changing society

CHANGING SOCIETY; the power of men dissolved/ the reality of truth identified.

Consistent with our time, is the fundamental definition: UNLESS we can afford to be wrong/ only truth can rule our lives. A multitude of threats, each significant enough to cause our own extinction, create a reality that proves: ONLY truth can lead. As best we can! That foundation of living, is supported not only by the disasters that have been established from “university experts”/ but by the reality of a population explosion, and all that comes from “men just take whatever they want, without regard to the future”. For their to be “life” in the future; these things must stop! Not a game, either you assassinate all life, and every child: OR you will change by whatever truth demands we now must do instead.

Biblical religion says: a new world would include “every ocean disappears”/ but as with all prophecy, it is not literal! More distinctly, WATER is the power of life, to continue living, and to build a new generation. Therefrom when the ocean (the greatest body of water) disappears, it means that men (rulers throughout history) will lose their power over this world. A description used to dispense the endless assumptions of religion; even though, it is as a reality, to be proven true.

So the critical question is not, “what to do about men, and their constant decisions to: go to war”. BUT, what can we do as a society of life, to change our road to destruction/ into a path by which we can all survive?

That answer comes in five distinct parts, and two subliminal decisions (the reality exists/ even if they cannot be seen).

  1. an undercurrent of truth, and the passion to demand we cannot be wrong/ grants time. It is required, or we die very soon.
  2. A critical definition of RESPECT, not only for GOD/ but for life and planet MUST come forth, to lead us into knowledge (thereby ascend in truth), and therefrom grow in trust. To redefine understanding without theory, fantasy, delusion, insanity, religion, or other failure of men and their universities.
  1. Elemental to every discussion about life and society, are the three rules of diplomacy: A) Justice means: what is applied to me/ is applied to us all equally. B) government means: what is required of me/ is required of us all. C) Fair means: I did do my share, I accepted my responsibility/ and I do deserve the same reward as all others.
  2. Elemental to every argument regarding justice, is constitutional direction. A foundation that leads us, a reality that explains us, and a previous decision we all agreed to accept as our government, and its purpose through our own desires.
  3. Elemental to government intervention: are the means used to identify and create a decision. NOT the corrupt and perverted babble of university driven politics/ as is today. But a clear and deliberate building, of every question and its answer. Thereby: conceiving of the structure necessary to make society ascend beyond itself (selfishness/ etc), so that peace and harmony will bring happiness to all.
  4. Elemental to the demand for FAIR PLAY: are the foundations which deliver participation in government, through the courts/ by distributing all judgment and its trial, into the hands of WE THE PEOPLE. So that any judge or other involved in litigation as is the “arm of the law”/ will be found “HONORABLE, to their own oath to us”. OR they will be removed, and/ or punished as is proven a necessary reality. No examples made/ your own reality decides!
  5. Elemental to the reality of human beings, are the many versions who all believe “I am right”. The consequence of truth is: if you stand to say “I am right, there must be rules”/ then you go to trial to prove you are not wrong, and merely taking away freedoms. The people themselves will decide (a rule), where liberty ends/ but the constitution will decide what freedom truly is (a law). You will live it, and adapt/ without being forced. Which simply means: those who demand “things we cannot accept”/ must live in an area, where the majority agree. They must accept the burden of their ways, and pay the consequences: NOT my bill, for what you choose to do/ its yours.

These are then fundamentals of truth in society, and represent the decisions where trust may be born. The power of democracy, not men (I want what I want): then rules! The power of a constitution, then controls the employees/ by public participation over them. NOT a vote for someone to vote for me/ BUT MY OWN VOTE, directly on the realities that will or do affect my own life.

Critical to happiness in society, are the tools which give us our chance to improve life and gain a position, and a possibility which frees our own time, to be “whatever I desire to be” as an independent life!

That tool is “limited capitalism”: wherein we all decide for ourselves, by independent vote/ what is fair for any one person or group to attain in power and control over our lives as a society. To choose for ourselves, what is appropriate pay for work/ or appropriate reward for creating work, per year/ with the distinctions in property claims we apply: are all consistent with equal treatment under the law. NOT the same/ but fair, according to what you did do: as chosen by society itself!

Critical to happiness in society, are the tools which establish our chance, to participate in friendship, marriage, respect, achievement, adventure, and all aspects of love, courage, and life through discipline.

That tool is order: the responsibility to recognize what is required/ when it is time to participate, or not/ who is, or who has the courage to believe in you/ understanding why not, or when it is appropriate to ask why/ honoring life by teaching how/ and creating the stability of where can I go, “to learn for myself” as best I can. The university has proven to be incapable, and is abandoned. Those in society who have proven they do know how to do these things; are given the right to teach, regardless of any diploma (we acknowledge: this one mimics and does, whatever we say).

Critical to happiness in society, are the tools which build a discussion of life and eternity, and all things in-between.

The historical value is religion. You will gather the evidence of each one, and participate with each other to recognize and identify, “the best, of each one/ that can be conceived of as: important to us all”. The occult that is “university knows” is abandoned/ failed, by their own fantasies and delusions.

Critical to happiness in society, are the tools of work; which give us our opportunity to share in the responsibilities we must care about to survive. To achieve an alternate value, respecting the ability to do or decide this for ourselves.

The tools of work are: with ability comes reward/ reality decides/ people are not “expendible”/ toxins have a cost/ reuse, rebuild, recycle are required/ accept your responsibilities or be moved/ the needs of a planet, are more important that money/ and the requirements of life itself for this planet must be met, even if it limits what people can do. Where robotics take jobs, they will be eliminated. Where toxins limit or compromise reasonable health, robotics will be used first. Computers shall not govern our lives, and that includes all forms of electronics and the people who inflitrate our existence (such as NO ADVERTIZING to children is allowed/ NO advertizing for medicines or any other method to promote hypochondria is allowed/ NO allowance for entertainment or fear in media communication will exist: the job of the press, is to protect the nation; not propagate delusions). Etc/ etc/ etc.

Critical to happiness in society are the tools of healthcare: which do give us the opportunity to survive a limited attack, or ease the cost in pain and suffering; of dying.

Those tools are: NO MORE EXTORTION, we will govern the business of healthcare ourselves. The day of “we set our own prices” is over/ because that is what “healthcare professionals chose”. We will OWN ALL MEDICINE, as there are NO MORE PATENTS available to this work. Rather you will sell “an appropriate proven invention to the nation”/ and the nation will decide what is your reward. Thereby all medicine will be contracted out, bidders will be selected: and the price set accordingly. REALITY STATES: we cannot afford endless payments to the dying! It is simply a fact of life. You will not steal, what your children need in their lives. Simple as that, which means: as a nation you will decide what is appropriate for each “this need”/ and all will surrender to its consequences. TRUTH aligns: that medical experimentation on children is neither wise nor acceptable/ unless it is absolutely clear, this did benefit the child, and did not steal their last days with pain and foreboding. There will be a statistical evaluation, along with clear and deliberate investigations from the parents and all involved: ESTABLISHING what is true. What this cost. And if society itself, will allow that to go forward or not.

Critical to happiness in society are, the tools of policing.

Those tools are: NO you may not use lethal force/ IF, the opportunity to use less exists. Therefore a change from lethal bullets, to a combination of rubber bullets (rarely will that not be enough) followed by lethal bullets shall be used. Each round being more harsh than the last. NO you may not charge the public for assuming “just because a police officer is involved”/ that they are more valuable than the public: every life is equal/ until hate proves it is not so. You may however volunteer for that work: you chose the job. Other than behavioral issues and stupidity in general, the common public citizen is highly influenced by what was NOT justified in their own existence. The consequence of that is: rules are not necessarily enough/ and every penality that is financial SHALL BE developed as a percentage of income, or a reality of investment and its ownership (the rich shall not go free). So that every financial penalty shall indeed be the same for each individual. The list is long.

Critical to happiness in society are, the tools, utilities, etc; which transport us from one place to another/ and support our needs as life.

The tools of transportation are required to change/ as is society itself: because the loss of oxygen CANNOT be tolerated; or soon NONE OF US will breathe! It is not a choice/ which means, we must make the correct decisions in support of life and society. The list is long.

The tools called utilities: are water, which we CANNOT allow to disappear in any location/ THEREBY choices and enforcement SHALL BE MADE to insure the levels of water we need, do not disappear. Even if it costs you! Life comes first. You will however seek solutions, and support the costs of removing trouble.

The tools generating electricity, are critical to society; which means we must do what is required to limit and control the realities we cannot endure. Climate change is particularly problematic due to air-conditioning/ therefore changes will be made: without exception. Nuclear power plants will have their boilers examined for stability, and changes for safety will be made. Energy useage will be integrated where possible; etc/ etc/ etc. INSULATION is mandatory, along with NO excessive energy usage will be allowed. The list is very long.

Foundations for life, are not choices/ they are needs!

One of those foundations is: that insects are a primary base line food source which starts and controls all “upper level life”/ LOSE THEM, and you will lose way more than you bargained for! That fact along with endless pollution and all its consequences demands: agriculture will change. The list is long: etc/ etc/ etc.