changing life #5


The elements called identity!
These are: freedom, respect, courage, liberty, mercy, law, love, and desire. Critical to their understanding is the constant, that ties each together to build one single creation, within which each of us MUST participate as the Creator (after the gift) of ourselves. The constant is: that we accept LIFE is worth living.
It may seem “meaningless to some”/ that life must be accepted as having value on its own. But, there are many who do not accept this as true/ consequently suicide, hate, violence, and a variety of other tragedies occur because individual decision has not substantiated life; as a miracle to be cherished simply. Others use life to gain what they believe to be “a trophy”. While others abuse life, in a war, to believe “just one more step, just one more risk, just one more sexual act, just one more SOMETHING”; and I will have or be “the life I want to be”!
We then look to the elements: which mean, the building blocks which give us life, or our lives as an individual existence; and search for what can be a foundation for building our experience, and expressing our own choices.

We begin with FREEDOM, the critical time to create what we accept as our own destiny (I chose this) or fate (this is the result). The difference between a destiny and a fate is YOUR choices! Consequently freedom to make these choices, is a very important facet in who and why you are going to be, whatever it is you choose. Life has boundaries, respect has limits, courage bears “the cross” of life or death because of it, liberty shares the burden of making “every decision” by ourselves, mercy creates order back out of chaos, law discovers a different way, love blends the boundaries and limits of life with both heart & soul; while desire pushes us to conceive of a reality in which the essence of who we are is truly on display. In each of these freedoms, there is a decision to honor the purposes of what has value, not only to us/ but to every life on the planet, as well as environmental restraint or participation for what is good. OR, in contrast to life first/ there is want first, which then becomes a plague: creating choices with lies, human parasites, or foundations that will fail.
RESPECT is, a relationship that succeeds, because you chose to accept not only limits and boundaries, but the reality of where truth “lets you live” in comparison with the value of your work, and proven decisions for life itself, must come first. The value of respect is then a disciplined acceptance of where order understands: you are needed, and can benefit both yourself, and life itself. The value of respect in you, is to understand; your contribution to life itself has value, because of you and the life you chose to live.
COURAGE is the deliberate act, to confront a reality that threatens life. It is not for the faint of heart, rather courage achieves life expanded, by participating in “life itself is precious”. Or not only my life has meaning. Even so, that fact comes with the potential for death, and must then be evaluated for the critical truth of what will happen to the whole of what is to be done/ the reality of what will happen if I fail/ and the consequences which exist, if I don’t stand up for “a better world, than this”.
LIBERTY, the disciplined order that benefits society by controlling our existence as WE, the people. Choosing the law, which then governs our lives, our nation, and contributes too “our world”. Without knowledge this is impossible. But knowledge is neither good nor bad/ it simply exists, “just like you”. It is understanding that changes the possibilities of our time, and our existence, into something that we then create. Therefore the understanding that examines truth, and acknowledges by the evidence of our reality; does in fact serve us best. The liberty to believe however you wish, is an alteration of freedom/ a development in liberty: because no matter how “right/ or wrong” you are, someone else has a different view, and a different cause for changing direction. Therefore to get along, we must have liberty to decide as we the majority of people, granting independent freedoms to every individual: but limiting what can cause grief or damage to us all.
MERCY is a state of forgiveness, that exists because you first accepted the fact: “this DID turn out badly, for life or those beyond yourself, and DO admit to being sorry for that decision, and its consequences”. This expression of merit earned, because we ALL do make mistakes/ we ALL do error in different ways/ we ALL do learn in different ways, as best we can. Its when you quit learning, and refuse to understand; the choices you made prove: regardless of the consequences to everything but me. That no degree of mercy is given to you.
LAW, is the singular event in history, wherein change comes without true violence! Law understands the difference between living as we the people have rights, legitimate freedoms which shall be protected, and boundaries all agree provide stability, securities, and survival: and failure, as is criminal, political, governmental, and military assault. Law serves life first: by producing the critical elements of what our society shall be/ as decided by all of us. Therefore we know, and can respond ourselves, as a nation/ state/ or world by the understanding “we know, this is the law that governs you too”. Not just us or me/ regardless of position, bribery, or war!

LOVE elevates us each one, from beyond the limits time imposes, to achieve the very first glimpse of what “eternity shall be”. Not a measurement of time by its destruction/ but a reality shared as an experience, best expressed, with heart and soul.
DESIRE functions as our identity, and builds on love a destiny we create to conceive of what our individual relationships might be. What is true, is true; and that is fundamental to you. Therefore when truth has been established/ so then has your own “eternal habitation”. Regardless where that is, reality demands you shall not contaminate those who do better than you/ nor shall they enter your portion of the “world”; unless their own truth can survive it. So then “each, to his or her own”.

The deliberate act of choice, identifies truth. The foundation imprint of an action or reaction, identifies both passion and cause. The fundamental of love, hate, or survival; identifies desire or want. Therefore the critical passage of every human life is: decide, for yourself!