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The legal right called redress of grievances, a first amendment constitutional law: literally gives power to the people. They are, “the most powerful words ever written, about government”. Because they hold the legal right formed by law: to bring our leaders into court, and make them prove they obeyed their oath to us. A requirement for the job/ which holds penalties at our option. It is the law that rules/ it is the constitution that is “government”: NOT our employees. That means, “it is your option to use that law/ and enforce it: as our democracy provides”! This development in government, proves “WE THE PEOPLE, are owners here”! Not merely slaves, but equal partners in our own nation.

the disciplines of trial are simple: let the law decide! OR, the law fails, and it is traitors that exist instead.  The fundamental called justice, resides in the practice of fair play/ which elementally includes the description of mercy, when properly applied.  The sitting judge represents the law, a jury in the courtroom:  IS intended to insure each member is treated with respect, equality, and fair play:   as democracy itself is applied.  That is their job, and there is no other.

US Supreme Court 11-100,
The Appendix
US Supreme Court Case 08-1339,
The Appendix
Extra-Ordinary Writ 2023,
First Filing
Illinois IRS           My Reply    IRS 8-1-12    My Reply       IL IRS        My Reply 9-7-12    IL Irs runs away
Illinois IRS Retruns , Tax Revolt
Certified Mail, In the Superme court 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 , 8 From the court , IL Superme court 1, 2
In the US Tax Court Case 11108-12L 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,13, My Response Last Order And again. And again. Yet again, Letters from the IRS
In the Illinois supreme court.
lawsuit against the IRS: Trial Preliminaries, Phone conference.Proof Of Service. The expectation I have no rights in court.  My reply  Motion for Judgment, Motion for Limine, Judge Text Order. Maile NOT government rulers, you are employees: “we don’t owe or pay, for failure”. Motion and summons filed. Argument Begins, Motion to Dismiss 2257, Motion to Dismiss 2257 Response US Attorney Lewis, Plaintiff reply to Lewis. Defendant replies, Plantiff Responds. 12-20-10.Amended Complaint Motion to Dismiss , Amended Complaint Fight The IRS sends “hate mailBalance sheet Motion To Clarify Plantiff Response for clarity Denied Response , Motion Dismissed , Trial Denied Judgment Received June 7th
VS IRS &, “the judiciary” : 2257 report and recommendationUS appeal by Osterbur.  Next:We begin to incorporate US supreme court 08-1339. Cowardice and desertion. “Let the law, close in Case 11-1639 ”. Case fBegins Weakness and Failure, 2257 Objection Response
Rule To show Cause, Response To Show, News Mailed 112 Call for Docket, Docketing Statement. De Novo Trial, 11-1639 Do Or Die , Order 4-12-11, 11-1639 Order Refused Order 4-22-11 , Hide The Evidence Preview , Appellate Response
The preliminary versions. We turn now, to the realities of a courtroom that is tyrannical and without honor;   the US supreme court (a preliminary view) News Version.
US Supreme Court 2 US Supreme Court 3 “the possibilities of democracy arise” A writ An Appendix , Order of the Court Word Count District Court, Appellate Court.
Lawsuit Against Illinois IRSCircuit Letter For Proof Supplement to Brief 853 Subpoena’s Amended Complaint Proof Of Service Signatures
Defence Attorney Appears Plaintiff Response Proof Of Service Attorney General Response My Response.Hearing , treachery Plaintiff
Hearing Quesitons Courtroom 230B Words for CourtDismissed, Transscript.
Trial 11-2111 District Difanis  Court Transscript 11-2111 Argument and Memorandum Does Not Exist Sanctions Reply to Sanctions
Judge Recuses himself, Difianis Letter Response. Without exhibits Motion to Dismiss   reply to motion to dismiss, reply to motion for sanctions Joshua Letter Without exhibts Federal Santions , Tax RevoltMy motion to suppress & for sanctions Court Docket , Motion for Judgment , Defendants responce to suppress/judgment , Reply support for sanctions and for judgment Order and Judgment.
Filed in the IL state Supreme court:  “A Health Care Case” Appellate GEN # 4-10-0679 Petition.Resend Their reply/ mine will come soon.
State Supreme court Appellate Case Proof Of Service ISSC Notice Initial Filing, Instanter Motion Proof And Notice,
Proposal in the alternative, Affidavit Case Number 111868
, Motion allowed, BriefPending, Critical Concepts , Times up
Court Says Denied , My Response Not Filed
the dam begins to leak slightly as corruption, contempt for the law, and conspiracy appellate court 1414 Osterbur v. Provena transcript, appellate proof Appellee Stay Denied, Motion to dismiess Nancy, Plantiff Response For DismissalClerk Denies. Appellate Court 09-10-2010, Letter from court. Docket, Docketing Statment Defendant Appears Court Filed 10-18-2010, Plantiff Replies Amended Complaint Dismissed Appellate Court Apology
Grain Elevator Trial 10-MR906 potential trial looms. Step 2 , Warning subpoena’s
906 Supplement to brief Amended Complaint Proof Of Service OSHA Responds , Response to OSHA , Proof Of Service
Trial MR906 is now federal trial 11CV2023, Notice Of Removal , Response To Removal , Proof Of Service OSHA Involved Human Rights , ReplyPlaintiff Supplemental Brief 2023 Appearance, Defense Motion Lacking,Plantiff Responds
Federal Defendants , Plaintiff ReplyMail Change Times Up    Motion for Judgment , Motion for Justice2023 District Report and Recommendation and   objection report and recommendation    order of the court
The footnote to this site/ these lawsuits/ and this work is:   some people will say, “we can’t handle the truth”!  I say to you instead, without truth we will surely die and soon, because evidence, with value,  does not lie.  Pride is a terrible thing/ an enemy, because it does not register how truly wrong you are, until the little voice inside your head stops: & you must face the reality, rather than the lies or arrogance.  Without pride, solutions are found.  With pride, people become violent.  It’s a choice.



Let there be light

Everything here, that I provide is free/ use it however you wish; but NOT by restricting others.  It is necessary, for you to contribute to these sites and take responsibility for distributing their purpose: LIFE COMES FIRST!


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US Tax Court Case

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11108-12L begins; others
Index for Trial 14SC-2 Definitions of content More cases
Legal civil war filing 5 Dated Bill of rights US Supreme Court Cases
Legal civil war filing 4 Dated Fight or surrender It must be signed; or it will be stricken
Legal civil war filing 3 Dated We are betrayed

Solicitor general 08-1339

Legal civil war filing 2 The rules for legal civil war

Solicitor general 11-100

Legal civil war filing 1 The primary  battlefields
IL Brief  US article 5 “nor shall private property be taken
for public use without just compensation”
Tax Revolt 2014 We are the owners
Summary 11014 Obey the law, inform the public
Composite How the court really works.
To who it may concern “A day late”
Assembly of the Mind Reality Examined
Closing time
The End Result

Their reply:    “The king (we are the power)”,    will not let the slaves go free:  

From the court Paid Filed. Exhibit A, B, C, D, E, F, G Dated & H Dated I & J & K, L& M, & N

MAKE A TRUE AND HONEST DECISION ABOUT LIFE, and our reality.   Download the html site zip file; so the benefits and substance of these sites cannot be taken away.

Citizen Thomas J. Defanis: takes over the job as presiding judge trial 09-LM-1414.   His opening letter ,          MY amended complaint pdf Clerk changes the date, Judge Difanis Changes date Aug 23 2010

“Citizen judge Difanis, uses the court against the law.”  Not superior, just like you or me, but with a job to do.  Appeal and transcript comes soon.

This trial, and its succeeding trials listed below: are an invitation to those functionally uninvolved and uninvited to participate in governing this nation.  This trial IS THEN, about DEMOCRACY: establishing WE THE PEOPLE, own this nation.  And must defend it ourselves! With LAW.  Not a game/ as that becomes clear, in the progression of trial.  Trial is found in, “the variations of blue-green background” below.

DATED 11,5,09          In html   or as filed in PDF

TITLED:   a case, expanded to determine whether the law, or the criminal rules this nation.
IT IS distinctly about healthcare, and the health of our society and this world/ tied directly to the first amendment law: “redress of grievances, for the people”.  Therefore your choice!
I present it, with this warning:
A second warning: for those who are interested in what I write.

The defendant demands jury trial, preliminaries set for January 20, 2010   / replies will file motion to dismiss.
Plaintiff as filed 12-14-09. ( PDF )
Plaintiff as filed 12-23-09. ( PDF )
Defendant Motion To Dismiss
Plantiff as filed 12-24-09. ( PDF )
A Suggested Ad
january 20/09 the judge decides: he will write his decision and mail it prior to march 1,2010. the next court date at 1: 00. I simply remind the judge and public here, as follows. And more.
Jury paper pretrial

As filed by the court 2/16/10, received 2/18. Proof of Service.
Filed 2/1910 “they now know, dead; to stop”OR, the jury can simply say, we don’t want this/ and it stops.
Case management filing 2/19/10 Filed 3-01-10

Filed 3-3-10
Defendant Motion Filed 3-29-10
Plaintiff Filed 4-1-10
Defendant Files, June 3rd hearing
Plaintiff filed 4-26-10 pdf
Plaintiff Motion 4-27-10pdf
Plaintif Files Redress Preparations For Trial
Schmauger Notice
Judge recuses him self June 3rd over. New judge coming.

Site Statment
Redress of grievances according to the first amendment, is the ascension of a legal war through the means of ideas and words, rather than guns and blood/ for the purpose of changing governments: to the understanding and design of WE THE PEOPLE!  OUR CHOICE, rather than their decision.

Questions for you, not filed

This is the appeal of 2011 TR 022442 the demand that redress extends to the jury/ and threats that can exterminate us all, MUST be addressed by the constitutional law that gives us the power to demand NOT only accountability. BUT THE FACT: YOU SHALL NOT GAMBLE WITH OUR LIVES/ NATURE/ OR PLANET. Without our consent as a people.

This is a constitutional guarantee/ a legal right that CANNOT be denied: because it is the law; granted by a constitution which governs this nation and state. This is our right to fight for our lives, our nature, and our planet: because WE TRULY ARE THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION. Therefore none, can truly stand in our way. The determination of we the people: because without direct attention and actions by the people of this democracy/ there is NO possibility of a “true legal outcome”. YOU MUST ENFORCE DEMOCRACY/ YOU MUST DEMAND THE MEDIA ACCEPT THEIR DUTY: or it will not come.

The exhibits and filings (court documents)
transcript coming
the filing /
Second Filing Transcript Review Gen 4-12-0429
Jury Instructions
Appeal Registered
Drivers License & Response
Class Action
Subpoena Motion
Motion For Immediate
The examples
Extortion Demand
Extortion In The Court
Class Action Denied
Subpoena Denied
Appellate Court Denied
Fine Applied
Reply Letter to Circuit Clerk
Appellate Clerk 7-24-12
Response 7-24-12

filed in tax  court;  the demand  “our leaders must obey the law.
This is the US tax court case extending the order, by democracy that “our employees MUST OBEY THE LAW”. All of them/ president, judiciary, police, irs, etc! The evidence has been collected and proven. The reality of redress denied is no longer an assumption/ but a conspiracy without doubt.
However, UNLESS YOU PARTICIPATE as we the people demanding our constitutional rights and law through reasonable legal civil actions/ nothing good will happen for you.
This is your case, I am a citizen demanding my guaranteed constitutional rights/ the same guaranteed to you. I have been denied This is the reality of trial that demands change, the call of democracy which demands: WE RULE OURSELVES. Because this is our constitutional law, our nation, and guaranteed rights: We CANNOT legally be denied/ through redress we will make our employees accountable to us. So says the constitution. Choose, we the people: “Owners/ or slaves”.

irs filing

Letters to the IRS
From the tax court
my brief Redress in tax court
Tax Court Filing 2
Tax court 3rd Filing
Class Action Exhibit 4
Motion for Inclusion
Tax Court Motion to Dismiss
Tax Court Reply 6-18-12
Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2
Exhibit 3
Democracy Unleashed Exhibit 6
Add L
Petition to Simplify Exhibit 7
Class Action Not Proper
Order Of the Court
Petitioner Exhibit #4
Exhibit 5
Order Year 2011 Denied
Portions Identified For Mailing
Tax court Returns
Tax Court Exhibit 8
IRS Holtsville
Exhibit 9
Exhibit 10
Exhibit 11
IRS Letters
US Tax Court Hides

IRS Thieves
IRS Notice
IRS Corruption
11108-12L NOW
Evidence 1
Evidence 2
Writ and motion for cease and desist
Exhibit F
Preparations for Trial
Judge Order
A Decision
Order Removing Facts
My Final ResponseAppellate Remembering
My Reply
IL Treason
IL Supreme Court 6-18-12
IL Supreme Court Second Filing
Il Supreme ct 2
Establish and Define
Ill SSupreme Court
Refiled 7-14-12 / Exhibit 2
Exhibit 1
US District Mandate DeniedOrganizing for life return to democracy Champaign Urbana Sanitary District   My Reply    Civil Rights     My Reply to Sewer filing   Charities   Sent Sanitary 5   IL Attorney general






DON’T DESTROY CHOOSE LIFE FIRST, for this planet, and our souls.    We must work for a future. It is no longer a guarantee.

That is the summation of this work and these petitions!

The purpose of these two final trials, in court.  They are your trials, because they do represent the constitutional guarantees given to us all.  Thereby “your business/ your government;  same as mine”.  They are not fundamentally about me/ these trials are about the constitution, our democracy, and citizen rights.  Which means, “even if I die/ you may continue these trials without me”.  YOU DO, have my permission.

But the reality is, these demands can only be implemented and established for society through the law.  THEREFORE, the constitution is resurrected from the grave, it has been thrown into:   AND “THE LEADERS” OF THIS SOCIETY CONFRONTED WITH :    YOU MUST OBEY OUR LAWS TOO!  Same for all/ everyone EQUAL by the constitution and its true law, designed as that preamble describes: regardless of employee position. “It’s a job/ NOT the opportunity to rule.  Democracy means: WE THE PEOPLE do rule here/ by the law we create for ourselves