION ITSELF. Grant the fundamental truth: let the evidence be clear as best we can/ let the investigation be thorough, so that none are disadvantaged/ let the examination of facts be honest, respectful, and determined: so that every citizen can find peace, happiness, and harmony within their own lives, and this society. Such is the purpose of a true democracy. Added in, is the fact: NO JUDGE shall determine how long he or she sits on the bench, or if they alone will decide to resign/ it is NOT constitutional law. WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE!
We add in: due to the collection of data/ surveys/ etc as has been done on every individual life; the reality of jury trial is now virtually dead, in all and every matter requiring justice beyond the least elements of democracy itself. That data identifies and is intended to identify, HOW, EACH AND EVERY ONE who will vote in a jury trial of a specific legal matter WILL in fact vote. While you may believe when the jury is called for an entire week at once, this should not matter; the reality instead is, “only those who will vote” in a specific manner shall be called in a week, that involves something of value to democracy itself. Thereby insuring not only is the judge controlled by the hidden powers that be, but now also each and every jury. How this affects lesser trials, is utterly irrelevant; because power protects power.  As in “democracy be damned”!  The press have been removed from communicating with you; replaced by entertainers propagating “believe in university” and “mice, live on crumbs”/ and rats, liars/ traitors/ and thieves (as in I investigated media reports, that proved to be determined efforts in making sure the public was led astray, and given completely false information). Corruption is complete, now that even the courage of sheep, “is hard to find”. Congratulations on your bribes, it only cost our world; the future, fully killing every child, life, and hope. But hey, “you got what you wanted; ain’t that right”!

The elemental heartbeat (the sound of my hope) called human time is: I am a winner/ until proven otherwise;  and I will hate you for that.
While that may sound too simple, as a summary of base level humanity/ it is not. Rather the suggestion is clear: that life is more game, to the masses of humanity, than it is reality. “When survival mentality; is not critically needed”.
The critical purpose of being alive is to understand the basis of human life is: to learn the beginnings, of what it takes to find eternity as “a living body of life, in thought, by proven identity”. While that may sound too complex, as a summary of destiny conceived through spiritual realms/ it is not. Rather the individuals who can prove of themselves, that they live by respect, and survive by true desires for love; will be welcomed beyond time.

The real question for humanity is: WHY do you believe life is a game? The answer of course, “when there is relative peace”: because the “other kids/ and grownups” insist upon playing games with life, and everything about life, mind, body, or anything else they can find. Every game that is established to “mean something”/ comes with a measurable prize. Therefore it is that measurement, which proves “I win/ you lose”; is the prize valued most. So we ask: WHY, is this necessary/ what true value is a prize/ WHEN does life actually lose/ and WHAT happens to WHO after the game is done?
There is a fundamental of life in nature that requires measuring the opposite sex, for the purpose of children/ a reality of living or acceptance; which must match my “lifetime”: within some type of desire presenting happiness for both. Consequently we judge correctly here, when what we achieve for both is adequate, true, or more.
That said, all other measurements are correctly left to the law to decide/ because freedom means, we are not allowed to dictate to each other, by making rules no one needs to enforce. Unfortunately, because of the games people play with each other from a very early age. People make rules to change the game in their advantage: it is a minimal kind of revenge/ jealousy/ and purposes which then lead to hate. So games DO have a price, and both winners and losers share the blame, for what is clearly worthless; as it only leads to pride, power, failure, and fantasies designed to destroy life. Nonetheless, people WANT to win/ therefore they endure losing; the choose to allow others to win; and they fail themselves by sinking into hate when they cannot succeed in their endeavor to be “special”. Special means: NOT like the rest/ yet in opposite areas of human behavior, the most deliberate of human acts is, “to be, the same”. Do you see the contrast?
So, the question becomes: WHY, do people desperately want: to be special (not same)/ but yet to be the same (no difference)? The fundamental is: I WANT to be the best among all those who are the same”. Or, even if we are all “human”/ I want to be the human that others want to be. More simply: “I GOT MORE”/ than you; thereby same but superior. The question is again, WHY? The answer is, because if I am more/ then I should get all the best trophies: “I win”. As every human learns: some people get extremely little of what life and planet can provide/ while others get “extremely, too much”. So its better to have more, than not enough: therefore I/ we, want to win! And the game goes on, so that trophies can be divided according to the rules of men. Is it not said “this is a man’s world”? Indeed it is, therefore these ARE the “rules of men”! Fight for the trophy, or be left behind. Simple as that, the trophy is “everything life and planet can provide, to you”/ not to them. Even children recognize this early as true, to this life! So we divide into groups and individuals, which seek to conquer: and then divide “the spoils”. This is called “spoils (ruined)” because like all robbers, bad warriors, and thieves: when they rampage over someone or a group/ they take more than they can use, and the rest goes bad (worthless, or of little value).
That simple description then identifies society, as developed by men: tyrants (all for me/ nothing for you); winners (losers be damned: worship me); losers (I will prove [sold your life] to be MORE); failures (life is a game); fantasies (I can play god, either for good or bad); tragedies (no one loves me/ no one cares); suicides (I choose hate); And those who step outside the game, generally having little to do with society itself.
The description above “I want more” also establishes crime: “This is UNFAIR”/ I will get my own, even if I then become “unfair”.

The true value of any prize is measured by its cost? Did you spend your life for this? Did you spend your eternity for this? Did you spend or deny your love for this? Did you worship the prize more than life? Did you respect your time on earth, or throw it away for a prize that will only be thrown in the trash someday soon? Each of these questions can only be answered correctly by you/ therefore people lie, to convince themselves “they are more”.

CHANGE is the element of desire, that proves to be stronger, than lies! Even if they are your own. CHANGE is the essence of a purpose that is true to life; life is the essence of a desire that leads to love! Love shares, because it can. Love cares, because it knows the value of your life, as well as mine.

LIFE is a time-line in humanity, that identifies moments traded within the framework of participation. The more you participate, “the bigger/ better” life you live, according to “majority rules”. It is functionally true, when what you participate in is love. Anything less detracts from living, because the game of men; stole your right to participate with honesty, freedom, and purposes that enliven (bring joy) to us all. No trophies means: society discards you to the trash. No love inside, means: life (the hope for happiness), and even eternity (the possibility of shared existence) discards you to the trash. When this happens hate emerges; therefore the game has eternal consequences as well as human costs in time.
We must then ask: is love, OR a trophy (the prizes associated with living in time) more valuable? Clearly the human answer is trophies are more valuable/ because they prove “I win”; therefore no human can now make me less! Or keep me from what I want. The living answer however is love is the treasury of life; because it gives to life itself, the desire to exist. Asking again then: is life or time, the true value of existence?
We examine that question as life first; because without life, there is no time recognized. Consequently we must have life, to be alive. Time exists: therefore it must be said that we shall exist/ before we live! Formal development is then: we must exist/ then we must live to exist/ then we must be ALIVE, to survive beyond limits set by time. So it is a “staged development” of value (things which survive, and add to life; because they are secured as true).
Here we divide existence into three separate parts: love/ hate/ time. Love exists, because it is the chosen path of those who find life and living desirable, within the elemental care and sharing of our, or my participation with you/ us. Hate exists, because it is the chosen path of those who find life harsh and unforgiving/ without a framework for happiness, or a hope that gives life value. Time as is survival, merely identifies the potential called freedom; and recognizes its most powerful trait is change. You CAN be, whatever truth allows you to be; within the associated environmental, mental, and physical realities that confine us all. Time is existence/ same for all. Life is distinctive, an individual experience; regardless of what “you did or did not receive”in body. Love is a desire that grows into the ascension called “ALIVE”. While hate descends into an every growing abyss; A WANT that cannot end, because nothing else of value in existence is left.
The fundamental question is then: WHAT is a staged development, in life, for the purpose of being alive? The answer begins with what is true! Nothing survives that is not true/ therefore the beginning of any and every journey is to accomplish what is true in you. To achieve that, you must learn what is not true in you; so that your life can be cleaned (removed) by all realistic methods possible; that do no one, including yourself, harm! We thereby illicit and learn that life and you; are not necessarily the same thing.
So the question is then: what is life/ and what is “I”?
The answer begins as a journey: life is something created in you; to find it, or define it, we must travel within ourselves to the distinctions which give us freedom. Therefrom we will find thought as an essence of that recognition life exists. “I” is not a journey/ but a truth identified by order, developed by discipline, balanced by love, and established by our own structural decisions which prove our purpose or desire by those consequences. We can ask, what is a structural decision? The answer is: created within the treasury of heart, the elements of love provide value/ while the consequences of hate, prove tragedies exist for the wrong answer. Thereby we are allowed the distinct learning tool, that is “an action begets a reaction”; to change and alter the possibilities of life itself. Whether good or bad, is up to you: therefrom we get “freedom”.

CHANGE constructs: that value must come first, before a direction will be achieved in life. When the correct values are formed and accepted, a reward of truth, peace, and happiness will form.
In contrast: When want controls the game of being human in time; tragedies will follow, because want will increase until overwhelmed by fantasies and failure/ hate will arise.

CHANGE REQUIRES: recognizing what has value, and accepting the path (individual moments) to clean out all those elements of humanity that placed obstacles between our lives and the truth of where we desire to be in society. Happiness is an earned value; its not for sale.

CHANGE UNDERSTANDS: at this time in human existence, we are so many people/ facing so many threats; that freedom has diminished, or we all go extinct. That was the decision of “university men (leaders)”/ and all who followed, as believers regardless of what they were told.
CHANGE INSISTS; we must all rebuild a different life on earth, because this one as built by men relies upon nature to fix, everything men failed at. Nature is being overwhelmed, and will soon collapse, never to exist again. That assumes the planet is not ignited in sun fire first. These are the choices men made. While they are consistent with every decision men have ever made throughout history/ the day is past, when “this world, and its life, will survive anyway”. Our world only dies once. Therefore any assertion “our world cannot die” is ludicrous/ only truth can keep a planet alive. Your failures, your lies, your fantasies, and your worship of “university knows”; are already convicted by law of killing this planet. What has been done, is already enough to exterminate our world. So the question is: WILL “GOD” Have mercy?
That, would depend upon you/ and what you do, in this reality of our time; which means your decisions & work, right now!
It is further noted: that an “intellectual” wars with words/ attacking governments, education, courts, and all forms of communication: with temptations, flattery, deceit, lies, treason, hidden hatred, and other forms of enticing behaviors and decisions that will affect his or her world in their own favor/ by changing your opinion of what is “right”.
The “poor man wars” with demands “listen to me/ THIS IS UNFAIR”. But offers little more than a reality of chaos; as in the law has never treated us fairly/ let us destroy the law, this society, and make our own rules.
The “Middle classes war” with the words: “I HAVE A GUN”! Recognizing there will be costs/ but believing, no other solution exists: therefore in the end, this will just have to be.
The “rich man wars” by hiding behind closed doors; and selling all others their chosen weapon against the rest. Commonly calling themselves “gods” instead of traitors; “cause we help those, who help themselves”. Ain’t that so!
The end result of war, is clearly identified in the middle east right now. The rich man gets richer, and then moves somewhere else. The middle class gets much poorer, and then spends the rest of their life trying to rebuild back to what they had before; if possible/ or they are adrift, family lost. The poor man believes; “life can’t be worse/ but is quickly proven wrong”. While the intellectual says: “Guns are wrong”/ listen only to us, we know everything! But as reality particularly in America proves today: the intellectual is realistically one of the greatest armies of destruction, ever conceived. They just hide it with words, until reality, by its truth; cannot be hidden anymore.
So, the question of change is: since war is absolutely “fruitless”/ and any major war will destroy all possibilities of rebuilding anything; therefore we all go extinct. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO INSTEAD? Can’t follow men, war is their answer/ it fails. Can’t follow university, they are responsible for 98% of all major threats ready to exterminate life and planet: a complete and utter failure, TO LIFE. Can’t follow the middle classes of men: they just want what they want, and refuse to do anything else unless forced. Which becomes war, because when confronted with reality: they stop believing in words (LIAR)/ and they DO then believe in guns (FOOL). Can’t follow the poor: they are too delusional, because they have been treated badly; therefrom forced to believe in war. Can’t follow me: I am NOT “your savior”.

That leaves the future with one simple solution; governed by three distinct demands. The solution is let women try, they can’t do worse/ than bring us to the edge of exterminating all life, planet, and even the solar system itself. THEY ABSOLUTELY CANNOT DO WORSE/ therefore let them try as a group, not an individual. ALL TOGETHER, AS ONE!
The three demands are: TRUTH must decide, not want. LAW must rule for justice, not pride. LIFE ITSELF, comes first/ NOT money.
Within these demands, a future can be resurrected; nothing less will do! It’s a fact, believe it or not. What you want is worthless/ reality now decides; because that, is what you chose!


The failure to recognize these truths, gives rise to the words: HELL WILL COME (no hope, no food or water, no law: cannibalism, to eat & blood to drink)/ ARMAGEDDON “IS HERE” (genetic mutilation, the poisoning of land, air, water, and sea: have brought us “the collapse of life as we know it”/ chaos will rule). & the APOCALYPSE (in every hand there is a gun, or a fire, or a bomb: in every mind “I am surrounded by enemies”/ none can be trusted, “kill first”. Water now, or die. But alas, “we have none for you”/ or we die! Etc, etc, etc) WILL NOT, be far behind.