changing self

CHANGING SELF; the layering must come off! “to feel alive”!

“the introductory lesson”

The mental psychology of male and female is entirely different/ yet the same. More distinctly the differences between male and female are illustrated as a crossroads. What is male “lets say” travels from north to south/ while what is female travels from east to west. They go a different direction, because they are a different description of life. Body elements agree.

Just as roads cross each other, but cannot continue then in the same direction; men and women cross paths, intermingle, and continue on their journey. The critical question of this interchange is: why, do male and female travel in different directions, to a different destiny/ when humanity itself, seems “to inherit, the same life; do we not all live together here/ do we not die similar deaths/ receive similar births/ eat similar or same foods; etc”?

The obvious answer is: while male is given the job of securing survival, as in food, shelter, protections; when paired with female. Female is given the job of securing a future for life itself, as in raising & birthing children. These are: vastly different realities over time. Consequently a different perception of destiny exists, and a relationship is achieved only when our intersection supports the path we have both taken. In reality, “men must be men/ and women must be women”: so the environment between us (the roads taking us apart), becomes a circular path, so that only by true desire; we meet, and meet again. But only in the moments nature will allow. The environment between roads of a different direction, can be very large, or a narrow angle, giving the opportunity for much greater interactions. Either way, as time goes by, they separate into their own destinies/ as each path (I choose) or road (the herd decides/ I cannot) offers a dramatically different life. Some assert, “I am not/ cannot/ will not be: what nature demands”. While these desire a different destiny, reality states: nature is always correct/ because nature gives us each one distinctly, our life in time.

These are differences, that cannot be changed/ unless you get caught in a spiral out of control, by an environment that shifts. This is a spiritual element, far beyond “extremely rare”.

We now look at layering/ the planes of human endeavor & decision/ that separate themselves into the boundaries and limits we provide within ourselves, as the protection we deem necessary to survive/ or attain what we want.

Layering can be assessed as a “wall” erected, primarily to hide behind. In contrast, each identity has the opportunity to remove walls they create, and become “visible, as true self”; to the outside world. This is called anchoring/ because no matter who we are, in this world: some protection is needed. When revealed to the world, you are subject to every attempt humanity gives to make you change. The reasons people attempt to force change are: “you CAN’T have more than me/ I won’t let you, have what I want to have/ no one gets to be equal, or better than me/ I hate you/ and I can make you my slave, thereby using and abusing as I desire”. These are not “friendly demands”/ and as such they require anchors to resist, particularly when a mob appears.

Anchors are: “everything true has a cause, that represents a law which will be kept by universal decree”. Knowledge gives me the power to make my own decision/ but understanding keeps that decision safely anchored to what is true. Wisdom isolates the foundation of what I desire, and gives purpose to my life: thereby the right, to make my own decision regardless of your attack.

Layers or walls, establish there is “a fear”. Every fear has a price, it is “you lose something”. Walls erect themselves, whenever & wherever, you have lost “that something”. A layer recognizes the reality of numerous walls, being erected between yourself and what you fear/ so as to insure “better not take any chances”! OR, to that fear: STAY AWAY! It is layering that gives fear its “personality” or substance. One fear (wall) says: I was injured. Many walls or fears say: “someone or something, is out to get me”/ and I must be afraid, so “my guard” against that, never goes away. So now you have created a “second personality”; within yourself. One that attacks you/ and one that defends you: because something went wrong, and you don’t want that to happen again. Every fear is independent of another fear; consequently with wide ranging fears: “you get multiple personalities”.

Removing fears, reveals the life inside leaving it vulnerable to everything fear can be. Consequently there must be anchors/ or there will be losses, that are hard to survive. There are reasons fear exists. That fact establishes the reality, there must be anchors, for every identity that becomes alive! Being alive means: “I need not/ I will not fear, or hide, anymore”. Giving a view of life itself, by entering within soul.

First we consider fear, and the realities which conceive of “an enemy”.

  1. I will be bodily harmed/ the punishment will be bad/ I am without protection.
  2. I will be “mentally sacrificed”/ depression will overwhelm me/ I cannot get a grip on my life anymore: fear has taken hold of me.
  3. My life in time will be altered, nothing I desire will remain/ death lurks behind every corner & I cannot find peace, harmony, or happiness anymore. These were stolen.
  4. Following a leader who lied, has caused me GRIEF/ I cannot depend upon what I believe anymore; therefore I have died inside, and cannot rise again; to be, or to share: “what I want to be”.
  5. Being a leader has caused me GRIEF/ what I believed has been proven wrong; and I am without direction. Lost in a world that no longer cares.
  6. There is a tragedy waiting for me, “with violence in hand”/ I cannot escape the essence of my fear: which is “no one loves me enough”/ to make life worth living.
  7. There is horror, in the chaos I see coming; I cannot escape it, even in death. Because what is terrible, now has a life of its own inside. I cannot control it, because this “personality: owns my fear”.

IN CONTRAST, the anchors which keep us alive, are more distinct.

  1. EVERY form of life, every body of living existence: is a pure and plain miracle. It can be explained in no other way/ because NOTHING here among us, or of this planet; can build life.
  2. GOD: a description of our CREATOR, is elemental to the values and creation of thought, within ourselves/ within all life on earth. Because thought is evident and true, plainly proven by examples in the complexity of life itself. It is clearly and without doubt: NOT an accident or any other excuse. Life is truth expressed in thought.
  3. We are free, a consequence of being able to conceive of a definition or direction, and then accepting the decision to participate in life, or not. Nothing is more eloquent than our ability “to think” for ourselves.
  4. JESUS: is a description of time displaced (life stops “to think”), to prove Creation and Creator does exist/ and has not abandoned life on earth. HIS TEACHING of “love”/ and all that has value or truth, exists as the second most powerful anchor ever achieved.

Time then is a measurement of what we accept, defend, or lose to the realities of what we fear/ and why. The critical core of living, and being alive therein: constrasts that measurement, with what we value, desire or achieve as love treasured within our soul. Therefrom soul comes to mean, the relationship we cherish “with GOD”. That soul, then participates with life in time as a value, and a participation; presented by GOD, on earth.

The existence of a spiritual world, elevates our understanding of what time cannot be: “pure, by its simple truth”. Therefrom death is not “simply stepping into heaven or hell”/ but constructs a dimensional development, that must be “walked”: to determine your place. What is true will decide, where the essence of life itself may go.

Questions exist as to the essence of life; what/ why/ etc. I need not answer them, “its not my job”.