changing life and self 7


The last story line I provide in this attempt to teach humanity, what it must know to survive, and even return to thrive: is that no leadership will help. Unless there is majority agreement, that all the threats we face as a world, are true/ nothing of substance will be done. Therefore pointless, because humanity and therefrom all life on earth shall indeed fail/ and become extinct.
The value of teaching is identified in the biblical story of JESUS/ he only taught, HE never led. Leading means: to demand the others must do something, as decided by the few. Following means: you have no real choice/ thereby you must accept someone else decides for you. Knowledge says: democracy allows for “we the people” decide. Therefore understanding knows, that wisdom will allow for the laws we create, to rule ourselves. That reality of discipline through order, grants leading is NOT necessary, by anyone. Which means we all become responsible for this earth/ and what we have done, did do, and now repair or accept as its fate (the university decides): extinction over all this earth.

Reality states: that your mass media is extremely corrupt/ never once doing what the “free press” was designed, and demanded “it’s a duty” for you to do. Which is protect this nation, this world, this state, this people, this democracy, life, reality from lies, securities from fraud, theft from governmental employees, military attacks without substance, corruption in the courtroom (traitors in action, casting aside constitutional law), the anarchy through rebellion of “university knows”/ against democracy itself. Critical rebellion making themselves “our government”. And worst of all: gambling with our entire planet and all its nature mutilated; because the worst leaders who have ever lived, decided to play god. NOT A SINGLE WORD, in our defense/ is not only a failed press, but traitors among us, guiding all to their death.
Unfortunately, its not just them; as throughout this nation called America: the endless chant “university knows”/ has been drilled into the children, and forced upon the adults with religious zeal. The universities taking control over every classroom/ every religion/ every media source, and every possible means of communication; which does include tempting every child to be a “university graduate”: so they can be so far indebted to the university, that the majority shall never be free. A slave for life. A religious cult formed, because the universities have taken over banking/ industry/ government/ media/ religion/ and everything else that sustains a job, thereby survival in what is called “the civilized world”. And all the adults say: DON’T LET THE COUNTERFEITING STOP/ WE CAN’T FACE OUR OWN TRUTH. Therefore go ahead, and sacrifice every single child on this earth. Its called cowardice.

The consequence is, when dealing with a cult (you cannot question a leader) so entrenched in society itself/ the only way forward is to confront the cult leaders, and question them with truth. To confront the zealots of that religion with what happens, when reality comes. To confront the people with their own truth. And to confront the children with the very loss of their own lives, their own world; far short of old age. If reality and truth cannot break through the religion of university knows: with honesty and a purpose that is far greater than exterminating the world. Which is to save it, through teaching the message: we cannot let this happen/ YOU must wake up!
So every question of life or death hinges upon those who find this message and distribute it for themselves. Every element of teaching, is fundamentally a demand: YOU MUST THINK FOR YOURSELF! That of course is the complete opposite of everything that confronts us all, everyday. So how do you think for yourself?
The answer is: stop believing everything you are told. Toys and trinkets are not enough. Reality by its truth, must lead our lives. The fundamental evidence of what is real, and proven to be true: knows a definable future. By understanding what happens when “this” goes wrong! Answer the question, and you can think for yourself.

As for me: I have fought for you for forty years and even more/ a reality that no longer asserts control over my life. Even so, the death of an entire world exterminated; because they believed in fantasy, and let fools control their lives, and their world; is just too much destruction to let happen, without a true fight to the finish. You cannot stop the destruction with violence/ it won’t work. Only law, a reality and a relationship shared by all of humanity can give us the power, to control our own future/ and bring back life to this planet. You are functionally even now “eating next years seed supply” to keep yourselves alive and happy. Ask any farmer: what happens if you eat the seed, for next years crop. Whether it’s the ocean/ or the resources for a job/ or the air you breathe: when its too late/ nobody lives. If not world war three with all weapons of mass destruction/ it will be the collapse of nature itself. If not a sun fire ignited on this planet to consume us all/ it will be a tremendous horror from all sides, as our very drinking water supplies, fail us all. Etc/ etc/ etc.

I require a sign, that you are still alive. Because if you are already dead inside, and cannot resuscitate yourselves to investigate, and examine the facts: BEFORE we pass the point of no return! Regardless of my desire for you to live/ the fight is clearly over. Our world will die! So says the truth. Significant educational information, elemental and functional wisdom have been established. Realities have been shown through internet links and more. Enough to say and prove: THIS IS NO GAME. Fight for your world, or you will be very sorry you didn’t; even unto death for us all.
Because you just didn’t care enough, the cult of university knows; owns your soul.

Simple and plain; James Frank Osterbur