Discipline states: the voice is an instrument of the wind, as it carries only as far and as long as sound creates. While the written word, alters that through its endurance: to become whatever life will do with the words, be it one or a billion or more. It is then, whatever it will be.


In the realities of being human: there are two basic philosophies of life. That family is whatever you accept it to be/ OR, family is the life and relationships we are born into. Each decides for oneself.

Where responsibility resides, the foundation is very simple: we cannot throw this one away. Where acceptance is real: the answer is, the value we exhibit identifies the relationship; regardless of the circumstances in any “single moment of decision”.

The righteous all say: “I know/ nothing, could defeat my righteousness; because my knowledge comes like god in me”. Therefore I can’t be wrong: more simply, judged and dead/ if you don’t agree, with me. Realities of life, etc: are irrelevant.

Those who are alive inside, do not judge. Because judgment means: I have measured you, to be less than me/ even worthless, by my own demand. That fact opens the door to hate. Hate opens the door to hell! Therefore every judgment is a descent, into your own personal chaos. To be alive inside requires one simple conclusion: our relationship to life, is literally our relationship to GOD. How could that be less? How, could GOD need you, “to defend HIM”? Only an absolute fool, would believe: “GOD, is not GOD ( as in, he must be defended)”. As is the assertion, I must defend “god”; which then means by translation, “you are greater than, your god”. Only idiots and the dead live there. GOD is GOD; which means without error or need or weakness! What we can choose to defend, is our own testimony; as to the life and value we find in life itself/ a gift of GOD, granted to each one; including you, and me. Anything beyond that is not true; because GOD is more than we will ever conceive of, or imagine.
Religion, is whatever men wanted it to be, or modified it as; with a few moments of insight, among those who survive. Or, destroyed from life; because that is not what they wanted their lives to be. Which does make “want”, the basis of failure in men, and their religions.
As a person once said to me (something like this): after I suggested, it would be healthier for you to lose weight! The demand was: I HAVE A RIGHT, to do or eat whatever I choose! To be healthy or fat or thin or whatever it is, IS MY OWN RIGHT/ because its my life.
The question is: who can argue with that/ it is true. YOUR life, is your life! No one has the right to say it is not so/ your time, and your decision, are your own! Even if led by others, you still followed, thereby making it your own! Just as reality itself dictates: your eternity is a reality of YOUR OWN decisions, your own choices/ not anyone else’s. Regardless of that: no one has the right to judge/ only the law of life as expressed and proven in society, that is fair and just; may judge. Only then: When it is absolutely necessary. Because the one certainty of our existence is death. Death, then judges us all. Whosoever finds in eternity happiness or hell, does so, because GOD GAVE MERCY/ or, hate consumed you from a relationship with GOD by your own truth.
What is true, has NOTHING to do with what you want, or believe, or accept! What is true, is a foundation upon which all laws of life, are proven to have value. Laws of life govern the universe/ they are not “the words, or language of men”.