change 237

The critical truth of our reality is: that we as a world of humanity, MUST change. Therefore the work of this purpose, is to investigate and determine the realities of threat. To isolate and identify, the fundamentals, and foundation events which applies to: what it means TO BE WRONG/ by not intervening in these threats. To critically examine and extrapolate the possibilities of change, and how that will affect our future. To fundamentally argue, and assemble the decisions that “we the people” of this world must make in our own defense. To communicate truth, by establishing realities of evidence. To engineer a vote, among women/ and then the world itself. To construct, the value of order in defining a future we can survive. To demonstrate change, as a value for human life. In addition: there must be a foundation laid, for the beginning of religious coalitions/ which means, you must find what makes you the same/ rather than different. So that, a mutual respect can occur: NO religious trappings allowed (no clothes/ no veils/ no icons, etc) here; Leave it behind. What begins this journey is: that all religion seeks to establish authority over women by men/ giving them power, over you. Change that. In addition: the laws which will govern world order and remove the massive military threat of men; across this globe MUST be made. The laws which will govern individual nations, by removing impediments to justice; MUST begin. The realities of environment, oceans, chains, life, energy, and all other natural existence: MUST BE RESPECTED, and so taught. Because these are the things which brought us life on earth. The reality of failure/ the disease of fantasy and delusions/ the insanity of mutilation/ the poverty of deception and “let the children pay”/ the consequences of age/ the value of love and marriage/ the expressions that allow for friendship, and grant peace/ the disciplines which emit harmony/ and RESPECT FOR GOD . Are all values which must be addressed and identified to change a world. The power of women is: THAT LAW, not physical force, can govern this world. But only if respect for reality, truth, miracles, love, and the courage to accept what we can do for life/ does exist. That foundation is up to you, to create. As men have let all of this “slid into an abyss”/ by wanting and taking more than this world will allow. That means literally: unless you can turn humanity toward love, friendship, tolerance, and values which save our planet and its life/ the end comes soon. This is not a game, pride is an enemy/ arrogance the disease of a fool, without a brain. Men have failed life, throughout history; by destroying environment, demanding over-population, simply wanting more, and stealing it. To enslave they created war. To control their fears, they created religion: a set of rules. To identify the reality of miracles, they did accept the creation of definitions by which they talked among themselves; but failed to proceed beyond their own wants. So the critical question is: can women do better? There will be “tests”/ just as men have had to experience them. Reality says, tragedies and catastrophes both personal and over wide areas shall occur. Which means: HOW you prepare, or fail to prepare matters. There will be “attacks on order, discipline, balance, truth, values, justice, law, enforcement, religion, and everything else selfishness wants. There will be lust, unless you accept change. There will be a few who want to destroy. There will be a few who demand: “I can be great/ IF, I just kill”. There will be times, which demand: either humanity must endure much, that they don’t want too/ or nature will be exterminated, & the future will be lost. Jobs are about resources. No resources, no job & no future for anyone. So critical choices must be made. Realities of life must be enforced, and that cultivates respect or hate. Separation is the primary method to remove hate: “let them build their own world order/ they will fail, and be lost”. Respect however is an element established through teaching/ by choices made. Therefore a PROPER education is essential: TRUTH decides/ not fantasy, theory, delusion, denial of reality, criminal contempt, or anything else that “university knows” is famous for. Did they not bring us here/ indeed “University, DID”. Along with all who worshiped, believed, or supported them. The problem is not the search for knowledge, or expressions in understanding. The problem is the corruption of values/ the manipulation of people/ the disease of disrespect/ the conspiracy to control and take MORE than you deserve/ the rebellion against democracy/ the tragedy of terrorism (you have NO right)/ the invasion of law/ the betrayal of justice/ the disgrace of pride/ purposes without dignity, discipline, or any definable element that supports life itself. Etc/ etc/ etc. That means: WOMEN MUST align themselves with more significant truth, than “lets make nature our whore, call it worthless, or make it a fight for pride”. Women MUST resolve NOT to accept: got a problem, “lets war”, like men. The foundation cause of WHY money has been translated as evil is: men give money the power to control society/ and then give that power to just a few men, who now decide everything; thereby enslaving the rest. That MUST change. The foundation of leadership, MUST be removed/ thereby opening the door for law itself to govern our world. We make the law, and keep it simple so each can understand/ means we govern ourselves! Simple as that. We control the courtroom, by removing the judge IF any true “bad behavior” occurs: simply and easily! Bad behavior begins with: “the constitution is evicted from this courtroom”/ as has been proven true in case after case; by James Frank Osterbur vs state or nation. Owning the courtroom: Means, we fight for our own justice, and establish our own society in peace and harmony; as best we the people can. Literally then getting “what we deserve, from our choices/ and our work”. We must control “the news”/ as anything less provides nothing but propaganda and manipulation. Which means: open the door, to everyone with a story of merit. Which means: WE OWN all the distribution methods/ and public participation; in selection of all but the most immediate need for reality understood. Will be decided by their vote. Which will then be published as communication for the masses: “We will decide”/ not just you. The list is long. Be it known, the work will seem endless/ until you actually begin to accomplish what can change the future of life on earth. Once you have begun, the realities of a future that has changed, will be cause enough to continue. Men have ruled this planet since they began; because someone had to fight for survival/ and someone had to raise the children, so there could be a future for human life. Today, our fight is between ourselves: to keep nature from dying, by controlling what men do, to survive. Today, the reality of our lives is WE MUST limit human population, or we all die/ because there is no true possibility, this can continue as we are doing right now. It is a fact, of our lives. You must find ways to respect each other. You must find ways to share, which requires friendship. You must establish love and life comes first, instead of money/ or you won’t care; which is essential to survival. You must separate hate, so as to find peace and harmony; giving our world, its chance to survive. You MUST RESPECT GOD ; CREATOR OF LIFE! It is that simple. If you fail to respect the realities of this work, this examination of “our truth” as humanity on this planet. You will fail to survive. Not because I say so; but because the evidence has already convicted you, of taking, being, and doing more than this planet can allow. “You know how to add: one plus one equals, too much”! Isn’t that right? If you never put anything back/ WHY would you expect to find anything after its all gone? Humanity returns extremely LITTLE, to life or earth: just the facts, like it or not. CHANGE or die. Its “your choice”/ TOO STOP, killing this world, or not. What is not your choice, is to return life to this moment in time; if you fail to correct everything you do wrong. More simply, there are no second chances left. Either fight for this world and all its life, “because you need them”; or you let your leaders and all who follow or refuse to be involved; destroy this world. Not a game. No time left; just the population explosion is enough to destroy/ atomic fire can ignite, making this planet a sun/ mutilating nature/ no water/ no food/ no future/ the destruction of money means war with weapons of mass destruction; etc, etc, etc. NO place to hide! Killing a world, is killing every life on this planet, including YOU.    Your “university experts/ allowed by media to propagate their delusions”; ALL SAY,  don’t worry/ just wait.  Translated that means, “just wait” until there is no chance to change the outcome, therefore we all fall into chaos, and our world will die.  You could call them, or those who arrange that,  “satan”/ because that is their choice: to kill a world, instead of protect it.   STOP LISTENING/ CHOOSE FOR BETTER, “than HELL”.  HOW, can you afford to wait and see, if the whole world dies/ or any part of it?  HOW, is that WISE, or to be valued as “expertise”!

None of that, has anything to do with me. I can’t stop it/ I can’t save you/ I haven’t caused it/ I don’t lead you/ I am not your enemy/ whether I live or die, it won’t change your truth. I AM, simply “the messenger”. The message is, “change or die/ no second chances left”. Your world has changed/ so now you must change! More correctly, humanity chose to change this world/ and now the realities assigned by laws which govern existence, SHALL be dealt with; or existence ends. WORK FOR LIFE FIRST, on earth. It is VERY important, for you too! FIND something you can legally do!  If you choose apathy/ then you choose death.  NOT a game.
IF you choose to say, nothing can be done/ THEN your decision is to die; ASSASSINATING the future. IF you say, THIS is too little or too late/ THEN you surrender this world, and all its life, and yourself; our world, will be lost. FIND another solution, if you believe you can: but I tell you true, time has run out. After a decade of work, looking for ways men might “change themselves” to save this world; it was absolutely clear, they cannot. THIS IS, the best they did do. Their, History is clear: “repeat/ repeat/ repeat”. Women CANNOT save this world either; but they can produce “different ways and means and ideas” which bring about laws which can save life on this planet. They can demand: STOP extreme experimentation. They can, do whatever it is they can do. It is their right, “TO TRY”!
Reality proves: YOU CANNOT, blame GOD for this example of what men and their brains will do. You cannot blame men, for the influences women have on them. YOU CANNOT blame GOD for your life/ if you don’t like it, you can die, and stop it! Regardless of the consequences you believe will occur; life is a choice. YOU CAN blame “university knows”/ for knowing too little, or caring not at all about life itself. YOU CAN blame men for their endless games, the consequence of which hold humanity hostage. YOU CAN blame women, but not for life; many are forced, or misled by religion. YOU CAN blame religion, because they didn’t care enough. Etc, etc; but what good would that do? Literally none. We stand at the threshold of chaos, for our world: YOU CAN refuse to believe that. BUT YOU CANNOT refuse the consequences of being WRONG. What is true, will rule your life/ the consequences humanity has created; will rule your death. It will not end, until all are gone. YOU DO, HAVE YOUR CHANCE; to recognize and investigate these threats that have been outlined more than sufficiently to express and understand: HUMANITY MUST NOT BE WRONG, IN ALL THESE THINGS. Because it will exterminate life on this planet. How is that not clear/ it most surely is so. Make your decision/ DO, whatever it is, that you can do. Remembering: “without the slightest doubt”/ if I was offering to make you a millionaire, instead of telling you to change. Only a tiny few, would figuratively, “not turn the world upside down” to get it; DOING whatever they could think of.   Or, if you prefer; with the smallest ack or pain/ you demand to swallow a truck load of pills: can’t take any chances. Or, as I have told you clearly; “YOUR Leaders/ and YOUR cult as is university knows” have failed you. GAMBLING THIS WHOLE PLANET AND ALL ITS LIFE! Which means, they are discarded; and humanity itself must now take charge of your future/ must accept the responsibility you owe life and child. Because there is no one else to blame; but you. You can communicate reality! That reality is, WE ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BE WRONG; with regard to any major threat. Nothing is more clear, than the simple truth: university is trying to ignite the same fire here, as is on the sun. YOU KNOW, that fire exists. YOU KNOW, that fire burns your skin in summer, FROM 91 MILLION miles away. And yet your extra special smart people say, “it will just extinguish itself”/ so we don’t have to care. There is no other plan/ or more simply it cannot be put out. Once ignited our world burns; and you know that is true/ when their theory is proven wrong. NO SECOND CHANCES, period! If this whole world, truly established by all these threats;  EVEN  PEOPLE GAMBLING WITH SUN FIRE HERE:   is not at least  important ENOUGH for you personally to care, and to act for LIFE COMES FIRST.   IF what happens when this goes wrong, proves to be true /  THEN you don’t deserve to live.   IF YOU cannot stand up and be recognized: AS A PERSON FIGHTING FOR   ALL LIFE   ON EARTH/    then, why should you live? WHY, must GOD care !  Just how it is!   FAILED MEANS:  YOU chose, to murder every child/ every future life/ even the solar system itself (with another sun);  and eternity will NOT forget!

I have received a “government death benefit statement” today. Reminding me, although there is no immediate concern/ the consequence of “finding an audience” is: that all those in power/ all those, who choose hate/ all those, too arrogant or proud to surrender what they want: in exchange for life on earth. ARE truly going to hate me soon, if you work for life. Because that means, “their game is over”. That means, the power to change this world, as in LIFE COMES FIRST/ not money; now exists.
That reality, is not likely to let me survive. Therefore make certain you are prepared to do, what is necessary for life and living on earth. With or without me, changes only what I can, or could have offered in support. Just so you know. That too, is not a game; reality and history support it as true. However, it is unlikely a problem at first; as none will believe such a thing could even be possible/ therefore absolutely without merit;  just for laughs. Once you prove to be honestly serious/ that will change. Or, “you just didn’t care”/ so the work is useless; soon we see for real!  We do all die, its just when and how, I cannot say I wish to be here when chaos takes over this world; not particularly important, either way.  IF you don’t care/ then I will stop.         Eternity is important!  Simply remember that fact, and do the best you can;  for life and planet;  none can do more.

This last inception of an opportunity to organize and establish yourselves here; is provided by “the female in me”/ it was her choice. “I” tried before.
As to the fact; organizing here (you can organize yourselves ANYWHERE),  is hidden in a few last links. I suggest to you, that at least a few follow this site; and if a “cat dancing video” or whatever that was: that got 2 million views across the world, a few years back/ in just two or three days. Then it seriously takes, only a tiny few, to spread the word: “we are in trouble as a world”.
Beyond that: more simply, the main page of this site, TRULY SHOULD BE, more than enough to cause humanity itself, to organize and say NO; to all extreme experimentation. If you can’t/ then  its because you won’t. Regardless the choice is yours/ I did DO, my job.  YOU have your chance!

People have spent forty years hiding, or running away, or just didn’t care enough/ or hating everything I say, because its not what you wanted. What has WANT, got to do, with catastrophe coming? Best wishes anyway.

James Frank Osterbur