changing ourselves


Critical to the elevation of life, beyond simple survival; and all the tragedy created by arrogance and a lack of respect, as becomes hatred. Are the fundamentals.

1. Discipline is the search inside to isolate cause, identify direction, constitute relationships, and assert possession. These four elevations from simple existence construct the environment that becomes our behavior/ OR, you remain “simply animal”.

2. Courage illicits the foundation upon which we build an identity for and within ourselves. Without courage, the critical mass of environmental sludge (the failure of want & fear) becomes overwhelming and you lose your ability to fight for yourself. Fight means: I have established a boundary, and set limits beyond which you may not go, without meeting resistence from me. This creation of time, in which we become the owners of ourselves, works to refine honor, dignity, intensity, and passion. The value of these cannot be underestimated. But they are NOT as humanity assumes.

Honor exists as the meaning attached to a useful act or reaction in defense, or support of life; that did not require “excessive persuasion”.

Dignity is the meaning applied to: the search for life beyond self, as is participation in the miracle of honest freedom (true to life itself).

Intensity is: the value accepted in all relationships that lead us to the value within ourselves, all life, and each other.

Passion is: the value assigned to love, that grants the freedom to express and experience ourselves and each other, without limits or boundaries that are excessive or unwise.

3. RESPECT itself is an elevation from survival, into the essence of elements that represent the miracles of everything nature, planet, life, and GOD truly are: as best we can! There were no elements of Creation (the knowledge and clear understanding: NO MAN did this/ NOR did any other excuse. THOUGHT IS EVIDENT, and so is love for this world), corrupted. Life corrupts itself!

4. TRUTH illustrates, the participation we give to our experience, and isolate the path of our expression: to form the gates through which our lives shall be measured, or earned.

These four, form the anchors which govern the elevation of life.

We add to them, the following three descents, which take away the value of living, and form death; to the soul.

5. HATE: to judge, and then condemn, because you want too/ no law allows it, thereby you chose to play god/ or it would not exist.

6. FEAR: to identify what you do not wish to lose, endure, or share. Therefrom intimidation leads to bargaining, and bargaining leads to letting someone else be harmed because of what you chose to do.

7. Power/ pride/ want/ lust/ jealousy/ and greed are all “one in the same thing”. Each is a purpose to enlarge self, and destroy equality so that you may gain more for yourself. Each leads to isolation, and the drawing in of life “behind closed doors” so the others cannot see, thereby lies erupt.

Within the elements that form life on earth, are the corruptions of lust. Lust means: “you are not important to me/ I simply, WANT to use, your body”! Chemical developments allow for lust to invade: those who would elevate themselves/ but are commonly distinct, only in the descent of people, from life into “hell”. Therefrom we examine the religious elevation of heaven/ and the religious descent of humanity into hell: as the consequences which arise either in the passages which lead let love lead us into “heaven (life beyond ourselves, through values which give, or reveal: everything desireable)”. OR, as the consequences of fate dictate: YOU SHALL go, where the possibilities of reversing your decision are minimal or non-existent. Trapped by your own devise and decision “into hell (cannot be changed)” on earth.

To assemble and assert “VALUE”: means, the relationship we share with this experience, expression, or thought; has given true meaning to life. Or more specifically, within what we value, are the definitions which seek eternity. That becomes the path which leads to soul: as time proves our desire is to learn about “who are, true Creator is”.

To fall from value, and exercise the freedom to remove oneself from the dimensions of life which create value. Comes the existence of UNHAPPINESS, as is proven by the willingness to judge someone else, and measure them worthless; on your own way to complete failure. Unhappiness is: “time has measured me a loser”! Therefrom power takes over, to assert and assemble, “I CAN” be “god”/ if I control their lives. Even if secret, I will know it is true, therefrom violence exhibits, manipulation expresses itself, temptations argue, and fear used will find a life to invade.

In contrast, is “HAPPINESS”: the value added, when all measurements fade into extinction/ thereby allowing the freedoms of life itself to expand and be released as your contribution to existence. To understand: there is nothing of “man or woman, and what they can or cannot do”/ even remotely equal to the reality of body, life, freedom, and love. Is to accept, the inherent value of existence itself is a miracle so extreme, that all by “myself” I am a creation from the evidence of “GOD” was here. To acknowledge JESUS as someone superior, rather than simply a human being: is to understand and accept “the evidence of GOD, still cares”/ has in fact been elevated to trust. Happiness then becomes: “I AM, a child of GOD”/ I AM, capable of finding eternity through GOD. I AM, more than I could ever create within or by myself/ as are every miracle found in this existence. Why should I be sad?

That brings us to the realities of this day, and the foundations which are reasons created by humanity: for us all “to be sad (we did this to ourselves)”.

The cancer of sewage, as provided by university arrogance & its leadership/ (all contributors); and all their related tragedies combined, as is our time on earth. Literally leave no alternative to the future: other than, horror/ terrors/ extermination/ chaos/ disrespect/ and disgrace. That means change this, or die! The consequence of this is: that the cult of “university knows” has now changed into the occult of university does not care.

Here we examine what occult actually means: “to live, work, and lie (fantasies included)” with a secret agenda. Or more specifically: when proven, by the refusal to stop what has extreme risk for all life on earth/ the change is made from the religious, “we should be gods here”. To the much more sinister: we are gods (let them be our slaves) here on earth/ so long as none see what we truly do; has occurred. NOBODY can stop us, from doing what we want to do!

The ignition of atomic fire (earth becomes a sun)/ the mutilation of all nature with chemical contamination/ the destruction of all resources/ the devastation of oceans/ changing the climate/ destroying economies by counterfeiting money/ weapons of mass destruction/ overlooking and claiming “no problem” to over-population/ crucifying life by mutilation, and its consequences/ destroying every water supply/ creating “super-diseases” through antibiotic abuse/ causing people to “believe a gun is their only answer”/ controlling propaganda/ destroying democracy (the removal of constitutional law in a courtroom)/ mass extinction/ destroying food chains for life/ ending pollination/ and more. Facts that Establish with certainty: that “university knows” is an occult.

Like all realities of human existence, all are NOT alike. However with certainty, the net effect of university leadership IS THESE THINGS, and all the trouble they represent in our own near future: as cannibalism/ life ending war/ horror/ terrors, and what can only be described as “ true HELL coming to this earth”. Because of what leaders did or did not do, and what all their followers allowed/ and what media propagation of lies, failure to inform, communication of fantasies as valid, the hiding of theft, refusal to acknowledge rebellion in progress, the lies, and everything that threatens to exterminate our world, and ourselves can be found in what humanity chose to do; or was not allowed to stop. Because the powerful and proud said “NO”.

COMMUNICATION reveals: with certainty, there is no future for life on earth: because of all the threats so plainly in evidence today. That means, there are NO EXCUSES, for not being involved in the restructuring of human participation on this planet. MORE SIMPLY: WITHOUT CHANGE, NOBODY LIVES; we all die.

So the question of this site is: WHAT, are YOU going to do, for life?

Courage is required/ because fear, brought you this far.

Make your decision/ there is no going back.